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    a fitness studio is hosting an event at a local beer brewery. It will be teaching a yoga sculpt work out class first and will open up the brewery for beer and food after to celebrate Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) a traditional Mexican event that honors and celebrates past family and friends. I would like help with designing a t shirt that can best incorporate these things. I'd like it...

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    I want to create a range of pages/images that can be posted to instagram. Easy to read and containing wording on each page. Looking for something shieke but creative. The colour schme I am thinking is black, white, grey, charcoal, baby pink - any combination is fine. I have attached some files of our current logo. Page 1 (front page): Workout your way By ES FIT Page 2: Build your own booty work...

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    Trophy icon t shirt print - 14/09/2019 13:34 EDT Udløbet left

    I need some graphic design. looking for a design for a mens sport tank top for a yoga event called squats and hops. i'm thinking of an image of a hops flower that looks like the Adidas logo. thanks!

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    I am an independent mobile App developer. I want to create a database of workouts for a new fitness app. Instead of manually entering, copy and pasting each variable in a string of code, I need a form created so that multiple variables can be entered by query's on a form and then once all of the variables are entered the output is a complete string with remaining constant characters and wor...

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    Hi, I need a Hybrid app with features like this reference app: Fitter App for fitness. Please check before bidding. URL APP: [log ind for at se URL] Thanks

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    Fitness made simple for busy people. A progressive calisthenics workout program based on three compound bodyweight exercises; push ups, pull ups, and squats/Lunges. Users can log their data and see progress reports over time. The main idea is to make getting fit easier for the public, without all technicalities and hassles of complex diet and exercise. I wish to run this app on both the iOS and ...

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    Company Name: Glute Squad Target clients: Females aged 18-40 I am starting a gym that focuses on training females glutes and legs. The main exercises will be squats with weights and lunges with weights. I would like you to come up with a logo that incorporates a female shapely behind with some type of barbell weight. I would also like the company name Glute Squad as well as a picture in the same l...

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    Professional female doing squats video

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    Trophy icon Murph 2019 Tee Udløbet left

    We need a design for the front of our annual Memorial Day Murph fundraiser Tee shirt. Design should be patriotic. Preferred fitness related design. I have attached some examples. Design must have "Pell City Fitness", "Murph", and "2019" or "19" Shirt will be olive green. No more than 3 colors. Would also like to include the workout somewhere in the design b...

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    I am a personal trainer and I am building a Workout Log Tracker to track the workouts of my personal training clients. I have ALREADY BUILT most of it but I cannot get the formulas and macros to work because I am terrible at Excel. It probably won't take a good expert more than 30 minutes to finish it for me though. I have attached a copy of the Workout Log Tracker so you can see what it look...

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    I live in Newbury Berkshire and worked in the fitness industry for many years. I noticed that fitness clubs focused on ideas to retain their members. One of these initiatives was to hold a fitness challenge to interact with members and build rapport. Currently this is kept within the club with results on hidden excel spreadsheets or whiteboard... My product has evolved this procedure by providi...

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    Hi, I am looking for a design for a middle school T-shirt, front and back. Here is the basic info Garment: T-Shirt (Light Steel) [log ind for at se URL] Artwork info: FRONT CENTER CHEST PRINT – Medium to Large Coverage Required Text: "Prairie Vista Panthers" Optional Text: "2019", "Hawthorne, California" Required Image: Panther Paw Ink Color: Royal Blue ...

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    build a design Udløbet left

    a scavenger hunt map with tasks to complete: Ball Slams For 1 Minute Hold A 2 Minute Plank (on elbows & no falling or restart).  Attend a 6:10 AM Class 1-2 Weighted Sprint (2 Minutes)  Burpees For 1 Minute  Attend A Class By Jordan Wanner Go For A Run (Snap A Pic)  Get A Photo With One Of Ours Trainer  12 Steady With Resistance 1 Minute  Bring A Friend To The Stu...

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    A hardware machine should detect the squats and count the squats. By image processing detect a squat position. Image processing should work in background and count down should display in main screen. Please complete research and confirm me. project environment fedora 15 with using java language and with using sensor . this mail regarding details of squat project description. Our very clear requ...

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    hi, as a personal fitness trainer i need to provide workout plans for my clients. I need fitness illustration to show what they have to do in the gym or at home. My clients are women of almost every age working towards health and body goals. What i need mostly are compound exercises and body weight exercises there will be more future projects, as new guides will be developed. I add a pic to show w...

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    A hardware machine should detect the squats and count the squats. By image processing detect a squat position. Image processing should work in background and count down should display in main screen. Please complete research and confirm me. project environment fedora 15 with using java language .

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    Trophy icon Exercise Drawings Udløbet left

    I am looking to get drawings for a few exercises for an article. My article is about exercises for strength and conditioning. I would like to have the following exercises drawn out: 1. Squats 2. Deadlifts, 3. Pullups 4. Box Jumps 5. Sprints 6. Burpees 7. Sit-ups

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    Phase one is I'd like a simple android app that will allow me to record and change the number of squats, pushups, and situps done during the day. I sometimes do 25 situps, in the morning 15 more around lunch, 40 more in the evening and I lose count, my goal is 100 of each daily. I just need to be able to punch in how many and adjust it through out the day for 3 categories. Please quote thi...

