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    I need two things: 1. HTMLNewsletter Design to be setup and edited in Campaign Monitor using their editing software (I do not want to edit HTML Code once job is complete) I will need to edit all text, links and images. 2. I require dropdown tabs like in the following newsletter link. A recreation of the newsletter style will be fine as long as I can edit for our company branding. For those interested in the project pls send me an example if possible of a HTML newsletter where you have a dropdown tab like in the below example.

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    HTML Newsletter Udløbet left

    I need two things: 1. Design to be setup in Campaign Monitor 2. I require dropdown tabs like in the following newsletter link. For those interested in the project pls send me an example of a HTML newsletter where you have a dropdown tab like in the below example.

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    ...en værdi og derefter de værdier der passer til den første værdi, så brug den :-) Disse to valgte værdier skal også med på udskriften som tekst. Man skal kunne vælge hvilken printer man vil bruge i en combo / dropdown box. Ved udskrift skal hver værdi skrive på hver sin line. HVER værdi skal skrive to gange lige underhinanden. Jeg skal kunne vælge to forskellige fonte i koden (ikke i GUI). Bare brug af de gængse. Det hele skal printes på en A4-side ved tryk på "Print"-knap. Bare funktionaliteten er i orden med printet og data fra XML/text-filer til comboboxe, så skal jeg nok selv sættes labels på og får det til at se fint ud. Jeg ska...

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    I've been having an issue with the tabs on my website. They're not opening when clicked. Site: Some more details: - There are no error messages displayed when attempting to open the tabs. - I've tested the tabs on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I'm looking for a skilled developer who could troubleshoot the issue and make the tabs functional again. The ideal candidate should possess: - Proficiency in HTML and JavaScript. - Experience in debugging and troubleshooting similar issues. - Familiarity with cross-browser compatibility testing. This is a relatively small project and shouldn't take much time for someone with the right expertise.

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    I need to run TTS wine voices from Linux in docker. I found two tutorials that explain how. Or I need a developer to go through each tutorial and see if you can run the wine gui environment from a docker. Then package that solution as a Docker image I can run locally on lubuntu 22.04. I would do it myself, but I don’t have much experience with docker Requirements: 1 Install balabolka in wine - 2 Install cli balalbolka “bconsole”

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    I'm seeking a Python expert to develop a solution for a resource allocation problem that involves both the Knapsack Problem and linear programming (LP) models. Key Requirements: - This projec...resource allocation process. Skills & Experience: - Proficient in Python for algorithmic problem-solving and have a solid understanding of optimization techniques. - Experience in working with LP models and understanding of how to apply them in real-world resource allocation problems. - Previous experience in developing command-line interfaces for solutions - as this project does not require a GUI. The ideal freelancer for this project is someone who has a deep understanding of the Knapsack Problem, LP models, and has the ability to translate this knowledge into an efficient Pyt...

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    Beginner level freealancer to create an mcq list for moodle quiz website in Aiken formatting. Aiken format I am following is Frusemide tablets 40mg tablets are in stock. How many would you give for a dose of 120mg? A) 3 tabs B) 2 tabs C) 4 tabs D) 5 tabs ANSWER: A Sulphasalazine tablets 500mg are on hand. The dosage required is 2g. How many tablets are required? A) 3 tabs B) 2 tabs C) 4 tabs D) 5 tabs ANSWER: C So can you create options like a teacher, you don't need to know a lot about the topics. If you are wondering, It is nursing mcq (multiple choice questions). I have the questions and answers ready in a pdf. The first 428 questions are ready. Once the Question and Answer pdf is given, In the format mentioned above, jus...

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    ...showcases sister radio stations globally. This page should have a map with icon markers pinpointing station locations, a search feature to find stations by name or zip code, and a list of station names accompanied by location information. Map should allow zoom and going to country specific. So users can see entire map of their country with locations. Ideally we want world map to show first. I want tabs where users can switch between USA or world map. This page will go onto and can be with html 5 and css and js. Key Features: - Display of Sister Radio Stations: - An interactive map should be the centerpiece of the affiliates page, showing all sister radio station locations globally. - A static map design with clickable markers is preferred, enabling users to easily

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    Looking for a WIX developer to add a new tab to my website and include some text and documents in it. The job is very straightforward and is expected to be completed as soon as possible. Key requirements: - Add a new tab to the existing WIX website - Populate the new tab with text an...and tables Please note: - This project is minimal in complexity and is expected to be completed quickly - The new tab should be seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the website - I will provide the necessary content for the text and documents - I require a WIX expert with a good eye for design and usability Ideal skills: - Proficient in WIX website builder - Experience with adding tabs and content - Strong attention to detail and design aesthetics - Availability to complete this projec...

