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    Hello, Salah Eddin...animation). -Let us start with 3 animations + new 3D models changes. I am counting this 3D model changes as an animation. Then I will be 4 x 12,50 = 50 USD. The link with the animations is the following: [log ind for at se URL] Fell free to ask anything.

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    I require a custom designed 3D model of a race mechanic (overalls and helmet) whose hands are arranged to hold a stick. This is so a lollipop can be held by the figure (example photo attached). I have recently purchased a few .stl figures from Heroforge and printed them on my 3D printer (4 different poses attached) but because that is a site for

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    ...need a sexy and modern logo for a cammodel. If you don`t know what a cammodel do, feel free to ask me. Her model name is "Wild Thing" and this name should be part of the logo. Also something like a heart. Colors should be red and gold, with glittery. Logo must be in 3D. Logo will be used for website, videoclips, pictures and so on. Thanks! Best regards

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    ...Campaigns to have a consistent look over these platforms. The focus for this challenge is more on style (color scheme, Typography, Frame yes/no, style of background - photo/color, graphics,...). I do like a clear style (so no embossing, no 3D fanciness, not everything shadowed to the max, ...). The types of photography related infographics are for example

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    ...a realistic 3D hands playing a piano in OpenGL using hierarchical transformations and allowing user to control the overall simulation. Use OpenGL to construct your 2D and 3D model from cylinders and/or ellipsoids. The model need not be anatomically accurate but each body/limbs/legs/fingers should have at least Two joints and-limit the angles a...

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    ...relationship with a company that provides the services we require for ongoing work. I have attached the PDF of the plans which i need to be drawn in a revit model. See the link below as an example of what we require. [log ind for at se URL]!Aloik6iqD750xhVNeknzLxen4Zrs Once the revit model is approved I require 3D renderings to pho...

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    58 bud minimize the cost of making the plastic injection mold for that particular concept design. that is our goal. so far the outer surface is designed to be mirrored finish, yet we are open to any alternative. the application of the product is going to be in "electrical household appliances" category. the target market is Europ so all the...

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    ...on top of each part its name, as seen on the pictures attached. You can find some great free ethernet ports here: [log ind for at se URL] If you need it, I will buy and send you the male ethernet ([log ind for at se URL] I propose this one but you can send

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    Hi Everyone, We are working with a hospital and have a 3D model of a human eye orbit, reconstructed from 2D CT slides. The reconstruction is OK, but due to the weak CT signals around the nose region, the resulting 3D model still contains holes inside. The current algorithm reads around 250 slides in DICOM format from a folder and t...

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    ...have a project that I need 3D models done of fitness equipment. The equipment is what is known as Crossfit Rigs. see this link with our current models that all need to be updated to higher quality renders and adjustments made for our new model [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...looking to get manufactured my new product named Spice storage organizer for condiments with 6 spices shakers. I need someone to do 2D Drawing ( ready for manufacturer ) and 3D Model . On attached files you can find 2 pages. On page one are 3 different products marked 1. 2. 3. Product 1 : Kitchen Storage Tray with 3 Compartments, Shatter-Proof Plastic

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    The project was started with intentions to design a web site in line with (1) [log ind for at se URL] (2) [log ind for at se URL] Note: (A) Very important to study [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL] before quoting. (B) No fake quotations, anyone specifying a different quotation during discussions will be immediately removed from project. ====

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    3D character model Udløbet left

    ...modeling the characters. Later to make rigging of them, but this will be another step later, for know just model, I will then make UVs and shadings (if you can also do this we can figure out this). This is a TV series project idea. I´m actually doing all the production so far by my self with my brother that is writing the scripts of the chapters.

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    We are looking for 3D puzzles designs (simple or more complex) that we can laser cut on up to 3m (maybe 5mm) wood and other material. For reference the machine we will be using, is a Laser Engraver and Cutter MG380 Hybrid with rotary attachment (See [log ind for at se URL] ). -Tell us how many you can do/how

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] The winner not only wins the money for the contest, but is likely to be the primary choice for continuing the project, if the winner so chooses to be hired at future meetings or negotiations at undetermined prices. The winner will be chosen by a variety of the following

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    Trophy icon Seeing a New Reality with Apple Udløbet left

    With the rise of augmented and virtual reality systems, Apple has decided to join the party -- although, it may take a couple more years before the world-renowned tech giant releases their own VR/AR product. The current designs and technology we have today? They’re not impressed. In fact, they recently filed a patent for a design that uses a catadioptric

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    Hello Freelancers, I need a 3D model with texture ( without body just the human head). The character is Dennis. Link: [log ind for at se URL] Right now it is a posed model so we cant use it.I need the face for rigging so the model should have facial features ( mouth should open when rigged, eyes need to separate and face should be

