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    build proxy server for several computers.

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    cant get a proxy server to change my ip with the isp. look at the image it should be easy i just cant get it to work. would like it done tonight if possible

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    Developing a custom Windows Digital Certificate operator that will act as a proxy connecting Windows to an API will provide the Digital Certificates Website: API: This repository must behave like an external certifier as described in the documentation. Develop a DLL with an installer compatible with the following Windows versions: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 11 This DLL must follow the APIs for implementing a Windows digital certificate repository, integrating with a REST API as shown in the diagram. PS: We need source code in .Net or C++

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    Want a website for create proxy 6 dage left

    I want a Website for dynamic proxy creation . Aws api will be linked and then i can create proxy by website after add api of Aws account

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    Hi, as mentioned in the title, I'm looking for a expert in order to setup a Ubuntu 4G Proxy server using HUAWEI USB dongles. This is a test lab project, so I'm looking for the most cost effective solution. The server OS will be Ubuntu, preferably with user interface at the end if possible. The USB dongles will be from the Huawei brand, the model is pending to be specified. The proxy server software preferable to be squid or any other similar as per recommendation of the expert. What needs to be done. The whole configuration of the proxy server using one port for each USB dongle connected to the server. The server needs to be able to automatically restart each dongle in a certain period of time to grab a new ip address from the carrier. The server must ...

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    We name this application as Hotmail Reporting Tool. Python/Java/PHP/Go any language. Windows. 1st : Text Space where we can put (hotmail-email-ids; password; Proxy IP; Proxy Port; Proxy User; Proxy Password) hotmail-email-ids; password; Proxy IP; Proxy Port these are mandatory rest of all are optional We can put 1 or more seeds in above format. 2nd : Browser Select Option User can select one or more browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera) 3rd : Two Text spaces one for From and other for Subject(where user can enter From or Subject for which mails he wants to do action) If these spaces keep blank then it should consider all mails. 4th : Inbox/Spam(User can select any one or both) 5th : Option available to select a)Mark Read b)Add Flag c)Pi...

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    Using pbc.h library implementing proxy re-encryption scheme

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    Excellent knowledge in JS, AJAX, Php, and JSON language. Excellent knowledge of threading concept and proxy code. Good knowledge on link extraction of Instagram and handling Instagram cookies. Must be have Php knowledge of admin panel and creating pages on multiple language. Website must be developed as SEO friendly and design must be unique and responsive. All the features on the website given as reference should be on our website () Note: Don’t use Instagram official API in anywhere. Don’t ask login users. Ownership on the task assigned must be completed on time.

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    This project is for creating and setting up a scraper for one site, but we would like for it to be set up using a cloud service (and any other necessary services) that will be able to handle multiple scrapers/sites in the future. Specifics: Python Scraper Cloud-based (would like to be able to schedule/automate) Proxy-capable (if needed) Scrape multiple websites Can scrape up to 14 months’ calendar data (availability and rates when applicable) Project goal: Set up a cloud and code to scrape Airbnb and store database. Cloud needs to be able to handle additional scrapers in the future (30+ sites/scrapers). Database would need to be able to handle data from other sites. Example: Given an Airbnb search results URL, the scraper would scrape the search results pages, record the ...

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    ...Contract – 6months extendable Job Description: Skills / Experience: • Min 7 years hands on ABAP programming experience including: • Minimum 2 Implementation project and 1 support project experience. • Excellent working knowledge on all type of RICEFW developments including enhancement to standard SAP processes • Experience on interfaces development using File, RFC, IDOC, BAPI, Web services, Proxy based interfaces and and database connections • Should have worked on developments from SAP modules like MM, WM, SD, WM, QM etc. • Excellent understanding and ability to articulate object-oriented design patterns in ABAP • Strong attention to details • Desired to have experience or knowledge developments on SAP HANA / S/4HANA platforms. &b...

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    We are social media company. I am looking for someone who can help us in creating proxy server. We will use it for managing Instagram accounts (about 1000 accounts). So for each account it should be separated proxy. We will make a purcase for everything you need, server and etc. You can setup only first one proxy and give us instruction for the rest of them so we can save your time. Please don't bid if you don't know servers in deep. Best regards!

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can create 500 Instagram accounts, or for someone who can help me managing those numbers of accounts. I can create those numbers of accounts by myself but after few days I will be asked for verication and banned. So If someone have experience how to do it, it will be enought if I engage you as consultant. I tried until now with VPN and Proxy, but Its always end with ban in few days. Please don't bid if you don't have experience.

