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    1,173 update text sql jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR it FirstName - text box LastName - text box Gender - radio button -male, female and other Email - text box Qualification - dropdown - Undergrad,MS,PHD. password confirm password check box to accept terms and conditions submit button page-2 display all the submitted students in a table view you should be able to add/remove/update each single record

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    Android app Udløbet left

    ...location of person who needs help. The speaker of mobile from person who needs help turns automatically on for communication. App also receives datas from internet server ( Update, Upgrades and long calculations anonymous ) . With the aid of library the accesses to wristband are to be abstracted, so that other wristbands of similar design can be used

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    27 bud on PHP My sql Site We will give you cpanel Simple page but there is 1 form on home page that you need to implement and program after cutting . we want also simple CMS to see all submissions from DB with update option for each record fiels contact us form rest simple pages.. You need to cut PSD where all Text is Live text not text over image!

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    ...development in VBA (Excel) ((Procedures, Functions & Classes) and advanced Excel functions. • Should have good knowledge of SQL(Procedures, joins, data manipulation & Functions) • Create/write VBA programs to automatically update Excel workbooks • Modifications, Error handling, Debugging in VBA • Automation by Excel VBA • Translating cell formulas ...

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    I made a php script to find and replace text inside specific table but its not working. <?php //set up variables and enter your credentials here $dbname = "name"; $dbhost = "localhost"; $dbpass = "pass"; $dbuser = "name"; $tbl_name = "oc_attribute_description"; //set up your master array! Array goes in this or $mstr_array = array( ...

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    ...this. We have a webpage where users create on going searches. Those searches contain some text they want matched as well as addition fields (a year range for example and specific sites to look at). They are searching for ads, so the records will have text, and then data like price etc. Those searches are sent to the ROR application via JSON. The

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    ....txt. file. Ideally, this txt file will connect with a MySQL or SQL database that updates every time the txt file is overwritten. I want the website to show the database in an appealing spreadsheet form. Since the information is time sensitive, the database and website needs to update every few seconds. I suppose a connection between PHP and the MYSQL

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    ...want to create following in android: 1. ITEM 1: backend class or service which will read, write, query, update and delete data offline on device (using firebase or sql-lite) 2. ITEM 2: asynch API which will fetch data from network and update offline tables using ITEM 1 - using list of records as well as single record returned in response 3. ITEM

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    Doc Types: .doc & .docx This can be to Access or SQL Server. We will design the database. Number of docs: 9,300 (organized in folders named like: 2016-2017) Docs are not 100% uniformly formatted or named. See uploaded files for some example docs. Fields to import sections into would include the following which coincides with what is in the docs:

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    I have a PHP website linked to a very old MS SQL database that still stores member passwords as plain text. I need to update this so that the passwords are updated as encypted but also so that existing members are still able to log in without any problems. New members passwords website would also need to be encrypted. The PHP website's recover password

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    ...completed & running jobs(via SQL query/timestamp) between 9:00 PM prev day and till now. Job names are in a text file. Alert when each job completes (end time or a flag) with a Msgbox 2. Every 3 minutes, - get list of running jobs via SQL query. (flag or start_time not null and end_time is null) fromthe list (text file). SQL is a simple select stmt

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    ...want to build a system using C# .Net (MVC ) with a SQL Server Backend and PhoneGap. The system will have two Major components; a PhoneGap based app for iOS and Android and a .Net MVC web app. The Phone app will allow the user to do the following: - Enter Lead Details into about 12 fields (text, dropdowns and radio buttons) and create a new lead

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    Hello, I require a coder to write some code that utilises Azure Queues and Functions, as well as SQL Database and SendGrid. Function 1 named UpdateReminderQueue This, which will be a scheduled function (runs every day at 1am). This will query a database for email addresses, where the ReceiveEmails = 1, Unsubscribed = 0, MessageSent = 0 and

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    For our new IoT project we need a synchronization module: a UDP Server (Qt5-C++, any SQL database) and a corresponding client (C based, limited recources) based on the nanopb implementation of googles Protocol Buffers. The whole synchronization is always initiated by the client: in certain intervals the client will setup a request-ProtocolBuffers message

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    12 bud with HTML / CSS (using any library such as bootstrap / jQuery / angular etc...) and be able to write AJAX to query our DB for the information and update the Dashboard in real time. We will provide SQL queries or JSON or whatever the programmer require. We have a development server so the programmer need to build the Dashboard on it in order to

