Atmel is a specialized type of microcontroller designed to be used in embedded systems, such as those found in industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. Atmel is a great choice for those developing or upgrading their products or services. An Atmel specialist brings extensive knowledge of the system to the project. They are able to help design a custom circuit board that meets the exact needs of the project. Their expertise includes work on firmware, software, libraries and drivers, coding and debugging, as well as integrated circuit board design.

Here’s some projects that our expert Atmel specialists have made real:

  • Using MPU 6050 to wake up with motion, then play audio files from SD Card
  • Programming Atmega128A microcontroller boards to meet specified functionality
  • Developing custom arm uc projects from Arduino sketches
  • Adding features to existing firmware in a new product
  • Designing an EVSE PCB board with PyCom GPY and JLCPCB for production
  • Writing bootloader code for Atmel SAMD21 MCU boards

Atmel specialists are experts at finding custom solutions no matter the challenge or application. Their deep knowledge of this complex system is essential for any project involving microcontrollers. Whether you need help solving a problem with your latest product launch or need help bring your products up to speed with the latest technology, hiring an Atmel specialist from can help. Post your project on now and get matched with an exceptional Atmel specialist today!

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