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    I need a page made and put into zip file where I can made and put into zip file where I can upload on cpanel. I need there to be a live panel. So when visitor come to the link I see their click (IP country and time) there should also be country locking feature to only allow countries from a certain IP to access. It should block any bots from accessing the page and only allow real visitors, no google or amazon for example entering the site. No proxy or VPN allowed to enter the site either. From the live panel I need to be able to control what the person who is visiting the site sees and direct them to where I want with buttons for specific destinations, and fields to enter what I want. If you can do this for a cheap rate and you have good experience in coding please m...

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    I am going to implement the swap in proxy contract. I need to updated swap contract to proxy contract, I need excellent blockchain developers. The duration is 5 months.

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    We want the software to do the below stuff: It should generate Btc Fake Transaction(flash btc) with the below features: - -Defined the time that the transaction can remain in the wallet - -Defined the charges of the blockchain networks for a quick confirmation - -VPN and TOR options included with proxy - -Can check the blockchain address before transaction - -Transaction can get full confirmation - -Support all wallet - -Segwit and legacy address – -100% confirmed transaction - You can spend bitcoins easily on any other address (Segwit address, legacy, Segwit / bch32) - - it works with all wallets. - -Should be tradable like real btc. withdraw from exchange not necessary Can be transfarable wallet to wallet more then 5 times minimum previousr experience are preferred

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    We are looking for Salesforce and Financial Force administrator to give proxy. The call will be like 1hr. We will give 2500 per round. But he must have little experience in giving proxies

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    Looking to build a restock monitor for and that can tell when new tickets are released. It will look at the event URL/seat map and send notifications via email/discord when seats drop. The monitor should be able to differentiate between different pricing levels as well as VIP and Platinum seats. Would also like a website where new shows can be added to the monitor as well as proxy support. The timeline is 1-3 months and looking for a developer with experience. Message me if interested for more details

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    I have an app with built in TEdgeBrowser. I want to setup configue proxy settings.

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    Do not bid on my project if you don't understand the difference between settings up a VPN or socks5 vs creating a server to act as the proxy. Getting very annoyed at people placing vids for setting up a VPN. A baby can do that. Must speak clear English no exceptions. Proper grammar doesn't impress me the ability to communicate and understand does.

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    I need a small poc website using reactJS deployed to s3 bucket with cloudfront as a reverse proxy and I require documentation of the process. I need to proxy the origin to same host. For example: Website: API: {HostName}/api/ API: {HostName2}/v1/ If the url starts with /api/ navigate to if the url starts with /v1/ navigate to The host and origin should always be same: ABC-QWE

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    Hi, I need a mediabuyer with some experience to dropshipping my products. I want someone who knows how to use proxy, facebook profiles, do ads campaigns etc.

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    I need this for today. I have an already existing small API application implemented in Node.JS. I need to implement it in Plesk control panel running on an Windows shared hosting server with Node.JS enabled. I need a consultant to take a look to the application, understand at high level (not much detail required) and deploy it in an existing and accesesible sub...already created in my shared hosting account. And test if the methods implemented are getting requests at least. This should be a 1 or 2 hours max project, since it is just the deployment and testing if it is replying fine. Attached are the screnshots with the content of the application, and that is all I have at this point. The developer said that this need to be implemented with "reverse proxy", but I am no...

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    We are looking for someone to setup a websocket proxy server using openlitespeed or nginx This is the first of many projects for a system admin

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    I want to get nginx reverse proxy to be configured to visitors real ip with ssl

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    Looking for the Best Python female proxy for UK projects. Will pay good amount.

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    2 bud as long as they all follow the rules below. The more you can get the more money both of us will make so get as many as you can and we will pay you for every one! We require that the following rules to be followed: - All signups MUST be REAL people! - Unique Email and IP Addresses (currently US only) - NO duplicates - NO Fraudulent Signups - NO Blackhat - NO Craigslist Spamming! - No Proxy Servers are allowed (We can verify this!) - No Incentivized traffic - Leads and IPS : Will be from USA - Each completed signup/action MUST come from unique IP to qualify - NO Spam, AUTO Bots or software - NO Incentives You must never use any kind of software, bots, cookie cleaner or any kind of automation Payments: You will get paid 50% per lead. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU NEED...