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    Autohotkey to C# Conversion 5 dage left

    ...script involves some advanced functions like Windows API calls and file manipulations, and I need it to be converted to C# code. The C# application doesn't need to have a GUI, it only needs to replicate the functionality of the Autohotkey script. API used - GetMenuItemCount EnableMenuItem GetMenuString Ahk method used MouseGetPos CoordMode WinExist WinGetClass LButton::return SendMessage WinGetTitle WinGet WinActivate ControlGetFocus Key requirements: - Convert an advanced Autohotkey script that customizes application behavior to C# code - Ensure the C# code replicates the original Autohotkey script's functionality - No GUI is required in the C# application Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficient in both Autohotkey and C# - Experience in conv...

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    Im going to start a marketing agency on telegram using multiple telegram accounts to forward customers personal group message to x amount of other groups. Installing a subscription based plan with certain amount of groups to choose from. It needs a user panel with a GUI for me to work with Example: Subscription plan A: forward message to 500 groups Subscription plan B: forward message to 1000 groups Subscription plan C: forward message to 2000 groups Step 1) make the program login to telegram accounts through web Step 2) join groups with the account Step 3) forward automated messages from my channel to other groups with interval every 20minutes to 1hour simultaneously functionalities: - option with interval from 20minutes to 1 hour - ability to add multiple telegram account to ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who is experienced with inventory management systems, report production, analytics, user access control, and Windows-based applications. This job involves maintenance of a warranty return tracking software, with specific attention to: - Inventory management: Ensuring that the software effectively tracks the inv...manage warranty returns effectively. Ideally, you should have previous experience in software creation and maintenance for tracking and managing products. The purpose of this project would be Bug fixing and improvement of the software tool already existing. Required: Experience with ER Models architecture Experience with MS SQL server 2017 express as DBMS Experience with Python 3.8.3 and Tkinter GUI toolkit Experience with Powe...

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    I have a real estate development company, and I'm looking for a dedicated Excel expert to help me streamline my expense tracking process. Key Requirements: - I already have a template set up and in one of the tabs I have a CSV statement import. Your primary task will be to create a formula that can automatically pull data from a statement import into the relevant property tab. - The data should be ordered by date to ensure clarity and easy reference. - I have created a macro to change the debit figures to negative amounts in the spreadsheet. - I am open to changes/ideas on if it requires a different setup. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced Excel skills are a must. You need to be comfortable working with complex formulas to manipulate data. - Experience with real est...

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    I'm offering $1000 ($500 upfront before doing anything as long as you've shown up skill, downloaded everything setup in emulator, tested, and ready to go and can do)) right now to anyone who can build me gui ff4: PSP mod tool. I've already decrypted (executable eboot; its ELF executable (PSP) MIPS; know that first), dumped data from the PSP game's UMD disc, unpacked all data archives and decompressed every single file and manually sorted file structure according to how the game reads it: I've also got documentation/know what files relate to in-game, so no need to worry on researching that, just ask. Using PPSSPP emulator to test

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    The program needs to present a suitable interface (menu/form/web app depending on your chosen programming language) where staff can: 1. Enter Daily Hours Worked 2. Produce Hours Worked Report 3. Quit/Close/Exit the Program Program Functionality a) For Option [1] Enter Daily Hours Worked, your program must request and process data for all seven (7) employees. For each employee record, your program must ask for: • The Current Working Week Number • Employee ID • Employee Name • The hours worked from home for the 5 working days Monday – Friday. For this, create a data structure, Data Structure 1, such as a single dimensional array (or similar) to store the hours worked for each day of the week. For example: Data Structure 1 – This stores the hours worked each d...

