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    I require a genuine communication code for the successful use of lcd oled sh1106 or similar. In which you can graph information from the Xplane11 simulator dataref on the screens. An extra software in which you can configure the type of representation of the information on the screens. This code can be based on arduino nano, pro, etc (small better). I need to be able to load the code in arduino...

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    I need a program for desktop that be like the original program of Amadeus I mean a simulator of it

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    This is ONLY the Reference link: [log ind for at se URL] A minimum of 10 x 3d watches are required. 360 rotation The watch will have the option of having a steel bracelet or different leather strap options. Options to have ONLY dial on display to customise only the dial. Addition/ removal of the hands (minute, second and hour) Colour change of the different parts of the dials such as th...

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    Failed to build iOS app Error output from Xcode build: ↳ objc[12541]: Class AMSupportURLConnectionDelegate is implemented in both /usr/lib/[log ind for at se URL] (0x20bbc2c10) and /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/[log ind for at se URL] ework/Versions/A/MobileDevice (0x11453c2b8). One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined. objc[12541]: Class AMSupportURLSess...

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    data communication 4 dage left

    need help in data communication subject by using Wireshark, OMNet++ and ns (network simulator) also Clack requires Java.

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    Remotely control an airplane and receive telemetry information from it. Must use the ideas of Delegate, Events, Socket Programming ,Thread, serialization and So On. Here in pdf there is full explanation of the Work, I have attached the Simulator (.exe) too. Along with the form layout .

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    Excel expert needed 3 dage left

    I’m trying to automate the Navy’s pilot qualification program in excel. Their syllabus has exact days of training where they should complete simulator events and flight events. I want to be able to input a start day for a class (7 total classes) and excel place the required simulator number of x’s and flight x’s on an automated corresponding calendar. I started trying t...

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    We are a flight simulator experience company based in the United Kingdom. Yet despite being the largest of our kind with multiple branches, as well as a highly visual, exciting and different type of product our FB ads are crashing and burning, static and boring and failing to engage! We need a designer that can see the excitement in our industry and find cool, interesting ways to put it across. ...

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    We are a flight simulator experience company based in the United Kingdom. Yet despite being the largest of our kind with multiple branches, as well as a highly visual, exciting and different type of product our FB ads are crashing and burning, static and boring and failing to engage! We need a designer that can see the excitement in our industry and find cool, interesting ways to put it across. ...

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    We are planning to create a virtual reality-based welding simulator

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    Existing Flow: Iot Devices(Sending Json Payload) -> Kafka Streaming(receiving & Producing) -> Spark Streaming(Consuming Json using Scala) -> Cassandra(For Storage) Project Description: IoT devices getting uploaded with JSON payload in Cassandra. IoT devices sending device information through a simulator to Kafka streaming. Kafka Producer producing JSON streaming data. Kafka JSON data...

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    Hi there, I’m looking to have a simulator built that incorporates a time component (0-100 years), 10 numerical values that can be adjusted as time moves forward which are represented by circles that grow over time as each year ticks by. Each circle’s value is dependent on several factors such as the value added per month/year, percentage deducted at a certain future date, projections b...

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    RAN slicing 1 dag left

    I need to code algorithm in python and integrate it in a simulator. Need someone who is really good in Python and basic concepts of 5G or telecommunications

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    I edit trucks/trailers for a simulator and need a few parts modeled for a Kenworth T610 SAR. I require the bonnet ( hood ) with wings the front grille the air filters and front bumper bar modeled. I have a complete T610 model from Hum3d to use as the base but need these other parts to make the SAR version of the truck. I can supply this model to help with scaling etc. I have no 3d modeling skills ...

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    BLESimulator Udløbet left

    Need a developer who can develop cycling speed and cadence accessory simulator

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    Take an existing Altium 21 schematic, add real simulation models to components and create an accurate simulation in Altium of an analogue oscillator (50KHz) and inductive sensor coil circuit. The analogue oscillator circuit captured in Altium Schematic (less than 25 parts) has been built in hardware and simulated in TI Tina simulator. The Tina simulation transient analyses output matches the har...

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    Litecoin Gambling Udløbet left

    I am looking for a site like [log ind for at se URL] The details will be down below! Crash Game Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier. But be careful because the game can bust at any time, and you'll get nothing! - Provably Fair - Bonuses are back ! - Weekly Challenge : Do you wager a lot in a week ? you g...

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    Cluster State Visualization General We are looking for an experienced TypeScript and D3 developer to build a d3 extension for cluster state visualization. You will be required to sign freelance contract agreements. If we are satisfied with your work there is a potential for similar jobs in the future. Background: Clusters are represented by nodes (circles) and links (lines) between them. Each nod...

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    need help solving a few questions regarding disassembly in visual studios, Mars simulator, gdb in Linux.

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    DISSASSEMBLY MSVisual Studio Debug, MIPS assembly MARS simulator for Business Purpose

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    DISSASSEMBLY windows in MSVisual Studio Debug, MIPS assembly MARS simulator for Business Purpose

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    Convert the E-I Net neural simulator from MatLab to python (see [log ind for at se URL] for description).  This scientific research simulator is 7,000 lines of MatLab code, see [log ind for at se URL]  The main simulation engine is in the file neurosim/NetModel_UpdateFast.m.  neurosim/NetModel_Plot.m includes a lot of custom plotting code.  neurosim/* is the simulator.  Th...

