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    We need the attached .pdf file converted to an html form that users can complete in a web page, then submit to have a formated copy sent to us and themselves. Preferably in another .pdf file. It is not necessary to keep the inputed data in any database.

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    Converting a PDF product brochure/catalogue into an iPhone app. Basically would like an 8 page brochure PDF viewable as an application on the iPhone, scrollable PDF, perhaps with 8-10 jump to points for specific pages in the brochure

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    HTML to PDF Udløbet left

    I need someone to convert a dynamic php webpage that generates a certificate into a link that creates a PDF. This will print onto a piece of paper with a border so will need to adhere to margins and size restrictions. I will supply the link to the existing web page as well as the margins that the page needs to fit on. I would like the HTML to PDF script to be open source. This project is rel...

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    PDF small job Udløbet left

    please check the attachment...i want that pdf to be converted to simple pdf now this is in Livecycle please edit and send me soon i will pay 10$ if it is working fine. reply me with the file because i tried also but not able to do i will pay only after the job is done correctly

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    I'm looking for a custom Excel add-in that will enable me to save as PDF with active hyperlinks from the =hyperlink() formula. This is not supported by Excel and I cannot find any existing software to accomplish this directly from Excel.

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    This project is to create, design the UI and build the backend for a small website targeted at students. The primary function of the website allows a user to make multiple queries to 2 databases and have the results returned within a webpage. The user can query with 1 or more terms and the system will return the description from each database of each term. The databases will be downloaded fr...

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    We want to develop an iphone / ipad application to load and read basic PDF files. A Universal app to work on both devices. Similar to to other basic PDF readers now on the App store. The user can... - use multitouch swipe environment - load PDF document from dragging to iTunes or email launch - basic arrows to change PDF page forward or back - basic finger swipe to change PDF page forwa...

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    PDF Data Extractor Udløbet left

    I need the ability to take a pdf and extract all the links inside the pdf. Also I would like the coordinates of the location of each link in the pdf. This is to be done in C#. A few DLLs that I have tried in the past to extract data are itextsharp and abcpdf but as of yet have not found an ability to extract out links. Attached is a sample pdf with links inside them which I would like extrac...

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    Hi, i would like to have a 108 page pdf converted to MS word. The document includes charts.

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    We have a product that generates dynamic reports from a database. These reports include ~30 flash-based graphs (FusionCharts). We need a "Save to PDF" function. We would prefer some sort of dynamic solution, rather than using the PHP PDF library or similar to write line by line (and using X,Y coords). These reports change, and we create new reports (new content) fairly regularly. W...

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    Research available packages to convert html to pdf on the fly

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    I need a 2-page, detailed contract and a 1 page "work order" (i.e. 2 separate documents) which a developer made for me in LiveCycle Designer (which comes out as an XML document not a real pdf) and cannot be edited or merged in Acrobat in any way(should have been PDF) - changed into a REAL Adobe PDF documents. I need this ASAP so I can merge these documents into another, larger document....

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    PDF to csv Udløbet left

    We must create a csv file with art. number and description of the product. The data is taken from a catalog pdf. The products are about 5000. Each line must contain a product code and its description., separated by tabs. eg. 010101 Product Description

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    472785 PDF to csv Udløbet left

    We must create a csv file with art. number and description of the product. The data is taken from a catalog pdf (attachment) The products are about 5000. Each line must contain a product code and its description., separated by tabs. eg. 01.010100 Product Description

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    We need the attached .pdf file converted to an html form that users can complete in a web page, then submit to have a formated copy sent to us and themselves. Preferably in another .pdf file. It is not necessary to keep the inputed data in any database.

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    we create Blueprints(image via Illustrator) for various industrial machine parts for training purposes, using Acrobat Pro we create hyperlinks on the Blueprint and publish it as pdf. On the published pdf, we are looking for a solution to extract the hyperlink co-ordinates from the pdf, and store it in an xml file. Sample XML output we are looking for: <Page Number="1" Width=&q...

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    We have an 8-page PDF application form we need converted into XHTML ready for us to implement as an online application form. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS - PLEASE READ 1. The converted XHTML form must validate to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. 2. The layout of the converted XHTML must mirror (or be very similar) too the layout of the PDF and not exceed 750 pixels in width. Although there is no restrict...

