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    I need bitcoin to purchase some file in internet ,I don't have bitcoin

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    Hi, WE have our client list and are trying to upload it to facebook to create a lookalike audience. But facebook doesnt seem to accept the format. We have it in excel and just want to upload their e-mails.

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    We need a website that allows our clients to log in and then upload large data files to the cloud (likely Wasabi or similar cloud storage). The web site should also have functionality to allow members of our team to download copies of those files and upload related files that have analyzed the original raw data. We would probably like to have this based on Wordpress so that we can easily deal with...

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    We have clothes patterns in ".dxf" format and the factory requires them in a format which works with Lectra Modaris. I believe this should be .mdl Need someone experienced in this area who can help.

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    Have a print company that needs a product/pricing csv file from vendor that doesnt offer it

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    We have clothes patterns in ".dxf" format and the factory requires them in a format which works with Lectra Modaris. I believe this should be .mdl Need someone experienced in this area who can help.

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    I do a lot of research and find it difficult to manage all of the information that I gather and draw insights from. I currently use a mix of folders, Clip to OneNote, and saved html pages. This is ineffective and nothing is integrated. I need simple but functional tools to parse, search, sort, files and content as well as gather new. View to package up into a VM workcentre. 1) I am open to a solu...

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    REQUIREMENT : My requirement is if I transfer windows hicon data in to any cross platform it should be in form of .ico format. CONDITIONS : Convert HICON or HCURSOR in to byte array and same byte array read and create ICON image. -> Should be Masked image. -> Windows have two types cursor, color cursor and monochrome cursor, code should applicable for both type of cursors. Below I atta...

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    I am looking for some one who can create a post cast image that will be posting with an audio file

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    We would like to have a PDF file converted to a Word file. You are required to type data as it is written on the Image files and there is no need to make any changes or correction such as correction of grammatical mistakes or spelling [log ind for at se URL] would like to have a PDF file converted to a Word file.

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    I am looking for developers who have experience in file sharing development. I am going to use open-source code in git But we need to change much in that source code. If you have experience in this field , please apply bid on this project. [log ind for at se URL] This is just basic code. Thanks.

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    We are an IT Recycling company based in USA. We need a sharp | High res info graph for the landing page to explain our process. We need to be able to edit it later, if need be. website link is [log ind for at se URL] Use Google images: Keywords : E-waste recycling | electronics recycling | IT recycling Bullet points of our process: Breakdown of steps for client’s reference: 1. Surve...

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    I need to change 2 files from 2018 to 2014

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    We are looking for translators who can help with the translation of PDF24 Creator language files. PDF24 Creator ([log ind for at se URL]) is a free and popular PDF solution with easy-to-use PDF tools. Currently there are about 30 language files, but most of them are not yet fully translated. We would like to change this. The job is to update/improve one of these language files. All untranslated ...

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    Sviluppo di una stazione trasmittente (bluetooth/wifi) che dovrà effettuare il pairing con Smartphone (Ios e Android) che avranno un’APP dedicata (da sviluppare) per la gestione e l’elaborazione di file sonori. La stazione trasmittente acquisirà uno streaming audio dall’esterno, lo elaborerà e lo invierà in modalità criptata agli smartphone L&r...

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    I have a C# program file that returns data after it is run. It is PARTIALLY obfuscated but definitely readable. I need you to create a Node script that has the exact same functionality as this C# file.

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    We have brochures of 5-6 companies that need to be translated in excel file (all English). Need 3-4 hours of help in typing the text from image to excel file. Please apply if you are based in Hyderabad and willing to work from Banjara Hills

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    I want to develop some software that can automate managing various file types. It will store the files as "job" and then when the user runs that job it will distribute the various files to the correct location. Then if that job is marked as finished it will then remove those files from the various locations that it deposited them in. (the location of the files should never change once...

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    I have recently posted a project to create a visio file using the measurements of my warehouse floor space that was originally done by me in an excel sheet. I am trying to create a file of the layout of my warehouse to determine the best product flow and inventory storage capabilities. The first thing I noticed is the drawing that was done for me is not to scale. The center room measures 70 fe...

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    Need an Excel Expert that would create partial excel Report file from Pivoted Table. I have master list of data in form of Pivoted Table with projects from all over the US, but need to collect only projects from certain States. Looking for person who would show me how to create partial Excel files with data only from specific states

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    I need a WebView based on a browser engine. It will open by default [log ind for at se URL] URL. When Youtube Video Play page is detected , user will get a button for download. The button with do a POST with current video url at our API SERVER. Our API SERVER will response with a HTML content which will be into a Modal/PopUp window.

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    Need to run a few python scripts on server that generate json file. This json file needs to be ingested at front end to display graphs. The file will be read by ajax (ajax will process the json file from server and display). Need Amazon servers.

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    I have a log file from oracle adf that needs analysis

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    I want someone to create an SEO website Crawler (WEBSITE SEO ANALYSIS). where the user will enter his/her website. Analysis of all the matrics of a website such as a title , description, keywords, tags, page size, page speed, server status, compression status, mobile-friendly status, image, CSS, javascript check and all important features like any other SEO status generator website. One will gets ...

