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    724 use script google spreadsheet jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR script is basically for Adwords. However, we plan to introduce the same solution to DoubleClick . you can see attached image of Adwords ad structure First of all, I would like to build a basic structure of this service. In the future, I would like to customize it according to customers. Multiple client supports is required Your script needs

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    ...destinations, we use importxml to get our top 15 accommodations (or less) and get the name, price, origin, destination, image and URL, these all get stored in separate spreadsheets I have 3 functions, one that gets a list of URLS, one that goes into every URL and retrieves the data, and the last one that formats all the data for use in google adwords business

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    ...businesses are running Google Adwords (paid ads) in New Zealand. We require an XLS Spreadsheet provided with their URL, and their email address, and ideally phone number. Please let me know costing on doing this. You can either do it manually by searching terms for industries, and copying the details, or you can use some sort of script or system to scrape

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    Summary - Development of an integration of Google Spreadsheet that syncs with FireBase Database - Set up a REST JSON API URL - Create an API Key for use with FireBase Json - Create parameters based on Postcode, Period, Region Access - Test Spreadsheet - Firebase - Current Firebase script - Database Structure Pricing Postcode

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    The purpose of the simple script I need is for the Firefox/chrome iMacro to copy the value of specific cells within the same row in a Google Spreadsheet, in order to open up a separate url and paste the information into a specific field. I have attached a screenshot with what I've built so far knowing that my extraction is completely wrong. The ideal

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    ...project, script attached. You will not be considered without a voice sample. I have a list of business contacts (about 1,500 contacts) that I need to be called to inform them about an event. You will inform them and invite them to register for the event, either as an Attendee, Sponsor or Exhibitor. All contacts must be called and a spreadsheet updated

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    We want to import automatically the data from LiveChatInc into a Google SpreadSheet. We use an API, more information here: [log ind for at se URL] The goal is to write the relevant script on Google SpreadSheet to import the data on a regular basis.

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    I need a script that grabs real-time quotes of stocks NVidia and Amazon (quoted on Nasdaq) into Google Spreadsheet or Excel. I don't know any sources for these data so as requirement I also need you to know a source for them, free of charge or under $50/month (for 2 stocks). I need the data of at least the last 3 years with at least 1hour resolution

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    ...actual thing of course). So I currently use it to download a .csv file., with 8 columns and an ever-increasing number of rows. I manually identify the new rows, copy them from csv and paste it to a google spreadsheet at the end of the table. I need a script which will do it for me from the google spreadsheet without my intervention, e.g. on the da...

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    ...with client. 3) You will use a pre-qualification script (MS Word document) that will need to be filled out completely. The future estimate is scheduled here. Client data is also gathered such as name, contact info, address, scope of work etc.. 4) After the prequalification form is filled out, you will upload it to Google Calendar. This will become

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    We are a membership group of trade and service providers and we use adwords to market for our members. I would like a script developed that we can use Google Sheets to control the locations and bid adjustments rather than having to do this through Adwords Locations. The locations would be controlled by a central postcode and then a radius surrounding

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    To create a Google Spreadsheet (write a script or code) with auto-updated info of the company. The following info should be included: Google Reviews (number and Average score), Facebook (number and Average score). And to make it in such way, that other person from my company could use this formula or code to create the same Spreadsheet for 15 other

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    ...a simple project for those who master javascript and google spreadsheet! We are looking for someone with skills in google sheet for different script we are building for our project so if you are good on this one we will have plenty of contracts for you! So here is the challenge. We use a script below to erease the old row in the "archive" s...

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    ...expected to: - Find leads (insurance brokers and financial coaches) in the Los Angeles area by searching Google using keywords (we can provide additional if necessary) or whatever other means you will success in. - Complete the attached spreadsheet providing us with email address and contact info for each prospect you call, including results of the

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    ...looking for a custom google script developed. I need to use a similar method to Google Apps Manager to print user groups from one user, and then assign another user those groups. I need to run a google script that will print User A's groups and then assign those groups to User B. I would like a Google Form to be filled out to a google<...

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    Looking for a google script writer for a extensive project. Must be good with google script. I have a google spreadsheet and want to automate it to generate labels for printing based on the search criteria. Labels are mostly on pdf format, so it will be required to be uploaded through script to find the correct label and then print. Please us...