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    5G RAN Slicing -- 2 Udløbet left

    The project belongs to the domain of 5G and Telecommunications. The task is to improve the results of already developed simulator and get improved results. Here is the repository of Slicesim( A simulator for RAN Slicing). You can study about it in detail over there. [log ind for at se URL] and i am also attaching a paper too. So the task is to 1) Implement the algorithms proposed in the paper th...

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    I'm looking for someone who can teach me how to do specific particle simulator editing. I'm looking for a shot tracer for my golf shots exactly like this video: [log ind for at se URL] Please go to minute 4:18

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    I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build my personal website. [log ind for at se URL] the website should do like tte link above

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    Develop a study level aircraft for the simulator X-Plane 11.

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    Hello, I’m requesting to have a custom simulator steering wheel built. I envision to have a light weight drift wheel with a screen display that is customizable. If interested, please reach out for more information on this!

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    I have a Java source code in the embedded Android OS. I need to run the UI on Android Simulator (TV or Phone). I'm looking for an expert who can convert the project as general Android app and run it on simulator.

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    Dear Freelancers IN my ionic 5 project trying to deploy in IOS. I have created build and config xcode Certificate etc.. when i run app in my device i am getting following error and also created build crashing in the real device it working fine in Simulator Could not launch “Project Name” Domain: IDEDebugSessionErrorDomain Code: 3 Failure Reason: Kali-iphone has denied the launch requ...

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    i am the co owner of a group and we are trying to make 1 good game of are group but for that we need a good coder

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    Hello i m facing an issue with my android project its that in simulator it work well without issue but in app it open and directly close pages thank you

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    Compile and simulate the assembly programs (.S file) using DS-5 simulator and make sure it’s working. Comment your assembly programs.

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    automated test cases for Microsoft Todo - > by using must Tricentis Tosca simulator tool ( latest version - 14.2)

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    Hi, I am facing difficulty to call ionic http call from android/ios simulator. Need some help to connect and help. Note it is working on ionic serve not with ionic cap run android/ios Thankd

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    Programming language- Python Have to create a model for lane changing and test the model by using SUMO simulator.

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    Hey! I need a Roblox scripter, builder, and animator for my trailer, My Roblox user is PogchampTommyInitt, I want to make a simulator called fnf sim, and no, I don't want it to be a rip-off game like Coin Hero, or anything like that, I want to make an actual good game.

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    Build a tool Udløbet left

    Create a simulator which would consider inflow and give an optimised output

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    Working with the HNOCS package in Omnet++. Dynamic XY routing algorithm needs to be implemented. Just the implementation code for this is required . Can someone help please? It's urgent .

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    As an organization we work in Drones, Simulators and Robots We are developing a Unity based Flight Simulator with Reinforcement learning being incorporated in the opponent flight dynamics We are looking for experts to incorporate reinforcement learning in Unity.

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    Just on IOS Looking for someone to build me a simulator type game. It's a fun, silly little game, quite simple. Only 8 levels, each level is quite simple, - supermarket, post office etc - just one back drop, not too much movement, just a few people moving on each backdrop. Full details revealed once project awarded.

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    need to change cloudsim simulator to work as per my requirement. more details will be shared with the right candidate.

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    I need a Simulator for a Dynamic System (Control Systems for Aeromodel Aerocrafts Drone UAV) using which as technologies: - Matlab/Simulink - Octave - Python (slycot/control) The paper example link: [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hi Freelancer, My project is to write arduino Mega2560 code to enable MODBUS TCP/IP between this mega2560 and the slave simulator software present in my laptop. The functions to be accomplished are; 1, Write a coil to change its status, 2. Read that coil status and display, 3, Read Holding registers and 4. finally input registers. Note: Those who accomplished the MODBUS TCP/IP using Arduino projec...

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    Boardgame Editing Company is looking for Graphic, Illustration and Web designing skills. Basically the work, for every game, will be to: - " roughly" Graphic Design prototypes so that they can be playtested - eventually implement them on TTS (Tabletop Simulator) - When the game is ready (playtest ok) : Final graphic design / Illustrations - Webdesign

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    I need to update UI of Launcher app on Android TV. I have a sample app for it. I want the UI as UI design on [log ind for at se URL] Above github have other UI. So I need to update it as in Readme. You can check it on Android TV simulator.

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    Hi, Degree:Advance security and digital forensic(cyber security) subject:Internet of things(IOT) Taks:My task is on (Impact anaylysis on low power and lossy networks(RPl) Prectical requirement: Wants to make an prectical on Rpl attacks decrease rank attack and blackhole attacks. simulator requirements :(Contiki cooja simulator) Work requirement:iimplementation of blackhole and decrease rank atttac...

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    install PC's games Udløbet left

    hi all I [log ind for at se URL] to find a [log ind for at se URL] games for my PC like flight simulator and So on. (Removed by Freelancer)

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    This trailer is for an Augmented Reality Mobile APP. This app simulates Gravity in users' living room with augmented reality (AR) objects such as Sun, Blackholes, and planets. Users can even simulate extreme gravity using a blackhole to experiment bending of light. The app is designed to show how various celestial objects with mass warps space-time to create curvature as predicted by Einstein...

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