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R Programming Language is a programming language used for statistical computing and advanced data analysis. It is the language of choice for many data analysts and statisticians, allowing them to work with large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. The language provides a platform for manipulating, displaying and presenting statistical datasets related to various disciplines such as mathematics, computer science and engineering.

An R Programmer can create many types of statistical calculations such as linear and nonlinear models, hypothesis tests and experiments, clustering, classification and regression trees. Additionally, they can make custom metrics more accessible through the writing of functions, plots and charts to make them easier to read and interpret. Plus they can take data from various sources like text files, database systems or HTML webpages and transform it into tidy sets ready for further action. Of course all of this can be done with careful formatting in order to achieve the best possible results unlocking valuable insights from ever-increasing amounts of data around us.

Here's some projects that our expert R Programmers made real:

  • Data cleansing techniques to make numerical datasets easier to read and interpret
  • Complex algorithms that aim to solve a wide range of problems from predicting stock prices to optimizing machine learning models
  • Advanced visualizations that reveal important trends across different industries
  • Automated tools that make digital transformation faster for businesses
  • Statistically sound research methods for solving complex problems

By hiring an R programmer on, you get access to a versatile set of solutions tailored specifically to your needs that help you make sense of your data in a more meaningful way. This way you can draw important conclusions easily while freeing up resources that you can use in other endeavors. So if your business requires someone experienced in R Programming Language then why not give it a try and post your project on

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    I'm in need of a statistical analysis expert for a test-retest reliability study. The aim is to develop a questionnaire. Here's what the job entails: - Statistical Methods: The candidate must be proficient in both Cohen's Kappa and Interclass Correlation Coefficient. These tests will be applied to the data during the study. - Data Types: The data we're analyzing includes both categorical and continuous data. Experience with managing and interpreting both data types is a must. The ideal freelancer for this job will have a strong background in statistics, specifically in the test-retest reliability study. Experience with questionnaire development would be a plus. Accuracy and attention to detail are key, as we're aiming for a robust and reliable questionnaire.

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    I am looking for a skilled professional in machine learning to help develop a model specifically for predictive analytics. Your work will primarily involve the following: - Interpretation and analysis of numerical data. - Data collection as I currently don't have a comprehensive data set. - Bringing the data together to create and fine-tune a model whose purpose is predictive analytics. The ideal candidate should be proficient in machine learning, data collection, and numerical data analysis. Prior experience in developing predictive models is highly desired. If you have a proven track record in machine learning model development, particularly with numerical data, then this is the project for you.

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    I need assistance with visualizing sales data using R studio. The focus of this project is to create accurate and effective visual representations of monthly sales data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in R studio - Prior experience in data visualization - Comprehensive understanding of sales data

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    As a life scientist, I am seeking an expert who can perform an intermediate level of statistical analysis on my biological data. The analysis should specifically include techniques such as Regression, ANOVA, and t-tests using graphpad prism. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in interpreting biological data with a focus on the aforementioned statistical analysis methods - Ability to present results in a graphical form such as charts and graphs - Strong communication skills to explain any queries related to the data analysis processes used Ideal freelancers for this project would have experience in statistical analysis, specifically within the realm of biological data. Having a background in biological sciences could also be a significant advantage for understanding the context of the...

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    I am in need of a data scientist who can help me determine the most effective predictive model for analyzing customer behavior. The project involves using four different models; Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, and Random Forest. Key Project Details: - **Objective**: The primary focus of this task is to predict customer behavior based on the data available. - **Data Type**: The data you'd be working with is centered around customer behavior. - **Model Comparison**: The four models listed above have been applied to the data. Random Forest emerged as the model with the highest accuracy (99.32%), sensitivity, and specificity. Your role will involve understanding and explaining why Random Forest has outperformed the other models in this context. **Ideal Skills and Expe...

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    Description: I am looking for an experienced R programmer to complete a small and straightforward project. The task involves working with mark-recapture methodology, probability models, and likelihood estimation using R. This project is time-sensitive and needs to be completed within the next few hours. Deliverables: Implement a mark-recapture methodology to estimate population sizes. Use the hypergeometric distribution to model probabilities. Define and implement a function in R to calculate likelihoods (hyperLik function). Plot likelihoods for given data and estimate population sizes for two separate studies: Whale study data Grizzly bear study data Provide the complete R script with detailed comments and explanations. Submit a professional-looking PDF report generated using R Markdown...

