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    sending information collected from our database to another site in XML format either via http or FTP This program will query data from the database using standard select statements and our existing database subroutines, then process that information into XML and automatically send it out to the other server. This is actually two programs, one will be run from the web browser or from the command...

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    Clue Game in Java Udløbet left

    Create an application in java of the famous board game "Clue." There should be multiple classes (room class, player class, piece, card, die, board, etc.) Game should include checkboxes, lists, or combo boxes to allow for multiple players and pieces (players should be able to pick their piece). It should deal the cards and determine a solution. Program should notify when the user tries to...

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    I have an MP3 already coded in VB 6.0 for a final project. What I need is the best interface design possible. No extra coding is expected, it just has to look very professional. With buttons play, stop, pause, etc and any other creative issues that can be added to make it look the best possible. Basically is about finishing it up to make it look as closely as possible as any other mp3 sold in the ...

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    Membership Database Udløbet left

    Coder will create a membership database that links to a ChatBlazer chat system ([log ind for at se URL]) for a co-operative storytelling game. The system needs to be able to allow users to: -Create accounts -Modify certain sections of their account -View certain sections of another users account with proper password -change password -delete own account -have lost password emailed to email on file ...

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    Edit Flash Keywords Udløbet left

    I need someone to simply edit a few keywords in a pre-existing Flash animation. I would do it myself, but don't have Flash and Swish doesn't seem to open .FLA files. The Flash animation can be viewed at [log ind for at se URL] . I will send the .FLA file to the programmer I pick to complete the job. Here are the keywords I'd like to have edited: Original Keyword to New Keyword COMPA...

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    math Udløbet left

    For this program, you will create an applet that will allow two humans to play Math Tic-Tac-Toe. Math Tic-Tac-Toe is a slight variation of the classic version of tic-tac-toe. The objective of this game is for one of the two players to obtain three squares which are lined up either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on a three-by-three grid. The slight twist that Math Tic-Tac-Toe adds is that ...

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    Keyboard input will be used in this class. You must use the BufferedReader object and not Keyboard class. Input is of the following form: NumberofKicks GoalieName GoalieBlockPct Player1Name Player1Skill Player2Name Player2Skill Player3Name Player3SKill -NumberofKicks is number of scoring attempts each player will take at the goalie (must be > 0). -GoalieName is Goalie's last name. -GoalieB...

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    Need 2D or 3D game devlopers who can provide me with a complete application along with a complete source code and graphics. For more info) i attached my zip file. Plz look into my zip file. i need similar games like those in my zipped file. If you have any questions or advices plz dont hesitate to contact me. *Not going to be a really big project, just under 5 megs. *Going to be an online multi pl...

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    Hello. I am project manager for the Magiya project with Merlin981. Magiya is a real-time MMPORG (massive multi-player online role-playing game), with a mix of real time strategy and card trading genres included. We need a 2D graphics artist to develop the graphics for this game. There will be a lot of images which will need to be created. Currently, we are using some images we designed in house, f...

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    I am working on a class project with Visual Basic 6. The Form has the Microsoft media control ([log ind for at se URL]) and RealAudio control on it now ([log ind for at se URL]). I would like the ability to send the video to the desktop background (like wallpaper) as it plays (real time) from either MSMedia control or Real's control. If possible I would like to be able to adjust size too by c...

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    I need a program written in VB that reads an XML file (which is a boxscore of an NFL game), and converts it to a comma-delimited format. The boxscore contains NFL stats for each player and team. The XML file is about 150 lines, and the comma-delimited format is about 100 columns. I would like for this to be in Visual Basic 6.0. The program would prompt me for the xml file, and then convert it and ...

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    Looking for a developer to create an exciting, arty, stylish interface for a MIDI collection CD. The CD will contain a folder containing numerous subfolders, each bearing the artists name (ie, "AndyWilliams"). Inside each of these, you will have the actual tracks (ie, "[log ind for at se URL]", "[log ind for at se URL]"). The interface needs to be able to allow the us...

