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Virtual Box Office: Creating a New Website for Ticketing Events.

Please read the 4 attached documents thoroughly, as this "Virtual Box Office," is based on 3 users;

1. User 1 - TicketSMS the service provider.

2. User 2 - The promoter, event organiser, event planner, venue host etc.

A comprehensive desktop application and mobile apps (Android and iOS) for User 2 to manage the virtual box office efficiently.

3. Consumer/end user.

4. In addition to the above, the implementation of ticket ads is imperative

5. Understand how User 1 works directly with User 2, but indirectly with user 3. Understand how User 2 has to work directly with both User 1 and User 3.

6. User 2 pays a monthly subscription to User 1 and collects revenue from ticket sales from User 3.

I am seeking a skilled freelancer to create a new website for a virtual box office. The website will be used to sell tickets for various events, including concerts, sports events, theatre shows, club nights, seminars, and workshops.

Integration with Current Website

As I do not have an existing website, the freelancer will need to create a new website from scratch. The website should have a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily browse and purchase tickets for their desired events. The virtual box office should also include a secure payment system to ensure the safety of customer transactions.

Selling More than 50 Ticketing Events per quarter as a starting point.

I anticipate selling more than 50 ticketing events through the virtual box office. Therefore, the freelancer should have experience in building websites that can handle a large volume of ticket sales. The website should be scalable and able to handle high traffic during peak times.

Skills and Experience Required

- Web development experience, particularly in creating e-commerce websites and integrating payment systems

- Knowledge of ticketing systems and event management platforms

- Design skills to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website

- Understanding of scalability and performance optimization for high traffic websites

- Strong communication skills to collaborate with me and understand

My preferred languages to work with on certain aspects of this project, is during the User Authentication and Access Control:

- Implement a user authentication system using secure protocols such as OAuth or JWT (JSON Web Tokens).

For a more in depth understanding of my vision and exact requirements, please see the attached documents, to get a better understanding.

HTML JavaScript MySQL PHP JSON Web Development

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