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    I want to develop a logo and cover design for my YouTube Channel. My channel is all about my vlog. My travel vlog around the world. I'm looking for design that can describe or as symbol for travelling.

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    Connate Design is an interior architecture design firm. Our clients are CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. The word connate means "allied or agreeing in nature" and "innate" which coincides with our approach to create beautiful interiors that bring the outside views / world inside the home. Our design focus is contemporary, ranging from soft to hard contemporary.

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    I am after a website new design for my project, I need a template that shows our previous work nicely that you can find in [log ind for at se URL], an interactive website that excites the viewer and is like an archive that allows people to enter their details, as members, to add stories and photos that can be shown on a world map to explain people's cultural background and country of origin. ...

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    I belong to Genius Harbor IELTS and Immigration Company. We are working in the market from past five years. Due to crisis, these days everyone is in fear. There is curfew in Punjab. So, we want to start online coaching classes of IELTS. We want expertise trainers from the world for this project.

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    This is a 3D animation! I would like to create a generic motion of a superhero fictional character (I have already the model in Blender) The character will fly similar to movie scenes [log ind for at se URL] similar not exact It will start flying from Egypt, then will fly between the pyramids, then will dip in the ocean then fly to Disney world then to space. 1) The character is in Blender (fully ...

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    Hi Elena, I am looking to create a sophisticated logo for my company which I can use on my website heading and as marketing material. It is a Business consulting company within organisational development and project management. The name is ReCreate Consulting and the webpage will be Can send me a proposal for how long it will take and what the price will be? Thank you!

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    Need some app developer for making apps which is related with coronavirus if you think that your skills can help our country (INDIA) or save our world coronavirus then applying in this project. This is a Group of Project we need make is apps very short time so need maximum no of apps developer to make this app. Please listen carefully this is a non-profitable work so, no one are given money for t...

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    Corona Virus form webpage 2 dage left

    The webpage should have a form for people to add their story about Corona. The form should contain "area", "Text", "Headline" The webpage should use FACEBOOK login to be able to enter the form. Firstpage on webpage should have listings of what people have entered in their forms.

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    need a node.js javascript function where i input a website and it will scrape all <img/> tags from that page input = url output = [<img src="[log ind for at se URL]" alt="example"/>, <img src="[log ind for at se URL]" alt="example"/>]

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    What is coronavirus, symptoms, treatment and effects on world economy.

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    Hi Language World, I noticed your profile and would like to know if possible to enter your team. I'm an italian freelancer and I would be glad to cooperate with you. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    An article regarding the pandemic of COVID 19 and the impact of economic world

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    Assignment subject: Business issues and ethics Company: Coca-Cola Unethical issue - Media report: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Word count 500 words Deadline 36 hours. You just have to write one of five recommendation. Explain the recommendation in detail. focus most on the contemporary issues in business ethics and only briefly link each recommendation with the ethical theori...

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    Same Day required I need to convert 2 slides from MS PowerPoint into a short video. 1) Use slide one to start a video -show text first, then have the 2 images appear at the same time 2) Have the text disappear and have the images expand to fill the screen as shown on slide 2. 3) Play video 1 from the start including music, play video 2 at the same time starting at 15 seconds and then stop at 48 ...

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    Need an expert in Java, Maven and SQL for the following tasks: 1. Mapping a real-world database schema to POJOs 2. Creating complex JPA queries 3. Building JUnit test-cases 4. Use the Maven ‘Surefire’ plugin to generate a pass-fail report for all test-cases

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    Healthcare 2 dage left

    New business providing people with who suffer diabetes and vascular circulation problems with a digital device to check for problems, wounds etc on the high risk areas of their bodies like difficult to see areas of the feet etc. We need creatives for a webpage design and content together with an a4 type brochure. Also amazon sales page. We will supply some content, pics, endorsements. Unfortunate...

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    World live 2 dage left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I am a publisher in China, I would like to purchase some HTML5 games to publish in wechat etc, platforms only in China and in Chinese, so it won't be a conflit if you are also publishing it outside China. It would be better if the game is developed using LayaAir or cocos creator, because they have the one key publish to wechat feature. Now are looking for shooting games but any other interest...

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    Thumbnail/Profile Picture Required for Amazon, Ebay and Online Store Company name is Stocked Box We are making boxes of non perishable food to sell and donate so we need a cartoon like picture as a logo and profile picture Picture will be: A group of non-perishable items in a cardboard box with some items sitting outside it (See examples) Most of the items need to be visible in the profile pi...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website.

