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    ... but I also like the black and white, with a small object inside the tattoo to be a vibrant color. I like the art that represents life, so, I say photo realistic, I really mean I want photo realism when it comes to any shading or anything that you may deem necessary to make 3d, if you did. ALSO, I want the artist to call me or find some way to talk to me via voice so I can be asked questions and be able to answer them quickly so we can come up with the best design possible. Skills and experience required: - Proficient in realistic tattoo design - Strong understanding of shading and depth to create a natural-looking coverup - Ability to work with black and white ink to achieve desired effect - Knowledge of tattoo coverup techniques to effectively hide the existing tatt...

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    ... you will be responsible for handling product information inquiries from our valued customers. Key Responsibilities: - Responding to customer inquiries regarding product information in a timely and professional manner - Providing accurate and detailed information about our sauna products, features, and pricing - Assisting customers in making informed purchasing decisions by addressing their questions and concerns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in customer service and sales is required - Strong communication skills, both written and verbal - Ability to understand and explain technical product details to customers - Excellent problem-solving and multitasking abilities Availability: - The specialist should be available during regular business hours If you are...

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    ...Timeline: • Specify the expected start date and project completion timeline. Additional Information: • The selected freelancer may be considered for future projects based on performance. We are excited to welcome a talented WordPress web designer and developer to our team. If you have the skills and experience we're looking for, we look forward to receiving your application! PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN THE ATTACHED Questionnaire. ONCE FILLED PLEASE SEND IT BACK TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PROJECT....

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    ...most important part. You are allowed to use a marketplace VRIK solution if you choose or make one from scratch. If you do use a marketplace asset, it must be implemented well, match the reference, and provide a great result of presence, even if you must modify it heavily. If you use a marketplace asset and it’s not replicated, you must alter it to be replicated. Feel free to contact with any questions, comments, or concerns. I am flexible on budget. Really looking forward to finding a proper implementation. This is for a social VR application a small team and I have been passionately building and our current VRIK implementation is rather weak and leaves a bad first impression, so we wish to outsource this portion of work to someone who can really create a solid system. ...

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    ...administrators. - Vendor support for technical issues and system maintenance. 20. **Scalability and Future Expansion:** - Ability to scale the CRM as your business grows, accommodating more users and data volume. - Flexibility to integrate with additional tools and platforms in the future. 21. **Chatbot Integration:** - Integration of a chatbot on the website to handle frequently asked questions (FAQs) and initial lead qualification. - Seamless connection between the chatbot and the CRM to capture lead information and interactions. - Chatbot analytics and reporting to track performance and identify areas for improvement. 22. **Chatbot Management:** - Ability to customise chatbot responses and workflows based on real-time data and user interactions. - Tr...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can analyze both quantitative and qualitative survey data for the purpose of publishing a research paper. I am open to the freelancer's expertise in selecting the appropriate statistical analysis methods. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH QUALTRICS (non-negotiable). Must be able to run correlations between survey questions/output. Have two sets of data (two class sections) to analyze. Turnaround time: 6 days (by Sunday, December 10). Skills and experience required: - STRONG APTITUDE WITH QUALTRICS - Proficiency in statistical analysis methods for both quantitative and qualitative data - Experience in analyzing survey data for research purposes - Strong knowledge of data analysis software and tools - Excellent communication skills to understand the re...

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    questions 6 dage left

    I will help you getting better in a video game and I will help you managing your account.

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    Ignore the qnsA need it tmr noon

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    I am looking for someone who can complete the following tasks in Jupyter Notebook as soon as possible. You can find the LAZ file at Here are the questions that need to be answered: Which software generated it? What is the highest return number of a point in the data? What is the average number of points per square meter? Which classes (for classifying the points) are used in the file? Report the numeric value of each used class and what it means. Where was this point cloud roughly collected? Which information is necessary to transform the given projected coordinates into other coordinates? If this information is available for this data, where is it provided? Provide an interactive view of

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    12 bud number solely for this job ($12). Mystery shopper requirements: 1. Based in UK 2. UK resident with a valid document -- This task will be broken down into the following milestones: // Milestone 1 ($10) - Make an audio recording of a call (5-7 min) - Step 1 - Buy a phone number and create an email for registration. - Step 2 - Receive a call from a company manager. - Step 3 - Ask 3-5 questions, make audio recording. == Deliverables: audio recording in good quality. // Milestone 2 ($20) - Verify your account - Step 1 - Upload your ID photo - Step 2 - Upload proof of address (any utility bill etc.) - Step 3 - Upload your photo with ID == Deliverables: screenshot of verified account. // Milestone 3 ($70) - Record call & Make a payment (funds provided) - Step 1 - Receiv...

