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    An OSCommerce WebSite Design and Payment processing must cover the following: OS Commerce [log ind for at se URL] Must cover product robustness (example: maintain shop-session, add/delete product/shop information) and security enhancement in the administration area. Password Encryption/Decryption must use AES 256 Algorithm. The Website Design changes would be minimal to accomodate the new store de...

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    I have a group of 4 people and we need to pass code to each other that we have written in Excel modules. Each of us has Outlook, Excel and word and powerpoint. Only i have MS access, i have office developer. Within office developer is Code Librarian which i use but don't want to have to buy for each of us. i realize i can buy something but i want to be able to modify the tool in the future. i...

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    hi I need an activex control for uploading and downloading files from secure site (ssl) with a smooth progress bar(mandatory) with some optimization logic which may increase Internet download ,upload . something like what Internet download manger does. should be able to download ,upload files upto 20mb without hanging users browser and should be able to handle multiple files ( a list with multiple...

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    chipmunk basic help Udløbet left

    Need help with random number generator command in chipmunk basic. Looking to write several programs involving uniform random variables and normal random variables. normal random numbers will be created using central limit theorem application from uniform random variables created. First problem involves 12 numbers, while second requires 20 successive sums of uniform random variables. Also need help...

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    Create a small program that inputs two points, upper left and lower right, and calculates a unique value that represents the pixel layout on the screen in that area. There needs to be two buttons, "Black" and "All" When "black" is pressed the program should find all the black pixels in the specified area of the screen and calculate a value based on layout of the black...

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    I need a VBA script written for CorelDRAW! 10 that will save my documents as a .pdf as well as a .cdr each time I save. Both files will be saved to the same directory and have the same filename (with different extensions of course). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package tha...

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    I need someone to explain throughly this excel vba. Please explaine every command and every word and give refrences as possible to related links on the web. Also, explaine what parameters are possible for any of these commands and what would they do: Public Sub Create_Text_File() Dim strItemNumber As String, _ strShortDescription As String Dim lngRecCount As Variant, _ FName As String, _ FNum As L...

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    Add 32x32 icon suppport to the attached program. 1. Add dropdown for icon mode: 16x16 or 32x32 2. Add the logic to the program to support this functionality. Note, all 16x16 functionality should be replicated for 32x32 (Drag and Drop favorites, keyword search, alphabetical, ect..). I will provide source and 32x32 icon library to winning bidder. I will not provide the 16x16 icons in the attached de...

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    Need a sample created to demostrate creating a custom interface in DLLs and then instantiating an object from the assembly using late binding to then invoke the member. Specifically, I have the need to extract application logic into seperate (interchangable) assemblies. The assembly will need to have a method (i.e. CreditCardSale) that will be using to process a credit card sale for the merchant a...

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    Project detailed in word document below. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Compatability with access 2000 runtime and above as well as win 98 se and above. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows 98se+ and Win 2000 + Office 2k access ...

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    **Completion & Coding of half-done E-Service web-site.** 1st stage was tried with 'off-line' team and all deadlines are broken now. All the Flash & Graphics as well as design *will not* be your responsobility - only the coding (database access and site logic). Offline team made it PHP and we got the code, but it doesn't work and look well. So it's up to your choice. The...

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    We are a small firm with 2 employees based in New York City and Tokyo. 1) We are looking for a)programmers to help us with our projects. Programmers specializing in PHP/MySQL, ASP, CGI/Perl, JavaScripts, C/C++, Cold-Fusion b) VBA Macro gurus. Need people with extensive Excel Macro experience c) Graphic Designers specializing in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Maya 2) We are also looking f...

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    I need a Scheduling/Appointment module for my medical office management application. App. is being developed using VB6 and it must work with both Access 2000 and SQL Server 2000. Naturally, if you use some custom controls, you will have to give them to me with the project and I must have a right to use and distribute them. I am using ComponentOne controls, so you can and encouraged to use them als...

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    JSP-Upload page Udløbet left

    I am in need of a upload page in JAVA (jsp). I only need the functional coding so look and feel can be basic. The catch is how and where to upload the files to the server. I would the file to be uploaded to a folder corresponding to the document number. (example: if the file to be uploaded is CPPSDD-1877.drf. The file would be uploaded to a folder named CPPSDD1877. Make sense? Also I will be tying...

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    Windows CE Conduit Udløbet left

    We'd like to make a conduit between a Windows CE app using SQL CE and our desktop database. The conduit must make special choices on what to do with the data. The desktop database that we are using is MS Access 97. It is critically important that the conduit be able to review and specially handle every record that is transfered between the CE machine and our desktop database. Most of the CE m...

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    Using MS Access VBA, need code that can easily be modified to disable the shortcut keys in MS Access then assign through code different keys or combination of keys. For example, disable F11 and Shift keys when Access for a given database is opened but enable replacement keys like alt-f2 to replace F11.... Or Create code to ask for password and/or user ID when they press the F11 (or other Access fu...

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    This site needs a professional looking redesign [log ind for at se URL] The successful designer will be required to submit three design schemes from which one will be selected for implementation by the designer. The names of the current pages will be pretty much the same, text assets and photos will be provided. There will also be a section that includes the ASP squash ladder system being develo...

