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Flash/Flex Drawing tool

To view current project, go to [url removed, login to view] and enter login fenceguy/fenceguy. Then go to Estimator, then select "Start a new project" Fill out details (can be fake) until you get to the flash estimator. Insert some elements and save or hit done to see how it records the details.


Changing the query string to xml is our best option. I am also thinking it might be easier to add the new xml and the image to the post for save.aspx. This would allow all the data to post to one page which would make it cleaner and less chance of failure.

Currently the post to [url removed, login to view] includes 4 parameters:





Also add the 2 new parameters:



The ImageData would be the same byte array but may have to be serialized before sending.

The FlashProperties would be the xml for the gates, end posts , corner posts , etc (see attached xml doc for schema)…

We want all that data to be in the new xml format plus the GateID.

Essentially you are only saving to 1 page instead of 2.

You will send the following objects to [url removed, login to view]:

1. Flash XML Layout data along with the CreatePerson, RecordID and Role (Just as you have always done, no changes here)

2. Picture

3. New XML project data (the data that was in the querystring)

New Flash Enhancements:

1. We have some grid menu tools that we would like to add to the flash designer (see screen comp below):

a. 2 dummy dotted lines for the user to drag to the grid with sizing capacity.

i. The tool allows the user an unlimited amount of lines randomly to the drawing as a visual to mark existing fence lines, property lines or whatever they imagine.

ii. There will be no measurements or data collection.

iii. The lines will be saved with the layout and shown in the summary layout, printed documents and anywhere and everywhere the layout is displayed.

iv. The lines are maintainable and can be moved, rotated, added, deleted, resized and recalled.

v. 1 line can be dotted blue and the other line can be dotted gray.

vi. If flash already has a canned feature available please advise of its functionality.

See comps and comments below for Line tool options.

b. Comment tool

i. The tool allows the user to drag a comment text box to the grid and enter text data. The user can add an unlimited amount of text boxes to the grid.

ii. Text data collection required for recall and edit

iii. The text box will size with text and wrap when necessary

iv. Let’s discuss text size limits for an appropriate amount

v. The box can be rotated by the user to fit angles and etc.

vi. The text box is maintainable in recall and can be deleted and added.

vii. The text box should be numbered sequentially for data storage and recall

viii. All text box comments will be saved with the layout

ix. All text box comments will show in the summary layout and all printed documents and anywhere and everywhere the layout is displayed.

x. If flash already has a canned feature available please advise of its functionality.

2. Flash Gate ID -

a. It will be necessary for flash to pass a Gate Application ID in order to allow for recall, revisions and other changes that could happen where modified apps may be required over the Admin Standard Material groups. Tim and Andrew can provide more information regarding what they need specifically. But here is an example description in a nutshell:

i. The user drags 3 walk gates to the grid. The walk gates would be labels Walk Gate (1), Walk Gate (2), Walk Gate (3). Flash would pass this ID as part of the data collected. This will also populate the recall data as well.

3) Add an unlimited undo button to the workspace

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