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    Vi ønsker udviklet en windows dll, der henter et billede hurtigt ind fra et usb endoscope kamera. Dll'en skal bruges i Labview vie dll kald.

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    Android Application for LBS, Client Server, Tracking, Maps, Social Media, News Reader, dll.

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    Mendaesain 2D, logo, branding, brosur, dll

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    Need DLL for convert Metastock INTRADAY FILE FROM RAW DATA. PLEASE CONTACT SKYPE NICK: for detail information.

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    Write easy language strategy for stock trading

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    Hi, I have the following issue. The attached strategy identifies the High/Low for a specific time period. Once the High is exceeded within the Session Close time, the signal is generated. Now this strategy only takes the current session into consideration. I also want to use the High/Low from yesterdays session. So the coding is to add yesterdays Session High/Low, the signal is only generated when the current and yesterday sessions high is exceeded by factor X. //Time HLRange Define input: Multiplier(1),Ratio(3), StartTime( 900), // Time of start of channel EndTime( 1000), SessionCloseTime (1200), EntrySizes (10000), int NATR(9), // 5-60 STEP 5 double Fract(1.3); // 0.6 - 3.5 STEP 0.1 or 0.15 Vars: PeriodHigh( 0 ), // Updated with period high during...

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    I have an Ichimoku script in Pine that I want to use in Tradestation. The script is not complex or too forward to an Expert's help for this conversion. The script is located here: // This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) // © LuxAlgo //@version=5 indicator("SuperIchi [LUX]",'SuperIchi [LuxAlgo]',overlay=true,max_lines_count=500) tenkan_len = input(9,'Tenkan          ',inline='tenkan') tenkan_mult = input(2.,'',inline='tenkan') kijun_len = input(26,'Kijun             ',inline='kijun') kijun_mult = input(4.,'',inline='kijun') spanB_len = input(52,'Senkou Span B ',inline='span') spa...

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    I need a C# dll that get in input user/password (or id/secret key) and a single fb page path and return post by post (with .NET event feature) the text and the list of image associated with every note I need to read only posts with a single image or a carousel of images but not video. The project include the dll in 4.5 framework and source with asome hint for the use. The request is for develop time and cost

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    I have a set of sqlite database crypted with SqlCipher. I know the passwords and I need a simple console exe for Windows that: - accepts two parameters: the file name of the DB and the password - password could be plain text or raw data (0x....) - o...the password - password could be plain text or raw data (0x....) - open the file and save a copy without password You can use any Free/Open Source library that you like; I need the C++ or C# source code for Visual Studio Community Edition, last release, and the executable, with any dll or anything to make it ready to use. If you find a similar Open Source project and you fork from it to solve my problem, that's right for me. Don't use any commercial library that require royalty, because I have to share the exe/dll ...

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    Dalam projek ini anda akan diharapkan untuk membuat PPT yang berupa concept, budgeting, marketing, advertising, plotting team job desc, stage, logistic needs, listing media partner, listing KOL sebagai spokeperson, dll. Pada dasarnya anda akan diminta untuk menempatkan diri sebagai event organizer yang diminta membuat PPT sebagai proposal pelaksanaan event gramd launching

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    I have a DLL written in Delphi with 1 single function. your task to write C# (.NET) code to load the DLL and execute the function. 64bit DLL attached.

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    WelsonJS is the Javascript-based framework for Windows programming. I am looking for the WelsonJS programmer. It requires Javascript, Windows API, and a little knowledges of COM interface and Dynamic Linking Library(DLL), C++, C#.

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    I am running a strategy on tradingview, and connected to Tradestation on tradingview. I need a script or something to open and close trades on Tradestation when alerts come through on tradingview.

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    We have a legacy application that uses a now unsupported windows DLL for address look up from postcode. I need to replace the DLL with one that will look up from the Royal Mail website. This will involve decompiling the file to see how it works then recompiling a new version.

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    Hello, I have a DLL written in Delphi with 1 single function. your task to write C# (.NET) code to load the DLL and execute the function. 64bit DLL attached.