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    I would like a 3d design of the ACE OF SPADES gun model from the Destiny game. It has to have a working revolver mechanism and also slot for a bullet. It has to be in STl format in cut into printable pieces for a ultimaker2 printer with bed dimensions not excceding 200mm There are already Stl models for free online but they are not optimised

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    ...release-the-data-for-free-online/ I saw your profil and want to ask you if you are interessted in this job. I have a hi-res 3D model. It is the bust of Queen Nefertiti and I need someone who can make me a rigging and finish the dataset for animation. Open the mouth and put teeth behind and give it beautiful realistic looking dark eyes. The...

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    Design project -- 2 Udløbet left

    I need a 3D model of something. This is a type of our architectural work. We take a test through the free sample work. If the candidate passes the test. We hire him for 3 months 6 days.

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    16 bud selling 3D printed cookie cutter. We are looking for someone to increase/improve our repository. You will choose your working time if you are able to do the work in 2 h per week, good for you. We care just about the output, not the input. What we need: -3D cookie cutter :D -We need easy shape (see the attachment), each model will ...

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    We bought LIsa and Alexa 3D character from you. We need two male character for using in our project. The male characters should have the same or very similar technical data as Lisa Version 3. We find a models, there perfect match our needs on [log ind for at se URL] , models Eric and Denis. But Eric and Denis do not have advanced

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    Trophy icon Unique desk light Udløbet left

    Hello Dear Designers. We plan to make the first prototype of a Desk Lamp which is a little different form regular lamps. It looks like extrusion of a 2 Dimensional Tree . We need a 3D design of it for presentation and prototype build. The 2D approximate design of the lamp is attached ([log ind for at se URL]) . As you can see each curved branch is surrounded

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    I have a free hand concept sketch of a helmet. I want someone who is good at understanding the sketches and convert it into a 3D model. The product modelling should be developed with actual size and ration of a human head.

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    Trophy icon Realizza qualche modello 3D Udløbet left

    I have a model 3D for a monorail cabin, and i would like improve it. Attached you an see the original photo and the changes i would like. I have available only Solidworks2016 and on request Step files. Who will win should deliver the editable files (solid work or . Obj). I would like a modern design. Here the changes requested: 1. A wheel cover

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    ...somebody that can create many (dozens over time) 3D models for us. You will be making models for giveaway products like a pen but mostly you'll make models of greeting cards with custom shapes. These cards can have cutouts or different shapes. Some models may require simple textures (like wood), but the cards will probably have a single colour and no

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    ...some 3D rendering for an another new model of plancha, and some 3D rendering for the lids. It’s for another brand that we have, so environnement of lights will be a bit different. There are 2 different sizes (one small and one larger) and for each size, a model with stainless steel cooking surface and another with black cooking surface. For the ...

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    ...and need 2D drawings and a 3D model (created from those 2D drawings) to document the current window dimensions, shapes and features. The 2D files must contain measurements, and callouts (that I will provide) so I can print blueprints. I will provide photos and pencil/Powerpoint sketches of the measurements. The 3D model should be z...

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    ...from the 80's put into a CAD package so It can be viewed in 3D. Sketchup would be good but happy to accept in any form that can be easily edited with any free 3D software and ultimatley converted into something that can be 3D printed! The existing drawings are PDF's made from scans of the original A1 drawings - The resolutio...

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    I am looking for a 3D artist who's going to create (initially) one 3D model of roman blinds. After the first 3D model/visualization, the artist will have the opportunity to work on more products from the company's offer. I am representing European company that's going to start-up a new branch in the UK. There a...

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    ...photographs for a Keyboard Case for iPad. I have the complete design of the product in STP files. We will need the several 3D backgrounds like home, kitchen, bathroom, car, office, iPad, iPhone, Apple Pencil, etc for the animation and pictures. I have most of these models, but not all. One 10 second scene of the animation will need a human character ...

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    ...this project i would need someone to make a 3D model from the image attached. I need the full figurine modeled in 3D as i will be using it for 3d printing. The back that isnt visible is up to you to make however you feel fit. The 3d model doesnt need to have any textures or colors applied. The final model sho...

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    ...picture gossip site. In short it will be a simple way of using pictures directly posted when taking a picture while in the app. There will be a short text tag for each name of just a few words. Maybe 1500 characters. The reason for the possibility of no text is to be decided as I don't want any false or misleading comments. A picture says a thousand

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    STEP File bull Udløbet left

    My colleague created a STEP file with a Free CAD program, but it does not work well. The developer who wants to make the product, using the 3D model, cannot open the STEP file. I am wondering if the 3D model is correctly made. And what is wrong with the STEP file. I can send the file. As attachment example in PDF....

