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    What we're looking for: a developer to add a interface in a PHP+SQLServer project. Change have to be commited using Bitbucket and SSH. In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience and tell us about a recent project with those technologies you have worked on.

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    Need someone who have implemented Crystal Report in Ubuntu with PHP. I have googled for it and know it can generate PDF file. Need anyone experianced with it. If this can not be done then let me know the solution for below situation We have PHP website hosted on Ubuntu. Database is MS SqlServer. We have a Virtual Machine in which we can create windows server to host crystal reports but how to exe...

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    I need someone who have already implemented CrystalReports from CodeIgniter. I don't want any custom development right now. At this moment i just want to see the demo. Any sample report you can take FrontEnd: CodeIgniter Database: SqlServer Reporting Tool: Crystal Report P.S.: If someone has already implemented the demo i will be happy to buy it right away.

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    We are developing an application which require customized and complex reports. The application is in CodeIgniter, MsSqlServer and Ubuntu Server. Please find attached file for sample data and report format. P.S. This is just a sample report to test your ability, if done successfully and satisfactorily will give you more reports with the live data.

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    We are a small editing and translation firm. The followowing code has to be added to our website: <%@ Language=VBScript %> <% If request("submit") <> "" THEN Set cdoConfig = CreateObject("[log ind for at se URL]") With [log ind for at se URL] .Item("[log ind for at se URL]") = 2 .Item("[log ind for at se URL]") = ...

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    We have application in Codeigntier and running in Linux Server. Database is in SqlServer. Now we want to generate reports using CrystalReports. We know it is possible so if anyone has experianced for that kindly bid. PLEASE STAY AWAY R&D PEOPLE. As of now we just want you to setup on our server run a sample report that's it.

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    A CRUD application for Medical Visit management Requirements • Asp.Net Core 3.1, visual studio 2019 • Inspinia template v2.9.3 (We provide licensed product) • Database (We provide attached SQLServer exported DB) • Must be tested on Internet Explorer and Chrome web Browsers • Multi language Please see attached files for full requirement specs.

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    I am looking for someone who is experienced in, ms access, ms sqlserver, docker, java and so on. I would like to discuss him/her about my idea and hire asap. Thank you.

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    I have a small C# project for backing up MS SQL server databases. It has a simple GUI with only one screen. Really small code base. See screenshot of its one screen. The program basically connects to SQL server (SQL Express) every x-minute, run a code to do backup and dumps it into a directory with todays daystamp. If x-number of backups has been run, it deletes the oldest backup. Task for this...

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    We are looking for someone who is experienced in, ms access, ms sqlserver, docker, java and so on. I would like to discuss him/her about my idea and hire asap. Thank you.

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    hello i am building an software and I want a help with a function. I am using and sqlserver as database. I am also using secugen hamster-pro-20 finger print device to get customers finger print, I need a functions for the following 1. create new user and save his finger print with his details in the database. 2. find user details by his finger print. you may use SecuGen WebAPI and...

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    We need skills in Access using aspx and vbscript to add a new enrolment form for our global contest. The form will be almost identical to the existing enrolment form. The two main differences are that the new group of enrolees will access the enrolment form directly via a link instead of via the website, and their ID number will need to include a “c” instead of the letters “p&...

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    i need a sample ASP.NET core 3.1 app with CRUD function on a SQLServer database table like ID,Text that explain [log ind for at se URL] usage full features

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    We have developed an online Inventory system using,,Ajax, sqlServer etc. We want to add more screens, reports and features ( webforms & RDLC ) into system and also train our development team on the screens you developed.

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    I will pay a premium for someone that can do this project quickly. ○ A tool/script/custom program is needed to re-organize some classic ASP (vbscript) source code to move an array definition into the base source code file from an include file. ○ Any language or tools can be used as long as it can run easily on a Microsoft Windows server ○ This is a one-off need and source code does not need ...

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    website updates Udløbet left

    Update required for Knowledge of, sql server, JavaScript, jquery, classical asp, vbscript, html, css. Part time, work at home, US Based

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    Tengo un módulo de un proyecto, el cual tiene que estabilizarse. Esta realizado en angular y net c#. El formulario requiere al iniciar un popup con validación de términos y condiciones , habeas data. Que consulte si hay registro previo de los datos, que traiga los datos guardados, que permita guardar datos. Los datos se presentan en unas pestañas, debe permitir moverse ...

