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    I need a 3D model of something. Wood truss house 3D design dwg’s: struct. dwg’s std lumber sizes, BOM’s incl. simpson tie’s and constr dwg’s

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    hi. require someone who have experience with EPROCESS and MMVAD struct. If no experience on x64 please do not bid and waste your time. I must solve issue with windows10 working set list corruption.

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    ...something like that : struct CriticalObject : Codable { var entitiy:Entity! var criticalLevel: String? var criticalMessage: String? var criticalStatus: String? } For first json entity must be OutdoorTemp object For secoond json entity must be AdBlue object For first json entity must be PeriodicMaintenance object struct AdBlue: Codable

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    ...have about 200000 products. Export must be made in CSV file with following data CATEGORY; SUBCATEGORY; PRODUCT NAME; BRAND; PRICE; PICTURE LINK, PRODUCT NUMBER example data struct Hardware';'Graphic card';'Nvidia 1080ti';'Nvidia';'540.00';'[log ind for at se URL]';'MQGY6RL' Data scrapper can be made in php or any kind o...

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    ...the structs (i.e., the number is the size of the array). You will need to create a struct that contains an integer type of variable that keeps track of which message number is contained in the struct, and two strings, the coded message and the decoded message. struct messages{ int messageNum; string codedMessage; string decodedMessage;

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    ...information): I am not allowed to share too much about the smart contract, but I share some information. The articles are stored in an array named articles. Articles are built with a struct with following variables: seller, price, bid, bidder. Following functions are used: function getArticle(uint id) returns the seller, price, bid and bidder. Website (basic

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    ...MPU-9250 is connected with i2c interface and (ssd1331) display will be connected via spi. Project Details Initial Setup: Once the device is connected, mobile will pass struct data to do initial set up. This data will be: • Name of device: 15 Chars long • Unique ID: A uuid • Current Time Device Name and unique id will be stored in some permanent

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    Develop a linux ...using kernel level UDP calls. The receivers on getting the data will send an ack using UDP that needs to be timed at the sender. You can register it as a protocol using the struct proto and proto_ops. Internally, you can use the kernel_ sendmsg() and kernel_recvmsg() calls. The module should be loaded / removed using insmod / rmmod.

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    Implement a program that uses a contiguous list (list.h) to manage a sequence of personal records. The format of personal records is defined as a struct in main.h as follows. struct Personal_record { string first_name; string last_name; int code; };

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    SCALA code to read the table present in HIVE and load it mongodb as a collection. Load as it is, no n...contains some fields with DECIMAL type. Can cast them to string. 2)Value for some fields in HIVE table is completely NULL TYPE. 3)some fields in HIVE table are of ARRAY of STRUCT type Here am attaching HIVE table ddl and sample data to create table

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    ...visual studio 2017 I have run into a roadblock in my programming... can anyone help me please. My problem is quick sort algorithm and thread problem You must know data struct very well Do you know quick sort algorithm very well? I think that you shoud use it And you should also know [log ind for at se URL] problem is thread and algorithm problem I don't

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    ...each thread. The simplest approach is to create a data structure using a struct construct of C. For example, a structure to pass the row and column where a thread must begin its validation would appear as follows: /* structure for passing data to threads */ typedef struct { int row; int column; } parameters; Both Pthreads and Windows programs

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    ...handleMovement() method. #define OBSTACLE_HEIGHT 20 #define OBSTACLE_WIDTH 10 #define PEOPLE_COUNT 100 struct person{ int current_x; int current_y; int destination_x; int destination_y; } static person people[1000]; struct obstacle{ int x; int y; } Basically, these "people" must move from their current x and y to their destination

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    19 bud and write. First, define your file system type using: static struct file_system_type myfs_type = { .owner = THIS_MODULE, .name = "myfs", .mount = myfs_mount, .kill_sb = kill_block_super, .fs_flags = FS_REQUIRES_DEV, }; See static struct file_system_type ext4_fs_type defined in fs/ext4/super.c as an example

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    2 bud to have drop down menus. that consists of pages with different names to act as its owns page. Please see sample ideas attached below. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    struct in C programming Udløbet left

    ...h ******************* An online store sells 10 items and allow users to add items to their shopping carts then produce an invoice upon completion of each transaction */ struct StockItem{ int s_id; char s_desc[100]; float s_price; } stock_list[10] = { {111, "50" LED TV", 1500.00}, {112, "75" Smart LED TV", 12000.00}, {211, "Home Theater"...

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    ...operations like insert, delete and display. Person has id and mobile number. Part of the header file is the following: 1. #define MAX 10 2. 3. struct node { 4. Person person; 5. struct node *next; 6. } typedef Node; 7. Node *front, *rear; 8. // function protypes 9. int frontelement(); give the front element of the queue 10

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    Need a method to process wav files in C (in Linux),

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    Need a support while we struct in UI functionality

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    ...ProjectA.h To include all on a library compiled and can use it on my source. I want to mention that's a C++ server > CC = g++. Also i want to mention i have some pointers struct which i want to call it from ProjectA, is a dynamic character pointer. So please apply just if you are a master, i don't want to spend some hours with someone and after

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