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Integrating paypal with my existing [url removed, login to view] /[url removed, login to view] site

I have a small project which involves integrating my existing ecommerce site with my paypal account. My eCommerce site already contains a relational SQL database and a simple shopping cart. I just need this site integrated with paypal and detailed notes and explanation of how it is done. Good communication skills are very important.

This project may also lead onto other work in the future as I may want to integrate my site with other forms of payment.

The following site provides most of the source code and the process I require but it is in the C# language and I do not understand much of the code. (I require [url removed, login to view] code in [url removed, login to view] 2.0).

[url removed, login to view]

It provides a detailed explanation which I found very helpful but I still do not fully understand all the concepts explained. Also for the moment I may not require the 'instant payment notification callback' page yet to prevent malicious users from spoofing the return URL

The process is as follows:

After adding various items to the shopping cart the customer will click on a 'view cart' button which will take them to an [url removed, login to view] page on my site. This page will provide a list of all the items they have added to the shopping basket. The price, shipping, TAX/VAT etc in the cart and a Total. I already have a shopping cart which stores this data so it is almost completed.

The user will then click on a paypal button which will take them to the paypal website where they will accept the payment request (I only want PayPal to process my final order amount.).

After paying the user will be redirected back to my [url removed, login to view] page. The return URL will be [url removed, login to view] if the order was successful or [url removed, login to view]@Paypal= failure if the order failed.

A successful order will produce a confirmation page on [url removed, login to view] but a failure will result in the shopping basket being displayed again on [url removed, login to view] .

Several of the forms input values will be saved to a session object so that when the customer returns from paypay to my [url removed, login to view] page the data the customer just typed in can be retrieved and printed to the [url removed, login to view] page and sent to my database and or an email.

Please use [url removed, login to view] as a helpful reference when completing this project.

Again I may not require the code on that page for the instant payment notification unless it is really necessary and will not cost too much more. For the moment I simply want to post product data to paypal and have the data returned to my [url removed, login to view] page where I can have the values retrieved and sent to my email account or my database.

I would try and do this project myself but my knowledge of [url removed, login to view] is still fairly limited and I don't know how to send/post product data to paypal. I need someone to provide the code and very detailed notes explaining how it is done. The notes should be easy to understand for a novice [url removed, login to view] programmer such as myself and I will want to correspond with the programmer via email and on yahoo/msn.

1. Do you have experience integrating sites with the paypal payment system.

2. Can you provide detailed notes and explain concepts in an easy to understand way.

Færdigheder: .NET, ASP, Træning, Visual Basic, Web Sikkerhed

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