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    I have a logo and the name of my business i just would like an updated logo/design to use on shirts. I'm looking for a small update using my snowflake and part of my name. This will be used on shirts and marketing.

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    ...painting will be hand-made, only this flower i need to be bright and to keep the one from the original photo. In the middle of the the flower there is a snowflake, and in the center of the snowflake is a lens, that could reflect an eye or not (up to the artist). A children, in a second layer, keeps a stick in his hand with a happy face, in the other

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    CAD drawing Udløbet left

    Hi, I’d like to have new drawings made or existing drawings tweaked to better detail an existing piece (a snowflake ornament). The old drawings show a seam around the edges (it was a 3d scan) that I’d like removed. I’d also like the drawings to show a more gradual transition from the edges to the surface (if that makes sense?). Please take a look at

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    Christmas Banner Udløbet left

    I am looking to create a Christmas banner for my job with the logo to have a Christmas element on it such as [log ind for at se URL] Overall banner to look like something like this however [log ind for at se URL] I request to receive a packed InDesign or Photoshop

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    ..."night vision") ->i must be able to configure the sensivity of the motion detector, so that only a big animal triggers the device (like a human or a dog or a deer, but not a snowflake, not a raindrop, not a small leaf, not a small insect), at a distance between 1m to 10m (let's discuss this) ->i must be able to configure after which conditions the photo

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    Trophy icon Cardboard Display Stand Design Udløbet left

    ...a professional vector design for a cardboard display stand which will be visible in big box stores and other types of establishments. The final design should look clean, modern and attractive in order to capture the consumer's attention and give off the "WOW" factor. This project should be treated similar to a packaging design, since this display will

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    Trophy icon Create a new logo - Mind in Progress Udløbet left sports. I want a logo that represents these three concepts: 1. The idea of mountains, winter sports, snow, snowflake, ski. 2. The idea of mind, intellect, brain. 3. The idea of dynamism, progress, movement, change. Please use neutral colors, related with winter, snow. Moreover I want the background to be white. The logo style has to be professional

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    Trophy icon Design a company logotype Udløbet left

    ...want the logo to catch purpose of happines and curiosity that a customer would feel if buying one of the snow making machines. I want the logo to be clean with no distractions. I believe snow or snowflake(s) in some form can be involved but it does not have to. The white colour will probably be essentiall, but dont feel limited to that. The logo probably

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    Design project Udløbet left

    I need a logo designed. I am looking for a simple neat logo design with a snowflake for my refrigeration business.

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    I need a logo for my Christmas caroling website. It should look good with the sample card that I made. (attached) I want something I can use as a profile picture for Instagram and my Facebook fan page. Maybe with a wreath or a snowflake incorporated?

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    ...Melo. I have a brand called "Maytember." I would like a Logo for the Brand. I want it have the following... I want a M just an M. On the M I want a fall leaf I want it very creative. Under the fall leaf I want a snowflake kind of phasing out of it, as it is phasing I want the snowflake melting from the bottom. Please let me know I need it done

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    Trophy icon Star and snowflake them invitiation Udløbet left

    We are having an event for our volunteers and I want a background for the invitations, menu etc.. The background should have snowflakes and stars represent a winter night. The colors are blue silver and white. The theme for the event is 'The brightest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others'

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    Oracle data base to be migrated into snowflake AWS S3, CODE in Java. Should be familiar with java,spark,oracle sql developer,AWS,s3,snow flake db.

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    Data Migration from Orcale to Snowflake using Java.

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    Trophy icon Asnowha Logo! Udløbet left

    I need one logo that includes Tropical and Winter themes. We are a snowboarding jacket company that specializes in Hawaiian themed apparel. I need something fun and straightforward that can be used with and without colour. And I also need an emblem. Maybe a snowflake and a Hibiscus combined, something along those lines. Our name is Asnowha, the combination

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    Looking for a logo for my company Phantom Webs. Requirements: 1. Include the letters 'P' and 'W' 2. Put these letters inside a snowflake / gear (see attachments [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL]) 3. Provide the actual logo in different colours: blue, black, grey, white 4. Keep it simple (light effects allowed, but nothing too fanc...

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    TASK: Creating views based on existing script and Validate them. (Teradata SQL vs Snowflake SQL). Experience: Very Stong Experience in SQL . (Especially using JOINS and creating views) Required Skills: SQL, Python (for validation). Must able to connect remotely to my desktop. Max Budget : $100, High bidders will be ignored.

