Need a webdesign for a AspDotNetStorefront

I'm in the process of choosing a back end system for an ecommerce business that I am looking to begin. I have looked at several different options and I believe that AspDotNetStorefront is exactly what I am looking for.

I am looking for a site that looks and feels like [url removed, login to view]

I understand that most of the site is written in java and the category menu is a DHTML Menu. I will provide the license for the menu and the license for AspDotNetStorefront.

You can view the manual on how AspDotNetStorefront works at

“ [url removed, login to view] “ I will also need for you to configure the Asp back end for me as well.

I will try to explain what I am looking for and what I am asking of you to do.

I want to keep the home page the same as shown in the example.

So in other words, I would like a simple logo design located in the same area. I would also like to keep the categories in the same format. I would only change them to the relevant items that I am selling. I would also like to keep the same image roller over effect with the subcategory appearing the same way as well.

The next sections are a set of frames under the category area. To the left you find what looks to be a rotating images that click through to either the product on the image or to its sub category location. I would like to keep this same feel and design. I would need to be able to change these images as see fit, so I would need a way to change this image in AspDotNetStorefront or if you could recommend another way, I am open to suggestions.

To the right of the rotating images you find 3 sets of picture. I am assuming that these are features categories. I would like to keep this the same but again, need to be able to change them as I see fit.

Underneath the above section you will find an email list subscription box. I would keep this as well. Now underneath this section you will find 4 different frames, but instead of pictures they use words. Again I would like to keep this same style.

The section underneath that you will find your standard about us section and everything else that you see there. I would keep this same style but change what is not relevant to what I am doing.

Now we move on to the category pages. For my example I would like you to click on the "wall art & indoor decor" main category. This will lead you to a new page where on the left side you have the subcategory list. I want to keep this same design and stile. To the right of the sub-category you will find what looks to be either a rotating sub-category image and when you click on it, it takes you to that sub category page. Now to the right you will find the featured sub categories which are also click through to there categories. Just like the home page I would like to be able to control this as needed.

To continue click on "Indoor Art" under the same category and you will notice you get a drop down menu, so that the user can fine tune what kind of indoor art they are looking for. What appears now is another page with another image that does not change and you find some intro text underneath but towards the bottom you find 3 featured products that will go with this sub category.

I do not have that many products that will require additional sub sub category, but I would like to keep this same option available. Now let’s click on "Botanical Wall Art” under the "Indoor Art" sub category and you see all the products located under this category. I want to keep the same feel. I especially like how the thumb images are a decent size. You should notice that you have several options to view this page. You can click on "View All”, the page drop down menu and the "next” option. Again I wish to keep this same look and feel.

Let’s click on the first product that we see. I am clicking on "Botanical Canvas Artwork" I want to keep the same look and feel. Everything from the "Tell a Friend" and "Ask a Specialist" links on the upper right corner. Another feature that I really like is when I click on the image you get a big pop up, but what catches my attention is that when you zoom in on the picture it does not loose it's quality. I think this is an added option called "Zoomify" which is provided by a 3rd party. Please correct me if I am wrong regarding this add on. Now you also notice that while you have this pop up open, you also have the company logo on the upper right corner. I would like to also keep this option.

Now lets the close the window for the pop up and the final items on this page are the “Recently Viewed Items" window and "Customers also Purchased" window on the lower part of the page. I would also like to add this option. Now underneath that you will find what I call the site map of where you are located on the website, so I would also like to keep an option like this.

You will notice that when you click on any category and or sub category that the category section never leaves. I would like to keep this same feature. I am also looking to keep the standard my account options for the users. Now as far as images are concerned I would like to be able to automatically adjust them to there needed size. I understand that I can do this using the asp back end system.

A feature that I would like enable is the ability for the customer to be self sufficient. An example of what I am looking for can be found here


As far as products I plan to sell the same products that are sold on this site, only main different my primary products will be kitchen and bathroom items. Ranging from kitchen & bathroom sinks to faucets & accessories. All of the items that I will offer will be dropped shipped. This is one of the main reasons why I have decided to go with AspDotNetStoreFront.

So based on the information that I have explained please provide a quote and time needed for this kind of project. So what I would need from you would be the site design a.k.a. skin, the setup of AspDotnetStorefront, based on what I am looking for and a logo design.

If you feel there is something that I left out, I am open to suggestions. Also please advise which version would be more ideal for me. I am stuck between ML and ML64.

Please keep in mind that main reason I decided to go with this system is because after looking around for several weeks, I feel this would be the most cost effective back end system for my budget. So I am hoping your design price is within this same line.

The best way to reach me is via email. I check my email very often. I want to get started on this project ASAP. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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