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    I need a basic template that modifies the existing Chart Trader Panel buttons. Basically, I just want all of the top Buttons to disappear, except the Close Button. Also the Bid and Ask display to be hidden. ===================== All buttons should re appear when the strategy is disabled. Also if we have multiple tabs with different charts. The buttons should only disappear on the tab where the strategy is enabled. The Close button, I just want it to be 1 big button if possible

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    E-commerce Site Developer Required 2 dage left

    I'm in need of a skilled website developer proficient in creating E-commerce websites. Here's what is essentially required for my project: - Develop an E-commerce website - Integrate user-friendly functionalities such as customer login and personal dashboard - Incorporate an efficient inventory tracking system to keep tabs on product availability and sales The website will host a range of 50-100 products. Hence, the system should be robust enough to handle this volume seamlessly. Prior experience in developing similar e-commerce websites is much preferred. Understand that this is a critical factor for my project's success, so your quality of work matters above everything else.

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    I am new to Power Automate. I have already built several relatively complex Flows, but I am facing a few issues related to dynamic UI elements and how to stop a loop. I am looking for someone with a strong grasp of Power Automate to help me solve these issues. 1. How to stop a loop based on a Python GUI counter. 2. How to pick a link in a table based on the right column (in Salesforce). 3. How to click a download link that always has a different CSS identifier. 4. ...might be an additional question that arises. Note that autodesk is not allowed on my work computer but I can provide very detailed information with screenshot from Power Automate to help you understand the issues.

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    ...switching between different tabs (bundles) based on user-defined abbreviations, among other features. Detailed Requirements: Multiple Tabs Support: Implement up to 15 different tabs, each selectable via specific user-defined abbreviations. Configuration in Preferences: Allow users to define and modify abbreviations for switching tabs in the application's Preferences menu. They should follow the format xyz{Enter}, and should trigger both the tab switch and the expansion of the respective abbreviation at the cursor's position. Instant Tab Switching: Tab switching must be instant and should include an audible confirmation to indicate a successful switch. Active Tab Functionality: Only the active tab should be allowed to replace abbreviations at any t...

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    Having issues with my food blog that urgently needs a skilled freel...tablet usage. * The scrolling issue which is adversely affecting user experiences also needs to be solved. * The food images get stretched and are non-aesthetic in accordance with the website - SEO Friendliness for Recipes: * The individual recipes are shorter and have more picture based representation which needs some tweaking and advice. - Additional Improvements: * Incorporate two new tabs on my website for podcast and portfolio. The website is built on Divi builder. I require a professional with competencies in Divi builder, Adsense optimization, and website responsiveness to different devices. Proven experience in similar projects and a good understanding of user-friendly interfaces are definitely b...

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    Need a Twilio Based Web Application 10 timer left

    ...documents/images below for convenience. Each account should have the following options/menus: 1. Dashboard -should show data exactly like image 1 - check attachments below 2. Campaigns -I will be able to create new campaigns and manage existing campaigns from here. -after I click on create campaign, I will have 3 tabs exactly like image 2.1, image 2.2 and image 2.3 - check the attachments below. 3. Reports -should have detailed reporting (check image 3) 4. Settings -should have two tabs (check image 4.1 and 4.2) If any doubts let me know. Please only bid if you can build this exactly how I explain it. If you understood everything, start your message with "I Will Build Your Twilio Web App". I have a limited budget for this project. If all goes well, I will...

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    ...a programmer for regular collaboration, who can write an upload/download tool for usenet in the first step. Thank you! My Requirements are: -Combine the settings of the programs mentioned (ngPost, Nyuu, NewsUP, SabNZBd) -download functions like the program "sabNZBd" -for Windows (With a proper installation routine and as an .exe file!!) -Python -NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) -modern GUI and a nice logo :) -source code, commenting on the source code properly ! -expandable ! -API usage -work with rss feeds -Periodic check if files still complete -option for hidden autostart -The program is supposed to download a certain sort of links like url use with an browser or pdf with an pdf viewer -rar/7zip support -multipar support () -automate posts

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me create an educational, well-structured custom interactive PDF about Baz Luhrmann and his work, with a focus on The Great Gatsby. This PDF will be primarily used as a personal project. Key Aspects: - The PDF should contain tabs that when clicked on, lead to different pages. REQUIREMENTS: The tabs I want in the PDF are: - "Home page" (Baz Lurhmann's name in bold with the word director underneath. With a decorative background made in his style) - "Biography" (about the director and his work) - "Portfolio" (make sure to include The Great Gatsby, Link one to its own sub-page. Use 3/4 of his works/movies and describe them.) - "Design Language" (a page talking about his design ...

