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    We need an experienced web developer to work with us on developing a subscription based online directory. You must have experience of eCommerce systems and the following skills/experience: Essential technology skills are: - PHP - ASP - MySQL Essential software skills are: - Dreamweaver 2004 MX Essential eCommerce skills are: - WorldPay

    €176 - €264
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    ...Please keep in mind there are currently a dozen or so articles on the site. There are another 20 advice articles being written. 6. IF possible (by changing the file/directory layout if necessary) I would like for breadcrumbs on each page. I only want this if it will be automatically updated whenever we add a new article and/or page. 7. For

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    Release completion Udløbet left

    Need a rock solid application developer for a short-term contract to help with completing a .NET/SQL project that is about 60% done. Estimated 4-8 weeks of work. Requires understanding and experience with very high-traffic scenario for performance and scaleability reasons. Will also need assistance with the launch of the application as it will involve

    €440 - €3522
    €440 - €3522
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    We require a developer to create a mini application to search and replace text, and to rename files. This DOESN'T need a brilliant user interface. It is a SMALL app, very easy to create, and will work like this: a) It will request two domain names from the user, such as [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL] b) It will request a directory from the user c) It w...

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    Functional spec joke web siteIntroduction The joke web site will be developed in English but the site itself will not be in English. All code must be clearly commented so that I can translate all error messages or other information displayed to the user. Technologies to be used are ASP, the web server it will be on is Windows2003 and MS-SQL server

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    I am a small exchange hosting company and I am looking to build a small web portal to allow users to modify other users in Active Directory. Basically when someone signs up we create a user using a UPN, so their login is USER at [log ind for at se URL] We create an OU in our AD called [log ind for at se URL], put the user there and create to groups, a "ALLUSERS at DOMAIN

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    I am looking for a database driven web site developed in asp.NET using C# or VB.NET as the code behind language (C# preferred) You will design the web pages for the site as well as the MS SQL 2000 database that the site will use. You will be responsible to upload the site and data base to the web hosting company (Brinkster), and provide me with the

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    ... Here is the site to be re-designed: [**Fantastico Web Solutions**][1]. **THREE PARTS INVOLVED: ** **_1) Graphic design of templates _**The template should be easy to customized for a developer experienced in PHP, HTML and Photoshop. There are few pages within a template directory such as: ([log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se U...

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    I have a developer component product that has both a no-cost and standard licenses version. The product is exclusive to .NET and provides volume directory watching and response functions. It is a developer tool and class library. I am seeking a bid for visiting the myriad of english language software download registration sites registering this

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    This project will be a web based management system,to administer the use of machines or environments to different departments or users. For instance,a pulldown box will bring up a a set of available domains in the Active Directory (or network) a user after selecting a specific domain,a list box with the computers belonging to such domain

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    This project will be a web based management system,to administer the use of machines or environments to different departments or users. For instance,a pulldown box will bring up a a set of available domains in the Active Directory (or network) a user after selecting a specific domain,a list box with the computers belonging to such domain

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    Digital Asset Managment Web Portal using IIS, SQL Server 2000, and C# .net - working with manager/developer in US. This job consists of building the business tier and presentation tiers in C# to search for and serve digital assets through a web portal (IIS) to both Mac and PC clients. Initially this system will serve pdf reports. These reports

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    €88 - €440
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    ...unless closed explicitly. Left pane should contain a tree of all the disks and directories. Right pane should contain all directories and files within the currently selected directory. If backing up manually, backup and close, backup and logoff, backup and shutdown and backup and restart options should be available. The application should also support exclusion

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    See attached zip file for more complete details and scope of this project. I need a developer who can create a web based document collaboration / workflow application. The finished product should work in conjunction with my file system based document publishing application, but only AFTER files have been singed off by an "APPROVER". To learn more

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    Web-based control panel that has the following flow: User logs into site (mysql database w/ usernames + passwords, and access rights) - has options to edit specific text that is contained within a specific file (or files) on the server - gives the user the ability to upload files to server (1 directory only per user - permission based) -

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    ...develop a .Net developer community portal that provides places to talk and info to share. * Short term todo list. * [IBuySpy Portal][1]. This is an excellent base for you to begin with this portal. But please give up the tab management as it is not Google friendly. * [.Text Asp.Net Weblogs][2]. We hope to proivde free web spaces for .Net

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    Need designer/developer to generate the following Paid reference/link site, nothing fancy, stick with a text based scenario, No Flash, just nice looking to emulate the following sites [[log ind for at se URL]][1] [[log ind for at se URL]][2] [[log ind for at se URL]][3] [[log ind for at se URL]][4] [[log ind for at se URL]][5] [[log ind for at se URL]][6] need the

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    Description: The user would send a “SMS Short Code?? message through their cellular phone. They would enter a “Key Word?? for the directory they wanted to access. They would then enter a person or company name a the application would return the contact information. Some phones would the have the capability to automatically dial the selected number

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    ...co-branded sites within the web framework. BWC is aware of the Struts/Tiles architecture’s ability to handle internationalization and multiple channels. Ideally, BWC would like the following problems to be addressed: **The main goal is ****easy deployment of a new site and new content by someone other than a Java developer **Currently, BWC’s website