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    Promote my website on Quora Posting on Quora, post replies comments on others Articles Posting on relevant topics - Niche: Technology - Goal: Increase traffic to my website - Specific keywords/topics to focus on for the promotion: Skills and Experience: - Experienc...keywords/topics to focus on for the promotion: Skills and Experience: - Experience in Quora marketing and promotion - Knowledge of the technology industry and its trends - Familiarity with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques - Ability to create engaging and informative content relevant to the chosen keywords/topics - Strong research and analytical skills to identify relevant Quora threads and questions - Excellent communication and writing skills to effectively engage with Quora users and drive traffic to th...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer to create a word document template for a report. The design should be elegant and sophisticated, with a neutral color scheme. I will provide a list of specific elements that I would like to be included in the design. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word to create a custom template - Strong design skills the design. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Word to create a custom template - Strong design skills with an eye for elegance and sophistication - Ability to create unique formatting for headings, titles, quotes, and similar elements - Excellent communication skills to understand and incorporate my specific requirements Feel free to write to me, if you have any questions about the desi...

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    ...mandatory #184. B. 1. Adding duplicates; should be corrected so only one is added to a very special table #184. B. 2. two differnt colours must be added simultantously and automatically to BOTH since the APIS are not giving the correct resutls otherwise. #184. B. 3. Import video from the disk and do not store it on Youtube. This is a suggested QUICK solution #166. Adding image labels is not done Categories must of course be created and only the categories that are in the CSV must be added. This is like standard for any coder. >>After the above works, then do this #184. C. Search DB if product exists already a. if product does not exist, add it b. if there are products removed, then remove

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    ...different types of questions, each with its own rules: - Multiple-choice with 4 options: Classic question with 4 answers. The faster the response, the more points earned. Incorrect answers result in point deductions. - With Image: Same as above but with an accompanying image. - True or False: Similar to multiple-choice but with only 2 answers. Additionally, I'd like to add another question type in the future or in the next update: - Guess the Word: Participants try to guess a word with missing letters. Each correct letter adds points, and the first to guess gets the maximum points. Points decrease rapidly after 3 seconds. 3) Question Database If using WordPress, I have the Wp-All Import plugin, allowing me to upload questions directly. If not using WordPress, ...

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    Bonjour, dans le cadre d'un exercice j'aimerais que vous puissiez réaliser une analyse et "une correction". Il y a une veille commerciale avec une analyse swot et un plan d'action commercial à réaliser ( actions commerciales à entrevoir pour développer l'activité) Je serais ravi de répondre à vos questions Daniel

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    ...specific information you want the chatbot to provide. What types of diseases? What details should be included (causes, symptoms, treatments)? 2. **Data Collection:** - Gather information about diseases. This could involve creating a database or using existing reliable sources. 3. **User Input Handling:** - Decide on the types of user inputs the chatbot will handle. It could be symptoms, questions about a specific disease, or general health inquiries. 4. **Natural Language Processing (NLP):** - Implement NLP techniques to understand and interpret user inputs. This involves breaking down the user's message to extract relevant information. 5. **Database Query:** - Develop a system to query your disease information database based on user input. The chatbot should...

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    Trophy icon Design for single exam question 2 dage left

    I am creating an online teacher certification exam website that will have multiple choice questions. I need a layout design for a single multiple choice question page. You decide what colors, buttons, timer type, etc. The winner will have the option to design the entire project. The name of the company will be Verif, Accredex, ICTA, or Teachercheck. The design should be in Figma.

