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    MS Outlook Add-in Udløbet left

    ...maintaining their own linked copy. Both the person who initiated the task and the traffic coordinator will have their copies updated when the person doing the work updates their version. As all tasks assigned to all people are routed though the traffic coordinator, their task list contains all tasks, and is shared so management can view it. This system works

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    Personal Firewall Udløbet left

    A personal firewall program for unexperienced Internet users who want to know they ar...description of how the firewall works would be nice. (Just roughly) ## Platform Windows 95 and up ## Deadline information Coder must also include a shareware or demo version of the software - with either limited functionality or a secure 30 day usage limit.

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    Hi, I need a program/hack/utility to hack the popular game made by jagex software, '[log ind for at se URL]', this popular rpg game, does not have 1 cheat yet, i need a cheat for Money. It could be a trainer, an edited version, or even a new charactor. Personally I dont belive a trainer/hack/mod can be made, but if you proove me wrong, then you get the money

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    ...of this software should be to AUTOMATICALLY update and replace the current desktop background picture by a new picture, each time the software owner turns on its computer. 30 jpeg pictures will be included with the software and will display randomly but never doubled and one picture per day max. Once the 30 pictures got diplayed, the software will pop-up

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    Document Imaging/Archiving/Retrieval Software: We are seeking Document Imaging Software similar to Laserfiche, IMRGold's Alchemy, HummingBird, PCDocs, Filnet. Must be: 1.Multi-Users applications. [log ind for at se URL] Server architecture. [log ind for at se URL] all types of Windows clients include XP and Internet Explorers. [log ind for at se URL] applicatio...

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    ...Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform I think it includes Unix version and Windows version. But i'm more inclined to Unix based version and not even sure if windows version works. ## Deadline information Even though it's a freely distributed software i'd appreciate it if you didnt spread it around and kept this project c...

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    Setup Program Udløbet left

    ...create self extracting set programs. For reference you can make a reference to a product called ZUP MAKER, you can also download the trial version of the same from [log ind for at se URL] We need an exact software like it, plus a facility should be there to add few lines of our own code by default, that is to explain correctly; Lets say that the application

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    ...Cellular phone . More or less is only reading and writing into a Modem in the serial port. Maybe you can quote me a preliminar version that we can test and reply for modifications . First stage can be a Menu driven software for Windows 95/NT/98/XP that can deal with the complete AT Commands (IS 707) , I can send the document at your request. We are

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    My name is Howard Lesmeister. I'm in the process of buying a software program. The program is a Handicapping program for Horse Racing called Multi-Strats. The owners of the program where forced out of business 5 years ago due to personal problems. Before I make the purchase and receive the Source Code I am doing a lot of homework on the program and

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    Write a C program 1. Set the 8 switches on the 68HC12 Laboratory Trainer to 0 (down) prior to running your program [Port-D 0x05, DDRD 0x07]. NOTE: incorporate Software Debouncing (~10-20 mSeconds) in reading ALL switch settings below. 2. Activation of the (leftmost) most-significant (bit#7) switch should display your name on the 68HC12 Trainer Front

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    0 bud not know what version of software I am using at this time. I was told there was no info on it. I do know it is an earlier version of smartsearch. I need the new version I purchased installed without losing any of my current customers data. Would like to have the TOP BID features etc. working. I thought installing this new version would get rid of

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    The project involves the development of a software plugin for Outlook Express that should handle incoming messages before arriving to the Inbox, the same way an anti-virus plugin would do. Also, this software will have to handle different tasks like accessing the address book, creating email folders, or moving messages to mail folders inside Outlook

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    ...number per line. (Will be in the same format as the "ORIG"). *More info will be given. *Acrobat file for integration from [log ind for at se URL] enclosed. On [log ind for at se URL] ## Deliverables All source code, copyrights etc. Credit for making can be put in a "comment" in the cgi script.. Need a fully working, integrated product/set

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    We are making the third version of our Video Editing software called AVIMGen3, in C++ (6.0 or .NET, same compiler almost). The program is mostly done but so far it can not save in any formats. It can import .avi files but we are stuck on nothing but things like pointers to arrays of pointers, which don't seem to be working out. Basically I need someone

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    ...requirments for this programming assignment will be based on the following assessment criteria:- Working version of the program. A structure chart or pseudo code showing the design of your program together with a written description of the software components that you have developed. The operating instructions to load and run your program. The test plan

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    ...the CDDB datbase. All entired will be stored in a local database (ie. artist, track, label, genre, conductor, year etc) that way I have complete control over my search. The software will also function as a player (allowing me to select which rooms in the house I want to play to - and ofcourse different rooms can have different things playing at the same

