.asp image gallery install ASAP

Budget limit - $180 please stay within that. Thanks.


Need an .asp person to help install and test(informal) an image gallery on a IIS server.

Installation is for .asp script "ListPics 4.3" by IISWorks

Working knowlege of .asp, IIS, Active X, MS SQL, MS Access required.

Here are the install instructions that you must be able to understand and do (server admin will do what is required of him):


Server: Windows 2000 Pro/Server, Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Pro running IIS with MDAC 2.8 and VBScript 5.6.

Client: all applications have been tested with Internet Explorer 6.0 with javascript and at least session/temporary cookies enabled, although other browsers should work fine in general (note that some functions are IE only).

Admins: Basic IIS and Windows Server knowledge is needed for advanced configuration options and troubleshooting. Installing, configuring and securing IIS applications is not an easy task!

For most applications you need to install an ActiveX control on the webserver! Commercial hosting companies may not do that, so check before you buy!

General installation steps

All these steps are critically important, so make sure to read them carefully!

Download and unzip the application to a folder in your Webroot, for example /MyApp.

Create an "Application" for the MyApp virtual folder in IIS and make sure "Session state" is enabled in its configuration. Without an application, it will not run (see related article)!

Check the settings in [url removed, login to view] and modify them to fit your needs

Register all included controls (if any) in the /Controls folder (OCX and DLL) using: [url removed, login to view] FullDLLpath

Make sure that the IIS anonymous webuser IUSR or any other relevant user/group has NTFS "Modify" permissions in the applications MyApp folder: Windows Explorer- Rightclick - Properties - Security tab - Add user "IUSR__SERVERNAME" - Check " Modify" - Click OK

Remove "Read" permissions in IIS (not NTFS!) from the /Database folder and any other folder you want to prevent downloading from (for example the /_Images folder of ListPics): Start "Internet Information Services" - Select the MyApp/Database Virtual directory - Properties - Directory Tab - Uncheck "Read"

If uploads are allowed in a folder that is located in the web root, you may need to make sure to revoke "Execute permissions" there to prevent users from uploading malicious scripts: Start "Internet Information Services" - Select the upload folder under the MyApp Virtual directory - Properties - Directory Tab - Execute Permissions: None

For example: /_Images folder in ListPics, or the /Mail folder in Webmail.

Load the diagnostics page http://yourserver/myapp/[url removed, login to view] for a final requirements check. Rename or remove it after you are done!

Start http://yourserver/myapp and login as administrator to configure the application and/or modify accounts. Make sure to change default admin passwords. In most cases, the default user is "user" or "admin", and the password "pass".


Budget limit - $180 please stay within that. Thanks.

PM with any questions.

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