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    Image Machine Udløbet left

    We have a requirement for a program written in vb6, or C# that performs two key tasks. The first being to collect images from a preset location on the Internet, the app should be able to interact with a sql database to obtain the remote path and then report back the local path if a successful download was completed. The path to the images are

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    I want you to write me an application that is primarily an editor, like Wordpad, except in colour for SQL keywords and variables - all usual cut/paste MDI functionality of a normal rich text editor expected. The left 'panel' of the split screen window contains a database connection screen to connect to either Oracle/Sybase/SQL Server. It will list all

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    I am looking for some help with a few accounting class questions. Here they are: 1. What is the difference between book value per share of common stock and market value per share? Why does this disparity occur? 2. How is the income statement related to the balance sheet? 3. Explain why the statement of cash flows provides useful information that goes

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    PROJECT 1 (a) Create an Excel spreadsheet showing the response times for the 8 sites that you pinged, showing the web address in one column, the 4 response times in another and the average response time in the last. Create a horizontal bar chart showing the average response times for each site, labelling each bar with the appropriate web site address

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    Please review the attached zipped file with information before bidding and asking any additional questions. We currently have a shopping site that is unfinished. We need the site either re-built or finished. It needs a complete backend administration site and a shopping cart for e-commerce based on asp on win2k and sql server. The current site uses

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    ProjectAdmissions Udløbet left

    ...display “You’re correct!?? If they answer incorrectly the response should be “Sorry, wrong answer?? I only want between five to seven questions. If the user answers four out of the five questions correctly, I want a message to scroll across the screen to say “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO UNIVERSITY XYZ!?? If they answer th...

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    We are seeking to develop a computerized version of a typical game to be played by a groups of up to N players. We already have a prototype, but it does not work very well in terms of robustness and performance. We would like to extend the basic design to make further modifications to it. The program will consist of server and client executable files

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    I have the source code of a plugin I wrote to send title updates to a remote server ([log ind for at se URL]) using standard HTTP get statements. It currently uses the URLDownloadToFile API, which seems to cause lockups on 9x systems. Here is what I would need you to do: * Use sockets to send the HTTP get instead of the URLDownloadToFile API * Make a function

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    ...[log ind for at se URL], using either CGI, PHP, or Javascript/HTML. The questions should be pulled from either a database,(MYSQL, ACCESS, etc..), text file, or manually entered. However, due the the large amounts of question and answer pools that will be utilized, I would prefer the questions and answers be parsed from a text or word file, or pulled from a

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    Program Specs You MUST write this program by building and traversing a graph, if you find a cute math formula to solve the problem NO credit will be given. Create a [log ind for at se URL] that explains your algorithm, think of it as a design spec. Someone reading it, that can code in any language, should be able to code your algorithm without having to ask you a...

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    Overview: I doubt this is very complex, I have tried to explain in detail as to prevent any confusion regarding what is needed. I can do it with current Credit Card processor but want affiliates linking to my site not Credit Card processors in case they go out of business in the future. With affiliates linking to my site I can always get new scripts

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    Okay, Please pay attention and DO NOT USE AN AUTO RESPONSE. This is a very complex application I am asking for and expect bids from people who have already designed file sharing applications. I want to see past examples of file-sharing work, specifically on the Gnutella/FastTrack Networks. General Description: A File Sharing application that an end

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    ...Statement - Defines the problems and/or opportunities that have created a need for this project. Objectives - Defines a list of goals associated with this project. Completion of the project should fulfill these goals. Functionality - Defines a list of high-level functionality that the project should be able to offer at its completion. · Exclusions - Defines

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    Flat File Questions Udløbet left

    ...install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4) Questions answered and proven before bid is accepted. Accepted at Buyers decretion. ## Platform The server can run Perl, has chmod functions and ability to write to a directory

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    I need a website to be redesigned which was earlier designed in FrontPage. The new design should look elegant and professional, and should be light on graphics. The navigation structure can remain same as the previous website. You have to copy the content and some of the graphics to the new website. I need a new logo for it as well (this is not very

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    ...manage multiple object types in a treeview where the user can add and delete nodes. The object structure should be stored in a database ( e.g. dbase or anything else ). Each objects has some properties. Here´s an example: Based on a root I have many countries. Each countrie has offices. One office can contain other suboffices. The suboffices contain

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    €176 - €264
    €176 - €264
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    ...this project you should have an MBA OR MS in Computer Science. Please provide your resume for consideration when applying for this job. You have to provide answers to 2 questions below. Answers should be well thought, professional and reflect a deep understanding of the strategic issues involved. 1. Knowledge management is a major issue at any...