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    We are looking for programmers who have experience with Palm OS and Pocket PC software. In other cases, we would need programmers to create new dual platform (Palm OS/Pocket PC) software based on a category/idea we provide. This would be the start of multiple projects to the right programmer(s). This project would involve taking a product concept and

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    Company Logo Udløbet left

    I am setting up a software company that is targetting it products directly at the Linux operating system. I need a logo designed and relised in various sizes and formats. The name of the company is 'Jasp Computer Services'. The word 'Jasp' derives from 'jasper' which is: 'an opaque cryptocrystalline quartz of any of several colors'. Maybe you can work

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    I need your help to test my software on different OS's (Windows 98, NT, 2K, and XP) as I release new versions and upgrades before I make them available publicly. Basically, you would get a preview of the software's new version, test it on all above mentioned OSs and report back to me errors that I need to fix. This type of work will be recurring, therefore

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    ...the product MindSoft PushMail that can be downloaded at: [log ind for at se URL] The problem is when my customers install the software and try to send a mail (with the program) they get the 429 VB error! I need to release the final version and the 429 error could be a setup problem or a problem with the source code. I will

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    Small Logo Udløbet left

    ...background is ok (maybe even better), but keep in mind that the page I want to put it on will have a background in that color, so your logo must fit in. The logo is for a software design company, called S-Softs It must look proffesional (no playmobil/mondrian nor overly done effects) Only bids with samples will be considered. If you don't post a sample

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    I need a clone (or something similar) to “BackupNow!?? The trial version can be downloaded here: [log ind for at se URL] I do NOT need every feature this program has, but I do need the following: Functionality: 1. Allow the user to select what they want backed up: a Volume, a Folder, or individual Files. 2. The app must give the option to

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    game Udløbet left . Completed full source for MMOG game(pls. divide between alpha version, low beta version, high beta version, and commercial version.) . Completed strategic simulation game of multi-players(pls. divide between alpha version, low beta version, high beta version, and commercial version.) . Complete documentation with technical specif...

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    ...that would not allow my software to launch until a password was entered. I have found a version of my software that was not purchased, and was copied from another computer. i need to protect it here are my thoughts. if you have a better way explain. There should be two passwords, one that would made my software a demo version that would expire after

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    Introduction This project is for a web site to act in conjunction with an existing software product. The existing software product is a medical records application in which the doctor uses a portable computer to enter the patient’s history while talking to the patient. (more information at [log ind for at se URL]) The program already has extensive menus, options

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    Program Clone Udløbet left

    ...violate the copyright. The ruler sized interface design will NOT be used. I'll admit it is an awesome interface but I need an original looking program. Powerful Lesson Planning Software [log ind for at se URL] I think the program is relatively easy to develop. It doesn't have a lot of deep features. It's mostly setting up database fields

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    We are looking for someone to create an applicati...written in MS Visual Basic 6.0 or MS Visual C++ 5 Called from a Microsoft Active Server Pages written in JScript 2.0 ## Deadline information Must be coded in English version of the software. This is not the complete specifications for the project. More details will be provided upon sucessful bid.

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    ...However I would like to upgrade the application to be a windows based applicaiton software. So it is compatible with all the windows apis. It has screens, reports, data entry and many custome files. I have the complete source code, but you would have to have your own version of Clarion Dos. I could send the source code, and the application but you would

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    Durameter Select Udløbet left

    ...developer to use with this, so experience with it or Windows Installer is a plus. I would also like the program cleaned up prior to release. Second Phase Develope a web version of the same software. I will forward a zip file of the executable and source code to coder interested. Regards, Steve Quigley Project Engr, Haskel Intl. ## Deliverables Complete and

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    ...not been tested on Windows ME or XP. Obviously in today's world, we need to have this software working on more than 95 and 98. Ideally, the software needs to function on all of the above platforms. Macintosh is a thought which may come later. Unfortunately this software was originally created by a group overseas and the source code is missing. They are

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    I'm doing a complete redesign of my website at [log ind for at se URL] This is a computer hardware review site. The site that's up is the old version. I need someone who can tackle a few remaining open items before I can go live next weekend. The site is all php. As I said the deadline next Friday, June 14, 2002, but in order to test the site out and

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    Contact Management Udløbet left

    Contact management software for direct sales. I want a simple interface. (of which I can provided graphic mock ups) The application needs to manage up to 1000 contacts (simple address book form) and generate follow up call reminder lists based on appointments set in calendar. Would also like a simple to do list section. This project will start development

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    ...up multiple Users. Each user is issued and emailed a unique PIN number. A contact record is created for each user withn the comaany. The fields match the feilds of our CRM software Goldmine 5.7 (DBF)Goldmine has a feature to accept these records (new records, or modifications to existing record) via email. This email is generated by a CGI script (provided)