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    ...details over chat. 6 icons Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG Max size: 2MB Recommended dimension: 187px*128px Recommended ratio: 3:2 The 6 tabs, need to Be for click to the right area on our website. They should be with the words; Pokemon One piece DragonBall Yugioh Weiss Schwarz Lorcana You can use official logos for these brands, and decorate them cool, and make it nice for customers to look at. our website is purple, so, i dont know what you can do with the logos, but you can change the backgrounds around logo however you want. 8 icons Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG Max size: 2MB Recommended dimension: 70 px*70 px Recommended ratio:1:1 Transparent background These 8 tabs, need to have the Toys Sealed Graded Japanese English Snacks TCG Supplies Art / Manga On the left is the text,...

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    I'm in need of an expert in c who can design and integrate GTK-based project. The project aims to enhance the GUI design and user experience. Key Requirements: - Experience in GTK: Prior experience in GTK-based software development is crucial for this project. - Cross-Platform Application: The final product should support Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in GUI Design: The ideal candidate should have a strong background in GUI design and development. - Familiar with Motif Libraries: Prior experience in creating and integrating motif libraries is highly preferred. - Knowledge of GTK: Experience in GTK-based projects is a significant advantage. - Cross-Platform Development: Understanding of cross-platform application developme...

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    ...size and positioning of one or several browser window tabs using predefined settings and customizable sliders. 2. Contractor Requirements Qualifications: Experience with native JavaScript and TypeScript. Knowledge and experience with React library and Node.js platform. Experience in developing Chrome browser extensions. Expected Skills: Ability to work with open source code on GitHub for modifications or writing new code from scratch. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Experience in implementing user interfaces and APIs. 3. Functional Requirements Core Functionality: Development of 41 buttons with fixed parameters for changing the layout and size of windows. Capability to work with both individual and multiple tabs. Integration of 5 slider toggles for...

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    I am looking for an expert to set up an open-source Stable Diffusion with a Web GUI on AWS for AI image and video generation. The system will be developed with a focus on real-time processing. Notably, the Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) ML model will be used. Essential Skills: - Proficiency in Python - Solid understanding and experience with AI, specifically GAN - Familiarity with AWS - Experience in ML - Good understanding of the Web and how to set up GUI - Knowledge in node js is desirable Mission: - Select and set up the appropriate AWS instance for the system - Ensure the system is capable of real-time AI image/video generation, utilizing GANs - All operations should be manageable through a Web GUI Please bid only if you have satisfied the aforementioned ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can help me create an online system to replace the use of Excel sheets for data storage and calculations. The system will need to have: - Data Entry and Storage: It should be able to handle both numerical and textual data effectively and efficiently. - Automated Calculations: The system should be designed to automatically handle basic ca...basic data management needs, you must have a solid understanding of relational databases and be proficient in web application development. Experience in designing systems with automated calculations is a big plus. A keen eye for user experience and the ability to follow design guidelines is also appreciated. We have an example excel sheet that can be sent with the information set into the separate tabs...

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    Eu preciso de um modulo feito em golang que onde depois que eu criei um form com que ficara na frente de toda tela do usuario, eu consiga capturar com Directx todo o restante do windwos ignorando na captura o form criado pelo teu hWnd. abaixo esta o exemplo de como estou criando o form que ficara na frente do usuario e que devera ser ignorado na captura // ShowForm cria e exibe o formulário com a imagem de fundo func ShowForm(img *, width int, height int) (, error) { // Criar janela hInstance := (nil) if hInstance == 0 { return 0, ("Failed to get module handle") } className, err := ("MyWin32Class") if err != nil { return 0, ("Failed to create window class name") } var

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    Make a copy of I...choice of images or videos. Requirements: - Create a responsive Wordpress landing page based on the design files I have from my current Wix website. - Implementing tabs that can be clicked on to show more text as shown on my current website. We should be able to add more tabs or remove when needed. - Site must be mobile friendly as the current design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Wordpress, with a strong portfolio of custom landing page designs. - Familiarity with Wix and the ability to replicate a design from Wix to Wordpress. - Experience in adding interactive elements to a landing page, such as clickable tabs. The successful candidate will need to be able to work to tight deadlines and communicate effectively...

