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    Color Vision Project. This altruistic project seeks to test and improve Color Vision. According to ophthalmologists human eyes and brains can distinguish among a million colors. Now how do we communicate colors with each other. How do we test our mental capacity to recognize and remember colors? This App takes a step in this direction. Help me improve this App -

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    We are an established Internationational Call Center and currently working with US and Europe clients. We are looking for new direct clients to our company and seeks authorised BPO Consultants who can give genuine and verified BPO project process from USA / Europe to our company. Payment can be discussed as per the project size allocated to us. [Removed by Admin]

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    If you are applying for this project, please indicate your academic background or degree. This is really important! ????? ??? ???????: This project seeks to co-design a workshop for a ‘Issue and Stakeholder Engagement’ course, to be co-facilitated in class at university level. As a collaborator in this project you might be involved in: • creating a scenario for the workshop • creating different roles and base scripts for different stakeholder groups • designing the flow of the workshop and co- facilitating it in class ??????? ????????????: Please address these points in your application. We are keen to collaborate with students who: • are interested in scenario-based learning • have an interest and skills in writing different scenarios and fa...

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    Fintech company seeks senior full stack web developer for Laravel and WordPress development. CSS/HTML/JS must be second-nature tasks with very little guidance needed. Backend PHP development will be required for both custom WordPress plugins and Laravel API controllers, both of which are to be developed with OOP. All work will be submitted for code review by the manager for pull requests. Contractor will work within company's JIRA and Bitbucket environments for code submission and status updates daily. Applicant must provide proof of experience with model, controller, and view layer commits in the form of public github, gitlab, or bitbucket repositories. We are not interested in your client projects; personal projects or test projects will suffice. No alternative code rev...

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    ...this year after our upcoming ICO... We are looking to build a tribe of developers (mostly .NET & Unity) to help build a game we have been in the process of creating. The game is called Our World. It is built on top of the OASIS API, which we have been building and developing over the past two years (the game and API have been in design, planning & R&D phase for over seven years). The OASIS API seeks to connect anything to everything within the realms of current possibilities (including EOSIO, Ethereum, Holochain, SOLID, ActivityPub, IPFS, Telos, SEEDS, ThreeFold & many more!) . The OASIS is built on top of the new distributed decentralised internet (Holochain) and .NET architecture.

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    ...this year after our upcoming ICO... We are looking to build a tribe of developers (mostly .NET & Unity) to help build a game we have been in the process of creating. The game is called Our World. It is built on top of the OASIS API, which we have been building and developing over the past two years (the game and API have been in design, planning & R&D phase for over seven years). The OASIS API seeks to connect anything to everything within the realms of current possibilities (including EOSIO, Ethereum, Holochain, SOLID, ActivityPub, IPFS, Telos, SEEDS, ThreeFold & many more!) . The OASIS is built on top of the new distributed decentralised internet (Holochain) and .NET architecture.

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    Our nonprofit organization seeks someone with serious Javascript skills to develop an offline Web editor and advise us on best practices.. Basically, this task involves downloading the elFinder and CKEdit, installing then in adjacent folders, linking them using the existing hooks, and making a handful of changes in how the file details are displayed to the end user. Please note: since this is an offline app, all the linked scripts and CSS files need to be downloaded and included in the offline package. Our patrons do not have Internet access. Customizations include altering and reformatting the file details view (ditch FileType and shorten the file Date format.) I'd like to see View and Edit icons for each file in the list. I'd also like to investigate how we might u...

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    SYMPTOM MEDIA SEEKS QUALIFIED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS FOR THE FOLLOWING ROLE(S): 1. Develop written case studies of fictional patients that will be used as the basis for actors / role playing scenarios. 2. Write continuing education courses based on one or more of Symptom Media’s pre-designed course templates (to be submitted for accreditation) and / or activities around Symptom Media video case studies. 3. Medical knowledge exam question writing 4. Write analysis of Symptom Media video case studies and record video lectures for general health care professionals (Remote) ABOUT SYMPTOM MEDIA: Symptom Media is an online library of mental health video case studies and ANCC & ACCME accredited continuing education courses. Symptom Media’s library of over 800 asses...

