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    Helo. We are going to develop a new desktop windows-based visitor registration software to communicate to our existing Face Recognition Server. This software will complete user's registering process (ex. Input registering data, access a webcam and able to save picture, able to access OCR scanner). We need this software to be able to input and output data from/to our Face Recognition Server (...

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    Hey, looking for a skilled dev that enjoys working with Java. First task is to setup OpenCV OCR and text recognition with Tesseract on Java. App needs to be able to read PDFs, and provide a reliable machine readable output. Pls review: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hello, We are currently in process of digitizing older books ( stories, newspapers etc) . And we need a good typist with proper knowledge of MS-Word . We will provide you website. You just update the data via typing. Please don't use any OCR programs. You need to manually type.

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    This project requires PDFs to be converted into Word documents. I personally use an OCR software to convert. Attention to detail and advanced formatting skills required. This document is 2.5 pages long.

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    we need to detect text inside label and compare with database whether it is correct or not

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    I have run OCR and converted, but that process creates a lot of artifacts and odd formatting issues, so I need the document actually retyped.

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    We are in need of mobile application development for scanning the identity document and verify automatically with the information we have on server. Please quote if you are capable of doing OCR functionality on native and have worked previously on the same. I need strong developer skills to understand the business logic and concept and do on his own without my too much of my involvement. As if...

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    i need a app which can recognize the gaming cards from backside after i will feed its value , ocr software , open cv , video camera

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    ICR/OCR Time sheet reader 4 dage left

    looking for an experienced developer in ICR/OCR technologies. I need a project done that will require a lot of ICR

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    I have been trying to train Tesseract 3.04 to recognize handwritten digits.I have Tesseract in my app but it didn't recognize handwritten [log ind for at se URL] i want to do this and i need help .

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    Machine learning 3 dage left

    OCR for Arabic handwritten words

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    I need an OCX or DLL or SDK that works in VBA (Excel) that can read a scanned PDF, scanned or even generated by a PDF converter and allow a TXT or even Excel output. I need to define the area where the OCR will be done (if necessary) or extracted the text directly. Because the files have different formats and different positions. The solution needs to be able to automatically rotate the image, i...

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    A computer vision system is required to a manage parking lot using vehicle detection and licence plate recognition (LPR). Several companies have developed accurate, reliable engines to perform the detection/ license plate recognition and this software is available for integration into customised systems via standard APIs and SDKs. I am looking for a competent coder/ developer to integrate existin...

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    App Development 2 dage left

    MERN Stack AI, Machine Learning, OCR, Facial Recognition Blockchain - Solidity

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    OMR sheet to Excel using C#.NET 2 dage left

    We are looking for a small Windows application utility in C#.NET code that will scan a jpg, bmp, or pdf of OMR sheet and create an Excel output with marked answers. This is to conduct survey/answers for MCQ type question papers on OMR sheet. The output should be in Excel with columns 10 digit Mobile/Reg number,Survey ID,Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5....Q300 and so on. The user marked answers (A,B,C, or D) should...

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    I would like to train a model to detect if a smartphone have the screen cracked or not. See examples. Considerations: - OCR its not required. - Better if you can detect if the smartphone have a tempered (crystal). - I dont have a images of cracked and not cracked smartphones. - I dont have a dataset.

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    Looking for someone who can create overlay rectangle in camera view just like image below and get text from that area

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    Cloud vision ocr 1 dag left

    I want to get a Google cloud vision api developed for getting information for photos, pdf invoices and i want to get data output into text fields date, time, total cost, name of business, location of purchase.

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    I want to develop a native SDK for iOS and Android to make the credit/debit card OCR to extract the number PAN, exp. date and card holder name from the front. The SDK must be work in offline mode. Considerations: - Do not use [log ind for at se URL] - Detect embossed and unembossed cards. - I will need the complete source code (iOS and Android) - Android app must be write using Kotlin. - iOS ap...