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    I want my server to handle thousands of requests per minute and currently my server is giving slow response when sending thousands or even hundreds of requests. I am using IIS windows service and have reverse proxy set up to my Fast API server. You must be fluent in python and must know fastapi and data processing I need this done ASAP Message me thank you

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    ...the plug-in. The goal is to identify every website uniquely. A good fit in order to have this up and running fast would be Fremius, (porque un good fit), the crucial aspect would be to have this records in a DB / google sheet. The records need to include the info detailed in the word file. Milestone 2: As a further step, we need to rework the plug-in workflow in order to use Integromat as a Proxy Server and store important information in another DB / google sheet. In the current state, the plug-in connects directly to the Bank-ID API, requesting the signature of the contract. We need to use Integromat in this process in order to stop transactions from clients that have not paid the fee we charge to the websites for the use of the plug-in, and also store key information regard...

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    I had a website which scrap final bids for all vehicles sold on Copart an IAAI. Copart and IAAi are car auction pages. Issues: First I got 502 error, now the page is not showing at all. Before, page speed was too slow. I just asked for a website like this page: and I receive a slow page with lots of errors. Please I need a professional webmaster to fix this. I really appreciate good communication and responsibility.

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    We need help configuring OpenLDAP to authenticate to an Active Directory. OpenLDAP acts as a Proxy to Active Directory and maps UID to samAccountName. Were having issues on rebinding the correct DN using RWN and rewrite. The other solution we have it so integrate OpenLDAP with SASL while SASL authenticates to Active Directory.

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    Need AWS help Udløbet left

    I have a website on Amazon web service and it keeps getting 500 errors. Problems started when they moved it over to an Nginx proxy server. It is on Elastic Beanstalk.

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    Oracle fusion HCM Udløbet left

    Need Proxy/Job support for my ongoing project which is Production support. The modules like corehr, payroll, OTL, Absence, Compensation, Recruiting.

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    Need Pega Proxy For My Banking Project

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    Hi Guys! I have a python script "Selenium" It blocked my ip after many attempts Is it possible to add a proxy to it? My device is Mac "Note: I have proxies"

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    Looking for someone experienced in Squid Proxy to help with an issue we are having. We are using Squid to create proxies. But it is using up too much CPU% when using the proxy for couple of minutes on a particular website. For that reason, the proxies are timing out/not responding when it hits 100%.CPU. We need someone that can help identify and resolve this issue for us.

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    I own an Australian IT services provider servicing businesses. I am looking for a senior person with strong skills with...join our team for ongoing tasks. Primarily I am looking for someone who can support the following technologies: Windows 10 and 11 Windows Server 2016 and 2019 Office 365 Hyper-V, Active Directory, DNS etc... Microsoft Exchange 2016 and 2019 IIS Terminal Server Power Automate Sharepoint Teams We are mainly after a Microsoft expert, however any Linux experience is a plus as we also use Nginx proxy Docker Wordpress Nextcloud Zimbra Ideally longer term you will be able to own tasks given to you, manage tickets and projects and communicate with customers via instant messaging and email and possibly also phone. Any questions about the requirements please let ...

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    I am doing some digital marketing for a company and I can't place any pixels on its website. However, I need to have the telephone number modified on page load when traffic comes in from different methods - ppc/seo/email. Since marketing for a company and I can't place any pixels on its website. However, I need to have the telephone number modified on page load when traffic comes in from different methods - ppc/seo/email. Since I can't upload pixels to the site - I need to use some reverse proxy service to handle the request and allow me to track. I'm not familiar with the current vendors that offer this service so I am looking for a seasoned digital marketer to recommend 3 reverse website proxy solution providers. this is NOT your typical ...

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    hi i want create residential proxy project for desktop application so kindly give suggestion how to create proxy currently i am purchasing from my local seller proxy per pool wise basically we are doing data harvest from random website and one of website they don't allowed max txn they allowed only 2 txn per ip thats by i need proxy for that i have account i want setup my proxy from this website setup according our requirement

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    I have a simple TEdgeBrowswer coded in Delphi that I would like to be able to set proxy settings for.

