Antiques is the study and appreciation of objects that are at least 100 years old. An Antiques Expert is a person who has the knowledge and expertise to identify and investigate what antiques are and how the items have been produced. A client who is seeking an Antiques Expert could be looking for antiques to buy, an appraisal for an existing antique he/she currently owns, assistance setting up an antique collection or researching a particular item's history.

Here's some projects that our Antiques Experts made real:

  • Identify and appraise Pre-Colombian artifacts with value exceeding $1 million
  • Assist in setting up a mid-century antique collection
  • Authenticate rare handcrafted items found in an estate
  • Research historical furniture makers in France
  • Clean and restore vintage vases
  • Investigate the origins of a 2,000 year old pottery bowl

If you own antiques or are interested in collecting them, or need help to collect, identify and research items relevant to your collection, our expert Antiques Experts can make it happen. Put your project on and find the right expert for your needs.

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