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    With the emergence of EV vehicles in today's technological world, holographic deep reality true AR displays can turn entire windshields into a virtual world where information about the vehicle, navigation, infotainment, and the surroundings can be shown whilst seamlessly blending into the real world. This deep reality display seeks to massively improve the driving experience by changing how drivers and passengers perceive the world when looking through any glass surface.

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    Seeking startup developer for pre-seed stage information technology company. Dash seeks to build an MVP with mixed data storage, note taking and other functionality. The idea is to build a digital organizer for links, files, etc. Need full stack developer with significant experience building web applications. Developer will be the lead developer in an early venture-backed startup (pre-seed). As such, developer must have some project-management experience. Developer must also be willing to seriously consider longer-term contracting, after a good MVP outcome. Key functionality includes: -Secure user login -File storage -Note taking widget (must-have), calendar widget Developer with significant API experience, including API development for Google integrations, is a plus Ideal candida...

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    Business brokerage in Orange County, CA seeks experienced web support/developer to guide company on website enhancements in architecture and functionality and troubleshoot technical issues. This posting is for long-term on-off assistance with our site. There will be times when no development is required and other times projects and enhancements will be both straightforward and complex. Looking for hand-on architect who will work with our internal team to find solutions for our existing website through remote collaboration. You are: Freelance/contract webmaster with strong Java developer skills with a passion for special projects and ongoing maintenance. Proven testing and QA environment. Salesforce skills a bonus. Technology Java – JDK1.7, JDK 1.8 Tomcat 8 JSPs Spring Fram...

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    -> The most important thing for you 1) The web service by Amati offers the safest jobs 2) Mr. Amati seeks skills and pays the value -> You build websites with WP Elementor and Divi every day 1) from Monday to Friday - every day 8 hours + 40 minutes lunch break 2) you work in a team, this team is helpful and collegial -> Your skills are the standards for website programming 1) you know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, API Integration and more -> You master a design program like XD and can 100% convert the delivered design into 1000% pixel in code according to these principles 1= Fonts, typeface, spacing. 2 = fixed width, no scaling of text and images. 3 = Adaptation to PC/tablet/smartphone -> your secure monthly salary - in the first year the salary is not negot...

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    32 page monthly paper is seeking layout artist proficient in Adobe InDesign software. Artist will receive all elements for placement including copy, photos and camera-ready ads for placement in tabloid newspaper This is a monthly project creating a newspaper for printing.

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    I need a food court designe inside a mall(in a report format) using facility planning techniques , such as SLP, m-craft and craft etc... (it should be in a systematic engineering method their orders. After placing their order, some customers choose to take food at the dining area in the court while others choose to take food items with them home. Customers who choose to take food in the food court are allocated seats and tables in the dining area. All customers finally pay for their orders and leave. The food court model seeks to improve the flow, optimization of the space, and reducing the cost while the arena simulation seeks to improve the operations of the food court by reducing the cycle time, identifying the bottlenecks of the system and enhancing the reso...

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    Looking for a part/full time CPA for our upstream/downstream assets in the energy sector.

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    new yoube channel seeks expert

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    ...The Lorien Legacies is a book series where 9 alien children are sent to earth after their home planet was decimated by another alien race. They develop special abilities when they reach a certain age, ranging from sonic flight, fire manipulation, night vision, invisibility, shapeshifting, weather manipulation, basically whatever you can dream of are powers these aliens have. This Minecraft mod seeks to recreate these powers in Minecraft, as well as the lore and other things surrounding the powers from the books. I had a guy from the UK (I'm from the US) as my head coder, but he got super busy with life and the project never had a chance to make it past the "toddler" stage. It had a few features, but overall, I'd guess the project to be about 12-15% finished. I...