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    The project is to design and build an easy to administer and use squash league system for use on a squash club website. The club runs a set of up to 15 leagues every 2 months. Each league can have up to 8 players in it and each player plays the other players in his league. The general outline of the project is that the resultant set of ASP pages should allow an admin to set up and administer ea...

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    Java Search Module Udløbet left

    I have a Java Search Module that is running very nicely. The Only problem is that it is slow in processing. I need a Java programmer to review the code and take out all the non essential logic. This Java Module is very structured. Please only experienced java programmers respond to this project. This Java module runs under the J2EE standard open source platform. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and ...

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    I need either visual basic source code or a VC++ DLL that can be used be visual basic that will open any VBA file saved in Office 2000 or higher and either decrypt the password or overwrite it with a new password that the user can specify. Such documents that use VBA passwords are Excel, Word, and Access. This code does not need to work for VBA files saved in office 97 or lower. Only 1 function is...

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    You should be skilled in XL as well as in Delphi as we could go on programming XL then. I need a delphi dll (no COM), that handles several datatypes. Example functions (I just want to check, how stable the procedures work and how fast in comparison with vba). So I need the calling routines in VBA as well (XL97, this might work even if programmed under XL200, lets see): TestString(InputSting1, Inpu...

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    €27 - €4537
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    Web-Bot/Data Miner Udløbet left

    I need a web-bot/data miner to query a single website via POST form. There will be approximately 5300 querys which change one field on every request from a predefined data set. App. must retrieve results from every query and save as a text file. I prefer all results to be saved in a single merged text document. Some querys will result in 20+ pages of returned data. App. must be able to retrieve &a...

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    PAY CALCULATION Udløbet left

    Create Payroll input forms a) Select Employer and Pay Date b) select Employee. Display pay types stored for the selected Employee ( example hourly wages, pay rate), accept appropriate quantity ( example: hours worked) and calculate pay. Overtime Premium, Overtime hours Using a list box permit the operator to select additional Pays; ( example: Holiday Pay, Commission) Similar procedures for Additio...

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    C# Udløbet left

    Need a corporate website overhaul. This is roughly around 300 to 400 hours of work based on other estimates. Using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000 and integrating existing business logic from old COM Components written in VB 6.0 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will ...

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    Hosting site: Infinology [log ind for at se URL] Server: Windows 2000 Advanced Getting started on the Right (or Left) foot. I am interested in developing a web site, not in the resale of intellectual material. Consequently, the ownership of any code created for my site shall belong strictly to the author who is granting me a license to use it. If the author should improve/adds features or fu...

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    E Commerce site Udløbet left

    1) Complete and fully-functional E-Commerce site w/ DB, working program(s) in executable form as E book, as well as complete source code/fully documented notes of all work done and logic. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) (to be discussed)specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and dist...

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    Need assistance finishing a VBA project macro for Word '97 and 2000. Quick description follows: When new document is created based on template (already created), automacro (already created) runs to bring up user form (already created), with command buttons, listbox, etc. Based on just two user and seperate three field data file in text only format, need code to finish getting data from form a...

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    ASP SendMail Form Udløbet left

    Need .asp form to do the following: Overall Scope: Tell A Friend Form ============================ * Send 1 to n targeted email's to the addresses specified in friends form fields. **o** Could include a message to each address submitted * Checkbox option for user to join the mailing list. **o** if checked create connections to a MS SQL database and code to inser...

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    (1) Why can't the functions of both the ALU control logic unit and main control logic unit be integrated into one unit? (2) We have 2 CPUs using the same instruction set CPU 1 = 1000 MHz CPU 2 = 2000 MHz CPU 1 Class of Instruction Clock Cycles Fequency of Usage A 2 14 B 4 12 C 5 20 D 10 54 CPU 2 A 3 15 B 3 14 C 4 22 D 5 49 What is the avg CPI for CPU 1? What is the avg CPI for CPU 2? How much...

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    Software Program Udløbet left

    The application is a film purchasing app. To be written in Visual Basic for the forms, C++ can be used for the accounts section for logic, and the database to be in Access. Full specifications are attached in a file. This is a private project to enable me to learn how to create applications. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as comple...

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    Please see attached zip for copy of database and description of what the report should do. This is required urgently !! I have a form (form2) which uses a drilldown to create a report - howeversince the field Coverfron and coverTo where changed from datatype Text to datatype date/time the report no longer runs. I also need the data that the report is pulling checked - as I am not sure it is correc...

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    I have a very small Access database (9 tables, no data) that needs some relatively easy chores performed. It needs a “dynamic?? search form built that draws its search criteria from a certain combo boxes and checkboxes described below. It needs a couple of errors corrected on its existing form, and I’d also like a switchboard put together. The bidder needs to be an expert on Access bec...

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    Lead Manager Udløbet left

    This lead manager is designed to help me on a daily basis and also help me get more proficient in java by matching my skill level closely enought that I can understand the code and enhance and change it myself. I need five GUIs linked by tabs. The GUIs that capture contact information will do so via strings stored as object attributes in an array. The attached zip file has an excel file contains G...

