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Hello to all!

We want to create a main database system for 18 religious societies

1: We have 18 religious societies (can be added more)

2: 18 societies have around 45000 members. (right now mostly have data on the MS Access and they are facing problem for double users (5000) registration in different societies and government is demanding now error free reports for users.)

3: We get this data from our member

a- First Name (Must need)

b- M. Name

c- Last name (Must need)

d- Date of birth (6 zero) (Must need)

e- Personal number (5 zero) (Must need)

f- Address (Street, zip, city) zip code have only 4 zero ( all Must need)

g- Phone (home) (Must need)

h- Mobile (Must need)

i- Email

j- civil status (Married/unmarried)

k- if Married then information of family (Name of wife, total number of children, name date of birth and personal number and addresses) These family members must come under Family head (Husband or father) in case of death of head then come under mother and if any family member (daughter or son) then will have her or his own record with family.

4: We must able to see full family in one form from Grandparents to grand child. but each member must have his or her own unique ID number.

5: Each member must be registered in only one society and can not be registered in any other without getting status removing from first one (Get error message that it is register in society no 1 and must get status remove or transfer). In one family each can be member in different societies.

6: Personal number must be ****** for all users only administrator of each society can view personal number of his society members and admin of each society will not able to see total list of others society's members. Only one main admin account for checking full work in database.

7: Each society have only 2 users accounts and 1 admin account. Only admin account have right to delete or change in data. Users can put data into data base but can not change or delete any thing in database. Users can generate reports but with out personal number only admin can generate reports with personal number.

8: Search can be done on the Date of birth + personal number, first name, last name, city, zip code and member id.

9: Admin have rights to give rights to give right to only one user to see personal number or generate reports.

10: May be possible all societies upload data in database via internet.

11: Each society needs

a- report with Member ID, First name, M name, Last name, Date of birth, personal number, full address, phone and mobile number

b- report with Member ID, First name, M name, Last name, Date of birth, personal number, full address

c- report with Member ID, First name, M name, Last name, Date of birth, personal number

d- report with Member ID, First name, M name, Last name, Date of birth, full address, phone and mobile number

e- report of city (total number of member in one city)

f- report of zip code

g- report family vise (Parents - children)

h- report family vise (Grant parents - Parents - Grand children)

i- Report with age group (1 to 100 years)

12: If they are not agree for onlin update then each society will upload data in private office and at the end of year then can transfer whole data in main database for checking error (double users) before delivering government. need your idea.

if need more detail then can get. Budget can be discuss with open heart:)

Best regards,


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