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    A CV Expert is needed to write and design a professional CV that fits my 4 years experienced under Planning & Performance Analyst. If you have any questions regarding to the nature of the tasks, let me know. Please do well in marketing and polishing my experience and skills as its the first window to get my dream job opportunity. The deadline is on Aug 9th, 2022 at 12:00PM GM Time.

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    Super Easy Wordpress Adjustments 6 dage left

    Here’s the video explaining process from start to finish. In summary: - replace gallery with plugin for Instagram gallery - change font color - Change links and make open in new window Not really looking to spend much more than $5. Should take no more than 2 hours. But honestly I think under 1 hour.

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    ...experience with wp_redirect, get_query_var and other such functions? Perhaps you could help. My website has a search tool I built that creates a link that is sent to an API that is constructed like this: I think it is possible to use the Rewrite API to update the htaccess file so that, in the browser URL window, the url looks like this: Note there are around 8,000 dynamic pages on my site, all are created using this 3rd party API URL structure. The "?drug=" parameter will be the canonical. So, in this example, there are four (4) versions of "phentermine", but all will result in showing the while the updated htaccess file will

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    Develop Blender addon in python 5 dage left

    I am searching for a developer to recreate a Blender addon that I created using “invoke_props_dialog” from Blender API, but I want it to be as a separate popup window, similar to the render view window (with a title bar). The addon should look and do what I originally designed, as per the attached screenshot. Functionality wise, it should do the following: - Auto fetch the start and end frame from the active scene and fill them in the desired fields. - The End frame should be equal to or larger than the start frame. - Job priority will have three options: Low/Medium/High. The selected option should be displayed. - Blender (.blend) file path should be automatically filled with the current working file (use filter_blender from BlenderAPI). - Output path should be th...

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    I want to create a lightmap calculation software that can work on the web and on desktops. I need a UX/UI Designer for the project to make it as user friendly as possible and to look similar to this site () in terms of UI Design. The program should have light and dark mode. Functionalities are as follows Add Light Edit Light Properties F...Padding (number input) Enable Light Leaks Fix (check box) } Radiosity Panel { Radiosity Hemicube Resolution (number input) Number of Radiosity Passes (number input) Enable Light Banding Fix (check box) } Ray Tracing Panel { Number of Raytracing Bounces (number input) } Miscellaneous Panel { Network Timeout (number input) Recompute Normal (check box) } Edit Property Dockable Window Render Canvas represents undocked part of window

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    web designer -- 2 5 dage left

    we are looking for website designer to add 4 page popup window in our existing website. Its advertisement campaing need to redesign and integrate in our website. Our website is in Core php. Design, Htmlcoding and Intergration in existing Php code..

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    ...photographs of a stained glass window from my grandparents old house. I’d like to make a canvas (or similar) reproduction to give as a gift to their other grandchildren. Maybe one day I’ll get stained glass versions made, but in the meantime a cleaned design that could be printed onto a canvas, for example, would be great. The photographs are at an angle, and with an inner frame in the way, but are taken from more than one angle, so all details are visible. I’d like a digital version of the design made (not just a cleaned up photo). I’m sure there are lots of nuances I’m missing, so am happy to answer questions. In my mind, I’m imagining a canvas version of a stained glass window, a bit like:

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    ...the file details are displayed to the end user. Please note: since this is an offline app, all the linked scripts and CSS files need to be downloaded and included in the offline package. Our patrons do not have Internet access. This task will probably involve opening CKEditor in it's own window. The user experience will be to browse a home directory structure using elFinder. Click on HTML file. The file opens in CKEditor. When the user attempts to make a hyperlink, elFinder opens in a modal window to allow the user to link to another file in the home directory structure. (Or type in a URL or upload a file...) Most importantly, documenting the whole process so that others can update their installations in the future. (Sure, some steps may change over time, bu...