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    Hi, I have an idea for a web based game that I would like to get an idea of feasability/cost to have set up on. The Basics: The game will be a web based fantasy civilization game in which players can customise and develop their civs and recruit other players to serve under them (sort of a MLM heirarchy). The very basic goal would be to develop the most powerful civilization and I want many means t...

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    VB Inet and Winsock Udløbet left

    I have a small online multi-player role-playing game written in Visual Basic 6.0. Overall the game is a glorified chat room with some additional features such as the ability to read information from labels about other players, the ability to give players in-game items (transferred from listbox to listbox), and to have private chats between players. The game and its code are very simple and use ine...

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    Drag and Drop items Udløbet left

    Im looking for a program where you can drag and drop items like thats in use on [log ind for at se URL]~derover/taxmaker/ And you must be able to save the end product as ither jpg or a file with the items co-ordinates so that they can be opened back up later on. The program must be easy to add extra items/images into and also text box's Basicaly a lot like the program mentioned above but it w...

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    GUI Design using 3D I would like to have a skin for a media player designed using 3D software such as 3D Studio Max or Maya. I want the skin to resemble the attached image. I would like to use a shiny chrome texture with buttons accentuated with electric blue. I’m would like it to have a PDA (Ipaq, palm pilot) feel to it. I want something with a corporate feel to it, not too “techie?? ...

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    I need a Macromedia Flash program that will allow the user to interactivelly view a series of images. The idea is for the program to be able to be fed a sequence of images of an item from various prespectives and then giving the user the ability to rotate it in a pseudo 3D manner to allow him to view the item in 360 degrees. Images can be of predefined dimensions but ideally the program should be ...

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    I have started to make a simple site in ASP. It enables people to make their own login then they will have their control panel to make online media galleries. I need someone to make the My Media pages where users can edit, review, delelte and upload pictures, auido clips or video clips The audio clips are .wav and vidoe .wmv so Windows Media player control to play back. Need this for tomorrow and ...

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    Net Radio Scheduler Udløbet left

    We have a windows media server (v9) and wish to have scheduled show base script that will dynamically create ASX files depending on the time. (UK) Most of the time the net radio station will play a default random play list which is hard coded on the media server. At certain times we want to schedule pre-recorded shows to be played is if they were live. We have 8 audio channels playing different ty...

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    Video Chat applet Udløbet left

    I require **estimates** on cost and delivery time to develop a browser based java Video Chat applet. Applet is able to display video at the incoming stream size. (at least 2 sizes 320*240 and 640*480) user will have a choice of stream size and can choose a lower resolution stream if bandwidth is a problem must be able to accept multiple formats, mpg4,wma etc. probably using an embedded media pl...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone to create a flashtrack type player that I can use for my new Loops ans SFX site similar to what they have at [log ind for at se URL] in the sound loops section. I need the player to be able to play any wav/mp3 file I want to put into it and loops till the user presses stop. Just make it look roughly similar to flashkits but a bit more modern. I will give colors on ac...

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    I was working on a website for a client of mine. I did an initial layout. [log ind for at se URL] His feedback to me was that it was too profesional. That it wasn't hitting the right market. So I've completly redone the layout. [log ind for at se URL] He likes it, but he wants more animation. Something like a mariachi band or mariachi player. Also some animated cars driving across the sc...

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    Media Player Udløbet left

    I have a small media program that requires an *.avi file to loop endlessly. Now, it can be simply done in Vb except that I need the quality and precision that the professional recording programs from CakeWalk and Sonic Foundry offer. They are able to loop an *.avi or wave file using midi time code. I'm looking for a programmer in C, C++, VC++. I need a *.dll, or activeX that can be imported i...

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    We want a game that simulates live blackjack play and is programmed based on George’s no card counting rules in order to give the player practice using George’s system. The games would be programmed using all of George’s rules. ·Bankroll ??" would be decided at the beginning of a game in either one of two ways. [log ind for at se URL] player could decide on a particul...

