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I am looking to get a software product written. I am coming to the Philippines 21st March This month. So Filipino programmer is welcome.

I will be in Manila & Cebu. I am open to quotations form other countries also

This print order site I would like written in php if it is possible.

The print order site has a front end where the customers can design their printed products online and add them to a shopping cart.

When their products are a print ready file is saved on the server. I suggest the format of the print ready file should be pdf format. The resolution required for a print ready file is 300dpi cmyk. If you have a look at clickbusinesscards. This is roughly how I would like the design interphase to work.

The front end for the business card section would work much like

Http://[url removed, login to view]

The interphase at clickbusinesscards words OK however I would have the page to be designed in frames so you can always see the card or other product while you are editing the information.

The layout template would work in much the same manner for the following products. (Some of the other products that the customers can design and order on the site are listed below)

Colour business cards - size 90mm x 55mm.

Colour Magnets - Size 50mm x 50mm

Colour Magnets - Size 50mm x 70mm

Colour Magnets - Size 55mm x 90mm

DL Colour Brochures – Size 210mm x 98mm.

A6 Colour Post cards - Size 103mm x 148mm

A5 Colour Brochures - Size 210mm x 148.5mm

A4 Colour Brochures - Size 210mm x 297mm

A4 Colour Letter Heads – Size 210 x 297

Stationery Sets – e.g.

A4 Letter Heads & Dl Size Compliment Slips

A4 Letter Heads & A4 Followers

A3 Colour Brochures - Size 297mm x 420mm

A2 Colour Posters - Size 420mm x 594mm

A1 Colour Posters - Size 840mm x 594mm

A5 Single Colour Flyers – Size 148.5mm x 210mm

A5 Two Colour Flyers – Size 148.5mm x 210mm

DL Single Colour Flyers – Size 210mm x 98mm

DL Two Colour Flyers – Size 210mm x 98mm

Address Labels 20mm x 45mm

Address Labels 20mm x 60mm

Self Inking stamps 47mm x 18mm

Self Inking stamps 58mm x 22mm

Self Inking stamps 70mm x 25mm

Self Inking stamps 63mm x 38mm

I would also be adding foiled pens.

Colour Stickers – Printed Coffee Mugs

Some of these products Like the address labels, foiled pens, Self Inking Stamps would only require the customer to type in their company, name & hone number & address.

(All Product types would be in Portrait and Landscape layout)

The customer is also able to upload their own artwork for any of the products they order – same as with

File Upload

With all products the customer is able to upload their own print ready artwork as an alternative to using the online line design interphase. Instructions on how to layout their artwork will ba available online for most common graphic design software products. Customers can also upload their own graphic background or photo and add the overlay text with the online interphase.

Affiliate Marketing Software

At the site below: (Please note this site is a sell your own home site still in development.) The affiliate structure will work in much the same manner for the Print order site.

[url removed, login to view] You can log on there and become an affiliate to see how it works. If you call your user name say “West” when you become an affiliate the address of your website would be [url removed, login to view]

Because you have entered the Ausproperty site via [url removed, login to view] is you become and affiliate you will automatically become a sub affiliate of holmes.

You log on to the server and change your contact information and see the sales performance of your network

Important – Point Value

A point value for each different printed product would be sent to the affiliate software instead of a Dollar Value. This allows the handling of products with different profit margins and provides a simple way of calculating the affiliate commissions.

When the point value of the shopping cart is sent to the affiliate software it distributes the commissions to the affiliates and sub-affiliates up to to 5 levels deep.

The affiliate commissions can be set by the administrator at different percentages. E.g. The first level could be 10% - 2nd level 5% - 3rd level 4% - 4th level 3% - 5th level 2%. That means a total of 24% of the product value is distributed. Using the point value system allows the handling of products with different profit margins in the the same affiliate structure.

e.g. If a product is say $100 with only $25 profit I can give it a point value of say 30. That would mean that a total of 24% of $30 would be distributed to the affiliates for that product.

A product selling at say $100 with a profit of only $10. I may only give it a point value of 10. This means that a total of 24% of $10 would be distributed to the affiliates.

At the end of the month the administrator sends a file of the affiliates commissions and details to PayPal and PayPal distributes the commissions to the affiliates.

Different Manufacturer for Each Product Type

The various products would be produced by different manufacturers. For eg sample colour business cards of 1,000 or more may be sent to one manufacturer while fridge magnets would be be sent to another manufacturer and Colour brochures would be sent to yet another manufacturer.

So after the orders are designed on line and placed by the customers a print ready file for each order is made by the server software. The server then emails the manufacturers advising them that there are orders for them to process. Each manufacturer then logs on to the server and downloads their orders. Each order contains the shipping instructions. The manufacturer then prints, trims, packs and ships the order direct to the customer in our pre printed packaging.

Administration Levels

There would also be an administration section which could be set to different levels of access for different administrators. For e.g. An administrator with a lower level of access may be able to log on and save new templates for the various card desings and save them on the server – but have no other access to other areas on the server.

Licensed PostCode Areas

I will be selling the licence rights for post code areas through out Australia. The license holder of a post code (zip code) area receives commissions for any products ordered through the site and delivered within his licensed post code (zip code) areas and he is responsible for advertising in local papers etc within his area.

All Licensed post code owners would also be affiliates for the entire site. So say an affiliates ID was northcoast. He simply promotes [url removed, login to view] as his own print site. Any customer entering through his URL is registered as one of the affiliates customers and every time they order through the AusPrint site he receives commissions. These commissions would payable on orders shipped anywhere within Australia or overseas.

As an owner of a licensed post code area is also an affiliate when and a customer enters through this affiliates site and orders products delivered to one of theaffiliates licensed postcode areas the afiliate receives both the affiliate commissions and the extra licensed postcode area commissions.

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