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    watch this loom video I am looking for a freelancer who can turn my application questions into a PDF with a specific design. I have more than 10 form questions that need to be included in the PDF. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of PDF formatting and design - Proficiency in graphic design software - Attention to detail to ensure accurate conversion of form questions - Ability to work with specific design requirements and incorporate them into the PDF layout

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    22 bud your advantage!). There should also be two buttons: "Check Me" and "How did I do?" The "Check Me" button checks to see if the answer is correct or not, keeps a total of correct and incorrect responses, updates the user with a "great job" or "oops" message, and updates the labels to a new problem. The "How did I do" button moves the user to the final view, sending information about how many questions were answered correctly and how many incorrectly. You must update the view as follows: All numbers must be randomly chosen between 0 and 12 If the user has chosen to practice subtraction, the number on the first label must be larger than the number on the second label. The third view should report to the user how many a...

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    Hello all I hope I find you well, I'm looking for an experienced team to design, code and create my idea of a roblox casino site. (Requirements) 1. YOU MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH SITES SUCH AS: - - 2. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO CREATE A FINISHED PRODUCT ...Fairness Of Each Game Played 9. Rakeback System 10. Daily Cases System [THERE ARE MORE THINGS NEEDED BUT THESE ARE THE MAIN FEATURES] (Games On Site) 1. Crash 2. Blackjack 3. Mines 4. Cases + Case Battles 5. Towers [MORE GAMES IN FUTURE] (References For Similar Websites) 1. 2. 3. (Any Questions?) Drop me a message with any questions about this project. I look forward to working with you! Kind Regards.

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    ...improvement. Key requirements for the project include: Number of Questions: The survey should have around 10-20 questions in total. Response Format: For most of the questions, I prefer a multiple-choice response format. This will allow employees to easily select their answers from a list of options. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with SurveyMonkey: The freelancer should have prior experience working with SurveyMonkey and be familiar with its features and capabilities. - Survey Design: The ability to design a well-structured and visually appealing survey that captures the required information effectively. - Questionnaire Development: A strong understanding of how to develop meaningful and relevant questions to measure employee satisfaction...

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    Project Title: Learn Excel through Live Online Sessions Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Formulas and Functions in Excel - Proficiency in teaching beginners in Excel - Experience conducting live onlin...candidate should have a strong understanding of formulas and functions in Excel. - They should have experience teaching beginners and be able to explain concepts clearly and concisely. - The teaching sessions should be conducted through live online sessions to ensure real-time interaction and personalized learning. - The candidate should be able to provide step-by-step guidance and answer any questions or doubts that may arise during the sessions. If you are an experienced Excel tutor who excels in teaching beginners and can deliver engaging live online sessions, please reach ...

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    photo edited 5 dage left

    Hi all, I recently took engagement photos with my fiance. The photos themselves were already $700 so I unfortunately don't have a huge budget for edits. Sadly my bangs look just really terrible in the majority of the photos and I feel like it's all I can see when I look at them. I have never asked for photo editing before so please let me know if you ne...also a few examples of what they should looked like. Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong proficiency in photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop - Excellent understanding of retouching and enhancing techniques - Attention to detail to ensure high quality edits - Ability to follow specific instructions and meet deadlines - Strong communication skills to clarify any questions or concerns about...

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    ...encourage farming, foster knowledge-sharing among farmers, and promote food security 1. **User Registration:** - Simple onboarding process allowing farmers and agricultural enthusiasts to create profiles. 2. **Dashboard:** - Personalized dashboard displaying weather updates, relevant news, and upcoming local agricultural events. 3. **Knowledge-Sharing Forum:** - Platform for users to ask questions, share experiences, and exchange agricultural tips. - Categorized discussions on crops, livestock, and sustainable farming practices. 4. **Marketplace:** - Ability for users to buy/sell seeds, fertilizers, and equipment. - Farmers can list surplus produce for sale or exchange. 5. **Crop Planner:** - Calendar feature for planning and tracking crop cycles. - ...

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    **Remote Employee Guide for Pet Transportation Company** ENGLISH FLUENCY REQUIRED **Objective:** As a remote employee, your primary responsibility is to follow up on leads generated through our website for pet transportation services. Your goal is to engage potential clients, provide initial information, offer price quote...**Task:** Efficiently manage communications to maximize client engagement and response rates. - **Quality:** Ensure that your messages are clear, informative, and aligned with company standards. Remember, the main goal is to schedule calls with local employees to discuss transportation options. Regularly update the spreadsheet with the latest communication status for each lead. If you have any questions or encounter challenges, don't hesitate to reach o...