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    I'm in need of an experienced expert in using LINGO software for assisting me with specific tasks, which primarily include optimization modeling and linear programming. Tasks involve: - Optimization modeling: Identifying and simplifying complex business problems to improve decision-making efficiency. - Linear programming: Developing mathematical models to help solve and optimize resource allocation issues. Key requirements include: - Proven experience and past work demonstrating successful utilization of LINGO software for optimizing models and linear programming. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively. - Consistent availablity to provide updates and discuss project progress via Freelancer's chat. I look forward to reviewing...

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    I'm seeking a skilled statistician with experience in Descriptive Statistics Analysis. A successful bid will demand deep knowledge of Measures of Variability, and the capability to select key variables from categories provided. Key Requirements: - Analyze data involving Measures of Variability - Focus on relevant variables such as: Age, Education Level, Gender, County, Race, Marital status. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Exceptional command of Descriptive Statistics - Previous experience with DNP projects - Proficiency in statistical software. The end-results should be a comprehensive report explaining the Measures of Variability of selected variables. Any necessary guidance will be provided throughout the project to enhance your understanding of my needs.

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    I am seeking a data analyst for a linear regression analysis in the financial field. You will be required to conduct the analysis using Stata on observational data. The number of variables is not predetermined, depending on your data inspection and the patterns you might discover. Key features: - Conduct a detailed exploration of the dataset - Determine the number of variables to consider - Perform linear regression using Stata There's no working hypothesis, allowing you to approach the dataset without preconceived notions. Ideal skills: * Experience with Stata * Knowledge of observational data analysis * Prowess in choosing variables for regression analysis The results should expand our understanding of the dataset and offer insights that were unexpected. This project does not s...

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    I am in search of a well-qualified developer to create a sophisticated betting model. The focus sport(s) are not specified; therefore, the model must be adaptable to a range of sports. The essential features to incorporate into the model include: 1. Historical Data Analysis: Effective integration of past data in predicting future outcomes is crucial. The ideal candidate should employ statistical analysis and pattern recognition to make sense of this data and use it for forecasting. 2. Real-Time Odds Updates: The model should be updated in real-time with betting odds changes. Key skills include expertise in statistical analysis, pattern recognition, sports betting, and model development. Database management will also be helpful considering the extent of historical data involved. The fin...

    €140 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a highly skilled data analyst, experienced in R, to dissect unstructured text data. The goal is to draw valuable insights and patterns which will fuel data-driven decisions. Key Responsibilities: - Analyze text data obtained from surveys and questionnaires - Illuminate insights, patterns and establish correlations - Enable data-backed decision making Ideal candidates will possess a deep understanding of R, and an adept capability in the analysis of unstructured text data. Any previous experience with analysing survey or questionnaire data will be highly advantageous.

    €16 (Avg Bid)
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    As someone dealing with a migration task from R to Python, I am looking for a diligent professional who can carry out this task proficiently. To provide more insight, it is a small dataset of less than 1GB that needs to be migrated. Unfortunately, I am unable to specify which tasks I need assistance with, but anticipate the range could cover code rewriting, data manipulation, and package translation. The individual I am seeking should have: * Detailed knowledge of both R and Python libraries * Prior experience in managing migration from R to Python * Proven ability to work with data sets Understanding these libraries and having prior proven experience is essential to complete this project task effectively. Your astute knowledge and expertise will definitely be a contributing factor to t...

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    I'm looking for a proficient developer to create a financial and operations planning script that can run diverse scenarios based on user inputs. The script should be able to perform Budget Forecasts, Cash Flow Projections, and Cost Analysis. Key Inputs: - Revenue - Expenses - Investments - Production rates - Price erosion over time Outputs: - Generate Financial Statements - Create Graphs/Charts - Perform Sensitivity Analysis Ideal Skills: - Proficient in financial planning and analysis - Experience in developing operations planning scripts - Strong understanding of financial statements and projections - Data visualization skills for graphs/charts - Experience in sensitivity analysis - Attention to detail for precise script execution and output. Please provide examples of previou...

