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    I require a graphic design for a school district web site. The site will allow users to perform administration, attendance, lunch counts, discipline, transportation and many other functions. There is a wide feature set. The design should provide: 1) a flexible navigation scheme that can accommodate features, and sub-features 2) a content-oriented

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    I need a database driven web site ASP/ASP.NET top rating system that is dynamic and is identical "clone" to "[log ind for at se URL]" and even better in terms of security, performance and GUI.? Here is an idea: Participant web sites insert 88 x 31 banners on their web site pages by selecting it via option button to get it's paste code from ratin...

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    ...a part of my ongoing web site - This is a Student Media Network that contains variety of "special projects". This lyrics engine will add to the list of what I have now. You can find all the specials we have at: [log ind for at se URL] Check this page out, because it'll give you an idea of what this site is all

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    [log ind for at se URL] will be launching a hosting directory in the next 30 days. We need a professional layout and design that will rival the following sites: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] This is **not** a request for the site programming We have included a very basic mock-up at [log ind for at se URL] do not pay

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    ...need someone to re-design my web site, to make it more dynamic with flash elements, less confusing and more professional. I admit I do not have a very specific idea in mind of what I want as a design. Your creativity will be important. current 1024x768 design : [log ind for at se URL] current 800x600 design : [log ind for at se URL]

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    New York EasyDates Udløbet left

    kWe are looking to change the look and image of our website, and are seeking quotes for this task from freelance graphic designers and web designers. Our site is at [log ind for at se URL] - we are a speed dating business based in New York City. We have received good feed back about our site, however, we feel the site look is not sophisticated enough for

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    ...looking for someone to design 10 professional web templates. These templates will be used in an automated system to allow users to customize these websites. For example, if the website has 5 pages, all pages will look exactly the same - only the content will be different. So for each website you just need to design one page - the template (10 different

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    ...for someone to design a informational WEB SITE for us. We are Airfreight-Expediting and Truck-Expediting compnay. We want a professional individual who can work with us to show us few samples designs. we will also feedback on samples. One can design it in FRONT PAGE 2000 or 2002, ASP, HTML,FLASH Whoever have the best design and idea we will accept the

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    Web site redesign Udløbet left

    I need a web site design for a sales agency, Sales associates is a sales agency selling office products to distributors who then resell to end users (for example, I sell Bic pens to Staples and Staples sells the Bic pens to Morgan Stanley). I am looking for an update and refresh of my site [log ind for at se URL] Please submit a rough idea of what the

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    Web site design Udløbet left

    We need a cool web page design for a university, we need 3 diferent proposals of design. Just one page of sample. Once we have selected the sample then we need main page, and 12 interior pages, all diferent. I mean all must be same design guidelines but diferent acording to the section. We have no idea of design, we only have logos and...

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    ...what of what we'd like done, and by all means; if you have a good idea, share; the more you sound like you know what your doing, or the more you sound like you can do what we want; the better chance you have of getting hired!! Features: Script our website, preferably in PHP or CGI. Design Membership Signups at a fixed price, payable through PayPal. There

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    Inteligent graphics Udløbet left

    ...professional, hip, colourful idea using yellow, red and black/grey - current colours. Can you send you copy of current business card and logos - computer badge logo and stationery logo. Can also give you link to sites I like and sites I created myself. ## Deliverables 1> Provide at least 3 different thumbnail designs of each (website page, business card, letterhead

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    ...outline. There are two distinct parts to this fairly easy project. 1. Provide the content for my new "web design" site. 2. Create a form that customers can fill in, to request information. Recently I created a 9 page website for my new web design business, but my hard drive crashed. Unfortunately, I did not backup my website, and I can't bear ...

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    Hi all you PHP and MySQL'ers, I have an extensive web-gallery project I would like to pursue, and believe rentacoder is probably the best place to get it done =). Here are the major features: - Different export format options. - Automatic thumbnail / enlargement generation. - Admin ability to modify/create/remove database items. (This includes database

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    ...a few pages: - Main Page - About Us - Our Services - Web Design and Development - Programming - Contact Page - Our Clients - Our Portfolio - Links to different Portfolio Pages (same design just different in content in the middle) - Methodology Some search engine optimisation is required. It's for a outsourced Web Development/Programmi...

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    1 bud and call the seller for an-appointment. We still haven't an idea about the company name and the internet portal url. We need a creative designer who: - will give us ideas about the company name - will give us ideas about the portal url - will design the company logo - will design the company's business card - will desgin the A4 company's letter

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    33 bud will provide any and all design needed for this project, but we'll need to work with you on how you'd like this delivered to you. The admin interface via the web can and should be very basic, as we'll only be using it internally. Here is my envisioned idea on how this will work: 1. Client will go to evaluation page and answer all questions in f...