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    Renowned US Law Firm Seeks Certified ZOHO Creators. (Only Latin America)

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    Good day hardworkers, Are you the one who takes every job seriously and responsibly and knows how to communicate with all clients? We are a video company which seeks the best workers on our projects , I’m looking for 1 Concept, 3 Revision Rounds, Transfer of Copyright, Logo, Social Media Design. (2-3) logo variations (1) one principal logo design Facebook , Twitter and Instragram cover and logo profile photos To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work 2. Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality. Also, so I know that you’ve read and understood this job post, please start off your response with how many years you’ve been doing this for. Cheers,

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    Are you experienced with social media management? We are a Social Media company that seeks to improve our client's results on their social media platforms. We are looking for a talented Social media manager to administer social media accounts. You will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers. You will manage the company image in a cohesive way to achieve marketing goals. Skills: - Excellent copywriting skills; - Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video); - Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics; - Familiarity with web design - Knowledge of online marketing channels To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work 2. Let me know what you charge for a given l...

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    U.S. nonprofit seeks Jscript/CSS programmer to set up, customize, and document the combination of open-source elFinder with CKEdit. Interface changes include removing some information from the files list, including an Edit/View icon with each, and adding an additional edit icon for some files with external editors. The combination should run from a single folder and the documentation should instruct future programmers on the setup and maintenance of this combination. elFinder: CKEdit integration:

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    3000 words max must include details on: talk about 1. Issue, problem or topic the research seeks to address 2. Critical review of the literature, providing background or rationale behind the proposed research 3. Aims and objectives of the proposed research 4. Research hypotheses or questions 5. Methodology 6. Feasibility, significance and potential for innovation 6 important aspects to cover 1. A clear statement about what you want to work on and why it is important, interesting, relevant and realistic: a. what is the purpose of your research? b. what difference do you think your research will make? c. why does this research excite you? d. how might your research ‘add value’ to the subject? 2. Some background knowledge and context of the area in which you wish to work...

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    Video Editing for Youtube Channel about Kill Counts and Movie Recaps Job Description: VIDEO EDITING FOR YOUTUBE CHANNEL OF KILL COUNTS AND MOVIE RECAPS The job consists of editing Movie Kill Counts + recaps videos for YouTube . We are looking for a person who enjoys the task and seeks to extract the most valuable of each movie, looking to highlight the most relevant and funny moments. The editor will receive the movie in .mp4 format, along with a script with details of different scenes, and a recorded audio which will also have to be cut and positioned in the best way. You will have to use different media that we will provide to make an entertaining video that shows something more than just a few clips from the movie. Requirements: -Experience in the use of Adobe Premier Pro (Re...

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    We have a web application and would like to create a 60 seconds product video about it. We can provide video screenshots of the product. Sample of a product video is like ( Check out the GSuite one ) Dont need real live production. Sample script as follows: Brief on Omnichannel is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless brand experience Benefits of Omnichannel Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 3 Netquest 360 Suite Assist you in registering official Whatsapp business account Import your customer data into profiles Start sending our campaign messages using any of the channels Receive all the replies in one place Automated journey Case Study Post Service survey ( will provide videos) Appointment

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    Design a qualitative research project that seeks to address a current education topic or issue.

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    Hi, I want to develop a quantitative model that seeks to 1) meet a return target (ie. 8%) and 2) minimizing maximum drawdown over a 3 year period. The asset classes are private equity, private credit and infrastructure. The model should be developed in Excel and R also afterwards. The candidate should be an expert within financial modelling, math and financial markets in general. More information will be dislosed when rewarded the project

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    Retired Lawyer seeks paralegal to type long court entries for courts all over Brazil. Português - Advogado aposentado procura paralegal para digitação de longas entradas judiciais para tribunais de todo o Brasil.

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    The California Landscape Contractors Association seeks a developer to maintain and After many years of dedicated service, our current developer is retiring. Technology currently used include CakePHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Adobe TypeKit. Per Netcraft. The ideal developer would manage all technical aspects of the site and its AWS hosting. Future upgrades include enhanced mobile responsiveness and overall improvements to the interface. The current developer is leaving on good terms and will support the transition to a new developer. He currently devotes four to five hours a month of maintenance and upgrades to our user interface. About The Sites The sites support the association’s water management certification programs and support. Approximately 200

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    Client seeks to either invest minority to majority in an established India based BPO Call Center and even willing to consider buying them out 100%. Similar client also seeks to outsource several of its business processes to the same entity. Interested parties to kindly attach their respective portfolios after reviewing which a call will be scheduled with the shortlisted ones.