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    Proyecto universitario para desarrollar un módulo SIG que permita las acciones principales del CRUD con PHP y vinculación a DB con SQLServer, la funcionalidad ya se encuentra implementada en otro módulo; se quiere que cumpla las mismas funciones.

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    We have developed an online Inventory system using,,Ajax, sqlServer,RDLC etc. We want to make site more user friendly.

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    A CRUD application for Users and Users roles/menu management. The application must provide: • CRUD – Menu definition (menu definitions will be applied on other applications, not this) (DB table MenuMaster and MenuDetails) • CRUD- Roles definitions (DB table Rolesmaster and RolesDetails): after menu definition, the user could create roles, based on permission on each menu item. &bu...

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    This project deliverable is: A .vbs program that deletes ALL files in all sub-folders with the spedific name 'Bad'. This is the actual folder structure: /main_folder .../client1 ....../1 ........./Files ............/Bad ............/Logs ....../2 ........./Files ............/Bad ............/Logs ....../3 ........./Files ............/Bad ............/Logs .../client2 ....../1 .........

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    Simple ASP vbscript Udløbet left

    I need a simple script to connect to Amazon MWS, fetch all my products (I am a seller) with their details and insert/update/delete to a mysql table If positive, we will discuss another one or two little script of the same kind

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    vbscript to get current system date and write it as mm/dd/yyyy

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    Project manager looks for software developer/company for startup website, alpha phase. There's currently 30% of the project running in Eclipse SQLSERVER/J2EE/JQUERY/JSP. Same models and business rules can be replicated using other frameworks as needed/suggested from expert if time/cost can be negotiated. Model translation for MYSQL. UIX refresh required for site Go-live. UIX language is Spa...

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    I need a developer who can setup and configure my new Windows VPS server on godaddy and do the below : 1- Install Visual Studio 2019 , SQlserver 2016 or later 2- Setup the Sites (https:) and IIS 3- Upload an API and Backend to the server. Note : this task is for a cross platform mobile app developed by Ximarin

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    Somos una consultora en licitaciones que ha generado una interfaz cloud personalizada para la búsqueda de licitaciones por parte de nuestros clientes. Es un producto tecnológico que hemos desarrollado y puesto a la venta en septiembre 2019. Tareas: Búsqueda, selección, captación de talento y gestión económica de equipo de desarrollo (personal y ser...

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    I need assistance in troubleshooting a script of mine. My script auto launches an application when when the application closes it logs of the logged on user.

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    We are looking for experienced and ambitious .Net Developer with relevant experience in C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET MVC Core , ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, , SQL Server , JavaScript. As a .NET Developer you will be involved in design, development, coding, customization, configuration, testing, and deployment in support of software application. This is long term task project. UK based only

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    Progress Database Udløbet left

    Looking for 1 Progress Developer who can help - move data from progress to sqlserver - program some modifications in the Progress DB

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    Necesitaría profesional para mejorar el rendimiento de una base de datos MS SQLSERVER 2012. Proporcionaría acceso remoto supervisado a la base de datos para que viera el comportamiento actual de la base de datos e hiciera recomendaciones y/o aplicara dichas recomendaciones para el óptimo funcionamiento de la misma.

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    I developed my own application in Excel 2019, using VBA, to do data reconciliation for my business. The data I use are reports created by another application as individual tabs in Internet Explorer. One of the tasks that my app does is to loop through all open Internet Explorer 11 tabs in Windows 10. When a tab name matches a particular string, I write out that tab as an HTML file and then close t...

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    I developed my own application in Excel 2019, using VBA, to do data reconciliation for my business. The data I use are reports created by another application as individual tabs in Internet Explorer. One of the tasks that my app does is to loop through all open Internet Explorer 11 tabs in Windows 10. When a tab name matches a particular string, I write out that tab as an HTML file and then close ...

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    I need a single page created. Users will access the page by clicking a form on another page. That form will send one form element (an action) to the page. The page will then create an initial entry (EvaluationFormSummaryID) into a database and read the details of the rest of the page from the database. The page will be a form that users fill out. The page needs to be dynamic - the number of quest...