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    Hi Saurabh A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...written in Python, c++, c#, and capable of printing multiple PDF files simultaneously. Key Requirements: - The application must be able to handle printing multiple PDF files concurrently, providing a more efficient and streamlined printing process. - The print spooler must be designed to operate solely through a Command Line Interface (CLI), so there is no need for a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Web Interface. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Python with a strong understanding of how to handle printing tasks programmatically. - Prior experience developing print spoolers or similar printing software would be highly advantageous. - Familiarity with working in a Windows environment, particularly in relation to system-level tasks like printing management, is a plus. - Attent...

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    ...and set up demo data for our company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes. The primary responsibility will be to research and document our existing CRM workflows, procedures, and best practices, as well as create sample data for demonstration purposes. The freelancer needs to create content and make changes according to the agency's () requirements in the different tabs and menus of the CRM system. The freelancer will also need to update the same content in the actual CRM system. Additionally, the freelancer must send a complete file containing all the content created for the project separately, including demo proposals. Responsibilities: 1) Collaborate with our CRM team to understand our current processes and requirements 2) Conduct thorough research a...

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    I'm in need of a talented software developer experienced in creating desktop applications, API integration with eBay, and inventory management. The application will interface with aspects of my business (selling digital items) that are not typical for eBay, so off-the-shelf apps aren't capable of handling. It should be a standalone Windows app. Key features you should be able to develop: - Listing Quantity updates -- Update my local inventory count as items sell -- Pull from my local inventory files on demand and update quantities available on eBay accordingly - Order Tracking -- Alert on new orders -- Identify repeat customers -- Pull specific info from buyer note or buyer messages -- Help with fulfillment by pointing to locations inventory is available (i.e. fro...

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    ...model to predict potential buy and sell points. - User Interface: Design a user-friendly GUI that displays graphs, essential text-based information, and allows users to easily switch datasets. - Development Environment: The entire application must be developed in Matlab. - Project Timeline: You will have one month to complete this project from the date of commencement. Deliverables: - Complete source code of the application along with documentation. - A functional GUI as described. - A brief report explaining the methodologies implemented, model's performance, and user guide for the GUI. Ideal Candidate: - You should have proven experience with Matlab, specifically in building machine learning models and GUI development. - Experience in signal proces...

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    Need a multi user login where multiple users can connect to my server and access the server using apache gaucomole. It has to be scripted (csh) based as I need to execute on local machine once it is working.

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    I'm seeking a proficient GUI developer to create a high-quality Android app. The primary features of this app are: - **QR Code Scanner:** The main function of the QR code scanner in the app is to link to a website. The QR code scanner should be efficient, accurate, and seamlessly integrated into the app's UI. - **Location Services:** The app should employ location services to track user movement. This functionality is crucial for providing a personalized experience to users based on their real-time location. Ideal candidates should have the following skills and experience: - Proficient in Android app development, with a strong understanding of the Android SDK. - Prior experience with creating QR code scanning features in Android apps. - Expertise in integrating and util...

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    I want an Android app for serial communication (like Hyperterminal). * Well documented source code of the app will be provided. * App will be capable of sending and receiving (i.e. ful...file to read and transmit. * User will be able configure the serial port (i.e. select com port, baud rate (1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 256000, Custom) , data bits (5, 6, 7, 8 bits), parity (None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space), stop bits (1, 1.5, 2), handshaking (None, RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF, RTC/CTS+XON/XOFF, RTS on TX) etc.) * App will be written in C++ using Qt. * GUI will be prepared in QML. * GUI will be designed to run both on Android phones and tablets. * For USB-to serial comms, app will use "mik3y/usb-serial-for-android" utility from ""

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    I'm looking for a talented web designer/developer to enhance the aesthetics of a single page on my existing business website, The task involves improving the GUI of the site, specifically focusing on enhancing the visual appeal and style after search results. Key requirements: - Making the page visually appealing and engaging - Ensuring the design aligns with the existing style of the site - Improving the overall user experience without a complete overhaul Please note that I do not have a specific design theme in mind, and I'm open to suggestions for the improvement.