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    Hello, I have a pdf (attached) that I need turned into a HTML email. Please tell me your turn around time for this. Thank you

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    Generate PDF using PDFLib 7.0.3 (see attached [log ind for at se URL]). ASP.NET 2.0

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    Witam, Jeden z naszych klientów przymierza się do aplikacji na iPhone. Aplikacja będzie składała się z menu głównego, dwóch formularzy pozwalających na zebranie danych (szereg pól tekstowych), możliwości dołączenia zdjęć do danych (z kamery lub galerii), przeglądu listy rekordów zebranych danych, generacji dokumentu PDF (wraz ze zdjęciami), wysyłki dokumentu n...

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    I am looking for someone who can help me to using existing marketing and create brand new marketing documents. I can send you the pdf documents, please have a look at the attached file as starter. More future work will follow.

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    Hi fellow SLr's - I have 3 word docs - they are legal forms - and need them converted into web based forms. So there is a lot of 'text' and then specific fields such as 'name, last name, address, dollar amount etc. Once a person completes the fields in the forms, it then spits out the pdf of the form. In a nicely formatted document. Let me know what more you nee...

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    Very simple project - to use a PDF catalogue to allow orders to be placed Couple of PDF catalogues 30 & 80 pages - [log ind for at se URL] & [log ind for at se URL] (1) Need to split into individual pages (2) Add a link to each page (same link [log ind for at se URL]) (3) Reassemble into orignal pdf ie. [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] Each page has around 50 - ...

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    We need an OpenCart payment module created for Solveras Payment Systems. We have a PDF file from the merchant with all details to reference when building. Need this done ASAP.

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    PDF Link Finder Udløbet left

    I want to a simple utility which extracts the link coordinates from the PDF Document. The PDF Document is a simple one page document which do have links in different positions. I can share the PDF for sample usage. I need it quick as my project is on hold because of this utility.

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    Need the attached pdf converted into a HTML page that can be pasted into an email marketing template. All text needs to be text and images need to be small size but still decent quality. Do not just save as one big image.

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    Financial Consolidation & Group Reporting Tool: Simple user-friendly import of trial balances, with automatic conversion towards Group Chart of Accounts and intercompany indication . Full / proportional consolidation (with percentage per company) . Multilevel level mother-daughter consolidation . Single currency . A simple data entry screen for additional consolidation entries (interco...

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    Pdf network Udløbet left

    I need someone to build me a social network that has the ability to upload and share pdf files

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    I need a method to firstly populate PDF from a Sql Database. Secondly be able to create a pdf, insert - update - delete PDF data from a sql database. I currently have approximately 300 PDF's that need manipulation (data), and thus need some method, script generator or a method to reduce the time need to incorporate these PDF's. See the attached doc. Open to and looking for sugge...

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    Intranet Site Udløbet left

    Project Outline I need an invitation only intranet site built I will be taking one product from my website [log ind for at se URL] and applying it to a new site. Motor Dealers will be able to log in and access their own secure, private portal/account. From here they can access the form (same as [log ind for at se URL]) to fill out to produce a motor warranty policy document. Feel free to ...

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    Can you give my business card a striking design with catchy typography? I write columns and want to give these cards away by way of promotion. I need a good design by the end of this week. The full size of the cards is 90mm x 52mm (1062 x 615 pixels). The printer advises to keep the design within 87mm x 49mm (1028 x 579 pixels). Document type: Adobe Acrobat 9 Bestand (*.pdf), Adobe ...

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    iPad photo mag Udløbet left

    to convert an existing photo mag into an ipad app, magazine can be delivered in indesign/ or pdf - approx. pages count 104 - it's an independent photo mag - so only reasonable quotes please, - est. 2004

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    We have a vast repository of training materials which we will re design into short courses. The developer will be responsible for translating this into animated web flash training courses which can be downloaded Any techoology may be used i,e java html flash etc etc.

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    I'd like someone to create a PDF editor tool, that would allow me to edit pdf's such as add and delete items currently in the pdf and compile the pdf pages into one pdf and allow me to create e-books from these edited pdf files. The e-book compiler will allow you to create an executable that can be downloaded to the customer's computer. I don't care what language you use, it ju...