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    Choose two of the texts that we've read and write a 750-1,250-word academic essay that compares the two works that you've selected. You must choose one traditional slave narrative (Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass or Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl) and one neo-slave narrative (Kindred or The Underground Railroad). In your essay, you must either select a passage ...

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    Email Deliverability Our company wants to get our systems organized and in one place. We need to ensure that our programs can effectively send out and receive emails everywhere in the world without being blacklisted or going into spam. Currently, our emails are set up in GSuite but are hosted on Our domains were purchased from GoDaddy (mostly) and are hosted on [log ind for at ...

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    I need a tool that will take a specific set of inputs, and using these inputs will generate a product roadmap visualisation (in webpage form) similar to the one found here: [log ind for at se URL] The visualisation should be well designed, and clearly show the dependancies between tasks (as specified by the inputs mentioned above)

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    Scrape graphics from webpage 2 dage left

    I want to get the graphics/videos/pictures etc. from this website: [log ind for at se URL] I don't just want the CSS or JS files with the graphics inside of them. I want to get the graphics showing the movement. I don't know how to do this. Please do it and then detail how you did it. The graphics should look like how they appear when you open and scroll the webpage.

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    Connect Video API to PureCloud API 2 dage left

    Interconnect two APIs to provide video solution to a contact center platform. There should be two different use cases: VideoChat Use Case - [ ] Customer Request Video: Web or mobile user request video call: Now or schedule —> Agent receive a video session from user on PureCloud. - [ ] Agent Generate Video Session: Agent during an interaction offer customer to escalate to video call and ...

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    I'm running a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which should be accessable from the internet and from OpenVPN. The PBX is running in a datacenter, so there's no other NAT. OpenVPN's interface ist tun0 with [log ind for at se URL] Asterisk PBX is running on [log ind for at se URL] The "world" (the internet) is provided over eth0. OpenVPN is reachable from the internet on eth0...

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    The tone is serious, I'm looking for a slightly mature sounding voice and Australian / Neutral accent. The script is below: Around the world consumers are waking up to data privacy. Sweeping legislation is coming into play to protect people’s personal information and hold organisations who misstep to account. While the consequences of data breaches intensify, so do cyber threats and a...

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    I need a music video logo introduction of a Chimpanzee with a headband Kung fu fighting guys in suits on a spaceship orbiting outside of Saturns rings, after that the picture should zoom out and revealing the name HippieJay on the ring of Saturn than flowers explode from the spaceship now located as a dot after the name, make everything colorful and vivid. Maybe even make the deep space a bit tie ...

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    Trophy icon Graphics for genre labels 24 dage left

    I would like genre labels designed for our little community library, The Arts Our Society Leisure & Sport STEM Health and Nutrition Our World Aboriginal Understanding DVD's General Interest The pictures below are some examples of genre stickers from our fiction section, the new designs are for the Non-Fiction section, we require only 2 colour like these. We print them as stickers 1.8x1...

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    Build me a website 1 dag left

    Mostly front end work- simple job with only one webpage required Need ability to bring in Google Ads to the top/bottom of the page Also need some technical skills to have the site gain access to visitors computer mouse when prompted

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    Designer for mobile app 1 dag left

    I need services of a graphic designer UI Expert who has proven record of designing the mobile apps. Remember i will only contact those designers who already had designed mobile apps, only website designers will not be contacted. anyone who can design in Flutter will be preferred. Please bid by providing your past experience in same domain and also start the bid with words "Hello World!"...

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    I need a logo designer 1 dag left

    In honor of my cousin he passed away. Yogi is his name So I want to launch my clothing line in his honor. Have a ?? as one the world incorporated into the bear face, one ear burning like the cherry of a cigar.

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    I write this teaching philopshy realizing that there is no right or wrong style especially to those reading this document. IMy reward for teaching, developing, and mentoring is bringing to the surface abilities of those that possess those talents are surprised at their talents. Eventhough, todays world is at a faster pace and information is readily accessible in seconds my importance is taking ...

