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    Reupload 3D files to Dropbox for Khagani

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    A wordpress site Udløbet left to build a site based on their exact layout. Please see airkeeper dot com dot au To preserve copyright you can replace their images with blank placeholders and we will reupload our own, the same is true for the text. To summarise we are seeking an identical layout in terms of layout, style, menus, and pages however we will input all of the actual

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    86 bud something else.  An overview of all uploads should now be visible on the graphical interface.  With listing of the status of the individual uploads (Online, Offline, Reupload, Upload)  Then you should have a chance to upload a new movie.  Here you should be able to upload the movie to the server and add an IMDB ID.  So that for every upload on

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    ...Admin can be upload Speical Discount in CSV sheet format 2. this Discount's for particular client 3. Administrator can view the discounts values for particular client and reupload 4. Frontend, Client would be sign and upload the CSV (sku/barcode) , and can place the order. 5. while placing the direct order, by client, Special Discount prices should

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    WD Training Udløbet left

    ...asked to purchase the course again What happens in the instance where the company has paid for the course? [Client to confirm] Once they repurchase the course the letter reupload isn’t necessary Custom courses Certain courses will be created for specific corporate customers. These courses should then obviously only be accessible for certain managers

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    reupload html

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    ...Watch and edit previous frames (screen 5) Watch and edit all galleries (screen 6) Log out (leads to screen 1) Screen #5: Frames Here the user will upload new frames,reupload an exisiting frame,download existing frames and delete previously added ones. Screen #6: Galleries Here the user will see all galleries. He will be able to: to create

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    82 bud These vides needs to be reuploaded to vimeo and show only the video area, with black space on top and bottom deleted. You must not cut off any other area of the videos but black top and bottom. I must be able to reupload the new video files to Vimeo and it show the full screen minus black top and bottom areas. Just want to

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    ...features like Login validation, IMIE number capturing for enhanced security, data capture, video recording, Photograph capturing. Photograph captures lat long and network provided time. There are other functionalities like seeing details of upload, reupload in case of network failure, download from server, provision for signature on mobile etc., We

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    Project pays $45.00 USD Currently updating a...wordpress theme. I need the image and descriptions moved over. There are only 16 products with images so not a lot of work but you'll need to download the images and then reupload them. You can just copy paste the descriptions and set the prices to same etc. I will go in and add the tags later.

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    So i am looking for an app that customers can purchase from. Id need it connected to my shopify store so i do not need to reupload all my products to the app and also when an order goes through the app id need it to show in my store. Id like it fairly simple looking. If possible to just turn my store into an app.

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    ...directly embed it onto my site. Then I would also like to get the openload & streamango links to be reuploaded on my openload & streamango account, then the links from the reupload are embedded to my site. • Fetch movie & TV show details using IMDB generator, or API from IMDB/TMDB. Here is a link to a IMDB generator Wordpress plugin (https://wordpress

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    HI, I use a software ver...up the Novamind files I have on my desktop and onedrive onto my Andriod Phone If all I get is View access then thats good, if you can get me the ability to edit and reupload that would attract a sweatner for you ! You can download a free trial on the link above and have a go, plz dont say you can do it if you cant!

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    ...option. Once exported using data connection to IPAD, driver will be able to touch the customer name to bring up customer data and invoice along with do Proof of delivery and reupload through data connection. -Track individual Ipads on trucks and provide real time data such as stop time, drive time, and speed. This should be done using IOS MAPS API built

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    I have backup of file folder and Mysql database. I am looking someone to reupload to my new host

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    need to create matrix table shipping rate for ebay and Magento 2 , M2E need to configure and connect to our store , We have designed Ebay...Magento 2 , M2E need to configure and connect to our store , We have designed Ebay store , need to create category on ebay and sycnorised item from ebay to our store and reupload there to get new design

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    ...have a sheet with about 10K products on it. Each of those products has between 1-12 images, for a total of about 66K image links. I need someone to download the images, reupload them to our server, and replace the links on the sheet with the new links. I will provide the sheet of links and the FTP credentials. Attached is a sample image file

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    Membantu saya dengan pemasaran internet Reupload dari bukalapak ke tokopedia dan sebaliknya

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    Cropping of photos and reupload in website

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    ...would be best you redesign/code from scratch as the site may have some issues (eg during uploading and previewing process, there is no way of going step back without having to reupload etc). We are looking for an individual web developer (no agency / companies please) who understands English, is reliable, be willing to chat via Skype / WhatsApp. Also

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    ...on my site [log ind for at se URL] ( I will provide you script and instructions) 3. Script is added on [log ind for at se URL] , please find the erro and fix it or reupload the script , I will provide script to you . 4. Add script to [log ind for at se URL] from githhub if you know any good word puzzle script or I will find one for you . ...

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    I need someone to complete my website by creating 50 products into our magento ...complete my website by creating 50 products into our magento website. Description need to copy from our facebook page Images need to download from our facebook page, and reupload into [log ind for at se URL] album, embed the codes into the each product page in the website

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    I have 930 lines of products, each with 1-11 image URLs - for a total of 4389 URLs. I need someone to download the images and reupload them with a new URL, using one of the free online URL services (like [log ind for at se URL]), and put the new URL in the sheet where the old URL was. Attached is an image of what the sheet looks like.