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    Qlik Project Udløbet left

    ...the same thing as a Client and a Job is the same thing as a Project. You should submit your Alteryx and Qlik View solutions. QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION: Does Qlik prefer a snowflake or star schema, and why?...

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    1 Perform a random walking process on a triangular grid to complete the snowflake growth model 2 If there is wind blowing from left to right at this time, complete the snowflake growth under this situation 3 discuss the wind speed in different situations, snowflake shape Description a Triangle grid grid point is not an integer b triangle mesh

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    Trophy icon I need some Graphic Design Udløbet left

    I need a logo. It should be the following lettering: Snowcaine The relation to snow is skiing and snowboarding and cain is supposed to refer to the dependency of cocaine on snow. You can add a small picture of a snowboarder or snow or a mountain with some freeride lines.. maybe you caan use a snowflake instead of the letter o

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    Trophy icon Design project Udløbet left

    I need a logo designed. Hello freelancers, I need a logo created for my business “Spectre Developments” It’s a residential HVAC business (Heating Ventilation/ Air Conditioning). We are very meticulous, and attention to quality/ detail are very important to us. I’m not looking for the traditional flame/ snowflake logo. Something more direct...

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    ...from left. AWS > Python> Apache AIRFLOW > DevOps > CI/CD pipeline> Jenkins > GITHUB> BITBUCKET> AWS EMR> AWS S3. Should have at least knowledge on ETL tools, Teradata, Snowflake, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau dashboard. We need monthly commitments, the candidate needs to complete tasks assigned irrespective of the candidate do it in an hour or 5 hours

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    15 bud the look of the current logo, we just want something a bit more polished 2. Winter College Showcase - a santa hat theme maybe? 3. Labor Day Preseason Tournament - perhaps some sort of a theme with red white and blue stars, that looks more polished than the current logo 4.. 7v7 Indoor Winter Festival - a snowflake theme perhaps 5. 9v9 Indoor

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    ...from" followed by the NPH logo. 2 - Outer Envelope This outer envelope should have matching Christmas themed designed and be large enough to contain all design materials above. The template for this should match the attached PDF. I will provide the AI file. 3 - Paper with snowflake diagram and instructions Design a snowflake outline that the recipient

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    Hey guys, What I'm looking for is pretty simple. I'd like a list of emoji and their meanings. However, in addition to their normal meanings I...looking for is pretty simple. I'd like a list of emoji and their meanings. However, in addition to their normal meanings I also want their secret/hidden meanings. Ie: snowflake = cocaine Eggplant = penis

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    Forseglet Topkonkurrence a halo laced with glistening gems. Celebrating the fusion of intricacy and tenderness, it is the right choice for a woman of emphasis." 6. "The majesty and rarity of a snowflake has been depicted with utmost perfection in this pendant set comprising of a star shaped center with gem-headed spikes emanating out of it. The beautifully crafted band is

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    ...will be plastic, or metal, red or silver or gold, etc. So this story begins... I do know I want a picture of Santa on one side, and the reverse may be bells, Rudoplh, a snowflake, candy canes, or something like that. Yet to be decided. When looking at Santa pictures, I noticed there was huge variety. So what I would like is to have a simple drawing

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    Trophy icon Logo design Udløbet left

    This project is for logo design. The name of my business is "All Seasons Moving Labor". I'm in need of a log that best represents my business. For starters, my idea is to have a shield split into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant would represent one of the seasons. 1. Summer (blazing sun) 2. Winter (snowflake) 3. Fall (bare tree with a hanging leaf or

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    Develop a Storyline for Gamification Platform We are currently building a gamification platform for a technical Salesforce Gamification platform (Trailhead). Refer to the following links: [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] (not necessary to use, open to suggestions)

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    Trophy icon Logo for Jewelry/Clothing Company Udløbet left

    The customer needs a logo for her company "Glacier". Glacier sells jewelry and high-fashion clothing for women. The customer wants the Glacier logo to be cursive and have a snowflake dotting the 'i". Think point icicles dripping off the font and all caps for the logo text is preferred. Suggested colors: Blue, white, light icy blue, silver.