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    ...Entries that may exist for a VNC application that has been used before on the local computer. (USERSoftwareORL) 2. Update the Registry by reading in a reg file in the same directory as the application, then using the reg file to update the registry. 3. Put into the System Tray my application icon with a context menu that provides the option to exit. 4

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    ...'sign up' buttons or whether it should be a PayPal button. It needs to allow us to control the plan names and what is included with each plan. I have 12 web templates that are designed for a web hosting company that need to be modified to operate like skins. I have included a zip file with the thumbnails of these. All reseller sites should operate

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    ...development of a informational website and a business directory where members can list their contact info or have a custom web page. Categories: 1.0 Home 2.0 Member Business Directory 2.1 Corporate Members 2.1.1 Engineering Directory Member 1 project gallery etc 2.1.2 Doctor Directory Member 1 project gallery etc 2.2 Associa...

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    We require an ASP.NET web page that will allow a user to acquire an image directly from either a WIA device (digital Camera) or a Twain device(Scanner). Once the image has been captured and displayed on the user's screen, the user can crop, rotate, and optimize the image for Internet. Once the user has completed these functions, the image can either

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    Greetings, we are looking for a vc++ developer with knowledge of atl and mfc which can create a web based installer using activeX. The installer should allow the following : 1) Installer from the web, cab files, zip files, download them , extract them into a directory given by the installer and so on... 2) Auto-update, this is

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    I need a very experienced php/mysql web developer with exposure/experience with gallery systems (like Gallery and Exhibition Engine customisations). We have a partially developed gallery system and are looking at adding new features. We do not want to create one from scratch as we have gone quite far with our existing system. Our programmer is unable

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    ...code(code-signing perhaps) 3. Mount a fileshare to this IP 4. Be able to create a directory, copy a file, remove a dir in with this mounted share. 5. Close connection and Dispose all resources being used. The specs for each are identified below. I am unsure if this will require web services, but if it does and serialiation is to be used, I would like SOAP

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    I'm a software developer that's been asked by a client to do a job that's a little outside my usual area of expertise. I'm web/database programmer and do lots of programming in many languages, but I don't get much into the realm of programming that involves graphics manipulation. My client, a graphics design firm, has landed a contract to do a large

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    _Automatic generation of online directory, via specific search terms _ 1. Populates web site database via Google API, according to phrase list 2. Assigns each entry to a category (another list), and updates directory site Sends message with update information to mailing list * Web-based * Edit Search Phrase and Category lists *

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    ...updatable profile, user sign-in, total registered players, player's online by username, player's rating, dynamic directory of rooms, timer, chat, invite and everything to make player's online game experience enjoyable. In addition there should be a web admin interface to view games, user's daily, weekly and monthly statistics as well as an admin interface to

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    ...open up an IExplorer window and display the ASP code as web page. (Directory of IIS should be allowed to be specified somewhere in options) - Dialog box should include the extension .ASP when opening files. - Anything you think would make your coding experience easier as an ASP developer. Again, not all of these options are necessary but

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    Need DreamweaverMX/Ultradev designer/developer to build approximately 20-30 BASIC web applications that utilize ASP(VbScript) and MsAccess database. **APPLICATIONS MUST BE BUILT ENTIRELY IN DREAMWEAVER MX** We will consider purchasing any pre-built application as long as it was built entirely in DreamweaverMX as they will be used as teaching materials/tutorials

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    JPG to MPEG Udløbet left

    ...found at axis.com. For the purposes of this spec, all the developer needs to know is that they are configured to FTP images to a specific directory on a internal W2K file server. On average, they will transmit 3-4 JPG images per second. The basic flow is: The program will scan a particular directory on the local machine (W2K Server) and will select all

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    ...server for a predetermined period of time. It has a web GUI that makes it easy to .htaccess protect directories and it handles recurring billing. Our hacked version is here: [log ind for at se URL] DreamAccount Discussion Board [log ind for at se URL] Dream Account Developer: [log ind for at se URL] Ultimate

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    Custom IE Toolbar Udløbet left

    We are looking for developer who is able to develop a custom IE toolbar with following features (please ask us for detailed description): - customizable search features (similar to google) - several fixed link sections (Shopping, Weather, etc) - My Links - similar to Favorites in IE but stored on our server - for users with several computers. ## Deliverables

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    Design a database-driven directory with 5,000+ resources. 1) Propose Database Design & Layout 2) Integrate Credit Card Authorization + Member Log-In 3) Create Advanced Search Functionality 4) Create Member Area where members can search resources and save selected resources to their account 5) Display records in a printer-friendly format 6) Database

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    In order to bid on this you: 1/ are a seasoned perl developer 2/ are very knowledgable in postscript 3/ know SVG well enough to code it by hand and to debug it. 4/ can write ruggedized software. If you meet these conditions and have *meaningful* experience, then please bid on this. I need a fully-OO perl daemonized program (strict, warn, taint compliant)

    €88 - €440
    €88 - €440
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    I want to create a web site similar to what [log ind for at se URL] does. After the user logs in (I will take care of login screens), he or she will be allowed to see the files in the folder that has been assigned to him or her. Everything in that folder should be viewable (including file attributes) and the user should be able to upload or download files from

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