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    Here a CD Rom would be programmed with every possible combination of hands a dealer could have against a player and what the correct basic strategy moves would be. The player would start the game, be show a hand and then have to make a choice to hit, stand, double-down or split. The game would keep track of mistakes, show the correct move if a mistake was made and also track the amount of time it ...

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    I would like to have a new board game converted to a computer game. It will be a game for two players (no artificial intelligence for computer opponent required but possible for second edition). The game will need the following abilities: Roll two dice (3-D preferred) * Automatically highlight areas on a grid by using the value of the dice * Allow the player to select only one of those areas deter...

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    I would like a complete copy of this site and the script with a few extra's [log ind for at se URL] Extras will include better design, easier navagation, and a few extra buy and sell items, and a java script chat window for players , an easy to run admin, where I can choose how much to sell turns for , Also I should be able to change features of the game From the admon like how many ...

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    We need a Tetris game which we can put on our website (Java,Flash,something else?). Users can play this game and scores are being written in a MySQL database. When they have a score, they can give their name. Once given their name, they will be given a unique code which is also written to the database. Users can send us that code by SMS. Once they have send this SMS their score will be put 'a...

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    MP3 Voice Recorder Udløbet left

    Require the development of an MP3 mono voice player/recorder applet that can be called from Visual Basic as a function with arguments that defines its behavior. The program is intended to only play or record a single file and then return back to the calling program when done. The program may be written in VB or C++ but all the source code must be made available and be the property of the buyer. Th...

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    78416 Flash program Udløbet left

    We need a flash program which shows the inside of a "virtual casino" - a main room with games, people milling about etc. We also need the ability to point and click on these games, making an avatar walk there, before opening the game (we already have the games created) The file attached is an example of the kind of thing that I'm talking about - obviously we don't want it to b...

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    We require an experienced,UK based,freelancer gamesplayer/writer who can write a complete walkthrough guide to the new PS2 game Metal Gear Solid [log ind for at se URL] ideal candidate will be required to complete the game in the set timeframe and also provide,maps,sketches,mission and character details. Previous experience in games reviewing/writing is absolutely essential,candidates must have at...

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    I have been working on an rpg game with some friends and we have hit a few problems and they have developped and it has got to the stage where we need help to proceed any further. The game is a simple tile based rpg Programmed in visual basic. The version we have now will be provided so you don't have to start from scratch and can see the kind of level we are working at. The main things are s...

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    A multi-player, real time, strategy game places you "a drug dealer" in one of 6 major U.S. citys and gives you the opportunity to become a high profile mafia boss. Features include intense real time PvP combat, Npc Combat, 12 cities to roam, Skill based system, Cops that despise drug dealers, awesome weapons, and much more. More details will be given later. I have an actual list of what ...

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    This project is about writing a set of Delphi components and a command line utility (based on these components) updating SQL database from a "history script", which is essentially a .INI-like text file containing some control info as well as embedded section of SQL code. The attached CHM file further explains the concept, the format and the components I need. Required skills: Delphi, ODB...

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    For this job, you would provide: (1) A simple, even trivial, Excel application that requires the linking of 3 workbooks (to make sure that the concept works) (2) The HTML for user access with ASP scripting (preferably using JavaScript as the scripting language)--for this job you need to have only 3 inputs, let's say--such as having the user input "height," "weight", and &q...

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    Existing restaurant looking to re-do existing web site. We need the designers to give us some new template options minimum 3. The web site is bilingual, must be in english and french. All the text is provided on the exisiting web site. So all the designers will have to do will be to copy and paste the text for both languages. There will have to be a few more page additions and links but all the te...

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    This project involves adding ED2k File Link support into Gnucleus. BACKGROUND: 1. Edonkey 2000 ( [log ind for at se URL] ) as well as Emule ( [log ind for at se URL] ), and a few of the other file sharing utilities out there, offer a feature that you can click on a URL in a browser such as: ed2k://|file|[log ind for at se URL]|459470852|be9260f03f4646237445845bbd448288| 2. When this link is clicke...