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    ...made to my current 3D rendering files. I have STL, STEP, x_t, IGS files for injection moulding and 3D printing. I have attached the .STEP file and .PDF technical drawing for reference. I will supply details of the amendments needed in .jpeg format. Part3(1).STEP is original model. Prototype Amendments 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3 files are the amendments neede...

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    ...we are looking for a 3D rendering artist who will be able to produce a 6~7 second 3D rendered animation of our product similar to: [log ind for at se URL] Attached is our rough rendering of the desired clip. The actual motion of the product and view is subject to change but will be mostly fixed upon start of the project. There will be

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    ...for an other model of plancha-grill. (this requires just to add food on our existing 3D rendering) This view will be declined 3 types of cooking surface : - 1 laminated steel - 1 enameled steel - 1 stainless steel The food will be different on each type of cooking surface. It will be important that the view will be the same as the picture. View...

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    Hello 3D designers, I know that many has the potential, but finding the right one is always difficult, thanks to to bring many talents on one platform. This project is not as simple as it sounds and is not so difficult as well, we all have normally seen circular / cylindrical shaped gears, but we can make different shaped gears, as illustrated

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    IMPORTANT, please read carefully: - your job is to compose and arrange the main product image only based on 3D model files of all objects which are a knife, a packaging and a velvet bag. The presentation must be outstanding and present all objects in their most attractive way so that people want to choose to click on that product listing over all

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    I am doing a personal project, a comic book and I need a 3D model of a character which has been done in Illustrator CC 2017. It's a rather simple robot figure (basically a cylinder with a rounded top, with airplane wings and feet and eyes and mouth), not too complex. I will use this model for reference for 2D drawings, so I need to be able to rotate

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    Trophy icon Graphic design for cnc machine Udløbet left provide the following names in an Vector file with the Decor as in the photo: Names Stefanie - with the hanged Heart - Font "CLASSIC CURSIVE" - 1 cm height Julia - with the flower - Font - Font "CLASSIC CURSIVE" - 1 cm height prefred program to work on - ArtCam by Autodesk as a continuation for this project we will contito th...

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    "The Zenith Protocol" is a movie created by The Oplawski Twins, Mariusz and Tomasz. Project was filmed in Ireland, UK, Poland. Over 100 cast and extras took a part for free. We're looking for: - editor also for the trailer (even though the movie has already been edited in 95%) - VFX-CGI specialist for some action scenes with blood, guns shoot...

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    Based on existing 3D model, render 2 (external) images as close as possible to photo-realistic of a 2-storey villa on a hill. The house is available in 3D in BIMx format, 2D drawings exist if needed. Attached are screenshots from BIM-file to show wished for angles, feel free to challenge those. Please note that what looks like grass in the screenshots is

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    ... At this time we need to simulate 4 shops with. The client is very specific about the brands and look of the products. We are looking for 3d artists to model this guys. What we need is: 1) The objects need to be detailed enough to look nice on closeup renders. 40 to 100 cm from the object. Let’s say something similar to an ...

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    Summary of the project: [log ind for at se URL] house 26 yrs old. We are looking to build an extra floor to accommodate more people. Its not a column and beam structure , just plain brick construction. [log ind for at se URL] done the design of the first floor, would require a designer to design the exterior for the house according to vastu specifications. 3...

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    45 indlæg easily adaptable for this project. Scope: this contest is for a working model. The winner of the contest will be invited to bid on the final design which will be a large scale, large budget, ongoing project which may take years to complete. There are no guaranties for the final project. You should provide a basic structure and plan, with several

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    6 indlæg

    ...time we get a background picture from a customer. Our job is to place our 3D model products in the picture and make it as true to reality as possible. We usually have a couple of days or a week to complete the task . Attached you will find both the material needed to make the contest entry and also earlier accepted visu's. For placement of element...

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    Trophy icon Money Belt Packaging Udløbet left

    ...a money belt. We have set rough packaging model which has mixed cardboard and transparent plastic components. Cardboard part of packing needs graphics to be done. Please choose your on font size and text design which makes product to stand out. Also add your own illustrative elements if needed. Make 3D photo of whole packaging Make 2D photo of

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    2 indlæg

    ... Feel free to share some of your crazy, cool, creative ideas to show me why you are the freelancer I should hire ;) Our product is a Virtual Reality Cardboard that can be folded. We already have a 3D Model but need a nice animation of the set up to embed on our website. Also, we want to highlight a few key features of the product in the vide...

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