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    I am looking for a picture 50 x 70cm cartoon I would like it to be of Dr Dre in a laboratory with a pen and a pad next to him. He is trying to get a label off a jar of Ragu sauce, on the bench next to him on a lab bench are sheets of labels for MoM's spaghetti (if this could be MOM from futurama that ...Dre in a laboratory with a pen and a pad next to him. He is trying to get a label off a jar of Ragu sauce, on the bench next to him on a lab bench are sheets of labels for MoM's spaghetti (if this could be MOM from futurama that would be brilliant). Somewhere in the lab would also be Eminem in a yellow jumpsuit, he has a can full of gas and a hand full of matches and a walkman on. Outside the window of the lab you can see a two-car garage in it is a damaged Dodge next t...

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    I need a script that will be placed on my server and it will be able to verify if a specific number is on whatsapp or not (if there is a whatsapp account for that number or not). The number will be provided by a url variable (example: ) and the script just needs to display in the browser window "yes" or "no" accordingly. I am not trying to find out if that person is online on whatsapp, just to see if there is an active account. This script should be able to process over 10.000 requests/day. Thanks!

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    Image database 3 dage left

    It is a simple job. I am using Caspio to create my database. I need to separate the Search page and detailed page into two different web pages. When clicking on an image on the Search page, it should open a window of a detailed page. Also, I need to change the style of the page.

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    Adding JavaScript to site 2 dage left

    Select an existing page from your website or create a new page of your choice and modify it to include JavaScript. This page must include the foll...http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge"> <title>GloBull Car Detailing</title> <link href="css/" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> </head> <body> <h1 id="para1" class"center" style="background-color:white"> Window Tinting </h1> <img alt="GloBull logo" src="img/" width 200px" height="100px"> <p id="para1" class="center"><strong>Navigation</strong></p> <div> <ul> <li><a href="" tar...

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    Trophy icon Logo for new microgreens business 10 dage left

    ***** IMPORTANT NOTES FOR DESIGNERS ***** Designers, please do NOT submit 3d logo designs or try to make the logo look 3d. This makes the logo look entirely different. We want all logos submitted on a white background only. No 3d logos, paper logos, window logos, etc. will be accepted! Also, please be sure to RESEARCH what "microgreens" are. Search "microgreens" on google images, and you will notice that the leaves for microgreens are not your regular tree leaf. Thank you :) ***** OUR BUSINESS***** Our company grows organic, healthy, all-natural microgreens for consumers, grocery stores, restaurants, and chefs. Our company name and slogan are below: Fresh Leaf Market Healthy. Natural. Microgreens. ***** COLORS ***** We would like two versions of the submitte...

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    Trophy icon Design the 55m^2 apartment remodel. Udløbet left

    There is an apartment ~55m^2 with a plan as shown at the attached picture. The apartment is a part of a semi-detached house, is on the ground floor and has a yard. We want to redesign the apartment to make it a two-bedroom apartment: - living room with a tv and 3 seater + 1 armch...a plan screenshot of that model. ! Important ! Clarification 1: I want both bedrooms to have windows, please don't put a bedroom into the corner without light. Clarification 2: In the cabinet (2nd bedroom), no need to put a bed at this stage, only the computer table, a chair and a small bookcase. I would like the computer table to have a window either on the left or right side of the table. That means that when you seat on the table, you have a window either at your right or left side. T...

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    ...payment. Now they want same kind of feature for commercial clients where they can place orders online also and send them to the official email of the company. How and what kind of: They have like 700 names of commercial clients so a new feature button with LOGIN must be added to the company website, where a client can access it with their credentials and place an order. Clients in their private window must have password changing option along with the history of their orders. As previous private order function was created in DataMySql. So we also manage that. Same thing we will do, we will manage the inventory in data base but we will also create usernames with passwords which I will late allocate to the customers so they can access and order. If your team can add this feature to ...

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    Email Notification 2 dage left

    Need small app that monitors a file and when it is accessed, shows a pop-up window with a warning of "New Email Message". It should also play a .wav file. Both the File Path and .wav file settings should be located in a text file that can be changed. The popup window should have a "OK" button to close it and continue the monitoring process. Basically, I am monitoring a file for changes when a new email comes in and triggers a popup window to let the user know. They can then click the OK button and it goes away. The program should then continue the monitoring process.