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    (1) To create a Java text-based adventure game system. (2) Load game levels from file, each level consists of a number of rooms which are connected in a specified manner (3) Allow the adventurer to move between rooms (using the command "go north/east/south/west"). (4)Allow the adventurer to pickup/drop objects and list the objects they currently hold. (5) Allow the adventurer to use obje...

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    MMPORPG Udløbet left

    I would like a game building it is to a masivley multi player online role playing game (MMPORPG) i can e-mail anybody the idea i have but you MUST not a)use them or b) give them to anybody as there mine wich i have © to, ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will ...

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    3D Game development Udløbet left

    Hi I am looking to create a 3d 1st person shooter game. The game is going to be similar to Counter Strike. We are looking to create the multiplayer game only. No single player action, so, no AI is required. We have a 3D engine that we want to use. The Engine is written in C++ and have physics built into it as well as multiplayer...The Engine is very similar to the Unreal 3 or the quake 3 engine. Y...

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    Pascal Project : The Scissors-Paper-Stone Game (This program must look good and be well commented with (detailed structured diagram with identifer list in a word document which can be oped in microsoft word 2000) This program must be done with either Borland Pascal for windows version 7 or Turbo Pascal 1.5 for windows only. Procedures with Parameters must be used in the source code. The Program mu...

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    These are the brief description of our projects and skills . Prices of some projects with source code is also mentioned These softwares r ready for sale with source code a) TCP PortBloker and Statistical Viewer .50 USD b).Security software .(Anti Piracy Software)400 USD c).Parental Control 400 USD d).MultiKiller . 100 USD e) Network Centralized Control 1000USD f)ScreenShot Capture and then Display...

    €454 - €4537
    €454 - €4537
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    Pascal Project : The Scissors-Paper-Stone Game (This program must look good and be well commented with (detailed structured diagram with identifer list in a word document which can be oped in microsoft word 2000) This program must be done with either Borland Pascal for windows version 7 or Turbo Pascal 1.5 for windows only. Procedures with Parameters must be used in the source code. The Program mu...

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    Cool Flashgame Udløbet left

    We want a cool flash-game with a car, motorcycle or some other theme with vehicules with engine. The game should require the player to register and all the scores has to be logged for viewing high-scores at the end of the day/week/month/year. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation p...

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    A JPEG push application: The system should capture JPEG frames from an attached webcam, and stream them to a server. You should also know of a way to transfer synchronized audio also. Individual players will then be able to connect to the server and play the stream. Please note that our cost to you is negotiable based on how much you know. Please do not under estimate this project. The finished pr...

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    Java Dice Program Udløbet left

    Java applet to play an interactive gambling game with dice. This program will use text fields, a button, a random number generator, and if statements. The rules are as follows: The player will: a. Enter an (integer) original amount of available money in a text field. b. Enter an (integer) amount to bet in another text field c. Click a button to have the computer roll three dice. The scoring rules ...

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    Clone these programs: • DVD Region-Free utility Some of the advanced features include: * Region-Free for RPC2 DVD drive * Region-Free for RCE DVDs * Region-Free for DVD player software( PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc. ) * Macrovision-Free * Operation-Free * Direct-Play main title • DVD Idle utility Some of the advanced features include: * Extend the lifetime of D...

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    I need someone to develop skins for Windows Media Player 9 and WinAmp 3 based upon supplied visuals. I will consider two different freelancers if necessary.

    €181 - €272
    €181 - €272
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    small c++ program Udløbet left

    Create a Tennis tournement program which reads in files which are layed out in a specific layout. From these files you will extract player Name, ID and Ranking and create a file output which lists all the matches to be played in the form of a html and txt file. After each round the results are provided and the program shall provide and display the correct matches. more information is provided in t...

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    c++ program Udløbet left

    The program will use a file ([log ind for at se URL]) which contains all of the Tennis Tour’s players with their ID, NAME and RANKING. A second file ([log ind for at se URL]) contains the ID’s of the actual competitors for this specific tournament. The number of competitors will always be a power of 2 so that everything organises neatly ??" so if the tournament has n rounds there ...

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