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    SEO WordPress site Udløbet left

    SEO for [log ind for at se URL] We would like to be in top of search engines so that we can get natural visitors as we are not going to pay Google or Facebook for advertising since we are a non profit organization supporting municipalities to get their citizens a job. We need decision makers in municipalities to visit out site in www, FB and LinkedIN in order to get new clients. The website is i...

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    project part 4, C prog 6 dage left

    In this project you just have to send me the code you will put in io.h and io.c, keeping in mind the information given, then I will put it in the files I have and test it if it works, this is the part 4 of a project. I did this project in OS called CentOS, 1) Make a folder called io. Inside io you will have two files. One will be io.h that contains the following: The function header for an i...

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    I would like get your view on the kind of work you would recommend being done to opitmise my website. www/ Please provide an indicative quote. Note that I already have a freelancer working on backlinks.

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    Description: Write a complete program that prompts the user for the coefficients a, b, and c of a quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 and outputs the solutions as shown. discriminant = b2 – 4ac Use single precision floating point. 1. main() – prompt the user for a, b, and c, call solveqe to solve the equation, and display the results using the return value from solveqe. 2. int solveqe(...

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    web site developers 5 dage left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    A pipe is a mechanism to share data between two processes. One process writes to the pipe and another process reads from it. The operating system doesn't do anything with the data except hold it until the reader gets to it. The pipe device works very much like Random for open and close. Where it becomes different is read, write and seek. Of course, the data structure in the device is a littl...

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    hi this is my site we want edit a slider web link [log ind for at se URL]

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    Heap Overflow 4 dage left

    Alice wrote a heap management library, and she uses the following data structures to manage heap: struct heap_sector { int size; // size of the heap sector char *sector; // pointer to the first char struct heap_sector *prev; // pointer to previous sector struct heap_sector *next; // pointer to next sector }; struct heap_sector *heap_free; // pointer to the list of free heap memory...

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    Web Forms for WordPress Site 4 dage left

    I am looking for someone who is well experienced in WordPress software, to include use of Form Maker (from Web10), CSS, HTML, MyPHP, and MySQL. I would like a custom form created, preferred with the use of From Maker or through the use of custom form layout feature with HTML. This form consist of about 450 questions, where conditional formatting will be required based on the answers. I’m...

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    Build of Help and media section on site along with resposiveness and bugs

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    tensorflow custom c++ op 4 dage left

    hi, Im experimenting if fusing operations in tensorflow cause performance improvement, but dont know how to do it and cant find much example online, if you know how to do it, write the source code .cc .iso ,python wrapper and calculate gradient of it, n all the files then please contact me, the ops i want to fuse arent very complicated just a few lines in recurrent neural network GRU cell : f...

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    convert date 4 dage left

    i need to convert date from int yyyymmdd to yyyy-mm-dd in microsoft sql server

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    Our Wordpress site [log ind for at se URL] has been constructed using a WP bakery dependent template. Our other sites use Divi builder so we would like this site adapted to using ElegantThemes Divibuilder. The site has 13 pages with many based around pre-built forms (which are pre-built and will be be imported).

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    $150 Civil Engineer Everything is marked up and attached. Draw utility lines onto the site plan. Dwg has already been prepared by the architect and available. Water main to be minimum 1' above the sewer. We have a lot of civil engineering work for the right engineer going forward/future.

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    Need to generate a Json file of a structure (provided in the project) in Python. The content of Json file will be the DDL of the tables. Create Two tables in Postgres DB: [log ind for at se URL](Col1 int, Col2 varchar(256),Col3 varchar(256),Col4 varchar(256)) [log ind for at se URL](Col1 int, Col2 varchar(256),Col3 varchar(256)) SQL: select table_schema,table_name, column_name,ordinal_position...

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    remove duplicates that come from a sql query spring boot list @GetMapping("/employee/withoutProject") public List<EmployeeDto> getAllEmployeeWithoutProject(@RequestParam int projectManager) { List<Employee> emp = [log ind for at se URL](projectManager); List<EmployeeDto> dtoList = new ArrayList<>(); for(Employee c : emp) { if(![log ind for at se URL...