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    This project will be 17 drawings. Each drawing will be 2 pages. Here is the first image to make 1: The phrase on these two pages of art work” And wake you up suddenly with a loud crash or boom!” The two pages would flow into each other. You'll see the bert monster coming into the room from the window and knocking over the lamp. As the lamp hits the fool the action words come out “Crash” and “Boom”. Have the rest of the monsters hiding almost where you cant see them, you have to really look. (dont have the cindi monster in this images)

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    Hello, Create desktop application works on MAC OS, Linux, Microsoft Window If you able to build it with node.js related any frameworks please let us know. Features to cover - take screenshot of desktop - login and logout screen and xmlrpc json calls. - load data from backend and render, submit data to backend as well. Candidate who already worked and build right executable will be most welcome. All freelancer who can do it, we most welcome to bid. Project need to complete in 15 to 25 days.

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    The project is a web server that was operating for around 4 years. It was developed to a custom design and required continued maintenance request...required continued maintenance requests to keep it operating. The PHP Laravel configuration has stopped the website from functioning properly. The erroring page has a redirection loop. The website has a few dependencies, related to blockchain integration. The web interface connects with a sql database, as well as a REDIS database. Initially we require the error currently preventing a "trading" window from displaying to be fixed. Following that a documentation of the relationship between the servers, documentation on the location of various dependencies, and some changes to the "administration" web page that manages ...

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    The Scope of work is to prepare all Interiors Working drawings for a corprate office, a detail SKp file will be provided for the approved design. The freelancer should be ab...corprate office, a detail SKp file will be provided for the approved design. The freelancer should be able to provide All drawings in either AutoCAD format or Sketchup Layout format. The deliverable drawings will be 1) Furniture Plan 2) Flooring Plan 3) Civil Lineout Drawing 4) Furniture LIneout Drawing 5) RCP 6) Utility Coordination Drawing 7) All Sectional Elevations 8) Toilet Details 9) Door and Window Details 10) Furniture Details All drawing should be in pre-defined layers and format which will be provided by us Enclosed find Screen shot of the SKP file. Final SKP file will be provided to selected f...

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    Mac os Tray Icon Development 1 dag left

    ...such as version information when clicking the icon (Developed target) Restrictions: 1) Must be deployed as Jamf-Pro > Create as a .pkg file > Apple notarized (we can proceed) > Background installation process > Unable to automatically restart the system after installation 2) Must be written in App form and created in /Application 3) Tray Icon needs to be created 4) When clicking the Tray Icon, a window should be displayed to confirm app information, such as version information 5) Enterprise Recon (install script written with enclosed pkg file) pkg must be executed 6) Requires installation as a target for High Sierra or later Qualification requirements - Experienced MacOS installer development preferential treatment - Experienced person deployed/developed in SKT Jam...

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    i want u to build sending data from webpage using window. ex : on extension create = function() {exFunc()}

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    Freelancer Only - No Agencies Please Experience with Modal Window and Contact Form Plugins a BIG Plus The Details: Connect a popup window to its product page url Be able to start immediately and complete within an hour

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    Working with difficult materials, some with stretch and no stretch, budget of fabric would be provided for. Prefer very clean finish, experience with boning and any plastic fabrics. Will be a thick black stretch fabric in a specified design (which I have made) with sheer panels and some ruching. Short and strapless, should be a relatively quick project. Looking for a talented craftsperson to take on a small funky design. Would prefer someone local if possible to minimize shipping costs.

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    Hi, I've got some custom posts on a Wordpress site that uses BeTheme. They have a thumbnail image (that should go to a specified link in new window, actually would be nice to specify whether or not they go to new window, i.e. _blank), and text below them that can have links in them. There will be 13 categories of posts that will fall on 13 rows. It looks kind of like screenshot, probably all will have 5/row.