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    I'm working on pitching my show to Netflix and other streaming giant's. My story is about Amir Said a 9 year old Moroccan boy his entire family is murdered by the Moroccan King he seeks vengeance.

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    Large chain of veterinary facilities seeks Photographer/Videographer to shoot content for marketing materials and social media. Shoot will require 3-6 full days in April (not necessarily consecutive). • Three office locations in the Philly area (will be scheduled in coordination with offices) • Three outdoor landmark locations in the Philly area (will be scheduled based on weather) Candidate must be familiar with Philly area to help with suggestions for outdoor locations. CANDIDATE MUST BE COMFORTABLE AROUND ANIMALS. Experience required: • Corporate photography & videography (shooting b-roll) • Lifestyle photography (pets a plus) • Photo and Video editing Deliverable will include: • Full ownership and rights release of all assets...

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    Mature Masters student developing an innovative product for the equine market, seeks an engineering materials specialist. Ideally experienced or have knowledge of natural rubber which it is hoped will be combine with a natural material, IP pending. May suit a retired engineer or someone who can think outside the box! Thank you.

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    I need help to analyse my data. The main research question in the current study seeks to understand if there is a relationship between mindset and the level of self-esteem. Need help with APA styling writing the results

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    Venus INV is a fund that seeks out impact investments, providing capital that can address the world’s most pressing challenges, especially in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and microfinance. Core Fields of Investments: Greentech, Fintech, Agtech, and MedTech • The web design should follow the brand language as shown in the company's logo (typography, color palate, and icons wise) • The web design should include all pages, subpages, text, and other elements as specified in the web's content document • The web design should be picture-oriented, with pictures related to the topics as presented in the site’s content. • The pictures should be royalty free or from the designer's own photo bank accounts (There will be no extra c...

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    i need help to analyse my data. The question in the study seeks to understand if there is a relationship between mindset and the level of self-esteem in the age group 18-85. It was hypothesized that there will be a positive relationship between the level of self-esteem and mindset. Growth mindset is related to a higher level of self-esteem, and fixed mindset is related to a lower level of self-esteem

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    This project seeks to create an esthetically simple and clean page, with modules for payment, shipping, newsletter, gallery, products and their description, contact etc 15 products will be sold with 6 sizes and 3 different colors

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    Venus INV is a fund that seeks out impact investments, providing capital that can address the world’s most pressing challenges, especially in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and microfinance. Core Fields of Investments: Greentech, Fintech, Agtech, and MedTech

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    ...brief is to draft 12-15 colour sketches of streetscapes, that exemplify walkable neighbourhoods (definition below), that are to be built as sustainable as possible. The Building materials will be Cross Laminated timber (CLT), glass and for ground floors, masonry (bricks, concrete). Why: The sketches will be used to accompany a pitch deck, looking to get investors for a new company. The company seeks to build walkable towns/villages, completely sustainable. Sustainability will be reached by removing the need for driving, using CLT as a prime building material, having as much greenery as possible, renewable energy etc. What is a walkable town? A walkable town or village is one that has minimal need for cars, and largely doesn't have cars in most of the inner streets. ...

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    Creative Agency seeks an adept and highly skilled creative project manager to drive exceptional creative processes and production management.

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    Our small artisan furniture company seeks a creative designer with experience in furniture design, woodworking, CAD and knowledge of mid century Scandinavian furniture. Our goal is to create our own unique line of handmade teak furniture in limited quantities from the best materials available. For the right gifted person or persons this will be a continuing project requiring multiple pieces. We hope to build a long, honest and beneficial relationship. Our first posting and budget will be for initial interest only, we are open to hourly or per project format remuneration.