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    Hi zclemente, How about we reduce the number of characters to 10 then as per below: Annie: Skipping Sit Ups Angie: Pull Ups Push Ups Sit Ups Air Squats Cindy: Pull Ups Push Ups Air Squats Diane: Deadlifts Hand Stand Push Ups Fran: Thrusters Pull Ups Grace: Clean & Jerk Helen: Running Kettle Bell Swing Pull Ups Isabel: Snatch Linda: Deadlift Bench Press Power Clean Nancy: Running Ove...

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    Hi zCLemente. I need you to create 19 new characters for my Angry Calf Brand. For each character, it should look similar to the original Angry Calf cow but they should be female and should have some differentiating features that make each of the 19 characters seem like individuals. You could search some Crossfit athletes as inspiration for the different styles that people wear etc. You can put t...

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    I have a mobile app that can record my workouts but I need a database to store the information I'm collecting. In each workout I need to know the exercises, sets, rest, weight, and reps that I perform. Each workout will * need a start and end time * associated with a type of exercise Each exercise will have a number of sets and rest times e.g. Exercise = Squats * Sets = 3 * Rest...

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    Trophy icon Illustrate a girl in the story Udløbet left

    hi,I need someone to illustrate some images of a girl for me. I have a short story about her and her personality. I also prepared some pictures which I download online which is NOT an indicator which kind of illustration it should be, just to prevent you from going too far away. Details can be found in the attachment. Thanks Illustrate a young girl in a short story. Her per...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for a Blog & Brand Udløbet left

    Design a logo for my fitness/health blog "Squats, Greens & Proteins". For "design input" PLEASE make sure you visit [log ind for at se URL] beforehand (most of it will be redesigned tho, so don't rely on it too heavily). The logo should: 1. be minimalistic (not too many colours, light green/gray/black/white is the colour scheme, clear structures, not too playful)...

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    Squats, Greens & Proteins is a food, fitness & health blog that was established in 2015. Now it's time to rebuild my blog - rebuilding the website ([log ind for at se URL]), a new logo, ... I plan on launching fitness related products soon. That's why I need: - a logo for the website (Squats, Greens & Proteins) - a similar logo for the products (SGP Apparel)

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    I am starting with a new Outdoor Workout "C-FIT". It is a combination of High intensity intervall training and Core Workouts (abs, lower back). The workout style is intervall training and intensive bursts of exercises like Burpees, Push-ups, Roping, Jumping Squats. See here a description: [log ind for at se URL] I need a short professional video which announces my C-FIT workout. The v...

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    Trophy icon Design 5 T-Shirts Udløbet left

    Design #1: This will be an Illustration of a woman breaking a chain or breaking free of chains. The illustration should include the woman from the head, arms and down little past her chest. I don't need the full body illustrated. Color should be in white with a very thin black outline and Black with a very thin white outline. Make your own designs no copied work. Design #2: This is g...

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    Write a JS function with the following signature: function render(dict, updatecallback) Given a JSON object describing a list of items, return a string containing HTML and inline Javascript that will render like the given screenshot. - When a checkbox is clicked, modify the dictionary as appropriate (toggling the "complete" value), and call updatecallback(newdict). dict = [ ...

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    Hello, I hope all is well. Here is the next set of designs for you to work on. Please provide me with your own take on EACH of the following t-shirts: https://ww...

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    Trophy icon Reusable Grocery Bag design Udløbet left

    We are having reusable grocery bags printed for marketing. We like the idea of quotes such as "Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you" or "If it can't be fixed with squats or fish oil, you are probably going to die" or something positive like "Overstressed, overworked. Let us lift you up!" Our logo color is RGB is R 0(zero), G 111, B 161. ...

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    Illustrations Udløbet left

    Hi, I'm writing a male enhancement book and am looking for images for a calisthenics training program. Can you give me a quote on the following list of exercise illustrations? -Leg Ups (ususual exercise- contact me for a description) -Body Leg Lifts -Lunges -One legged squats -Sissy Squats -Dips -Bench Dips -Pull Ups -Chins- undergrip, hands facing -Push ...

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    I need a graphic designer that can do some exercises drawings such as push ups, pull ups, squats... etc. The drawings will be embroidered on hats.

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    Design project Udløbet left

    I need some graphic design.I'm going to be selling tank tops and I need a custom design in a black and white outline. I would like 3 separate outlines of a muscular CAPE BUFFALO doing a bench press, squats and lifting dumbells and in the background of each workout there needs to be 2 large music speakers, on the left and right side of the image. The words Pump Up (located on top) The Volume (...

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    design an app Udløbet left

    this is a fitness app, similar to freeletics, but much more simple. App is meant to support journey to reach level '1000'. Each workout session is a level and upon completion you move to the next level. Each workout consists of three exercises(always). pushup, squat, bentoverrow(BOR). Each level stands for the 'repititions' per exercise. So level 10 is being able to do 10 push ...