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    Existing source code is built on Renci DLL commands, file system watcher and timer. SSH uses PHP files on host so it can be an option for any further implementation. Startup has: new user & comparison of recursions. File system watcher and timer is used to sync folders & files between the host & local disk. 1). Fix PHP zip problem for new user 2). Fix error that came up 3). Make uploaded files a zip and keep un-zipped files on disk 4). Modify file system watcher & timer sync I am just sharing this form code and Renci DLL with a Freelancer whom accepts award.

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    Control TradeStation (TS) strategy orders. Control table of all active strategies from TS and control the orders. Get a unique strategy number in a chart, in order to enable multi-strategy on the same symbol. Enable changing the order from the symbol at TS to any other symbol, i.e. receive buy order on SPY but send buy order on SPXL. Good knowledge of Easylanguage, Tradestation, and Tradstation scripting is required. A Tradestation account is a must. See attached file for details.

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    DICARI freelance pengawas proyek pembangunan rumah tinggal yang bertujuan untuk mewakili owner dalam melakukan pengawasan konstruksi bangunan meliputi pengendalian waktu, pengendalian kualitas, pengendalian pekerjaan, dll. Kualifikasi: - Minimal D3 teknik sipil atau background pendidikan di bangunan - Menguasai struktur bangunan - Diutamakan memiliki pengalaman kerja - Jujur, teliti, tanggung jawab, disiplin, tegas, dan komunikatif - Memiliki manajemen waktu yang baik - Mampu bekerja dalam tim Lokasi proyek di Jakarta Selatan. Masa kontrak kerja minimal 6 bulan.

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    1. Mengumpulkan informasi tentang produk, merk pesaing, harga dll untuk bahan riset pasar 2. Mengimplementasikan marketing strategy yang telah disusun oleh Marketing Manager 3. Membina hubungan yang harmonis dengan konsumen untuk menjaga loyalitas konsumen 4. Melakukan marketing promotion 5. Memperkenalkan produk , dengan : Melakukan prospecting, pendekatan, presentasi/komunikasi, demonstrasi produk, dan hal-hal lain yang dianggap perlu. Melakukan negosiasi dan closing penjualan, Membantu konsumen dalam hal perhitungan pembiayaan dan alternatif sumber pembiayaan (funding).

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    Looking for expert Tradestation coder to assist with custom studies. Most parameters are known already.

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    Need DLL(library) can communicate with any bi-directional printer using USB to send and receive data. - HP manufactured printers, we would send a stream like this PJL to the printer. - would receive an array of integer values representing the Black and White total pages and Color total pages (if applicable). If you have Hp printer driver experience, it can be big plus.

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    I am interested in acquiring a dll, a method, a routine or anything that calculates the chords of a midi file and makes me print them out on screen, like the attached image

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    Hi Gyorgy, Let see if a new project will work. Mike

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    We need assistance in setting up and debugging an existing vb6 project. We have problems with class registration, OCX ActiveX and dll registrations. The software development has been done over years by different developers. Actually we only have very basic knowledge of VB as our developers are no longer with us. New developments are done in python. The application for data collection and storage of data into a MSSQL database.

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    It would also be helpful if a VI is created. Sample code written in VB.NET is available to help.

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    Get strategy from tradeStation desktop app and customize order. Transfer this order to TradeStation. I need python script functioning like above. Please start bid with EasyLanguage.

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    deseo resetear de fabrica o contraseña perdida y me urge el asunto o que me indiquen el pin de reset solo hoy ofresco 30 dll

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    Have a simple oscillator project. Only a few lines of code for TradeStation. Have already deposited $70. Have a few others behind this one, but this is a building block indicator for a larger project. Need to see some basic stuff first.

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    We developed an add-on dll with delphi vcl that is based on add-in express. The dll works fine in several computers and not in others. The target of the project id is to find the reason of the problem and write the code to solve it. The error occur when outlook is executed . When it happens outlook reject the dll from running , putting it in the "black" list of add-on's that caused outlook to crash or slower. We already checked if the problems caused by another add-on , and we also reinstall outlook and also updated it to the last version. We need someone that know how debug a dll. It is not easy. The freelancer should start today

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    Control TS strategy orders. Control table of all active strategies from TS and control the orders. Get a unique strategy number in a chart, in order to enable multi-strategy on the same symbol. Enable changing the order from the symbol at TS to any other symbol, i.e. receive buy order on SPY but send buy order on SPXL. Good knowledge of Easylanguage, Tradestation, and Tradstation API is required. See attached file for details.