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    !!!!!!!!!!APPLY ONLY IF YOU ARE AN ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKER!!!!!!!!!!!! Venus INV is a fund that seeks out impact investments, providing capital that can address the world’s most pressing challenges, especially in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and microfinance • The website content should convey the company's story in detail, should be thorough, and include keywords and professional catchphrases from the field of VCs and investments management • Please use as reference the company's brief, and further research from similar websites of investment firms • Note! The brief is only the basis for the content of the site. We want to get original content from you, which will be much more detailed and professionally worded, using professional expre...

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    TilTok influencer seeks a female singer to record a song in Ukrainian to honor the greatest leader of our time, President Volodyr Zelenskyy. The song is a cover for a well-known American rock hit. English lyrics and backing track will be provided. If successful, the piece will be played on social media and for a California Dance competition. Singer must be able to record a high-quality audio file.

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    ...appointments. This has associated consequences for the management of their disease, mental health, wellbeing and ultimately their life expectancy. Transition is the process of transferring from the paediatric to the adult health care system. The official transfer of care occurs at 18 years of age. The transition period is recognised as a key time that young people become lost to care. UpBeat seeks to empower these young people to take control of their care by helping them to: 1. Organise their health care information and key documents (portable medical summary) 2. Build their health care skills and knowledge (information hub) 3. Maximise their connection to support networks and relevant resources (support linkages) Objective We are looking to promote the new mobile application...

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    ...clips or memes for reactions to different scenes. As well as a gallery of songs for different moments such as the final fight (In those moments the fight is not resumed through a script, but it is given intro to clips of the fight summarized). The use of clips or memes from other movies as reactions to different scenes is appreciated. We are looking for a person who enjoys watching movies and who seeks to bring out the most valuable and funniest aspects of each movie, looking to highlight the most relevant and funny moments. Requirements: -To have full time availability to work on 3 scripts per week. -Long-term commitment -Enjoy films and sense of humor. -Native English -Preferably reside in the United States. -Scripts must be written in US English. -Scripts should be around 2...

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    Ontheline seeks a short-term information architect with extensive website, communications platform, and consumer-facing design experience. We are seeking one or two people to help create the Product Requirements Document (PRD) for a new communications and digital lifestyle platform. Working closely with the CEO and co-founder, the role requires some travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, including an initial 5-10 days to deep dive into the project. We are seeking one or two people who can write specifications for dozens of sections of the platform; who can create wire frames to correspond to these sections; and who can take our founder's vision and turn it into a PRD. Colonies Corporation, is a Las Vegas-based company that is building Ontheline and a corresponding app/site for...

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    This contest seeks a video genius to create 35 promotional video clips for our business.

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    Busy CEO seeks executive assistant to help keep him organized. You will shadow me all day, help me run my calendar, respond to emails, take notes and help out with everything. I need someone to get me motivated. Base salary of $3/hr will give you a bonus after 3 months if you perform well. Must speak English well and understand English well and have a good internet connection.

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    ...packed with deep and exciting combat, immersive action, complex characters, angels, demons, God, Satan, titanic monsters and creatures, high-powered mechs, superhuman beings, and cyborg-suit warriors. This series--possessing style and craft reminiscent to, yet unique from the works of Soul Reaver, the Bible, Metal Gear Solid, DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Paradise Lost, and Dante's Inferno--seeks artists to convey powerful characters with a visual style that can attract and connect to the audience. This project contains multiple 500-page drafted manuscripts with another already in production, and serious artist(s) is(are) needed to bring out more of the heart and soul of the series and help give life to a project that will inspire many to become greater individu...

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    ...our careers, ensuring continued success. At Espats, we believe in leading by example: we have the resources and knowledge to facilitate the integration of job seekers in Switzerland, using our very own experience. Honesty and integrity as our cornerstones help candidates make an informed decision. -Job Description: .Position Summary - Sales Representative .Seeks and follows leads to acquire new business for our staffing agency .Seeks out hiring decision makers and develops working relationships with them .Designs and delivers presentations highlighting the products and services of our staffing agency .Negotiates contract terms with clients .Successfully closes sales .Maintains contact with existing clients to obtain more business from them -General Purpose: Marketing ...

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    Content Creator Udløbet left

    Tech firm seeks qualified content creator for its company blog and social media outlets

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    Top seeks Community-artikler