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    1 bud containing these PIN number should be sent to the customer. Of course PIN numbers are unique, so they need to be disabled for future transaction at the same time. We need a simple backend to manage those PINs numbers, check payments and track errors, reassign PIN numbers, bulk import from excel those numbers, etc. You don’t need to kill yourself doing

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    This project needs to be done without any errors. Please read over everything and go to the website ([log ind for at se URL]) before posting a bid so there wont be any problems. This is my THIRD time posting this and I don't want to go through the same stuff over and over. Here is some information on the database work that needs to be done... The site

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    1 bud view and admin screens should use events that belong to the uder logged in Users view/edit/delete/modify/add their own events only. 2- Online users with MS Outlook to be able to sync their calendar with this online calendar *both ways*. Sync events that are within a date range entered by user and sync only events that have the string "(S)" at the end

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    Design a Shell Udløbet left

    ...a half pages of C code. However, in order to write a shell you will need to understand the UNIX mechanisms for process creation/termination, interprocess communication, and basic file management, as well as the C system calls which are used to implement these operating system constructs. You must implement three versions of the assignment. 1st will use

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    ...(username/real name)! You currently have (number) points." The idea is that the points are automatically added upon completing an activity on the site, but I may also add points to any member's total on my own. The points should be published upon signing in, and there will be a redemption area. In that redemption area, I'd like to have the &quo...

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    ...for payments. If admin chooses to accept both types of payments the script should place the payment links of both options on the page so visitor can choose which payment method he wants to use. If admin choses to use only one or the other of payment methods script should only put that one payment link on page. If choosing paypal it must allow

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    Sorting Algorithms Udløbet left

    Choose any two sorting algorithms, EXCLUDING bubble sort. Implement both of the sorts using two different data structures: a. Using a primitive array in one case. b. Using another data structure of your choice in the other case. NOTE:(If you choose heapsort, you will have to implement the heap using two different data structures, one of which will be

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    Project: Installing, tuning, connecting and some customization - quote with or without design (I need to see samples) Under the same URL (website), I want to have the following scripts, tools and services: 1. PPC Search engine (Perl - install). Details: [log ind for at se URL] 2. Ad management (Perl - install). Details: http://www

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    ...possible, it should be as easy to add to my project has adding a Module or User Control would be. I will need a good description on how to use the basic winsocks functions this way. ---------- Accept Bind BytesReceived Close Connect GetData SendData Listen LocalPort RemotePort "well you get the point" ----------- Thanks, and if you have any questi...

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    Project: Installing, tuning, connecting and some customization - quote with or without design (I need to see samples) Under the same URL (website), I want to have the following scripts, tools and services: 1. PPC Search engine (Perl - install). Details: [log ind for at se URL] 2. Ad management (Perl - install). Details: http://www

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    WYSIWYG HTML EDITOR Udløbet left

    ...and gif images. Should be able to create bulleted lists and numbered lists. Should be setup like other WYSIWYG a text document editor. Should be able to go to a section to view the raw HTML code. and another section to preview the page. Look at the products I mentioned and give me a quote and other ideas you may have please. I am looking

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    ...can be provided if needed). The script that we are seeking this documentation for is IphatScript's iFantasy3 Lotto. All bidders must have PERL, CGI script, and MySQL Database experience (it's also beneficial if you have some experience with this particular script, however, it's not a requirement to bid on this project). This documentation must be very

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    ...would also like to have the "Search" command button programmed using SQL like select statemetns. In fact, please use as many SQL statements as possible. The database has to be Access 97 compatable and the connection used in VB6 is Microsoft Jet 3.51 OLE DB Provider.(Let me knwo if you have any questions. As I said earlier I do have those piece...

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    Car Website Udløbet left to have a message board... if you have any ASP in mind let me know.. if not can you develop one? (let me know extra cost for message board) or I will get my own. The Contact the Od Professionals section should be an asp form which collects users data, and comments or questions, and uses CDONTS to email the form to me. let me know if you...