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    Will need various DLL that work with Sierra Chart to link some result from a txt file and build some custom study. Will check all the proposal in 24h-48h and Message the one I would like to keep thanks and have a good day

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    Kami ada kebutuhan untuk penyelesaian project Core Banking berbasis Java - proyek 1,5 tahun - banking services: funding, lending, deposit, mutual fund, dll - penyusunan dokumentasi mulai analisa dan desain - java with Eclipse untuk lebih detail, komunikasi lebih lanjut

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    5 bud with u. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even if you are not a nopCommerce Developer, but if you do the test sample, you will get the money for a simple task, and you will get to be a candidate for one of the following jobs, that each of them, needs a lot of developers: Creating .Net Core .dll for: Saudia Arabia Electronic Invoice API Portal ~01e94c3ba77dce52b4/ nopCommerce Bookings plugin ~0126574bc04603ca4c Javascript Hyprid App (Mobile/desktop) Invoicing Project ~014221c30a06017556/ nopCommerce Invoicing Project

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    Part 1 1. Revise a string connection from front end (GUI) to config location, 2. attach exe file into an icon (able to click on an icon to run the application), 3. write out a manual instruction to build the application that only run dll for the application (other users can not see application source codes. Part 2. 1 fix error on 2 web pages that can filter data on a search. 2. fix an ability to modify data on a gridview. These tasks can be done by a code beginner (not necessary a master skill to do a job(

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    I need a tradingview developer for a trading idea that I have. Below are the steps for the project 1. Initiate a bot at 9:45 EST 2. Look into the my screener and get the first stock 3. launch 5 minute chart for that stock 4. check for some conditions 5. launch a buy order in Tradestation or any US equities platform 6. Exit based on the indicator alert on the same chart

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    You are: an expert C++ coder in Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows. You are comfortable with compiler settings, .lib and .dll compilation, tools like dumpbin I publish a commercial x64 application that uses DLLs. I would prefer that end users not be able to find the DLLs and figure out which technology I'm using. The project is to make the choice of DLLs less obvious to users. Simply renaming the DLLs doesn't seem to work. Static instead of dynamic linking might be possible. You have the expertise to know the best way. You'll control my machine during a screensharing session to implement your choice of strategy. For the right person, an hour or two should be ample time.

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    Simple formula. Average the results over 4 bars, 8 bars, and 12 Bars then divide the result by 36 to get the current value. Easy Peasy.

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    STC strategy , I have a code from tradingview to start with but it does not work when it comes to inputting a trade, do does plot the trade. I'd like to have the option to use equity at 90% in future trades. I'd like the pine script to work on tradestation and tradingview. //@version=4 // Copyright (c) 2018-present, Alex Orekhov (everget) // Schaff Trend Cycle script may be freely distributed under the MIT license. //@version=3 strategy("Schaff Trend Cycle Strategy", shorttitle="STC Backtest", overlay=true) // Create inputs fastLength = input(title="MACD Fast Length", type=integer, defval=23) slowLength = input(title="MACD Slow Length", type=integer, defval=50) cycleLength = input(title="Cycle Length", t...

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    Need Tradestation easylanguage code for pullback count

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    in VB.NET 2015 write a project to convert richtextbox RTF to HTML. use .net native code. any dll used must be free for commercial use. thank you.

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    - see attached project in VB.NET 2015 - resulting image from conversion is somehow pixelated and of low resolution when printed compared to actual text - suggest a solution for this that works to improve the quality of resulting image when printed or zoomed in. - you can modify existing code or create a new one. - code must be in 2015 no dll. -thank you.

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    We have DLL file that include razor pages, and we need to perform small edit of the file.

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    We have DLL file for our razor views, we undo changes on them and we want to recompile them from our dll.

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    We have DLL file for our razor views, we undo changes on them and we want to recompile them from our dll.

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