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    I have some VBA code that allows a user to drag a file into a list text box and will then create a hyperlink onto a table and store the file on a server HD. It has been working just fine until a recent either Windows update/Access update. It is not just localized on one computer but all computers that have been recently updated are having this issue

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    5 bud high level: - SQL database for inventory storage * The database setup should be capable of storing inventory details (images & text description). * The database setup should be capable of storing users access details (credentials & privileges). * The database setup should be capable of storing orders' details (text fields). - Website

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    ...records in an existing SQL Database. 2. Update the Last Contact date of the account associated with the contact in our existing SQL Database. This service needs to import emails at minimum every night but continuously throughout the day would be good. Email attachments do not need to be imported into the database but text should be appended to

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    i have a small VB application for an integration, the integration vb is taking from the certain text file and import it to a MS-SQL with a certain formula, whats required that there is a change on the text file and value-add, and what we need is to update the vb program send this extra value to another table on the same database instance..

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    Project specifications: -Must use Pyramid 1.9 -Must use Python version 3.6 -Must use SQL Alchemy for database operations (use a SQLite3 database) -Must use Jinja2 for templates -I would prefer to use only URL dispatch for routing if possible, otherwise use a hybrid URL Dispatch / traversal approach -Include all necessary pre-processing operations

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    ...The id of the extention equals the data set number in the sql DB I want to update. 1st step: Select the dataset from the mysql db: Select from [log ind for at se URL] where id = [value of the get id value from the url] [if DB value for id 258-00583 in [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] is 0]: [Text] No adress data are required [if DB value...

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    ...ASP.NET with VB Back End DB: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 UI Interface: Devexpress (if 3rd Party UI Interface is required to be used) Total Pages involved: Not More than 20 Pages (3 Modules containing approximately 4 to 7 pages per module) Each Module will contain an Add data Page, Edit Data Page, Update Data Page and View / Search Page. In some

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    ...question per day, show countdown of 24 hours after enter one question (release a new question after 24 hours), store in a SQL for future usage - Weekly Feedback (Open a space once a week to insert a photo, weight and a text), store in a SQL for future usage. (Expire and open a new space every Week). - History of Weekly Feedback - Dashboard with weight loses

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    ...a database called "PHPFall2017" with a username of "PHPFall2017" and a password of "se266". Under the PHPClassFall017 database click on the SQL tab. There will be a text area where you can copy and paste the SQL below. Paste this in and click GO to use these tables: -- -- Table structure for table `users` -- CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ...

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    14 bud have to take matters windows, i think delete matters and add an Id label, text box and add a retreive button and write code for it. Then yoy will have to clone Matters add window and create edit matters add an update button and write update code and write sql update matters stored proc code and add an Id label, and a textbox and retrieve button

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    ...The Database container needs to read the data dump (to be provided) sql file on start up rather than the schema, The database port to be exposed Known Bugs The server connection to the database randomly fails. I don't know whether I need to make a connection every time I update the database or not - perhaps it just times out. Features The api needs

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    ...this stage that users get their push notifications, and the records that are to be displayed on their devices is formatted. Stage 1 produces a text file. This text file must be parsed into records for an SQL database. It will have two persistent tables. Both tables will compare new records with the old records. If the new record doesn't exist, it

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    ...filing system for our scanner. We want to keep this as simple as possible. We already have an API which connects to our database and downloads to an XML file. We need to have a SQL Lite database which converts this xml file into a database. (See the attached .xml file) Here is the job flow: 1. We scan a document from our scanner. 2. The scanner uses

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    ...filing system for our scanner. We want to keep this as simple as possible. We already have an API which connects to our database and downloads to an XML file. We need to have a SQL Lite database which converts this xml file into a database. (See the attached .xml file) Here is the job flow: 1. We scan a document from our scanner. 2. The scanner uses

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    16 bud using latest versions of MS core MVC & use MS SQL server database & PDF files about our products. The work you quote, includes 2 phases. Most of the critical key search strings for use by search engines are resident in the database. The PDF files are linked to site via the SQL database. Include landing page & 2 pages for full featured

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    Please see attached document with full we...information for the company i would like to use for the text integration. You will need to integrate a free to use address lookup. I will need the code to be fully commented so its possible to update in future. Any questions please ask. It should be written in ASP/ASP.NET with MS SQL database.

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    47 bud a robot. Our websites are built using ASP.NET, VB, C#, & use MS SQL Server database. We would like you to use canvass library [log ind for at se URL] However, if you have other suggestions, please discuss. This will become our web site landing page canvass. Update this library peripherally so any future upgrades to the library product

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    Build a Website Udløbet left

    ...[log ind for at se URL]:textbox 3. Tiny Mce data: tiny mce rich text box control.(Download TinyMCE Community 4.6.4 from [log ind for at se URL] and put that folder in your project to include rich text box in form) [log ind for at se URL] 2.Update 3. ReportViewer Store all 3 textbox data in sql database. For sql database create a sample database with fiel...