    €17 - €33 / hr
    Forseglet NDA
    €17 - €33 / hr
    18 bud

    I'm an individual with a strong programming background, who's looking to delve into the field of Data Analysis, specifically focusing on Machine Learning. I'm in need of a professional who can help me kickstart this venture. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience in Data Analysis, specifically in the field of Machine Learning - Expertise in programming, especially in Python - Excellent communication skills as they'll be required to explain complex concepts in a way that's easy to understand Your role in this project would include: - Assisting me in understanding the basics of Data Analysis with a focus on Machine Learning - Collaborating with me to work on small projects and help me in understanding the intricacies of the field - Pr...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    44 bud

    I need work at low budget. I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy You can use SPSS or Smart PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

    €7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 bud

    Seeking an experienced statistician to conduct comprehensive statistical analysis and develop predictive models for our financial datasets. The project involves analyzing trends, forecasting economic indicators, and providing actionable insights to help guide investment decisions.

    €880 (Avg Bid)
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    57 bud

    I need work at low budget. I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy You can use SPSS or Smart PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €6 / hr Gns Bud
    20 bud

    I need work at low budget. I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy I want to sue SMART PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Deep Learning Trainer 2 dage left

    Deep Learning tutor required , teaching timing is 6 hours a day . We need an experienced tutor with very good english communication . This is a 5 days training project . The compensation paid will be INR 2000-3000 a day. The compensation paid will be after successful completion of 5 days training project for Deep Learning . An ideal candidate is expected to have below mentioned qualifications: 1. Educational Background: A strong foundation in computer science, mathematics, and preferably a graduate degree in a related field such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, or computer vision. 2. Expertise in Deep Learning Frameworks: Proficiency in popular deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras, and experience with implementing various deep learning archi...

    €77 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello I am a UK based surgeon, I need help assessing a relatively small patient data set on quality of life questionnaire data (SF-36 aka shortform-36) change over time. This questionnaire comprises 36 questions, the answers to which I have put through a calculator to generate the 9 domain scores: - Physical functioning - Role limitations physical - Role limitations emotional - Energy/Fatigue - Emotional well being - Social functioning - Pain - General health - Health change These patients have had an operation and we wish to compare pre and post op quality of life data (in addition to factoring in if they have had complications) and look for any significant changes. Please find attached an orthopaedic article where they assess change in the SF-36. - The choice of software (SPSS, R, Py...

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of a seasoned data scientist with comprehensive experience in building classification, regression, and NLP models. The ideal candidate must have a minimum of 4 years of relevant experience and must be proficient in Python and R. Key Responsibilities: - Building robust classification models - Developing accurate regression models - Constructing effective NLP models - Working closely with the developed team to understand and address project requirements The project is urgent, and thus I need the selected candidate to be able to start within a week and complete the task within a month. While remote work is an option, I would prefer someone who can spend a week in our Mumbai office. Know more about us -

    €35432 (Avg Bid)
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    16 bud

    I'm in need of an experienced data analyst who is proficient in R Studio. The main objective of the job is to assess the main, mediating and moderating effects of 39 variables using the UTAUT2 model. The completion of the project is urgent and I need all test results with interpretations as well as the methodology used. Key Requirements: - High level of expertise in data analysis - Use of SEM approach - Proficiency in R Studio - Understanding of UTAUT2 model - Ability to identify and interpret mediating effects - Strong analytical skills Your tasks will include: - Analyzing a model with 39 variables - Assessing the main interacting, moderating and mediating effects as per UTAUT2 - Providing all test results with interpretations - Explaining the methodology used Note: EFA and CFA i...

    €88 (Avg Bid)
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    13 bud

    I'm looking for a highly skilled data analyst with a strong statistical background to assist me with a client case study. Our analysis will be based on qualitative data, and will involve a wide range of statistical techniques. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) to understand underlying factors/structures of the data - Implementing Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) for hypothesis testing - Performing a Reliability and Validation Pilot Study to evaluate the data's consistency and accuracy - Detailed analysis of the main data using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA), and other statistical tools as necessary - Aligning hypotheses if required Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in working with qualit...

    €118 (Avg Bid)
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    Health Evaluation with R Language 4 timer left

    I'm looking for a data scientist with experience in health analysis using the R language. I have a dataset that I would like to be analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness

    €127 (Avg Bid)
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    50 bud

    I have some work related to statistical analysis of the variables. Response sheet is easy I want to sue SMART PLS if you have experience in statistical analysis and experience in Smart PLS then apply

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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