Mortgae Lead

Affiliate Lead Program

1. New area needs to be designed in the current home page theme and color scheme for esthetics.

2. Area for Affiliate log in needs to be separate from home page site Ex. [url removed, login to view] this area needs to be secure against attack.

3. Vender must have user name and password with a check box to agree to vender terms and contract conditions every time they log in to the system before being allowed to upload leads. (We will supply content for the vender terms page as we go)

4. When Leads are uploaded to our system they must include the minimum fields just like the admin upload but must be tagged with each venders ID # for tracking purposes.

5. Tracking area for venders should include on going daily and weekly totals in dollar amounts and leads sold amount per vender till the 15th and 30th of each month when we pay out, at that point records should be archived in the system where they can be down loaded by admin and users for financial and trend tracking purposes. This area should also show leads accepted in to our system at time of upload that met our normal upload requirements as well as duplicates in our system, we will want to go back 25 days when looking for duplicates keying on flags such as email field, first and last name field so that the server can process quickly( any other safety precautions your R&D guys come up with are welcomed suggestions) and also show incomplete data that we could not accept (Just the number totals not the raw data) Raw data of dupes , incompletes should be able to be archived on server where the vender can go and select date ranges from calendar to have “BAD” data we wont take returned to them via download or emailed (which ever is easier for you guys) to them for review of problems by their staff.( Admin panel should have access to this download area also to pull “BAD” data from all venders at once. Purge button would be nice to have here to delete all bad data from server at any time to free up space on the server, admin only)

6. Payment to our venders is as follows: every 3rd lead in all states that is sold for a vender by our system will show a 50% pay out of what the lead was sold for to the vender on their tracking page under our current aging and pricing structures.... Note: In MY admin panel I need to be able to adjust this feature at any time for each individual vender on a as needed basis Ex. Change from every 3 they get paid to every 1 lead, every 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and so on and so forth.

My admin also needs to be able to create Vender accounts at any time as well as pause Venders privileges and temporally freeze accounts in case of any fraudulent issues till we speak to the Vender in person to resolve.

7. Returns from our buyers need to be tracked up to 5 days, no leads from venders can be returned after 5 days from purchase. If it is easier to change the entire return system all together even for our regular admin uploads to something like when I upload to my system myself that lead is tagged as an EquiTree Admin Lead just like another vender upload, were we know this was a lead we put in the system ourselves. Feel free to do this because our current return system leaves some thing to be desired as it is currently anyway. That way we can do this one way for everything and stream line the process. Any other areas where you see this can be done please suggest.

8. Returns need to be sent to an area when I can have an employee go in and pull up on screen ALL returns from our own returns and the Venders with the capability to see the brokers reason for return and the contact info on the lead so I can have an Employee call the lead, confirm the problem then a button that they can press to resolve the issue that credits the entire lead price based on what it sold for back to the Lender who purchased the leads as well as deducting the 50% sales credit from the appropriate Lead Vender’s weekly stat page.

9. I also need to be able to create and delete employee users in my admin area that have access to returned lead area, all the same features as my admin console except the sensitive information areas like reports, member email download anything that might be sensitive and may tempt an employee to be dishonest. This is an important feature so that I can delegate out some of the work load.

10. All leads from Venders are able to be sold as real time. Exclusive will be allowed also.

11. If I have missed something I will let you know, please feel free to call me with any questions time is of the essence on this project please let me know ASAP.

To Success, Chad Quesenberry/ CEO

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