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    Trophy icon Logo design 20 timer left

    Hi, we urgently need to design the logo of the internet platform Name: PORTRAISER International portrait platform What we do in one sentence: Order portraits from contemporary artists from all over the world in any technique Clients: 25-45 years old, well- off and interested in modern art POTRAISER consists of: PORT-portrait, portraitist and RAISE-pick up, grow, promote If you have other idea...

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    I need someone to alter some images.i just need a color change on one tiny logo

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    I want you to create me a script where I can put a land or area for sale and the players buy it and then the owner ( who bought this area can build on it throw a menu and there is will walls, floor, roof etc... and the menu should open only for the owner and the area only the owner can build on it or give access to other by his perm. and the owner can not build outside his zone. anyways if this is...

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    we are looking for someone that can create and verify google my business listings around the world we are looking to hire only professional that can deliver and create we are working nation wide in canada and the usa and we are dealing with many different categories your early reply will be appriciated best regards

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    Trophy icon Grateful AF - Book Cover 1 dag left

    (BIG Font/text) Main Title: Grateful AF (Bottom banner text/SMALL FONT) Subtitle: A 5 Minute Sarcastic Gratitude Journal for Women to Help With Letting That Sh*t Go Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches Final Formats: PNG, JPG, PDF, and Ai/Vector + Layers and Fonts (Will need all files in a Zip folder with at least 300 DPI) FRONT AND BACK SEPARATELY / NO SPINE NO AUTHOR Description/Details: Please look at ...

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    As one of the fastest-growing VR, AR startups that is a firm on a mission to build the immersive web of tomorrow. This mission runs through the heart of the organization—it's reflected in our work, our values, and our culture. We have the dynamism and short chain of command of a start-up, with a culture that is fast-paced and risk-taking. Responsibilities: • Lead the development o...

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    I have a simple Bootstrap 4 template that I would like replicated into a WP Theme. There is limited functionality required from the WP Admin panel, outside of text and blog.

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    Please only bid if you can start work right away, we are on a time constraint unfortunately. Hello, I need to recreate a font style in Photoshop using the provided font. I only need the font style to be able to type my own words. It should be an easy task for a graphic designer. Please view the logo here I need the font style from: [log ind for at se URL] I will provide the TTF font in the ch...

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    Cosmic JS ([log ind for at se URL]) is looking for an experienced designer / frontend developer to join the team. Cosmic JS is transforming the way content is created and delivered to the world. We have an API-first CMS (Headless CMS) for building content-powered apps in any programming language. If hired to join Cosmic JS you will be tasked with: 1. Improving designs on the Website, Dashboard,...

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    The world needs inexpensive ventilators which can be made quickly. This ideas is to use domestic vacuum cleaners as the air pump and vacuum pump for a ventilator. Look at my ideas and try to improve them for: 1) simplicity of design and use, 2) ease of manufacture (injection moulded parts, common off-the-shelf fan, gears, valves) 3) ability to easily control flow rates and pressures, 4) ease of cl...

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    Cosmic JS ([log ind for at se URL]) is looking for an experienced designer / frontend developer to join the team. Cosmic JS is transforming the way content is created and delivered to the world. We have an API-first CMS (Headless CMS) for building content-powered apps in any programming language. If hired to join Cosmic JS you will be tasked with: 1. Improving designs on the Website, Dashboard,...

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    we are in need of a website or a webpage where we can create online invoices so customers can pay online. required is the following: 1- create a simple webpage where we can send a link to our customers in order for them to pay [log ind for at se URL] required: Javascript, MongoDB. 2- the webpage should be secured" SSL". 3- Payment Gateway integration. The project is required as soon...

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    Trophy icon Make graphic - 23/03/2020 13:13 EDT Udløbet left

    I want a graphic of the world on fire. Vector art, something for a urban clothing line! Earth can look like earth or can be a grided globe but it has to be on fire

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    WebGL Expert 1 dag left

    As one of the fastest-growing VR, AR startups that is a firm on a mission to build the immersive web of tomorrow. This mission runs through the heart of the organization—it's reflected in our work, our values, and our culture. We have the dynamism and short chain of command of a start-up, with a culture that is fast-paced and risk-taking. Responsibilities: • Lead the development o...

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    Two women starting a food blogging site and in need of a fun energetic logo that represents them. Name of the blog is: We Blog Food. The premise is two women who love life, travel and food and relish in the beauty of the food they come across during their travels and sharing it with the rest of the world. In terms of logo we are looking for something fun. It can incorporate an image of the two w...

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