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    1. Need good looking pop up modal design(simple elegant) 2. Highlights selected sidebar menu

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    This includes threads, semaphores, spin locks, deadlocks, condition synchronization, locks and race conditions. I will need a developer for approximately 2 hours that's all but I need them by 7th May by 1:30 BST since at that point I need to be ready for my exam. An example of the nature of questions I will need help studying for is below: d The producer-consumer problem is a well-established...

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    Hello, I need a quick help with this case, I am supposed to count the numbers of semesters such as fall19 and than print the number of the semesters here. However, I cannot hardcode it such as : for(int i=0;i<15;i++){ if(strcmp(enroll[i].semester,"fall20")==0){ counter1++; } else if(strcmp(enroll[i].semester,"spring20")==0){ co...

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    Site-Visit-abbottabad 2 dage left

    We are looking forward to hire a freelancer who can visit the assigned place in order to authenticate the applicant's documents for employment screening purposes. For this assignment, the applicant's employment letter and authority letter will be provided to him/her. All freelancer need to is; • Visit the HR/ signatory authority of the respective organization. • Get the given e...

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    We are looking to create a basic WordPress site to advertise our products. The site will have a Home, Products, About and Contact Us page. We will not have a shopping cart feature on this site. page [log ind for at se URL]

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    Make a Wordpress site top on Google in Sweden Language Sweden and swedish letters in domainname also See domain name and words we want to get higher in attached txt-file We do NOT want link building. Only work in Wordpress.

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    Cryptarithms 2 dage left

    // Loop over the columns using the assumption that the sum word is at least as long as any addend int carry = 0; for (int i = 0; i < [log ind for at se URL]().size(); ++i) { // Loop over all the addends int sum = carry; for (int j = 0; j < [log ind for at se URL]() - 1; ++j) { // Check if the addend has a character in this column if (i >= words[j].size()) { ...

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    Install Stripe Express connect on Wordpress site via API

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    More details will be shared via chat with potential freelancer

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    Hi there, My site has good rating in desktop version but has issue in Mobile version in Google PageSpeed. Please check both attachments. So you have to work only for Mobile version. Need expert persons only. Please check the site [log ind for at se URL] thanks

    €8 - €41
    €8 - €41
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    Estou desenvolvendo um site em wordpress e preciso que um designer adapte o tema a identidade da empresa. o profissional deve criar um designer elegante para 11 páginas.

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    Write a stored procedure named ‘get_lots_by_method’ to select a number of tax lots using a lot selection algorithm. The goal is to select enough records from acct_lot_details so that the shares field sums up to a specific value. Parameters and values: @acct_id INT = 1, @security_id INT = 1, @shares_sold DECIMAL(28,6) = 300.0, @method = 'lifo’,'fifo’, or ‘har...

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    Use the Graph class provided (which allows edges to have weights) to implement a class Dijkstra with a method findShortestPaths (int soureVertex) to find the shortest path to each vertex from a given source vertex. This method should produce a distance and parent for each vertex in the graph. Write a second method getShortestPath (int vertex) to produce the shortest path to the given vertex (using...

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    Build a WordPress website using Automotive Theme by Themesuite, be familiar with this theme. must be able to add a custom search bar on the header, homepage buttons, add "Categories" for different types of vehicles. change a few cosmetic details for Listings pages to look more appealing. i have a current website with most of the content we will need.

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    Use the Graph class provided (which allows edges to have weights) to implement a class Dijkstra with a method findShortestPaths (int soureVertex) to find the shortest path to each vertex from a given source vertex. This method should produce a distance and parent for each vertex in the graph. Write a second method getShortestPath (int vertex) to produce the shortest path to the given vertex (usi...

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    Use the Graph class provided (which allows edges to have weights) to implement a class Dijkstra with a method findShortestPaths (int soureVertex) to find the shortest path to each vertex from a given source vertex. This method should produce a distance and parent for each vertex in the graph. Write a second method getShortestPath (int vertex) to produce the shortest path to the given vertex (usi...

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    Increase site speed Udløbet left

    I have a site that has average speed that has a problem with initial service response time of 3 seconds plus. GTMetrix come in at 60% and want to get about 90%. [log ind for at se URL]

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    Project ID: TCW-2021-INT-002 One Technical Article for 500 Words as a ghostwriter for posting online. One Technical Article for 500 Words as a ghostwriter for posting online. There will be follow-up work based on the outcome. Looking for long-term relationship. Budget INR 1/ per word.