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    ...have a excel sheet that I run a VB script to collect and average metrics from a separate excel sheet that is provided to my students. Each student rates all other students and writes a single comment. The column E1 name is used to collect all entries in a folder across multiple files. I am running this script on each individual eval sheet to collect

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    ...release dates and titles added as events in a Google Calendar. Also, sometimes the release dates will be changed and this solution should also be able to update the Google Calendar events accordingly (so no duplicate events with different dates). If you can build the whole process (from FTP to Google Calendar), then that would be great! Otherwise

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    41 bud to create a google script that can edit protected cells in google sheets. The use case is that i want users to only be able to edit a spreadsheet through a google script and not mess with the actual spreadsheet. The problem is that the script runs through the permissions of the user. I therefore need to be able to create a s...

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    A PHP script will take the inputs (parameters) of an email address and an ID of the Google spreadsheet. It will *append* the email address passed to the specified Google Sheet The script will use Sheets API v4 and OAuth2 Authentication.

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    ...Generic Android App with Google Spreadsheet as backend (Challenge) This is a general app for developer to be taken as challenge, it may be assigned to more then one developers. Once you get back with a good working app, you will be given multiple follow up work on it. - Native App with Google Material Design Themes (use some readymade theme preferably)

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    ...I would like this software to be developed using Javascript. Google sheet script auto triggered to run every 15min (96 times per day) Search gmail for new emails with label, search term, and from address. if any fields are blank, leave off searching for that field. Populate spreadsheet columns with email date, name, from email, subject, and text body

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    the project will need to automatically use O Auth to sign in to the Users accounts in Gmail and Facebook and then retrieve information from the graph api and record it on a newly created spreadsheet. Code Must be written in Googles Apps script either as an add-on for google Sheets or as a stand alone google App

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    I need to develop some add ons with google script on google spreadsheet and docs. 1. Pulling data from a REST webservice and store it in Google Spreadsheet The objective is to use the Graph and Analysis web Capabilities. 2. Push data from Google SpreadSheet to a Web Service I have the Web Service and it is working. It work with stan...

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    I need to create an ...need to create an trigger code for an link to run a google spreadsheet script. Script i use: Autocrat [log ind for at se URL] Some info i found about: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hi I want a script for read the spreadsheet data via api, Below is the requirement 1. Script should use google api key 2. It will read the spreadsheet data and print 3. It should not ask for authetication login 4. We need documentation for use it.

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    3 bud is to manage different social media pages and to make comparisons with competitive pages. Recently as explained in the attached picture, we made a table using Google spreadsheet to gather all follower data of different pages just by adding the page link (adding the link in the up table and getting the results in the down table). We used common

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    ...will be given 40 suppliers to call within 20 days (only 3-4 suppliers a day to call from) -Total number of days of work 20 days -You will have to do data entering on the spreadsheet we provide you End of day reporting on what you have done by sending a voice note Requirements: -You should be able to speak fluent English -You should be able to work

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    I'm looking automate workflow with a custom google apps script. Currently I use input from a form to populate columns/rows of google spreadsheet then manually add conditional formatting and drop-down menus. I'd like a script developed to automate the formatting of additional columns upon form submission. Additionally, I'd like to further au...

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    ...process is to take a primary set of keywords and then generate a list of other related, highly searched keywords on Google (limit of 100 characters) from the primary keywords, and place all the keywords into a cell in a Google Spreadsheet. Here is the sample set of primary keywords (listed in Column A): Under “Title”: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hello, I need a Google expert to help me deploy a spreadsheet "project" (created in the spreadsheet script editor) for use with the Apps Script Execution API to allow to run a custom function in an 'Apps Script project' from outside the spreadsheet or upon a certain condition. The needs to be provided online by u...

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    I have a spreadsheet which I use to track various events. I need a script that can add a row to the sheet when I visit a URL. Its not enough to visit the URL and submit something. Using Google Forms is easy. I need the row to be added as soon as the url are visited.

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    ...looking to fully automate a Google spreadsheet I use for content performance reporting with a script that helps me to: 1) set up the spreadsheet tabs with some standard template content and formulas 2) connect external data sources via APIs 3) manipulate the spreadsheet based on new content items being added Script Requirements https:...