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    ...for the web design. This is a very unusual request. We are very picky on what we are looking for. Because of this, we are looking for a jpg layout of your proposed design to be included with your bid. I have posted several jobs (over 30) here on RAC and have hired out almost all of them so far. I can assure you that we will not use your idea if we don't

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    I intend ordering the one page web site to sell my IP brodcasting software. The work needed to be done described below: 1. The web site contents. The web site contents should include a few slogans as an introduction, brief description reflecting some advantages of use the software, briefly as to how it would be profitable to take advantage of

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    I need a database for a Web site. The database will allow me to fill-in the fields of the database and have the database populate a template with text and images. The idea is that I will add people to the database and only have to add content to the database instead of manually with HTML. An example of this - it's not a good example but it's the only

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    34 bud my webhosting auctions. Well here is what I am looking for.I want an idea to help pay a portion of dedicated server cost.( about $200 a month) Here is the requirements. 1 must be ethical. 2 Not cost alot to start. 3 No idea's like put banners on sites as there not enough page views to pay $200 a month. Well in case you were wondering about the

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    ...auctions/site updates etc. I want features to give discounts/freebies to the entire database, or just a particular customer, by manual inputs, as well as customer code input on the web side of it, and the software pick it up. Merchant account integration, as well as ability to only charge once a month and or once a users account hits X amount in fees. There

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    Hello, I want an Index page design for a singer's website fan club website. I require the navigation menu at the top of the page colors for the web page are navy blue, royal blue, silver or combination of all the above mentioned colors or I am open to suggestions. I have attached some photographs of the singer please have a look at them & use the photo

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    ...* Logo (re)design * Website layout, menu positions (i.e. top, bottom, mid-page, etc.) * Colors Another part of the website is found at [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL] For these two additional web apps, I'd like to have some buttons designed that fit the theme of the page. Please feel

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    ...with private information for the guild I play in. I can put a link from the links area of the page to a new "directory" page which would contain links to the private pages. The problem is I want to make the directory page "password only" access. I have no idea how to do this (I dont know PHP and have just learned HTML). I use Dreamweaver MX for th...

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    10 bud to give a concept overview. Apart from the database & web structure all other elements are in place eg copyrights, marketing, submissions, etc... I looking for someone to delevop the web side on the business using a php/mysql ?system to be deployed on the web using a unix platform. The Web pages and database will need to include details or systems

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    39 bud a URL - i.e. * The name may **or** may not be associated to what the company will be involved in: MEDIA * Think of anything you like, but we so far like the idea of names that have "bite" ! - e.g. Piranha, etc. * The name could refer to "digital" if you like... e.g. DigiMedia - but not as dull :) * After the first bid, you are free

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    IJT Assignment Udløbet left

    I require a Database created in Microsoft Access to be linked using ASP/SQL to a Website created using Dreamweaver/Front Page/Flash. The project is for a small Sign company who manufacture and install all kinds of signs. The idea of the database is to store company records such as jobs, customer details, prices of products. The website needs to allow

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    ...the web directory and it will do the installing of the script with the imput of the basic variables. Must include doccumentation and help file for trouble shooting if a problem arises upon installation. I do not want the page design that they have. In fact you can bid it without pages design. But you must include the admin control design and

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    ...month - if you cannot finsh it in this time frame please indicate delivery time in your bid. We are looking for one company to design and implant the web sites in the attached files. The sites will require extensive design ideas on the part of the bidder. We will rely heavily on their expertise to make the sites functional, easy to use and attractive

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    To create a new web page header image, with a white background using the width of 740 pixels. This design must have a 1 pixel black border around it. The height must be no larger than 150 pixels. The graphic header will be used for our new associate program website. The graphic text should say: Associate Program Control Panel The idea is that they'll

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    ... into the web directory and it will do the installing of the script with the imput of the basic variables. Must include doccumentation and help file for trouble shooting if a problem arises upon installation. I do not want the page design that they have. In fact you can bid it with pages design. But you must include the admin control design Must

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    ...would like to do a lot of things from the backend. Here are some things that we would like to be able to do: We would like to be able to add pages (do all the creation and design all web based), and then we would also like to add pictures and whatnot also through the backend. In general we would like to be able to modify almost everything through the backend

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    Web page redesign Udløbet left

    ...four Web sites, front-page only, with template for inner pages. (1) GTZ Industries: I need a front-page redesign of [log ind for at se URL], with a template for inner pages, no special graphics are needed for GTZ, just clean design, business-professional; (2) Thermogenic: I also need a new front page for New front page should

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    Website builder Udløbet left

    Hi Coders, I require a online website builder,a site management tool The basic idea is as follows **A user signs up with the site(gives email id we send out password for first login)** **He logs in to the site can be [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] ... the preference to earlier one(remember all done automatically)**

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    Finish Home Page Udløbet left

    Refer to [log ind for at se URL] and NBCL.Net. The .org site is a alpha phase of the new home page. .net is the old site. I need a fantastic site designer to review and propose the completion of the [log ind for at se URL] home page. I would like to keep the general idea of the [log ind for at se URL] home page. The successful bidder could be in for a lot more work on t...