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    Hi All, We have a commercial cleaning company and we deliver services only in state in Victoria, Australia. Below are the services that we deliver: Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Carpet steam cleaning High pressure washing Floor scrubbing Window cleaning Deep toilet cleaning Tile and grout cleaning Entry and exit cleaning Builders cleaning We need to do keyword research for this. Mainly we deliver services in city in Melbourne which is the capital city in Melbourne. However, we need not to limit the keywords only for Melbourne. It should be all over the Victoria. We need the keyword and the monthly searches for that keyword (search volume). Better to use google keyword research tool for this. Can somebody help for this? Thanks

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    Odoo form view Save child in popup window: Javascript trigger SAVE CHILD! Create an Odoo 15.0 module, e.g. “web_save_child” following OCA guidelines (see link in file). Write javascript to trigger SAVE CHILD! when a user opens a record in form view with a one2many field, opens/creates a child record (opens in a popup window), changes child values and clicks Save in the popup window. (The main record is not saved yet and may be discarded.) Send me the code, let me try it online, or show that it works in a demo video. I will approve. Create an invoice for the project, I need it for accounting purposes. I will pay/confirm in Make a pull request to and give me the link. If not “All checks have passed” because the module is no...

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    Let's do the interactive map project. As explained, I need to create the following: For my wordpress site (on elementor pro), I need to integrate this map (see attached) and when we put the mouse over the pin location, there is information window with a button that pops up. Each pin location has different informations. When the mouse in not hover the pin location, informations window disapears. Of course it has to be responsive.

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    Hello, I need to create the following: For my wordpress site (on elementor pro), I need to integrate this map (see attached) and when we put the mouse over the pin location, there is information window with a button that pops up. Each pin location has different informations. When the mouse in not hover the pin location, informations window disapears. Of course it has to be responsive. WARNING: - DON'T LOOSE MY TIME, PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDING - YOUR BID IS THE PRICE I WILL PAY, DON'T CHAT AND ASK FOR MORE MONEY

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    22 bud result will give direct options if the required space is available in particular time span what mentioned , then it will give indirect options lesser space for lesser time span options etc with price for all options 5. Then user will chose one or multiple warehouses as per his requirements from the list. It will send to them a request to reserve the space. 6. The warehouse will have 24 hours window to accept the request. 7. The user will have 24 hours to acknowledge the acceptance of the warehouse or cold storage and payments for first 15 days or for more days or for full period. 8. After payment the Warehouse entry receipt and the particular place reservation information will be sent to its profile in the site, to his email id, phone number as sms and whatsapp message. 9....

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    3D Rendering of Audio Showroom 8 timer left

    Hello! I have a room that I will ...Here's the room pictures: The dimension of the room is: 3.6 m (l) x 5.3 m (w) x 3.5 m (h) I think it will be helpful if I can render it in advance, and here's the reference for the design: Flooring will use wooden flooring, and venetian blind for the window. We will also do armstrong accoustic ceiling for the ceiling cover. On top of that we wanna do spotlight lights and other placement of lights to make it nicer. Here's the sketches: Can you help with the rendering of the room? Thank you and looking forward to hear from you again.

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    I have a very simple program which displays Yes/No dialog, it is based on GTK-2 It is a program with only 78 lines. Source code available here: I need to switch to GTK+3. I need to be able to compile it linked to GTK-3 libraries instead of GTK-2 Your goal is to rewrite the short program so it works with GTK-3. Functionality must be preserved (it displays a dialog box with certain text, and buttons) If you can start right now, and finish today, your bid will be preferred. Please mention this in your bid. Thank you very much

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    2 bud a gallery in a full screen window. All the tools I have found online so far display those images in some ugly frames and text or in a format that I do not like. So I think I need my own extension for this. I have attached some samples in the uploaded files to give you a better idea of what I mean. I am not looking to download those images, just display them in a gallery format on a large white background. You may wonder why do I need such an extension in the first place? Well these extracted images will be used as a sort of a wallpaper for other graphic design purposes, without the need to actually manually edit them in photoshop or other image editor. The only other extension that does kind of what I want is the Pinterest Save images extension, but the window it displ...

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    Need to create a eye catching portrait display for front window of client shisha and restaurant business Logo file will be uploaded soon please use a placeholder one for now 4 slides of ‘deals’ Shisha deal (eg 2 for 1 tuesdays) Lunch Time Food Deal Evening food deal for Monday dessert and shisha deal cocktails and alcohol deal

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    Description: FIRST: It is required to correct the erro...parameters in each field, which does not give rise to errors, allowing typing only within the range of parameters of each drop-down list. Allow negative and positive values to be entered. 3. Point of sale buttons: “Select Glasses”, “Prescription”, “Prescription History” and “Cliente”: Change the entire point of sale module to Spanish. Change to Spanish language the texts that are shown in the window that opens when pressing each button: SEE DETAILS IN ATTACHED FILE. Category: Programming and Technology Subcategory: Web Programming What is the scope of the project?: Big or small change Is it a project or a position?: A project I currently have: I have an idea Availability requ...