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    ...task involving C#, SQL, XML and Pipe separated text file. 1. Create a SQL table and import a pipe separated text file. 2. Create XML file same as pipe separated file and import this XML file into another SQL table 3. Get a column data from 2nd table and update it in 1st table. 4. Export data from first table to pipe separated text file. ...

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    See attached Add extra field screen shot. 1. update text date & time to Date & Time of Inspection 2. Add in extra field "Tenant Notified On:" same data type as Date and Time of Inspection field. that is date and time. 3. Add two extra buttons "Notify Tenant (Email)" Notify Tenant (SMS) 4. 2nd button does nothing 5. 1st button when clicked should:

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    Looking to build a site with geolocation search with ability to enter zip code change location and a text field to search on against a 2008 sql database. Login for clients to create accounts to post images and text for Ad advertising, Clients can login and update account info to include description and images. same capabilities as [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...confirming with the button it should go through the listbox and create a UPDATE SQL statement together with the "hidden digit" value of the listbox. Example: SQLstring="UPDATE table SET STATUSID={value from dropdown} WHERE ACCOUNT='{Account from the listbox row)" This SQL command should be sent to our MySQL server for execution. Also the ...

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    Data Scrap Udløbet left

    ...acesending/decending - every search result can be printed in pre-designed "print friendly" format - our admin should be able to update data manually - our admin shall be able to back up/export the entire database (or by selected field) in text base file format - front end presentation page shall facilitate 2 languages. (you only need to do one language, with

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    40 bud of three text strings. CN=Converted WO=Working PN=Pending CRM Quotes Table CompanyID QuoteID Status User enters (1 of three codes) CN WO PN ERP Project Table CompanyID ProjectID Status Status updated to (1 of three strings) Converted Working Pending It seems like it would be something like UPDATE [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...beginning of statement. (near "6" at position 876) Unrecognized statement type. (near "NOT NULL" at position 879) SQL query: CREATE TABLE `wp_psp_post_planner_cron` ( `id` bigint(20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `id_post` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `post_to` text COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci, `post_to-page_group` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL, `post_privacy`

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    ...beginning of statement. (near "6" at position 876) Unrecognized statement type. (near "NOT NULL" at position 879) SQL query: CREATE TABLE `wp_psp_post_planner_cron` ( `id` bigint(20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `id_post` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `post_to` text COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci, `post_to-page_group` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL, `post_privacy`

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    ...kodi add on so users can stream or download files without the need for an FTP client B- produce an 'admin page' or config file that allows me to update the add on with basic options -the ability to add text to the display page -the ability to change the urls for the scraper -enable/disable function = turn off the add on add on functions- i

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    ...previous version of a document. • CENTRALIZATION: Store department or workgroup documents in a central storage area. • SECURITY: Set document security for who can view and update files. • AUDIT: Verify who viewed and made updates to documents. • ARCHIVING: Set retention periods for documents, and schedule archival or removal processes. • Mobility:

    €502 - €1004
    €502 - €1004
    11 bud feed form only 50 questions required , save in sql lite , after that upload in mysql when connect with wifi. Question should be , Text, Dropdown, multiple choice , star rating kind of . 1 page approx 10 question required in tablate , mobile phone 5 questions , Admin panel website update with question , download existing form which are

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    Modify Android app Udløbet left 1. Remove the textbox 2. Load websites from a text file (up to a maximum number 0 say 20) 3. Add a start button to start the process 4. Add a stop button 5. Update the TCP ping every 5 minutes for the websites 6. Store the results on the websites, their delay, and current time on an SQL database 7. Sync the database with a G-drive or dropbox

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    We am after the ground work doing on an application that will basically allow us to track mobile phones and sim card numbers, make notes and give reference numbers in a SQL db. Once done the entire code supplied for us to add other sections that are for our own internal use which we can not divulge. We have some VB experience and should be able to add

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    Write some Software Udløbet left

    develop a power shell script to read text file and update sql database

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    9 bud

    ...disconnected state and sync data once back online. Data to be stored on an SQL database, probably azure based. Application must be able to recall a record and update details. Data field types of text, number, barcode, currency, image, dropdown (lists to be retrieved from SQL Db), check boxes (on/off). I need this to work for one form at the moment however

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