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    20 bud design for a new hosting company I'm starting. Basically, I need two pages, the first, a "splash" home page that is substantially similar to [log ind for at se URL] provided below, and a template page that is substantially similar to [log ind for at se URL] provided below. The purpose of the template page is to act as a model for each link off ...

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    Website 1 Udløbet left

    ...with highly successful track record and very strong reputation/contacts/knowledge (specialist in hi tech, “old” economy sector) is seeking established web specialist(s). MUST HAVE very strong design, DATABASE PROGRAMMING and online publishing skills. Prefer London-based, with demonstrated e-commerce experience and skills. The opportunity will only

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    I need a complete art gallery web site. It must have a professional design, layout, and look. I need a browser based administration area where I can add, edit, or delete an artists item. A place where I can add, edit, or delete my own paintings. Send email to an artist or all artists. Suspend or Unsuspend an artist. The artist must register to use the

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    ...e. If we give a software title a Gold Award, we probably would use the "Thumb Up Mascot" on that page ... ...And a real bad title might even get a "Thumb Down Mascot" If we have a special offer, we might use the "Pointing Mascot"... Get the idea ..? We also need the logo and/or mascot as a 16x16 [log ind for at se URL] and also as 32x32 i...

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    I need a logo and a color scheme for a web site. The website is about 4x4 Off-road. The layout of the web-site will be the clasic top banner (sponsor),a left side menu and the content in the middle( the logo in the top left corner). No frames, just a table to distribute the space I need a good combination of colors (matching the logo)

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    A programmer from scriptlance already build php scripts for my web site [log ind for at se URL] But the php scripts which he build are not so good. I need to fix those php scripts. The scripts does automatic E-gold deposits and withdrawals. Once you deposit specific amount of money there will be start button, once the start button is pressed, the countdowns

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    Game Idea Udløbet left

    Hello, I have a game idea in mind it is a strategy simulation game. I have come up with a new twist to empire building games. However, right now it is only in my head as I have no knowledge of heavy C++, Direct X, etc. to bring it to life. I also do not have the resources to pay a programmer(s) what it would take in order to get this done. I guess

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    I am looking for an extremely experienced web designer with top ecommerce sites that can design a compelling front page template for my new advertising website. Header, Flash-Logo with domain name: [log ind for at se URL] and the outside Border all must be the best! The header could also could include 5 or 6 photos in a row depicted people online comunicating

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    This script will be for French speaking people. Design will be provided. Consist in to different sections One for non paying (FREE members) member and another for paying members managed by an Audiotel system (The script can be found at [log ind for at se URL]) unless you can provide a better solution. Users must have the ability to update their account

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    Cabin Rental Udløbet left

    ...e-commerce side or rent a cabin. This site should be similar is some areas to [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL]; however, our site should have dynamic content, stunning design, and captivating content and pricing that's impossible to leave without purchasing. The owners of the cabins should have special access to their section of the site so they

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    ...problem. Creating a List of Daily Events at Avalon Books. The Avalon bookstore sponsors several special events each month. You've been asked by the store manager to create a web page that will display a calander of the current month's activities as well as a list of any events occuring that day. The following is a list of the special events for the upcoming

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    Web Design Udløbet left

    ...current design is in simple HTML, I'm looking to redesign it in PHP or ASP this time. I don't have the specific ideas about how should the web site look like, but im open for suggestions. Every page should contain on the side navigation, with 8 sections: Home, International, News, Politics, Humor, Movies, Cars, Contact. Check out the current design and

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    To redesign the front page with new logo, background etc. Frontpage design with have to be designed with the idea the the basic template could be used through out the other pages on the site New Logo, complimenting banner and graphics. Logo and Graphics and page appearence would appeal to men and women and younger fashion jewelry. ## Deliverables

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    Web site design Udløbet left

    Want to create a web site with about 5 to 10 pages. Would like to use some flash/dreamweaver. Need a site that is classically professional, but edgy and innovative. The site is for a small business that will be doing web site development but will be using rent-a-coder from time to time. This site will be a test site for me. Graphics and Art and audio

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