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I need a small ASP.NET C# prototype application which illustrates, if possible, how to authenticate to a web site programatically. I am not talking about checking a username and password against a database, I am talking about basic authentication with windows integrated security.

The web site is sited in a directory that requires authentication which causes the browser to throw up a small login dialog when running in the anonymous user mode when requested. I want to eliminate the login box thrown up by the browser and handle it in my code. Is this possible? I need an example application.

What I need this application to do is to demonstrate the capability to log the user onto a security protected directory programatically, without throwing up the reflexive login box which is a part of internet explorer or netscape. Instead, I want two text inputs on the page for the login and password, and do the authentication within a ServerClick event of a button on PostBack.

Users must belong to a particular domain group in order to gain access to the desired web directory. Upon successful authentication, the user should be logged on within that user's context with all the percs. The user's identity should be able to be retrieved from the [url removed, login to view] value within the aspx code.

I need this application to be in the format of a [url removed, login to view] ASP.NET Web Application in C#. The only files really needed are an aspx page and an [url removed, login to view] page for the code behind. There is no reason this cannot be done within one web form page, unless you want to write part of it in the form of .cs class files, which would be fine but not required. The simpler the better, in fact.

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