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    The project is in short like this: 1. Grab some data from Google Play Store and store info in a mySql database. 2. Show data from database in a graph using [log ind for at se URL] or any other free graph (only show one parameter!!) More detailed description: 1. Input a url into a input field 2. Fetch data from web page (using url from 1.) example url: [log ind for at se URL] Note: The url ALWAYS ...

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    Merhaba, [log ind for at se URL] adresli php ile yapılmış bir sitemiz bulunmakta ve sitemiz maruz kaldığı saldırı sonrası aşağıdaki hataları vermektedir. İlgili hataların düzeltimesi için freelance hizmet almak istiyorum. - ana sayfa açılmakta ancak linkler çalışmamakta ve tüm linkler tıklandığında ana sayfaya geri dönmekte, - sayfalardaki bir çok gö...

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    This gig is for a small assembly language program. Deadline: 8 hours $20 bonus if completed in an hour Budget $30 Final product must include video showing how the program works. Here are the instructions: Write a function numones(x) in x86 assembly language that would report the number of 1's in the argument x, which is assumed to be a four byte integer. For example numones(7) should return ...

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    This a new simple board game(rather a puzzle), you can play the online version Here. Project specifics: 1. Use direct write to the video memory (seg 0xB800). 2. Output will be explained(today), input can be done using int 16h (look up). 3. Recommendation to use color and line draw characters (2nd half of the ASCII OEM set) 4. Projects are individual and should not be copies of source code found el...

    €6 - €38
    €6 - €38
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    Carmen Rapisarda : I developed and licensed LA Gear , BBC int. light up footwear . We need boys , girls fashion designer with sales background

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    I am working on an Arduino project where I will need to transfer integer values from several Arduino Nano bords to one Arduino Mega, which will act as main controller. Communication should be as fast as possible and as less as possible time consumption on Nano boards because they will run time sensitive code (tachometer, incremental 3600ppr encoder, DRO and similar). Data lines between boards will...

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    Hi there, I have a wordpress website that I need moved to a new host. I have a zipped copy of the site downloaded from codeguard in a zip file. There is a custom coded plug-in on this site so I need to make sure the function of the site is working before I change the nameservers.

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    Hi, [Microsoft Powershell] I'm searching for someone who can implement this method so that the [log ind for at se URL] script does it's job: startAppOnDesktop([App]$app, [int]$display, [int]$desktop, [boolean]$maximized) Have a look at the script online: [log ind for at se URL] script is based on virtualdesktop modul: [log ind for at se URL] GOAL: Start Application on a virtual...

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    1)Write a java implementation for the adjacency list representation of graph using the following interface: public interface Graph { void addEdge (String a, String b, int weight); void removeEdge (String a, String b); List<String> getAdjacentNode (String a); } 2- implement Depth first Search and breadth first Search on the graph. Both methods should be public static of this same class.

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    I have a Wordpress site that needs to be reorganised and add blog page with email bob up button .

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    This project involves the design and development of an ecommerce website specializing in the sale of books. If you have previous experience in implementing an online books store, that's a big plus. The project is composed of three areas; ecommerce website setup, theme design and development and web services implementation. You must have experience with implementing Magento platform, Pro...

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    • In the constructor Puzzle::Puzzle(int size), if the user passed a value less than 0 to the constructor, the m_size variable will be set to zero. • Review C++ memory management (allocating and deallocating memory dynamically), including copy constructors, destructors, and assignment operators. • Use Valgrind to check for memory leaks. • Learn how to measure the efficiency of a...

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    Need to build Web, Hybrid app, admin page. They have bout 4~5 page. not that many. Provide design file Need Back end and front end. attached request file

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    *SCOPE* 1. Identification of hardware for Disaster Recovery Site. 2. Identification of suitable place for DRS in Organisation . 3. Demonstration of DRS for complete range of servers in Data Centre. 4. Prepare a comprehensive back up plan for Organisation’s Data Centre.

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    I have a PHP dating website and want some modifications to it. You need to be a PHP programmer. I will share the details over the chat.

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