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    ...for the album, e.g. ABC100 (which means it is the 100th album we released) • a release start date at least several days in advance This album would have a unique metadata spreadsheet where each of these unique values would have to be populated into the appropriate column and the appropriate number of rows -.e.g. in the above example the unique barcode

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    ...for the album, e.g. ABC100 (which means it is the 100th album we released) • a release start date at least several days in advance This album would have a unique metadata spreadsheet where each of these unique values would have to be populated into the appropriate column and the appropriate number of rows -.e.g. in the above example the unique barcode

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    ...for the album, e.g. ABC100 (which means it is the 100th album we released) • a release start date at least several days in advance This album would have a unique metadata spreadsheet where each of these unique values would have to be populated into the appropriate column and the appropriate number of rows -.e.g. in the above example the unique barcode

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    ...static html links 5. Links must be in text, no graphics 6. Links cannot be from framed pages 7. Links cannot be through a JavaScript 8. Links cannot be through a redirect script 9. Links cannot be on Flash sites or pages 10. Links cannot include a rel=nofollow tag 11. No links using any automated techniques or black-grey hat techniques of blog comment

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    ...know how to do scripts in google spreadsheets. Excel is not possible Have a look here: [log ind for at se URL] I need an improvement of my Google spreadsheet which automaticly updates my datas by click ------- what does my Script is doing now?? It changes

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    5 bud know how to do scripts in google spreadsheets. Excel is not possible Have a look here: [log ind for at se URL] I need an improvement of my Google spreadsheet which automaticly updates my datas by click ------- what does my Script is doing now?? It changes

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    ...freelancer to call some businesses in about 45 USA zip/postal codes and ask them if they need a document and report the responses in a Excel/Google spreadsheet. I will provide the script, business information, and spreadsheet. TRIAL TASK: Applicants will first be asked to do 1-2 zip codes as a trial job. We will likely hire multiple candidates for this

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    Main Skills: Google Drive or Google Sheets scripting. Project Requirements: Build a custom Google Apps script to pull data automatically from a Google Sheet, add a column with date/time, then add the data to a master spreadsheet that will contain all data from each day. Details: I am building a custom reporting dashboard to display marketing

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    I want to use a Google spreadsheet to populate fields in a Blogger posts. Need someone to write the code and give me step by step instructions to get it up and running. Need to be available to walk me through if needed. This should be easy, most of the work has been done (see below). Uploaded image shows the Blogger post page with the fields I want

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    I have a Google Spreadsheet with multiple sheets. I need a script that will take the user's cell position and lookup data from other sheets based on where the user clicks or hovers. Ideally, this could be written into a note on the cell the user has interacted with; alternatively it could be displayed in a box or sidebar. The example below shows

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    We keep track of our customers using Google Sheets ([log ind for at se URL]). We organize our interactions by day (each day in a separate sheet), and store each month in a new .xls document Spreadsheet for the current month will be named “Current Month”. Job Description: Current month Sheet functionality. 1. Auto add responsible (first name): a.

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    .../ and provides a lot of script that may or may not be useful. This piece of software will need to use Chrome/Gmail addons: Sidekick and Rapportive. Functionality: - Data provided via spreadsheet (either excel or google sheets, whichever is easiest) [FIRST NAME], [LAST NAME], [COMPANY NAME] - Software will Google Custom Search JSON Api (https://deve...

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    I need a simple script, plugin, or widget that will work on Wordpress to allow front end site visitors to send themselves an email reminder, at a preset date in the future. It will simply be composed of a form that has the following: 1) An email address entry blank 2) A product name blank 3) A product code entry blank 4) A drop down list

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    With use of Google Apps Script, we want to define if an email address recorded to a gSheet is a registered email address with a Google Account. We are using a mobile app development platform which uses Google API, therefore users have to own either a gmail account or have an email address that is associated with a Google Account. Users' email address

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    I need someone to fill my spreadsheet with some information. There are 18 items that I need information for. I will include some links for you to find this information. In this excel file I would like links to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and Wikipedia pages discussing the STI/STD, as well as other available links giving information on

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    ...parsing through [log ind for at se URL] of emails from various market places. Then, through, Zapier, we send the data in a Google Spreadsheet. We want to have a google spreadsheet Script (Google Script, more details at [log ind for at se URL]) to process correctly the data. Basically, we want to find matching entries from different sheets

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    We require a google spreadsheet script that can scrape this web page: [log ind for at se URL] Twice a day -- and adds all of the information from the page in this format: [log ind for at se URL]

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