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    We want the software to do the below stuff: It should generate Btc Fake Transaction(flash btc) with the below features: - -Defined the time that the transaction can remain in the wallet - -Defined the charges of the blockchain networks for a quick confirmation - -VPN and TOR options included with proxy - -Can check the blockchain address before transaction - -Transaction can get full confirmation - -Support all wallet - -Segwit and legacy address – -100% confirmed transaction - You can spend bitcoins easily on any other address (Segwit address, legacy, Segwit / bch32) - - it works with all wallets. - -Should be tradable like real btc. withdraw from exchange not necessary Can be transfarable wallet to wallet more then 5 times minimum

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    Hi. I need a local proxy for use in my browser that do tunnel HTTP to HTTPS. So when I open HTTP:// the site load good. Thanks

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    ...footage (without sound). The result should then be a sequence of usable clips that will be further processed by us. So it's really quite simple: put the footage into a timeline and throw out everything that can't be used or is double or simply not beautiful. The work needs to be done in DaVinci Resolve, as the project will be synced via the new Black Magic Cloud. You will receive the footage as proxy files via Dropbox. You don't have to be particularly experienced or super creative. These jobs are actually very simple, but still need to be done very reliably and appropriately quickly. An appropriate Internet connection should be a matter of course. If appropriate qualifications in color grading should be available, that is a plus. But it is not primarily relev...

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    ...before doing anything and (ii) I need to free more of his time up for delivering new applications and (iii) as we grow as a business this will eventually become a full-time role. EXISTING TECHNOLOGY STACK - Dedicated servers from OVH - Proxmox is used to create VM's/containers and for storage level replication between different servers in different datacenters - Ubuntu (operating system) - NGINX (proxy server) - PF Sense (firewall/VPN services)....actually we want to switch to OPNsense to add WAF and Intrusion Detection & Prevention. - Icinga (open source monitoring platform) - Bareos (backups) IMMEDIATE REQUIREMENTS We need to refresh existing hardware with new and set everything up again. My partner believes that we can improve the existing setup as we do this. ON...

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    Hello, I would like to use my Phone as Proxy. For example, I have my Phone in the UK and I am physically located in Germany. I want to run a Http Proxy server on my phone in UK so i can connect to it by Http proxy protocol and redict all traffic over then phone to have a UK IP. So, I will use the servers IP/port where I send the request too, the server will send the request to the phone and the phone will make the request to the target. The response will go back to the phone from the phone back to the NAT server and from the NAT server back to me The phone will have always a dynamic IP, which I will change regularly. I can change the IP by enabling and disabling flight mode on the phone. I will do this remotely. So after the phone has reset the IP it should ...

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    ... en el cual principalmente se muestre: Titulo Imagenes Precios en base a las cantidades Resumen: 1 Pantalla Administradora de Cotizaciones o Solicitudes de productos 1 Pantalla que muestre el resultado de la busqueda del producto 1 bd que alamacene las solicitudes, tanto exitosas como erradas y la info de los productos 1 Api que se encargue de hacer scraping del prodcuto Contemplar el tema de proxy rotativos y Captcha para evitar bloqueos Se debe entregar todas las fuentes. Requisitos tecnicos: Utilizar Selenium para chrome Lenguaje C# o Api REST SQL Server WebForm...

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    DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK CLEAR ENGLISH OR UNDERSTAND WHAT IS ASKED!!! ALL BOTS WILL BE REPORTED!!! I need to be able to use a phone as a socks5 proxy server. All automated responses will be reported and ignored!!

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    I am trying to learn and use Android Studio. I have proxies that I want to use but I keep getting errors or having it not work. * I need some guidance on how to make it work or have a different way to do proxy than the default. * When Applying, please put "I've read everything" to be considered.

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    Laravel Website two tasks. Excel Import and Export code required in two web pages. We need two options in our working website. 1- Bulk Record Input from Excel. 2- Report Output in Excel. Details: 1st Task: We already have Single record input by web form. We need someone to Change this file for bulk Record Input. 2nd Task. Report Section pre...Task. Report Section presently "Download as PDF" file. We want someone to add Excel Export option. attached: Screenshot 1: Navigation bar with "Excel Bulk Import" Button. Screenshot 2: Webpage with Button for "Export in Excel" Above are two simple tasks. We prefer some developer who already done similar work. Our Budget is $15-$30 Maximum. Don't bid more. No Time waster, No Dummy or Shell or Proxy biddi...

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    Hi Engineering And A., I am looking for Network engineer interview proxy for this week upcoming interview. I noticed your profile and would like to discuss some details over chat.

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    We look for experts in blockchain technology who can help us building up a highly secure payment system for vending machines and person to person transfer. Key elements which the project must do is is fast transfer speed, cheap transfer costs and universal usage across multiple currencies. It has to be integrated into vending machines, m...implementing it. It then will be reviewed from a security, resource requirement perspective before going into implementation. Implementation can not be based on existing foreign code or resources (not a quick & dirty copycat of some java written wallet etc) but will be written from the ground up in low level languages (performance matters a lot). Only individuals should apply. No proxy sellers who have a "Team" of proxy free...

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