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    PDF Project Udløbet left

    I need someone to create me a tool, that will take in patents that in a pdf form (.pdf). The tool will perform ocr to text, allow the user to search for a keyword in the pdf and highlight the word, and then tell the user the column and line number or paragraph number that the keyword appears in. There are two types of patents: an issued patent has column and line numbers, and a PG Pub has paragrap...

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    i've got template designed in publisher 2007 i've got the mp3 file that i want uploaded to the file aswell as the pdf All i want is for you to put it all together for me, that I can upload it.

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    There is an algorithm about petri nets. i need it to be converted into visual basic codes. i will put two different versions of algorithm, both are accepted. in the algorithm-2 pdf, A, B, and C algorithms are needed to be coded. there is also the matlab codes of the algorithm, you can convert it into visual basic codes too, it is also accepted. matlab code is the cover.m program in the pdf. i...

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    several recipes from a pdf file converted into a word document

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    Need custom made "fillable" PDF forms. Specific to customer's business. Form must be LOCKed manually with password after getting signatures using INK SIGNATURE available with ACROBAT 9 READER Form must be configured to be saved after filling it in so it can be emailed/uploaded. I think this can be done with Adobe Livecycle Form CANNOT BE OPENED for edit after the form is locked...

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    72089 naprawa PDF Udløbet left

    Witam Poszukuję osoby , która pomoże mi w naprawie programu PDF . po prostu nie działa : po naprowadzeniu myszy i kliknięciu pokazuje się czarny ekran i informacja w jęż angielskim . Sprawa pilna Jeśli współpraca okaże się pomyślna w przyszłości , będę potrzebował więcej pomocy z zakresu programowania , tak wykonania jak i doradztwa . Z góry dziękuję za szybką reak...

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    min €2
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    Hi, the project only for Data Solutions BD We discussed before. Thanks

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    I need a small proof of concept application. I would need the app to be developed in Flex Builder Burrito (4.5), Flex Hero SDK Application needs to connect to a non-modified community edition SugarCRM web app using rest and do the following tasks: 1. Login, 2. Display paginated list of Accounts 3. Drill down into account and display basic account data: Address, Account type, Contacts associate...

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    Hello, This is a very small and quick job, I would prefer someone with good knowledge with Acrobat and JAVAscript and how to use them in a form. I could do it myself, but I am too busy with other works. I've created a basic form using Acrobat Pro 8 for Windows. It uses basic text fields, numeric fields and radio buttons. Let me identify where I need help: Task 1 -- I have ...

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    We need some documentation utilities to format or Visual Studio 2008 project for non-technical analysts. 1. Create UML Diagrams and save in Project as well as Export to a non-technical document format such as ms word and pdf. We tried the Visual Studio 2010 UML create utility but it didn't work. 2. Format Visual Studio 2008 project files into a non-technical document for non-technical analy...

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    We are looking for a programmer to create an Android App and possibly the ability to allow it to be converted to an iPhone App. The app will be used to read and send data to our web server. The app will need its own local database to use pre-set data (with server updates) and to store data when internet connectivity is down and will upload data when connectivity is back up or via USB/ PC uploa...

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    we require a payment module developed for WHMCS utilising Australia's BPay interface The module must allow for: 1) clients to individually process and pay for invoices from their client area 2) population of the PDF invoice with BPay biller details, logos, data and BPay reference code etc 3) an admin only interface to pull data from the daily BPay transaction list or similar to ...

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    we have the document in either word or as a pdf. it needs to be saved as a html file. we understand this means removing/ripping out the page numbers and headers and footers...removing formatting and going back to plain text/then reformatting for html. this will be done in blocks so a great deal of text can easily be selected at one time. the word "fancy fonts" will go. spacing w...

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    I need a creative and nice design and layout for a young fashion page booklet (for print). The result should be about 8 pages (A5 format) in pdf and psd.(other office formats might be possible too - please ask). The text and some pictures are already existent, it just needs to be polished and layouted. I want a clean and nice design that will communicate a young and sexy image. I use freelance...

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