Interactive 3D Video Graphics Animation. See video samples in attached document.

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See Interactive 3D video graphics samples in attached document.

Please send me your best Interactive Video 3D Graphics samples you have made.

You must have professional experience making Interactive Video 3D Graphics.

I want the program built to use MP4, with stop points so the instructor or student can have the video stop at certain points then click again for the video to continue.

You will need to let me know which final format the 3D Graphic should be created in.

It must work perfectly on our server and open properly on all iPads, laptops, and desktop computers.

We will discuss what features and interactivity my Interactive Video 3D Graphics need.

You will need to send me screen shots and interactive update files that I can easily open and test the Interactive Video 3D Graphics on my computer.

You will need to send me samples of your work and if I like your work I will send you my NDA then I can show you what I need made.

My Interactive Video 3D Graphics will need to have motion, hotspots, highlight areas of interest, zoom in and zoom out, text, links, menu's, lists, and I would like it completed within 10 days or less.

I will send all the screen capture images, example links, and screen capture videos instructions you will need to make my Interactive Video 3D Graphics Animation.

I want daily screen shot progress updates and files that I can test the interactivity of the Interactive Video 3D Graphics, you can also put it on a secure server for me to test as long as no one else can access it.

The Interactive Video 3D Graphics Animation needs to be rendered or packaged as an HTML file and will open in Safari, and Chrome, and on my windows computer and on iPads.

It will need to open properly in windows 11 computers and above and on iPad Air version 4.

The server is a windows server.

All 3D graphics must be photorealistic.

The hotspots, text, links, menu's will follow to correct positioning of the 3D Graphic.

The Interactive Video 3D Graphics will need the ability for the user to click on the graphic to remove or replace layers.

The Interactive Video 3D Graphics Animation must remain High Quality, High Resolution, and be Photo Realistic and load quickly.

The user will be able to control rotation.

The Interactive Video 3D Graphics Animation must allow the users to zoom in and out, rotate the object in any direction, move the object around on the screen and be able to click on the animations.

The 3D Interactive Graphic Animation must be packaged in an HTML file that can be opened from my computer or uploaded to the server and opened in a browser.

You must sign my MNDA before I can share any samples of exactly what I need made.

I will own the copyright to all the images, video, audio, 3D graphics, files, programs, coding, animations, text, lists, menu's, files, rendered files, native files, and source files.

The Interactive 3D Graphic must also be saved as an HTML file, so I can load it to my server for the users to look at and try the graphics.

I will own the copyrights to the native files, source files, video files, audio files, rendered files, source code, 3D Graphics, and completed files.

You will send me all the full Interactive Video 3D Graphics Animation, native files, and source files when completed.

I will release the full milestone when the work is completed, tested, and accepted by me.

I do not pay any milestones until the work is completed, all files delivered, tested, and accepted by me.

If your work is High Quality and exactly what I need I would be interested in considering you for Future projects.

I don't communicate on Sundays.

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