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    I've got a logo for my application, which is an Adobe Illustrator file. The background of the logo has a wavy design. I am looking for somebody to turn this still background into an animated gif of the waves actually moving. Attached is the Illustrator file. I would need somebody to remove all of the white from the image so it is just the background. From there I would need you to make the w...

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    I got the hbase daemon working on a Vm now I would like to containerize it. My understanding is that I would first need to create a docker file and install java 8jdk because the daemon is dependent on it and then define the command to start the rest daemon. And finally crease a docker image. Finally spin up the container with hbase rest daemon started with it spins up. In k8s

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    Attached is an image that my classical music non profit uses as part of our logo. We are doing a logo redesign, and as part of that, I would like a vector stylized version of it done by a graphic artist. This will probably require it to be done freehand or with computer drawing tools. Ultimately, I want something that has reduced colors and would look good on a variety of medium, as well as in bla...

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    I want the attached image converted to a high quality adobe illustrator file (or other vector format). 1) It has to be sized so the inner red line has a 36mm diameter and the outer red line is 96mm. The absolute outside should be 100mm. The smallest circle in the center doesn't matter since I'll be replacing that. 2) It must be perfectly symmetric since I will be cut out of plastic an...

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    I have a dvr which generated files of different channels of camera and save in HDD. Now i take out the HDD and connect it with USB port of PC/Laptop. I want one player which will play the file from HDD connected at USB port of PC/Laptop. The format of the file is .264 and it consist recorded video of multiple channels in one video.264 file.I want to play all the frames togeather. I have SDK provid...

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    Please develop a high speed file scanner in Go (golang) that: 1. Parses a list of configuration files, such as /etc/nginx/[log ind for at se URL] or /etc/postfix/[log ind for at se URL] 2. Recursively parses any linked configuration files or directories (within those configuration files). For example, /etc/nginx/[log ind for at se URL] and /etc/nginx/[log ind for at se URL] 3. Recursively looks...

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    We are a startup branch of a parent company CryptoXpress , working in the field of computer vision and looking for a good freelancer with a great knowledge / experience of Computer Vision domain projects. We want an algorithm to detect human body in real time from a video feed / mobile camera with utmost precision. After which , based on the overlap the inside of the detected area (of human body)...

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    We would need following: - Integration of weather forecast data with XLS - Ability to track back historical, current and + 1 week forecasts - Refresh button - Simple sheet without VBA codes (all this can be done with regular XLS functions) All bids MUST contain: 1) How long does it take you to build this xls file 2) Have you done similar project (please show if yes) 3) How much do you ask for a p...

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    Create a wcf service and web and windows clients to upload a xml file, post the contents to two tables in microsoft SQL then return a xml file back to the client testulOrder is a sample of the upload and testdlorder is a sample of the return file the process is in the process document

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    Create a wcf service and web and windows clients to upload a xml file, post the contents to two tables in microsoft SQL then return a xml file back to the client testulOrder is a sample of the upload and testdlorder is a sample of the return file the process is in the process document

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    We have a Video of a presentation divided up into 3 x MTS Video Files (VLC) totalling about 50 minutes. Unfortunately the audio quality is not good - very quiet. We need the sound track fixed up so it is louder and clearer. Attached is a short clip as a sample

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    We are looking for experienced internet marketers that can help us deliver leads for a debt settlement company in the UK. The UK user must be genuinely interested in getting information from our debt settlement program in the UK and must be contactable and ready to talk to a financial advisor. We will not pay for bad leads and all leads must be submitted from the customers own IP address The co...

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    Help to edit a pdf file

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    Dear programmers , i have a VB 6.0 program source file , which has some corrections to be made , as while running the file , there is error showing as ( COMPILE ERROR ) , the source file has to be corrected . please check the error as attached

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    We need to read a ASC file and parse/transform this in Python to a DataBase

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    Task is to transform family members from the image into separate "single lined" vector files in SVG format. And add family member "namings" under the images in (English, Estonian, Russian) - pretty much as in example "but your free to choose some other font" Translation provided below. Canvas size of each family member should be 4x4 cm. Line color Red "255"...

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    I have a PSD/PDF file that needs to be converted to single HTML page (load images in folder, i will link them later on server) All text must be text. you may use tables but must have no borders.

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    fixing price file Udløbet left

    i need help fixing price file from my webshp. I also need to add our vat no.

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    Convert a json array to a csv file

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    As above........................................

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    Need to merge many CSV files into one by matching headers. Need to create a UI on that

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    About the Website. The website is a neighborhood information center. Residents, business travelers and tourists can visit the website for information and guidance related to the neighborhood. The page shares information regarding employment opportunities, shopping & deals, houses to buy or to rent, hotels, lodges, guesthouses, attractions, events, schools, churches, health, safety, rout...

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    Macro for Corel Udløbet left

    Hello. I need a Macro that do 1: nesting like eCut. mesure area selected objects, proccess an image -> mark 4 points, cut the rest, changing perspective and get vectors of detected countours.

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    I bought this effect ( [log ind for at se URL] ) and I need to replicate it to fit into a jar I bought. I will use it into my YouTube Videos, so I need a Cinema 4D user to help me. Not similar effects, I need the same Thanks Stan

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    Convert Pdf file in to JRXML File,

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