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    Hello, I'm experiencing some issues with my SSL certificate table on my website, particularly with it not loading correctly. So I have a SSL Certificate table that is loaded from tabs. The tab area works without any issues. The problem that I am faced with is that if you take a look at the table directly below the tabbed area you have to use the scroll bar to view all the information in the table. I do not want to use the scroll bar to go across the screen I want it all in view. Please take a look and tell me how to move all the text so that it all in a table that can be viewed without any scrolling. Any questions please ask and I am more than happy to discuss this is if there is anything you don't understand please ask. Please don't quote on the job and then...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to upgrade my Raspberry Pi setup into a Home Assistant kiosk with additional functionality. The ideal candidate should have experience with Raspberry Pi configurations, Home Assistant, and touch screen integration. This project involves reconfiguring SSH access, setting up a GUI environment, integrating a touch screen (TS7-PRO Sunfounder), and creating customizable Home Assistant dashboards. The developer should also address any missing configurations and troubleshoot issues related to the existing kiosk setup. If you're well-versed in Raspberry Pi and smart home platforms, and enjoy creating interactive interfaces, I'd love to hear from you. Please provide your experience with similar projects and a timeline for completion. Budget $3...

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    3 bud using a neutral and minimalist color scheme (black/white). Key Features and Functionalities: - The website must have robust product filtering options to help users easily navigate and find what they're looking for. - A seamless user login and registration process is essential to create a personalized experience for our customers. - Product Page, Payment & Order Success Page, Admin Dashboard Tabs. - It's crucial that the design is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices as a large part of our audience will be accessing the site on their smartphones. Your main role will be designing the following screens: - Ecommerce landing page - Product filtering interface - Product Page - Payment/ Order Success Page - User login and registration screens - Admi...

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    SUMMARY OF PROJECT: The purpose of this project is to allow multiple users to complete a daily spreadsheet (split into 3 tabs). All users will share and complete the same spreadsheet daily. I have attached the following, please review before you bid: - SPREADSHEET SYSTEM - BRIEF V1.0, PHASE 1 - SPREADSHEET SYSTEM - FLOW CHART - SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE

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    I'm in need of developing a Windows driver to use indirect display driver to store extend virtual screen picture to bitmap file. Ideal Skills and Experience for the Job: - Expertise in Windows driver development - Proven knowledge and experience in DirectX. Requirements: - Development of a Windows driver based on Indirect Display Driver. - A test application with a button, click "Capture" that capture frame from the virtual screen. - Ensuring the compatibility of the driver with the hardware is crucial in this project

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can create a custom Excel sheet to track the dai...freelancer who can create a custom Excel sheet to track the daily attendance of my employees. The sheet should: - Be user-friendly and easy to navigate - Allow for automated calculation of total attendance - Be able to handle multiple employees at once - Have the capacity to expand for future growth I'm not looking for anything too complex, just a simple, efficient tracker that can help me keep tabs on my employees' attendance on a daily basis. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Excel, including advanced formulas and functions - Experience in developing user-friendly, automated spreadsheets - Strong organizational and communication skills to ensure the tracker meets my needs and is ea...

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    ...that I now need. Key Requirements: - Reconfigure SSH access: The SSH access to my Pi is currently missing, and I need this restored. - GUI interface: I'm unable to interact with my Pi via GUI, and this needs to be resolved. - Additional functionalities: The kiosk needs to be upgraded to include extra functionalities, specifically touch screen control for added convenience. - Dashboard creation: I need dashboards created on the kiosk screen to control various smart home devices. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Raspberry Pi configurations and setups. - Experience with Home Assistant and similar smart home platforms. - Knowledge of creating GUI interfaces and dashboards. - Ability to implement touch screen TS7-PRO Sunfounder controls. - Strong p...

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    ...shortcuts. The user should be able to easily navigate and switch between these modes without any lag or glitches. —— more information: I would like you to adapt some code for a simple virtual camera. The basic code is already all here from Microsoft For this proof of concept with no GUI I would like you to make the code to make the virtual camera to handle 3 states for the virtual camera which users switch between like this, by pressing : Ctrl+1 - takes system video camera video feed as input Ctrl+2 - as above but also with watermark image in top right corner. Ctrl+3 - no camera vision, full screen image This is a proof of concept. If it is successful a larger project

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