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    Are you a passionate value investor and writer? Then we have the perfect job opportunity for you. You will spend a lot of time reading about companies, writing up investment theses and building the (often high-level) financial models for those companies. What do you need to br...companies based on information that is provided with you - Build (mostly high-level) financial models of the investment cases - Create long-and short-form write-ups for the investment cases If this sounds interesting, contact us with the following info: - What does value investing mean for you? - What company has currently an attractive investment case and why? Anyone who does not reply to these questions cannot be considered. For the right profile, there is some flexibility re. the employment mode & ...

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    Project Title: Fix the website being redflagged by antivirus for ...and server configurations - Excellent communication skills to understand and address any concerns or questions from users regarding the flagging issue Key Responsibilities: - Investigate the cause of the threat detection by Mcafee antivirus - Identify any potential vulnerabilities or malicious code within the website - Fix and remove any threats or flagged content to ensure the website is safe and accessible for all users - Test the website thoroughly to verify that it is no longer flagged by the antivirus software - Provide recommendations and implement necessary security measures to prevent future flagging or threats - Collaborate with the client to address any user concerns or questions regarding the web...

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    Consultant report 5 dage left

    Project Title: Consultant report Area of Consultation: Soil Mechanics Specific Questions or Concerns: No, I am open to any advice Project Completion Timeframe: 4 days Description: - I am seeking a consultant to provide guidance and advice on soil mechanics. - The ideal candidate should have expertise in soil mechanics and be able to provide general guidance and advice. - The project needs to be completed within 4 days. - The consultant will be responsible for providing a detailed report on soil mechanics, addressing any specific questions or concerns that may arise. - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills in soil mechanics are required. - The consultant should be able to effectively communicate their findings and recommendations in a clear and concise manner. - Pre...

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    Looking for Landing pages for my classified ads/marketplace websites as much pages as possible. Willing to pay from 1 to 5 dollars per page depending on the quality, uniqueness, and types. Pages can/should be different content types such as blog post or articles, infographics, directory, forum, statistics pages, questions & answer, comparison pages etc. And the landing pages can be for different or multiple channels such as google search, facebook, Instagram etc. For each landing pages we will expect the following: • Clear definition of the target audience the landing page is speaking to. • The Keywords being targeted. • A page content can cover one or multiple of my classified ads websites at once. • The type of landing page the page is for: blog, direct...

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    ...deployment In your opinion, are there locations in the architecture where too many assets reside? Analysis of your threat Model. More explanation about boundaries of the system. The purpose of this deliverable is to come up with the architecture and design of your product. Your deliverable must include: ● Architecture Overview. Describe the architecture of the system. Please answer the following questions: o What are the subsystems? What does each subsystem do? o Are there subsystems that are expressly security features? (e.g. encryption, authentication) Describe these in more depth. o Consider the cost of developer mistakes in terms of subsystems. For example "if a developer makes a mistake in this subsystem, what happens?" o Do some subsystems appear to be more s...

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    I am in need of a skilled freelancer who can combine data from two XML files and export the combined data in XML format. The project requires including all fields from both XML files and applying specific rules for combining the data. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience working with XML files - ...xxxx Where is the detailed data for each product and images. We need to create a new HTML description by parameters: Description_BG from the name of Bulgarian parameters and data. Description_EN from the name of English parameters and data. and the data from the both to be exported to a new file which contain all important data for the products (one file for all products). If you have any questions please ask before bidding. ONLY FINAL...

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    three.js multiplayer make VR 5 dage left

    Hello, I have a 3d p2p multiplayer scene with a chat box and video + audio stream via the visitor's webcam. I am looking for someone, to create a VR integration, so that, if someone attaches a VR headset the avatars are controlled via VR controllers instead of WASD and the experience can bee seen in 3d through the VR headset. Please message me saying how box and video + audio stream via the visitor's webcam. I am looking for someone, to create a VR integration, so that, if someone attaches a VR headset the avatars are controlled via VR controllers instead of WASD and the experience can bee seen in 3d through the VR headset. Please message me saying how you would do it, how long it will take and your price. Also please message me with any questions you may have...