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    Hello friend, we are currently in process of digitizing older books (stories, newspapers etc). And we need a good typist with proper knowledge of MS-Word. We will provide you with about 30 scanned pages which are in jpg format. Please don't use any OCR programs. You need to manually type these documents into doc file. And also proper formatting (bold, italics, underlines ) should be done ...

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    We need someone who adjust our Sharepoint Flow. 1. The extraction of the data from the forms is not working for all invoices 2. We´re receiving no error email to buchhaltung@[log ind for at se URL] if something went wrong with the extraction of the data. 3. No date is extracting of the invoices Explanation: All invoices are going automatically to documents – “Eingangsrechnung...

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    The project consists of processing various types/categories of documents in Vietnamese(training, headers/labels extraction, classification, ...) using an OCR engine. And by using a RPA tool such as Uipath, populate matching template documents with those extracted information.

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    I have a camera in my android app. with which I can take pictures and send it for OCR using Tesseract. But, the results are not at all accurate. So, I want to reduce the scannable area by customizing the camera view. For that, I need a overlay rectangle, so that when a picture is taken, only the image inside the overlay will be sent to OCR. How can I put this overlay this overlay in camera view....

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    Project for Mexico. I have a project to get information from Mexico DNI. We need to get the information from a images in different formats (jpg, png, tiff, bmp), which contain one side or both sides of a Mexican DNI (aka INE) The following needs must be met: 1. Retrieve DNI required information 2. Validate data against goverment information (we don't know yet if api is available, but manual...

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    Proyecto para México. Tengo un proyecto que incluye, a partir de un banco de imágenes en distintos formatos (jpg,png,tiff,bmp), que contienen un lado o los dos lados de una credencial de elector, INE o IFE Se deben cubrir las siguientes necesidades: 1. Recuperar la información de la credencial de elector 2. Validar la vigencia y validez de la credencial de elector ante el I...

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    PDF Parser in PHP Udløbet left

    Need something that will parse a pdf that is uploaded and store it line by line in a text file, this will be used to pull mainly bank deposits and withdrawls from a bank statement. might need some sort of OCR since some bank statements are not in pdf text format

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    I need a solution for reading invoices and other documents. To start with, in this first project we focus on invoices and purchase orders only. The problem that we want to solve is to understand and categorize the data in any invoice – independent of format and layout. Something like this component do: [log ind for at se URL] We need a solution, that can with the help of OCR (OpenCV / ...

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    We want a windows program that is capable of batch scanning documents. After capturing, We would want to submit the student name, Date of Birth, faculty, department, year of entry, admission number description and other info together with the image for archiving. The database and scanned files are then archived in cloud. This program is basically for archiving of student records in a cloud reposit...

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    Task involves following steps: - 1. Take 1600 screen shot from web-application and save as jpg files 2. Convert jpg to MS Word document using OCR tool 3. Review, compare, proof read and correct the MS word document for errors 4. Create one comprehensive word document containing all extracted data

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    I require a DLL built in .NET framework to process and return text from a clock value in an image file from a live video feed. Sample application is required and should accept a video clip and/or live video source as input. Processing of single frame should be fast as my application will be passing video frames at 30 or 60 frames per second. Image size is 1920x1080 or 1280x720. Source video for ...

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    it is just a perfect work for me my typing skills are well enough to complete your project.i can do any edit related to ms word & pdf.I also know MS powerpoint,MS Excel,OCR [log ind for at se URL] can text me here about the work before confirming order.I assure thay all the data will be emetered6 accurately,no more,no less. Why you can choose me? 1. High quality work 2. Friendly customer serv...

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    I'm looking to develop an app which will perform business process automation. I have attached the details in the powerpoint slide. The app need to run in Windows 10 platform, and leverage on Tesseract OCR

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    I'm looking for someone who can develop an OCR Windows software that can automatic after every scan performs an OCR. And a search engine to search words in every document at the same time

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    we have php based vehicle parking system and want to add OCR module where vehicle number plate scan by camera and output text is fill in input field check image once

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    The SDK would be integrated with our android app by our development team. The SDK requires the following functions. Capture image of the document, image correction, auto crop, auto rotate, OCR (three fields), watermark with data like GPS, date time Fe name, clients name ( last two would be taken from dB). Convert to PDF, upload to server (online/offline) delete from mobile.