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    Hi all: I have a very simple assignment that I need to get done, and for anyone who knows anything about oracle pl/sql and packages, this would be really easy. I need a .sql file that will build a table(s), insert value, and then create packages and package bodies that reference those tables. The reason is, I am confirming that my program will work

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    We need to rebuild our current inspection software: [log ind for at se URL] to download and preview what we have now. This software was built using Filemaker Pro and we are not interested in continuing with this platform. A few very important aspects of the new software would be usability on multiple hardware systems (desktops

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    I want to buy software/popular scripts/ and complete sites from you with resale rights and/or exclusive. I may need you to customize the product for us and will require removal of your copy right and replaced with ours. This script should be for me to own and can not be resold by you. I would like to resell this script, so full documents on how the

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    I have a [log ind for at se URL] file that I need a control panel for. It is written in perl as well as the rest of the program. There are several options in the control panel! I will attach a copy of the config file. If you have ANY questions about what will be needed in the control panel, PLEASE ASK! It will require all $config references, categories, hea...

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    mix two wav files Udløbet left

    ...following... It should ask the user to load two wav files. Then, it should mix both of them to make one new wav file. Also, when mixing Wave1 and Wave2 (the two wav files), Wave1 should not be mixed with Wave2 in the first 5 seconds. Then, after these 5 seconds, Wave2 should be added and start the real mixing. That's it! If you have any q...

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    I need some help with a few questions. 1. ______ is heavily used as a simple diagnostic tool, often as soon as network administrators learn of a network failure. 2. A _______ ________ is the basic electronic building block of Wide Area Networks. 3. Binding between a protocal address anda hardware address is called _________. 4. Ping uses _________ protocal

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    ...navigate through the database forward, backward, first and last, also a search function for last name. If I add someone it should automatically assigned a random IP address between [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL], The new record should also have a random user name 5 numbers long and a random password 5 letters long. When added the new record needs to be ...

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    ...non-profit High School so as low as possible please. We would prefer it done in Visual Basic however other languages are okay. What we require is a classroom management tool it will have a Client Module (to be installed on a students computer) and a teacher module (to be installed on the teachers computer) for a details description of what we are after please

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    24 bud email function and and a database screener. all the data is already provided but i need to have some scripting that will manipulate this data on line i have described how this could be developed below but am open to coder input as well. if you have additional question please send and i will answer ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...fool and never completed the project, his lose for more work in the future... Here is what I want and hopefully within 10 DAYS I have been waiting over 2 months to get this done from the previous programmer and I can't wait any longer. Ok this is what I want, I want users who put their listing on my site the option of uploading their logo and information

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    ...text, layout, and graphics as they see fit. Finally it will output several files: a resizable ecover graphic, a thumbnail, and a printable cover graphic. The user will also have a choice as to the file format for each type of file: jpg, png, gif, tiff, or eps. It will also output the final text as name=value pairs. For reference see: [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...with custom extensions. It should also have the ability to set rules wherein it can exclude certain email addresses from being verified. It should also have rules on the reply codes received from the recipient’s mailserver, for example if reply code is 421, it should mark the email address as unchecked. This program would have to be completely sel...

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    ...American Shrimp and Venezulan Blue Swimming Crab in the United States. The site should be Professional and Trendy. The site must utilize the provided company logo and must remain unchanged. Over 200+ images will be provided of the products and of the processing that you may use as you wish. I would like this website completed by March 1st if possible. I must

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    ... The banner ads should advertise my two products (polyOCX and adServerOCX). BEFORE YOU BID, please become aquainted with our products at the following websites: * polyOCX - [log ind for at se URL] * adServerOCX - [log ind for at se URL] The deliverables should include BOTH the .swf

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    ...done with the instructions from the ghost script site. I would then like to Create an Email with the PDF as the attachment. The email should work with all versions of Outlook. So the basic operation would be from any program Choose FILE>PRINT>PDF-Mail Printer . An email in outlook is created with the pdf Attachment already attached. I am using Ghost

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    Utility Udløbet left

    ...program that detects a DSL internet connection and has an option to perform one of the following actions If it is online, then a notification should be displayed stating "online" and display the IP address. 1-Have the ability to run automatically on startup 3 different programs, I will choose which ones, If the internet connection drops, then I need the

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    java homework help Udløbet left

    In this lab you will write a GUI program that draws different graphics objects in an Applet. It can draw lines, ovals, and text on your screen. At minimum your program should have 4 buttons of "Line", "Oval", "Text", and "Change color". When "Line" is clicked you need to use JOptionPane to ask the user to put in x and y ...

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    Your only MISSION, if you choose to accept it, is to just answer these following questions. Easy stuff! I have attached the database that you will need to use in order to answer them. Thank you... 1. List all the data for the attributes with names starting with 'F'. 2. List all the data for the attributes with names starting with 'F' or '...

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