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    UX Research and Designing Proposal 5 dage left

    UX Research and Designing Proposal Bids without answering my questions will be purely declined , please check document attached and understand requirements - Primary Goal: Improving user satisfaction - UX Research Methods: Tokens and appointment management - Project Timeline: Within a month We are looking for a skilled UX researcher and designer to help us improve user satisfaction for our website. The primary goal of this project is to enhance the overall user experience and ensure that our users are satisfied with our platform. To achieve this, we would like to use tokens and appointment management as our preferred UX research methods. These methods will allow us to gather valuable insights from our users and identify areas for improvement. The ideal candidate for this proje...

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    I want a very skilled flutter developer who masters the following : • Setup without no useless questions / newbies or amateur questions • Data structure • State management • Understand complex things and perform postman requests to integrate backend APIs • Best practices ( Future , Async / await , Bloc try and catch , Isolate ) ; • An obsession to the best UX possible • Zero fear of bugs , or some legacy code parts • Zero complex with ChatGpt and Copilot to faster the delivery • Clean code , quality first • Agile mode , ability to deliver increments at each working session ( build APKs Everytime we work for testing purposes ) • Soft skills : Communication , teamwork , openness , transparency , confidentiality . ...

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    I need a simple code for Nutrition And Diet Expert System have some questions like ( age, Height ,weight , days of exercise

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    Data entry -- 2 4 dage left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help with a data entry project. The data to be entered is alpha-numeric, and I prefer it be completed in an Excel Spreadsheet. The dataset to be entered consists of 100-500 entries. The work should be accurate and timely; any errors or delays will result in a lower score. The project will be evaluated based on the quality of the data completed in an Excel Spreadsheet. The dataset to be entered consists of 100-500 entries. The work should be accurate and timely; any errors or delays will result in a lower score. The project will be evaluated based on the quality of the data entry work, speed, and accuracy. Flexibility and attention to detail are important requirements for this project. Please contact me if you have any questions about th...

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    ...* A section for customers to view their account balances and transactions. * A section for customers to transfer money between accounts. * A section for customers to pay bills. * A section for customers to contact the bank. * A blog or news section that provides information about the bank's products and services. * A customer service portal that allows customers to contact the bank with questions or concerns. * A mobile app that allows customers to access their accounts and perform transactions from their mobile devices. Tasks: - API development - Database design and implementation - Server configuration and deployment Skills and Experience: - Proficient in C# and .NET Core - Strong understanding of API development - Experience with database design and implementatio...

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    Data Analysis -- 2 4 dage left

    analyze and answer some questions regarding two datasets

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    I am looking for a Dutch speaking salesman to follow up with warm leads by telephone. The ideal candidate will h...telephone communication skills - Sales experience, preferably in a similar industry - Strong customer service skills - Ability to build rapport and establish relationships with potential customers - Goal-oriented and able to meet sales targets Responsibilities: - Contact potential customers who have shown interest in our digital product - Provide information about the product and address any questions or concerns - Close sales and process orders - Maintain accurate and up-to-date customer records This is a remote position, and the candidate must have access to a reliable phone and internet connection. The project duration will depend on the number of warm leads to be ...

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    logo design -- 4 4 dage left

    ...are talking about :) Would you be interested in working with us? If this is the case, we can also talk about the package you offer us for this work. Thanks in advance , Looking forward! I think we bet color on the code #88421d the logo on our promotional materials, album, etc. We also need it in PNG format, for example. Does what I mentioned in the first message inspire you? Do you have any questions or recommendations? We're aiming for a vintage style rather than cartoon. We would love for example to have mahogany wood texture on the GD lower part. Maybe you can extend the width of this lower part. We would love you to play with colors and contrasts. Play with the light of the sun. We want it to be beautiful I believe we've chosen the color code #88421d for the mahog...