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    What we need is very simple, We want a software exactly like the software offered by [log ind for at se URL] plus the voice chat feature. To explain in detail the owner of the web site should be able to : 1) Know the entry of the visitor on the web site with the time date and IP address, if the visitor is a repeat one - an indication should be made. 2) There

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    ...assure text appears INSIDE the pie slice. Output file must be accessible to printing companies using MAC software. The purpose of this system is to streamline and simplify the process of recording and data through the use of an automated software system. The project will consist of the following functions and capabilities: Provide an intuitive, user

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    I need an Acrobat version 5.0 plug-in which will allow my calling program (written in VB) to dynamically add some text as entered by the end user to a PDF file. I need to be able to add text to two specific locations in the PDF file. I should be able to pass in the text, the name of the PDF file, and the location on the page. If you need to use some

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    Pop-up Killer Udløbet left

    ...of these products on the market today. We need to own the copyright to the software so we can distribute it to our clients. The software would be branded as created by our company. We will give the programmer has the right to market his/her own version of this same software. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Calyx Point Copy Udløbet left

    I have a copy of the Real Estate Software Calyx point on my computer. I would like to make a copy onto a CD and be able to install it on another pc. The software is expensive and when I have tried it before it does not work. Thank you. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    Clonk Udløbet left

    Have been working for 2 years on software for modal analysis of the bowed stringed instruments(violins, etc.) 2 persons are involved in this work on a voluntary basis. Development systems : Delphi5/TeeChart/DewResearch MtxVec suite. We have a beta version of the analyser up and running and are well ahead with the extraction routines. We are stuck for

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    SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS ===================== A standalone 16 bit DOS executable able to be compiled from ANSI C code using Borland Turbo C++ version 3.0 only. Existing Programme ------------------ "2_FINAL.C" - attached in zipfile "[log ind for at se URL]" Designed to allow a running log of sales figures for a small sales team to be updated and then appended to

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    ...finished VC app based on a simple VB prototype already completed. A screen shot of the VB app is located here: [log ind for at se URL] It's essentially portal software. Users click on the category in the left 2 columns and sites for the chosen category show up in the center-right column along with descriptions in the rightmost column. The

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    Splash screen Udløbet left

    ...for the same program. The software is about music and multimedia. The main bitmap should contain images of musicians playing, a recording studio, some musical instruments, etc., but I'll leave the artistic details to the designer. The two icons should also be on the same theme. The 16x16 icon should simply be the reduced version of the 32x32 icon. I'd

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    Basically what I need is a VB6 DHTML Editor that have the functions of the new IMS Web Engine Professional Version 2. It doesn't have to be a full 100% clone but close, and it should have most if it's features and functions and you must build a very nice, attractive and easy to use GUI. You can check it out here to get an idea of what I want. http://www

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    ...ix/pcp/ I like this interface a lot, has all the features I need. (Reseller features need added). I would purchase this, but cannot locate the author of the software. (This is the *nix version, but they have one for NT under the same name). If you find the author’s website and I purchase this one (versus having one made), I will offer you 10% of your

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    ...decoding the DVD to an .avi and also converting to mpeg. Hopefully these resources can speed development time. If you check out the link above, you can download the trial version of dup-dvd and see the end result we are shooting for. After this project is completed there will be an ongoing need, from time to time, for updates to handle any bugs found

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    ...finished VC app based on a simple VB prototype already completed. A screen shot of the VB app is located here: [log ind for at se URL] It's essentially portal software. Users click on the category in the left 2 columns and sites for the chosen category show up in the center-right column along with descriptions in the rightmost column. The

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    FTP Software. Udløbet left

    ...program that have same functions and features as CuteFTP Pro 2.x It's available for download here so you can check out all features, functions and also download an evalution version to see how it work. [log ind for at se URL] You might also make a new, better GUI design, suggest your own ideas for new functions you can

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    12 bud fee or a recurring subscription fee to access the information. The software “Dreamaccount” manages the subscriptions and password protection of the directories containing the content that we sell. Transactions are processed through Cybersource. We need to integrate the software “Ultimate Affiliate” so that we can have affiliate websites refer custo...

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    I want a clone of the most current version of FlashFXP, it is a FTP client software. Download it and see if you can clone it at: [log ind for at se URL] The following are the additional functions I want to add to the program: 1. Multi-thread download or upload for one large file or many small files. Users should have option for this function. 2. When

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    The Police Crime Recording System is a UK. based database that specializes in recording data about types of crimes. You are required to provide a software system, based on object analysis and design on this problem specification, that maintains a list of offenders, a list of victims, a list of offences, and which offences are perpetrated by which offenders

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