V-Play is a program with which mobile and software development can be done. V-play is a digital platform that allows games and application development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Desktops. V-Play is free software that provides a cross-platform for 2D games. V-play is proprietary licensed software that uses HTML language to build apps and games.

It is a development engine that has SDKs included for professional apps and games development. There are workflows available with V-play that can help developers create apps projects. The first official version of V-Play was launched in 2012. The first-ever v-play application was introduced in 2012. The V-Play platform is a source program that also supports Mac and Linux environments. In the year 2019, V-play changed its name to Flego. It is now used as an alternate for V-play.

The V-play engine is based upon QT framework. With QT framework embedded and mobile development is a lot easier. V-play is a platform that has provided powerful development tools and techniques. With V-play, apps and games can be developed in a shorter period of time. V-play provides flexibility with new build-in features. With these features, integration with VxWorks, QNX, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Sailfish OS is a lot convenient.

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