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    We are interested in a simple logo design for a ski & snowboard brand - 'Powder HQ'. The design needs to be sharp and professional. The files will be required for a website, online marketing & brochures. The snowflake must stay the same but the font & color can change. We look forward to seeing a few creative yet simple designs Thank you...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Sno Life Udløbet left

    I need a snowflake made of snowmobile studs and in the center of it, I want the business name Sno Life.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo, HVAC Company Udløbet left

    ...a client in need of a new logo for their Heating and Air Conditioning company. Attached are images of examples the client wants it to look like as well as a drawing of mine to facilitate the idea. I am also adding some graphic elements for you to use in the final design. Files: 1) [log ind for at se URL] - what we want the final logo to look like. It should have

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    Trophy icon Logo for clothing brand Udløbet left

    'm looking for a logo for my clothing brand. I want to make it look professional. The name of the brand is FFlake The main thing i need is a logo of a COMPLETE CUSTOM snow flake witch i'm going to use on the clothes. EXAMPLE ADDED OF ANOTHER BRAND, SO THAT IN A SNOWFLAKE....Something different not just a normal snow flake Then i need

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    Draw me an image Udløbet left

    Hello - I am looking for a detailed image that I can use for business cards, presentations, etc; which I would own complete rights to. The image would have a sun and snowflake incorporated into a single image. I'm also thinking that a silhouette of a person meditating, sitting in the lotus position in the center of the image could look cool, but am

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    I have a Christmas design, very simple, that is begging to be animated, I'd like the snowflake to topple from the top of the tree and then roll itself back up to the top, like one of those tip / tilt games. It has a really limited life span so close to Christmas but I'd like someone to give it a go.

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    Hi Mingshi J., I am Touba's boss. I appreciate the work you have done on the kinect snowflake game. I m having problem with the image orientation. Can you please email me at Ed@[log ind for at se URL] so i can email you back. This is urgent. Thank you.

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    ...our corporate design. It should look similar to our season's greetings card and should come in four different formats: LinkedIn: 800x419 px Facebook: 1145x600 px Twitter: 900x450 px Intranet: 1066x596 px We will provide you with the design of the card (InDesign format) so you can use the elements and fonts. The card is with our logo, green background

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    Holiday Card 2017 Udløbet left

    Task: Annual holiday card About us: We are US based, small design firm. We do architecture, interior design and interiors. We have our main office n Miami and co-working space in Denver with one part time staff member. Each year we send out a holiday card to our clients, vendors, and consultants. We like the theme of introducing elements that are

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
    30 bud use on the one you are making. It doesnt have to include the web address. I dont want the theme to be christmas like that flyer, I want a general design - but if you want to add a few snowflake outlines in the background faded, it might look better - see what you can do. I have attached 2 example flyers which I kind of like. I guess its that

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    Trophy icon I need a logo for a reunion Udløbet left

    I need a logo designed. 4 friends who lived and partied in Whistler are having a reunion 10 years on in Bali and want a logo drawn up for team trahbag hats, singlets and possibly a tattoo. We want a basic logo incorporating snow peaked mountains and 3 bowling pins(dont ask lol). If you can sneek a snowflake in there too - bonus! We like really basic

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    Hi Clara, We would love to use your services again for another design that we have in mind. We would like to do a watercolour winter theme skull with snowflakes. Like the other designs it needs to be elegant and beautiful. We would like to use the skull on a t-shirt and then a similar or same styled in a repetitive pattern for a legging. We would like

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    Trophy icon Beauty salon logo Udløbet left

    Hello, Please read below brief carefully before submitting a logo, also have a look at the attached files for inspiration. Name on Logotype: Snowflake Beauty Lounge Company description: Beautysalon in Uppsala (city in Sweden). They mainly offer skincare but also do eyelashextension, vaxing, massage and makeup. Logotype details: detailed

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    I need to replace this icon: [log ind for at se URL] Replacing the snowflake with this symbol: [log ind for at se URL] The standard usage of the icon is in this small size (32x21 px) and I need it to look good in that small size. I can

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    I need a dimension model and star/snowflake schema of blood donation database management system with all the detailed entities and attributes

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    I need a dimension model and star/snowflake schema of blood donation database management system with all the detailed entities and attributes

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    I need a dimension model and star/snowflake schema of blood donation database management system with all the detailed entities and attributes

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    4 bud