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Epic Minecraft Mod: Creatures, Weapons, Dimensions -- 2

$30-250 AUD

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$30-250 AUD

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I'm seeking an experienced modder to create a comprehensive Minecraft mod encompassing custom creatures, weapons, tools, and world generation. The key features include: 1. **New Creatures**: Mythical, Jurassic, and Alien creatures, with emphasis on mythical creatures. Particular mythical creatures include Dragons, Unicorns, Phoenixes, and even more such as Minotaurs, Gryphons, Hydras, Krakens, and many more from global folklore. A feature to turn creatures on and off is required. 2. **Custom Weapons and Tools**: Ranging from unique swords, bows, wands to hammers and more. Exceptional equipment from fiery axes, and immortal gems, to celestial bows are some of the expected creations. 3. **Improved World Generation**: I envisage unique dimensions including The Ethereal Realm, The Undergrowth, The Frozen Wastes, and The Dreaming Woods among others. Generations should have their own characteristic creatures, landscapes, and atmospheric phenomena. 4. **Miscellaneous Items**: The mod should contain additional items such as the Davy Jones' Locker (Ship), Booty Bandana (Bandana), and Parrot's Perch (Perch) among others. The modder should be well-versed in game design to meticulously implement these features and should possess a deep understanding of Minecraft's mechanics and modding capabilities. A keen eye for details and aesthetics is key, as the mod involves various elements from rich mythologies and folklore worldwide. Previous experience with creating Minecraft mods, particularly involving creature and world designs, will be beneficial. PS Some of those u would have to look up as these are ideas for the game/mod pack I would like to put together also this is with new dimensions as well as described above i have no files to attach can get ideas from the web etc must be done with a fair price thank you also would like a playable option as well while u work on it and be able to update when everything is done :D for Minecraft also this gig is a one-time thing keep that in mind also requires some coding programming etc needs to understand minecraft
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Combining my skills in 3D modeling, animation, and illustration, I can breathe life into your vivid Minecraft mod dreams. My thorough understanding of Minecraft's mechanics and vast experience in game design allows me to create unique, immersive experiences players love. For instance, in your case, I'll faithfully recreate intriguing mythical creatures steeped in global folklore -from gryphons to dragons- while adding even more obscure hidden gems from our collective imagination. Moreover, my knack for blending aesthetics with functionality will guarantee impressive custom weapons and tools that not only look enticing but mesh seamlessly with Minecraft's gameplay. Your mod pack won't be complete without meticulously designed worlds- each with a unique vibe. Let me assure you, the Ethereal Realm, The Undergrowth, The Frozen Wastes and The Dreaming Woods will fully encompass the spirit of their names.
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Hi, I am Anosha, I am prepared to start working on your project Epic Minecraft Mod: Creatures, Weapons, Dimensions I read your description which is I'm seeking an experienced mod My portfolio is all to say about my work, Kindly refer to the below mention link: ➤ TINY DEPICTION: ✅ I will provide you best quality Design ✅ TIME FRAME: I can design for you within 24 hr (or less) turnaround. Thank you for your attention. Have a good day Yours Sincerely, Anosha
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With a unique blend of creativity, fastness and an unwavering commitment to meet deadlines, I believe I have the perfect skill set to bring your Epic Minecraft Mod project to life. Throughout my 5-year career, I've honed my ability to create professional and high-quality designs that stand out from the pack - this is precisely what your mod needs. Being proficient in various software including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, After Effects, Solidworks, 3DS Max, Blender and Maya, I bring extensive technical expertise as well. This proficiency will be instrumental in incorporating crucial elements from rich mythologies and folklores worldwide such as mythical creatures from global folklore and unique world generations like The Ethereal Realm and The Frozen Wastes. Moreover, I understand the significance of gaming experience for a modder. You will get a playable option while you work with me on the design of each element and I will ensure a timely update upon completion. Offering unlimited revisions and guaranteed satisfaction, recruiting me means getting a one-time gig crafted flawlessly. Looking forward to collaborating with you!
$150 AUD på 2 dage
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Brisbane, Australia
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Medlem siden apr. 19, 2024


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