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    I need someone to transcribe about 300 pages of data from an archival document. The document has already been scanned and can be downloaded in high quality TIFF format which can then be scanned with OCR with about 80% accuracy. I would then need the freelancer to manually scan the data and correct any errors. The document files can be freely viewed and downloaded at [log ind for at se URL] I need ...

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    Image to Word Udløbet left

    I need someone to ocr task. image to word file.

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    Preciso que você desenvolva algum software para mim. Gostaria que esse software seja desenvolvido para Windows usando . NET. Ele precisa ler uma imagem, identificar a descrição e valor, e na sequência preencher o valor em uma tabela de banco de dados qualquer. A descrição seria o nome da tabela e o valor seria o campo Entendo que isso seria através d...

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    I need a python developer who can make a FAST OCR (0.5 secounds or less) that can detect any text even if it's light weight on the screen and give the position of the detected text.

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    I need to OCR an ebook of about 400 pages in Italian, I got every page of the book as image (good quality) and need to OCR and recreate the layout of the book as a new searchable and modifiable document, including index and images without typos and errors

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    CANDIDATES FROM NEW DELHI / NCR WILL BE PREFERRED We are an IoT venture using our proprietary technologies to create exclusive products for fintech & banking sector. Our firm has received institutional funding from industry and are on track to becoming the 'next big thing'. We are looking for Mobile Application Development resource with an eye for creating good looking yet efficie...

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    Hi, we need a conversion of a scanned document (as PDF) into a Word document. You can use OCR, if helpful (Please check if the words are correct recognized). The document is a bilingual contract in German and English and contains 22 pages. Basic German knowledge is needed. Finally format the layout so it looks similar to the original document. Please let me know, if you did similar jobs before....

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    We are using tesseract 4 ocr in a windows forms project. When debugging the app works fine, but when deployed, tesseract fails to instantiate. If anyone has experience in using and deploying c# tesseract app, please contact to discuss terms.

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    Indian Road Safety Campaign is the road safety initiative of Solve. Started as a project at IIT Delhi due to death of students in a road-accident, IRSC has gradually grown to be the largest youth-led organization in India. IRSC currently works across Policy, Law, Medical, Awareness, Technical domains in its efforts to attack the problem of 1.5 lakhs lives being lost from all ends across 50+ cities...

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    Request details Need to create a security assessment tool to demonstrate need for the novice user to be diligent with their personal information. To prove the need for a tool to help protect users personal information while using social media. Its purpose is to make sure users are aware of the decisions they make and the consequences of using default privacy settings/preferences on sites like Fac...

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    i want an expert to develop an android app using augmented reality and OCR api ..

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    We are a company based in Switzerland, we are developing a new OCR race (obstacle course race) called Hannibal's Crossing. We did the first race the 31st of august 2019, we have already been named qualifying race for the European Championship for 2020 and for the OCR Swiss Championship. We are looking for someone professional that is able to help us in developing our corporate identity. We ne...

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    We are a company based in Switzerland, we are developing a new OCR race (obstacle course race) called Hannibal's Crossing. We did the first race the 31st of august 2019, we have already been named qualifying race for the European Championship for 2020 and for the OCR Swiss Championship. We are looking for someone professional that is able to help us in developing our corporate identity. We...

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    I need a logo designed, possibly incorporating the attached Bangla text - I am happy to see designs both with and without it. The company will be called 'Out There Sportswear' and the Bangla text provided means Out There. The company will be providing bespoke sustainable sportswear to the Triathlon, Running, Cycling and Adventure Racing/OCR communities. The logo needs to be simple in c...

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