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    - Reupload on my youtube channel my youtube videos - use my thumbnails - easy work, you need not to create content - Upload and schedule videos

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    43 bud auto reupload to my website with same link on post or originall link . please look at this first so you can really understand what i need . i already had streaming movie website . all video on website its embed video from cloud storage at my google drive , openload and streamango but last month totally i get a a thousand video removed cause

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    its a webpage of a site that I want source off ! yes it can be downloaded using control+s (on chrome) but I want few more personal changes so I can reupload it at anytime for personal use ! (changes would mean few php shortcuts nothing major) To be clear its not a full website just a page with few changes ! should not take much time ! to begin

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    Publish iOS app Udløbet left

    I have a iOS app that I submitted to iTunes connect but it was denied because it didn't fully work on "iPad running iOS 11.1....IPv6 network" but the app shouldn't have been submitted for iPhone and iPad use it should have only been for iPhone use. Let me know if you can edit the current or do a reupload of the binary to iTunes connect :) Thanks

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    I want to add ads to 4 of my iPhone apps and reupload them to my apple account.

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    ...everything needed to properly optimize the already existing content. For example, if you think that it's good idea to download to your computer the images and rename the file and reupload to better optimize the post, then let's go for it. If you think that the content needs to be a bit re-written, then lets go for it. Internal linking, etc. HOW WILL I CHOOSE

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    I have file uploading system. like share cash. I want to download sharecash file and reupload my system. 10 File For $30. you can upload weekly max 300 Files. please request serious freelancers. Thank you.

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    I have approximately 6,000 multi variant listings on ebay which have offensive words in the images. I require someone to edi...multi variant listings on ebay which have offensive words in the images. I require someone to edit these images individually to pixellate a letter within the swear word and reupload the new images to replace the existing

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    Two video tutorials (each one is under 2min) below outline the exact process for the task. Upon awarding the project I will provide a document outlining the task with more details and login credentials. Estimated time of completion is 5-7 hours. Video Links: Part 1: [log ind for at se URL] Part 2: [log ind for at se URL]

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    I would like a slideshow kind of app where I can showcase cake images, with...available in. I want two main categories: Specialty Cakes, Special Occassions. I want to be able to add images and adjust all info at my convenience, without having to reupload app on the appstore. *The app MUST function smoothly without lagging and freezing issues.

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    Want to scan and reupload php source files.

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    Python function to mass upload images to blogger via API and return the uploaded URL of the image.

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    Hi Stephanie. Okay, we got it worked out so far. I have $20 in my account to pay you for the sample chapter. (The account is ...Stephanie. Okay, we got it worked out so far. I have $20 in my account to pay you for the sample chapter. (The account is no longer in my name.) Once you accept it, I will reupload the material and explain what we need. Okay?

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    Dowload files from godaddy recover files webbsites account, and reupload files to each new hosting website... Two different websites.

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    I need someone who can download my current amazon listings and then adjust the handling time to 3-4 days and the reupload without changing the stock levels. I am sure I could do it myself if I had the time to learn how....

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    my CSV have 10,000 lines each line with 19 value I need a PHP index page to upload new CSV file and another button to empty the table. I just need the scrip...the database info i will enter myself. $host = xxxx, $user = xxxx, $pass = xxxx, $db_name = xxxx; $table_name = xxxx; no need to update the table, just empty and reupload . simple !

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    I need a freelancer to download adult videos, edit them with my watermark and reupload them. I am trying to drive traffic to my adult offers. Please only respond if you are comfortable working with adult related services.

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    52 bud to My software name is BOT YOUTUBE REUPLOAD (windows desktop software), the functional of my software is to bulk youtube reupload with automatic downloading > editing > uploading in one time. In my software I used : - for bulk downloading, i used : youtube-dl > [log ind for at se URL] - for bulk editing, i used : ffmpeg >

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    Hello all, Our website was hacked as we left some paramaters on 'writable'. So we need you to take of the files from the ftp server, clean the contect, and reupload. And of course change the settings so this cannot happen again in the future. *** please let us know how many hours you'd need to do this ***

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    Trophy icon Cleaning website from malware Udløbet left

    ...some malware added extra code. 11 files have been affected of our Wordpress site. We're looking for someone who can download the files from ftp server, clean them, and reupload. Oh...and change the necessary settings so this doesn't happen again. Job to be done asap as we are offline now... *** In order to be considered, pls explain in 1 sentences

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    ... need to bridge the login to a single system including single sign on/session control. Configure bridge so avatars are loaded from a single script (no need to upload and reupload in the main script and forum). phpbb profile should link to the main site profiles phpbb forum details should be displayed on the main site profiles. phpbb groups need

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    ...1) include new question for clients who register (which city are you in) using drop down Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart 2) download current subscriber list and then reupload to mailchimp with bulk edit to entire list adding (Melbourne as city) and then later on this month ill start a new job with you to change my events page to have 'pick your

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    1. open an image uploaded by a customer 2. find out what image it is, say a driver's l...e. the letters in the uploaded image should be clearly readable, the photograph should be clearly visible) 4. in case of poor quality, alert the customer that he needs to reupload a better quality one 5. Fetch the name and other details from the image uploaded

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    ...configure and test ICTFAX on BlueHost Server. We already upload files to the folder, you need install,configure as needed, or if its installed not as required, then you need reupload and install it. We not looking for "learner" or "will try" freelancers, we need who really can finish job for excellent quality with all features as shown on their website:

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    ...tshirt/gear UI and a buy product tabs. The user will be able to design a tshirt or product on the site, download a file of what they designed and then email us. They can also reupload that file to edit it again on our website. There will be another tab for default product orders like electronics. There wont be a log in feature just a simple check out for

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    I have a simple PhoneGap App where i have a list of upcoming events. Right now i need to reupload every time the app i make event changes which happens 1 week. But i would love to dynamically update that apps. I need a simple system that i only need to upload html /css or something compiled and the app content gets updated. Maybe CodePush is

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    Modify Nokia 105 Udløbet left

    I need someone who can make small modification to the Nokia 105 firmware and reupload image my budget is 1000$

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