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    I'm looking to add a meta search engine to an existing project written in Delphi. Basically I would like to enter a keyword or phrase into a text box, hit "submit" and have the process search several existing engines (Google, Teoma, etc.). The results would be processed on the local Windows box and displayed based on a local [embedded] template. I'll want to evaluate the result...

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    LR parser is nearly complete. However having problems with existing function logic. I need help with the functions. I need someone that can finish the functions to generate the attached output. I have provided the algorithms for the table functions in the attached code. The items generated correctly, I need to generate the tables. The table results are in the output. The complete program with work...

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    I'd like to have 2 games made/developed with this one bid. The games are Chess and Checkers. These will be two seperate games each with their own client and server side. I'd like them programed in VC++ (Needs to be VC++). Both games will use the offical rules (U.S.) respectively. I can provide a written document of these rules if need be. Here's the plan: I am in the process of crea...

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    please refer to the attachment file ([log ind for at se URL]). More details added. This program using VBA and the execute file has to be in *.doc file. User can user the simulator by opening this file. Provide me with some work that you do and i'll decide whether you done it wrong or correct. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as ...

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    This program is nearly complete, however I'm having some logic problems. Please take a look at the program and offer any help possible. Constructing an SLR parsing table. Input. An augmented grammar G' Output. The SLR parsing table functions action and goto for G'. Method. 1. Construct C ={I0, I1,...,In}, the collection of sets of LR(0) items for G'. 2. State i is constructed f...

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    I need either visual basic source code or a VC++ DLL that can be used be visual basic that will open any VBA file saved in Office 2000 or higher and either decrypt the password or overwrite it with a new password that the user can specify. Such documents that use VBA passwords are Excel, Word, and Access. This code does not need to work for VBA files saved in office 97 or lower. Only 1 function is...

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    Email filtering Udløbet left

    Here is my proble. In our site we have available Email information about our company members (member1 at at [log ind for at se URL]). The thing is that client sometimes send the same email with the same question to all of members without saying that the email was sent to all of them. So what happens is that all member respond when the logic would be that only one resp...

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    outlook vba Udløbet left

    I am using access 2002 foir my data file . I make a date appointment for my patient. I want to tranferthe patient's, last/first names plus the phone nos. and the reason for next visit (which are all in separate controls on the form automatically go to outlook for an appt time that I'll select on outllok form,i.e. after I give a return date, reason for visit in access, I want to go to out...

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    Java Homework #2 Udløbet left

    I am taking a Java II class online. I am 48 years old and very hard working but am at my wits end. I think I have a road block in my mind on how to separate a program into classes instead of just putting everything in one class. This was my first assignment: Project 1 Use the implemenation of collection conepts to design a queue to simulate the market maker in Stock market. Your program should gen...

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    Enclosed is 4 ASP pages. What I need is this. The first page is the form. After completing the form and clicking submit, it should then take them to one of 2 pages. The first form should show 2 option boxes. There is a choice of one or the other. The second page should have logic that says that is Paypal is chosen, it would fill out the form and take them to the URL. The [log ind for at se URL] co...

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    I need one prototype plugin: Functionality will be in memory process of several sheets containing price data. We intend to store about 24-27 bytes per daily data bar(day or 15min, 30 min etc) per market. We read them all into memory and then process each days trading just like a real trader and real broker would. Only totals are retained in memory, the rest is output to the results files (trade lo...

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    I need people to write plug-ins for an electronic circuit schematic simulation CAD program. The main program already exists, I just need people to write plug-ins for it. Handling plug-in's is a new feature of the main program. While writing the plug-in you will actually be testing the plug-in functionalty at the same time, and possibly requesting new features needed by the plug-in from the ma...

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    Gym Database Udløbet left


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    Excel VBA Question Udløbet left

    I have written an excel program that opens a userform and prompts the user to fill a few fields, then performs some simple math on these fields. I am looking for a way to fill a table on a spreadsheet based on the what is put in a couple of these fields. Namely I would like to have my columns labeled as the twelve months and my rows labeled as several meter numbers. when the user clicks enter the ...

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    I have a botton on MS Access database form which opens a Report, what is the code that make the report automatically appearing in Landscape view in stead of Portrait view? I believe I should use Pagesetup and orientation, but tried few times still does not work. The code for the Button's Open event is standard open report: Sub Button_Click() [log ind for at se URL] reportName,acPreview End Su...

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    Require a satabase to be created in MS Access. Preferably the Office XP version. Its to hold data for a small training company providing short courses for modern apprenticeships. The database must contain these fields Student ID number,Student Surname,Student Forenames, Student Address, Student Telephone number, Student E-mail, Student Bank Account Number, Bank Name, Monthly Debit amount, Appraisa...

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    Web Based Dice Game Udløbet left

    I'm looking for a web based dice game, with user stats, top 100 ladder, login, administration of users. I'd like the users to be able to sign up, log in, roll dice selected from a pool that grows based on the number of points spent on purchasing dice. For instance, the initial number of dice is: 1 of each of the following, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 sided die. With each win, the player w...

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