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    I need console application C# for storing data from Redis to SQLServer The application must get all values matching key pattern and store them in SQLServer table every 1 min Pattern example SCAN 0 COUNT 20000 MATCH *Test:* The application must get and store values to SQL Server as fast as possible preferably up to 10 seconds. The approximate number of values 10000 Example: Key example Test:17a1...

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    A CRUD application for Company and Company-branch management: • CRUD – Company (DB table Azienda) • CRUD- Company-Branch (DB table Filiale) • CRUD –Company && Company-Branch tree (DB table Struttura) All data (grids (like Data Tables templete page), forms and trees) could be printed to .Pdf or exported to Excel. Login page must take UID, Password from configurati...

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    Lead Developer Udløbet left

    JOB DESCRIPTION: For BANGALORE LOCATION Aditri Tech World Pvt. Ltd. seeks for its BANGALORE OFFICE, highly talented and motivated individual to fit in as a full stack developer responsible for the ongoing development and advancement of our eCommerce and web presence platforms. PRIMARY POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Ongoing development and maintenance of mature e-commerce websites for an establishe...

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    Needing a VBScript developed to do the following: 1. Save [log ind for at se URL] data in an array 2. Use header reference (NOT cell field) to return name_first and name_last 3. Return combined name to pdf file [log ind for at se URL] and field pdf_full_name a. Save updated pdf as a new file in format pdf_sample - <date> <time>.pdf b. Date and time in reverse order ...

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    This is just for a proof of concept and I don't have time to write it myselfl I need a vbscript that will create a new Word document from an existing template and insert three pieces of data from a .txt file into the template. The template, text file and new document will all be in the same folder. The text file will be a comma separated value with only the three pieces of data in there. For ...

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    I want to make one form consist of what i want with dynamic: a dynamic connection to database + a dynamic extract a columns from a table i selected it from any database and check for the column that will appear in report + i want put logo right or left in report dynamic with text i will write it too right or left and the same things in footer + rename the head of column that i selected it with E...

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    I seek an expert with Sendgrid API, VBScript, and classic ASP. Integrate the Sendgrid API into an existing classic ASP application to allow us to track delivery and opening of emails sent from our application. Just to clarify, sending email through the sendgrid API is already part of our .asp design. What I need specifically is (1) when an email is sent, to fetch the ID of the email for future ...

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    web scrapping.. Udløbet left

    banknifty:- [log ind for at se URL] nifty:- [log ind for at se URL] Scrap the above 2 URL every 1 mts and load it in the attached sqlserver table. This table must be truncate and load during each load. Max I can provide 800INR only for this project .

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    I am having an excel sheet with a list of Employee Names I want to find(will be alphabets/names) and replace(will be numeric) all its contents in one short/click based on what i give in Find & Replace Column I will copy and paste my content from the third column onwards and it can go maximum upto 500 columns The names ending with (TL) should multiply and replace value 2 times Eg: From column C...

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    Backend Developer should know at least one server-side programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, . Net etc. (but preferred PHP). Knowledge of various DBMS technology is another important need of backend developer. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer are widely used for this purpose. Knowledge of caching mechanisms like varnish, Memcached, Redis is a plus. Exposure to handling Apache Tomcat, Xamp...

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    mynetproject Udløbet left

    My project uses net core C development, redis caching technology, SQLSERVER database technology

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    I have 1000+ Whatsapp Groups. and I would like to download all the phone numbers of all the groups at a time by a single click. It will be appreciated if you use VBScript or Java.

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    Us 280 ZKT Eco to capture printer print image and save into ms sqlserver database table using c# windows form application

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    We are looking long term based developer who is capable for typescript , , vbscript , candu UI as well core , angular/reactJS [log ind for at se URL] attitude as well 2. Long term basis part time or full time [log ind for at se URL] / weekly we will discuss [log ind for at se URL] and umbraco

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    aim Searching Financail accounting expert with expreince in sqlserver and Crytsal reports to Create 7 Financail Statemetments reports -Income Statement - Ballance Sheet -Cash flow -Trail Ballance -Equity will create above using storeded procedures and Crystal reports you already created above statements Note "will use existing sqlserver the will send" also check chart of a...

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    We need a script who is parsing automatically a mail message and raplace the text or replace a placeholder with a auto text. example: in the message is the text „children“  the word will be replaced with the „autotext 1“ in the message is the text „christmas“  the word will be replaced with the „autotext 2“ in the message is the text „w...

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