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    ...improvement. In terms of design and branding, I have specific preferences that I would like to be incorporated into the app. Therefore, I am seeking a developer who is skilled in creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. Key Features Academics platform: Perform functions like summarizing handout in document form, schedule tutorial with users and alarm tutorial. Have access to past questions, link to other platform of study and other search engines like chatgpt etc. Skill platform: Embed a place that has numbers of skills where students can have a study in module and generate a certificate. Career platform: Embed a platform where student can have access to job opportunities and search. Dashboard: Embed a dashboard where students can see their grades, evaluation...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me to understand self-attention and transfermer related theoretical knowledge. specifically focusing on the combination of self-attention mechanism and transformer and other deep learning concepts.

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    We are looking for a Retention manager with knowledge of Hindi Responsibilities: - Making calls to the registered customers and increase their loyalty to the company; - Manage existing customer relationships and play an active role in developing and building advocacy; - Resolve issues such as payments troubles, account questions and so on; - Troubleshooting with extraordinary customer care cases; - Receive and gather feedback, reviews and service satisfaction; - Make upsales and reach set targets in terms of sales plan; - Cooperate with colleagues from other departments and escalate complex issues; - Work in a CRM system: update the information about existing customers, track and manage communication with them, log the information about the customers, etc. Demands: - Good comman...

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    11 bud PLEASE DO NOT apply if you are not able to work those designated hours! We are ONLY accepting US & Canadian applicants at this time, please do not apply if you are not a US or Canadian resident! If you feel this role is a fit for you, please email your resume to me at cierra.w@ngngenterprises. com with the subject line: “Brand Coordinator for Hire” along with your answers to the following questions: What are your top 3 core values and why? What level of experience do you have with writing social media posts, newsletters, blog posts and other promotional materials? (This is important, so please get as detailed as possible!) What level of experience do you have editing photo and video content? What level of experience do you have creating custom graphics? Ha...

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for clothing brand. 9 timer left

    Hey, We need you to design a logo for our established mens gym clothing brand. We already have a few main logos that we use for this brand but we would like you to design us an additional logo that would work for our current logos and brand style. We want you to design a logo with our. brands letters "GR" or GRS both we can accept into your design. We want the ..."GR or GRS" logo. We have also attached our brands current text logo ( image labeled "car-logo sticker) so you can get some idea! Feel free to use the same font family as our main logo to create this new logo design ( Dash horizon ) Feel free to modify the text or even use another family font that you think would look nice for this GR icon logo against our current text logo. If you have any que...

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    742 indlæg

    ...Generate 10-20 high-quality dofollow backlinks from a mix of the suggested websites and additional websites Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in SEO and link building - Familiarity with the technology industry and relevant websites for backlink generation - Strong knowledge of identifying and targeting websites with a DA of 50+ - Excellent communication and collaboration skills --- Questions: 1. Detail URL list and price: - URL - DA - How many dofollow anchor text - Price 2. How long can the backlink be maintained without being delete? If it got delete within 6 months or 12 months do you provide us a new backlinks? 3. Does your price include the guest post writing or do we have to provide content to you? If you provide the guest article for backlink building, ple...

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    Test Generator website 4 dage left

    ...mode the teacher will select the questions from the question bank and ‘add’ them to the test while also assigning the marks for each. The question bank will be divided into two types: ‘Textbook Questions’ and ‘Textbook and Extra Questions’. The user will have the option to choose which of these categories the test should be based on. In the automatic mode, the teacher will select the question types, chapters and total score, based on which the application will generate the test. The output will be of two types: teacher’s copy and student’s copy. The teacher’s copy will carry the answers too. The output will be generated in two formats: Word and PDF. The TG (Test Generator) website must have a backend admin da...

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    essay writing 4 dage left

    ...water and pobs in sediments. You can find some direct literature relating to the pobs in Hudson river (). Access the research databases (Web of Science can be one of the data base) through the university library and use appropriate key words to identify the appropriate sources. Your writeup, after a background introduction should address to the following questions. You need to cite published references for all your answers and any data (if avaiiabie). 1. Do pobs stick to the sediments in water or do they penetrate into the sediments? If they stick. is the coating uniform across the perimeter? 2. Do pcb coated sediments release/transfer pobs to water? If so, is this release rate constant? On what factors does this transfer rate depend on? Does it depend

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