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    Trophy icon Group Fitness Hanging Banners Udløbet left

    Design 5 hanging banners - 800mm wide x 2000mm high Editable vector Adobe format to be provided. The banners will hang indoors and outside They are for promotion of Group Fitness Classes in a Gym They need to be exciting and fun Banners are required for the following class types Cross Fit Training - uses, ropes, climbing ropes, Suspension trainers, Plyometric boxes, Squats, Training racks,...

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    I want you to design a plugin that can create different diet plan and workout plan for different users that are signed in and it will show on there dash board ....for reference you can check some websites like [log ind for at se URL] (they have squats bot which keep track of diet plans )......[log ind for at se URL] .....i want this kind of diet plan for users

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    It can be tough to pack on muscle but the way forward is consistency. If you want to gain muscle quickly, however, there are a few tradeoffs, such as gaining some fat along with that muscle mass, and giving up some other activities like running so that your body can focus on muscle gain. You need to be eating more, using the right workout strategy, and employing exercises geared toward making your...

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    Hey there! I want to redesign the squat-rack. The current design is clunky, finicky and time consuming for customers to put together. Here is a photo for reference: [log ind for at se URL] The designs should meet the following criteria: 1. The design for the rack that has no screws, nuts or bolts. Preferably something that is 6 pieces in total that can clip or screw in neatly together. 2. Be...

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    Need a logo for an Australian fitness training business that specialises in combined Bali bootcamp/yoga/holistic retreat packages. Need a logo that encompasses a balance of athletic strength along with a holistic mindset. Sort of a "Squats meets Yoga" vibe.

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    firstly i would start with Hydration is the first step to being healthy and feeling good. I’m sure we’ve all experienced how awful it feels to even be a little dehydrated. I’ve felt sleepy, had a headache, and just generally crummy in the day and I know those are the days that I’m not drinking enough water. According to WedMD, you should drink half an ounce to an ounce pe...

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    Design a mobile aplication that post everyday predefined exercises routines (burpees, pushups, squats, etc.) and user could search routines also, and make his own routines, with ability to put new exercises (only de admin) and comments, save the exercises time in the user account and share it with others athletes. User can register to get into VIP section and get daily advice from an expert and t...

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    Design a Flyer Udløbet left


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    == IMMEDIATE HIRE == We need 40 SUPER SIMPLE Flat 2D illustrations of Fitness movements like Burpees / Sumo Squats etc... The style we want to replicate is SUPER simple : [log ind for at se URL] MUST BE AVAILABLE TO START IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLET IN 48h OR LESS

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    I have a knee sleeve (brace) that has 4 different sizes. I will be selling this on Amazon and will use the graphic to be displayed in the area where photos of the product are. I need to have a graphic chart made to show the sizes in both cm and inches to match to the 4 sizes of the braces: S 11.8-13" 30-33cm M 13-14.2" 33-36cm L 14.2-15.7" 36-40cm XL 15.7-17" 40-43c...

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    Design a T-Shirt Udløbet left

    I've recently been certified as a personal trainer and I'd like to establish my brand. FITNESS!!! I have multiple Ideas and if this is done well, whomever is awarded the project, will have plenty business to come. I envision something like "FitNest. Let's push util we soar!" or "Lets invest in your nest eggs". (I do not authorize the use of the previous ...

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    company - nuts logo name- nutz 4 u design- funky and funny art work of cartoon nuts ie peanut or cashew (lifting weights ,squats,yoga) to go on cardboard packaging

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    I own a classic rock-themed gym. I am looking for a new website banner. I am looking for a banner that shows a cartoon-y (see: caricatures) powerlifting gym setting with a bunch of classic rock stars as the gym-goers. For the gym, basically just want lots of racks, heavy weights, platforms, some bench presses, curl stations, leg presses, etc. Want the rockers to be caricatures. Want it to l...

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    Hi I have a bulk of writing that needs to be formatted into, Im not sure what I will call it BUT. A client manual, what you need to know about body transformation success, client hand book or something similar. Its a manual informing a new client about certain topics they need to know about in order to lose weight. I am a personal trainer and need someone that can format my information on certain...

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    Design a Logo Udløbet left

    I'd like a logo designed for my business. I'm a personal trainer. "FITNEST" is the name of my program. I'd like the logo to be bird's nest of men/women doing overhead/regular squats. Additionally, will be others that have climbed out of the "nest" and started to walk/fly on their own. (Represent a bird leaving the nest.)

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    I'm looking for an artist to compose a sketch of a "Jesus" doing Squats. Looking for something Hard, Muscular, basically stating if " If Jesus can do you, so should you"

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    You’ve been doing a great job with creating articles for our audience, you really speak their language! I was also impressed how good you were at adding the extra tips to the articles about either testosterone or fat burning supplements When I ask you to add a tip about either testosterone or fat burners we’re either promoting [log ind for at se URL] or [log ind for at se URL] please...

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