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    Our Facebook account was disabled for some reason. The 30 day window passed and now Facebook says we are disabled permanently. However, they enabled us to download our data. I'd like to find out if we can start a new Facebook page with our downloaded data and a company e-mail address.

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    I am trying to figure out a solution to send keys to a non focused unity window post message works for other windows (SDL) but does not work for unity PostMessage(wnd, WM_KEYDOWN, key, lparam); Im not sure of what input system it is using maybe directinput? I am looking for anyone that can help. SendInput works but is global and works on whatever is in focus so thats not what I am looking for. This is my github I am using for testing

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    ...interested, he adds it to the cart and can proceed with his purchase. Payment can be made either via Paypal or via Stripe. The screen should show: - an UPLOAD button, to upload the model - the previously explained options that can be configured by the user, - a 3D visualization of the model you have uploaded - a button to add to cart - an option to proceed with the purchase - an information window, in which the different materials and information about the options to be configured will be explained In addition, the calculator must be able to give recommendations to the user in the case of certain configurations, which will be opened to him when configuring them (for example: if he selects an unsuitable material in particular for a large part, explain to him that it ...

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    ...the video attached below. Having the option to minimize a release, like in the video. Categories - please note we will need an adjustable set of categories for each individual release. This means each release (list of features) can have a different set of categories! When you click on each individual component - have the ability to view more info about the component itself through a hovering window that can be closed without affecting the current page (it will be a system description in depth, which should be seen only through this interface!): Patches names are not pure numbers, we will have custom patches names, such as: Update #2: Return of Oaz. This entire system should have a permission set based only on the ACP itself! Only permitted groups can add

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    We would like to build the Application that can optionally be deployed on web and windows platform and be made API Ready. Full details will be given to the candidates who is interested.

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    ...swimming pool, the house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and 1 bedroom on the first floor. .have 2 bathrooms, 1 floor Under shared use, 1 floor, 1 bedroom, living room and shared kitchen, in addition, the garden is surrounded by grass and fence, so the house will have a color that matches feng shui with the network. wood, water, fire, metal, I like the main door made of amber wood, the window will be wide to let light into the house comfortably, the first floor is my mother's bedroom, can share a bed without the owner. bed and there is a dressing room near the bathroom, fenced walls, or concrete depending on how you coordinate it beautifully. I like modern minimalist Japanese style or Spanish house style, I will send pictures for your reference....

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    Hi, Hope you are well! We have a Spot check task for you from German to Spanish which you need to perform on SDL Trados. Please note that the total efforts to perform the task will be 2 hours. Assignment details: Deliverables: Spot-checked Studio xliff file with track-changes Filled in evaluation sheet Price: $15/hour Looking forward to your bids.

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    Need a small application flow to build optimised clusters of Geo-locations and build daily route and schedule based on distance, skills, time, day, visit window and working days - schedule and route should be able to generate capacity needed in manpower etc

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    Building a website Udløbet left

    Online shoping with order execution, chat window, data analytics

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    Urban Tray Udløbet left

    I need to clean this image up and make it very esthetic, , need to remove people from the image as well as tint the window to visibly remove child and reflection in rear drivers window, and lastly remove the 2 posts in front of the vehicle

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    Static website Udløbet left

    The website is about Aluminium window fabrication .It requires good aluminium window images and fine logo design.

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    Trophy icon Triple D’s Detailing Udløbet left

    RV, Auto, and Marine detailing and more Window tint restoration wraps cool roof sealants

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    108 indlæg

    Pls use the attached photo of Dubrovnik “image with the ocean” to replace all surface on the other image “Acland st Catch“ excluding the open Window that we serve from. I need the concept and image to still be recognisable when complete. I’m sure you might need further clarification

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    ...Transitional styles. The arch windows making me think it can also be designed in French/Parisian Modern style. I see somewhat fine and light classic/modern crown moldings on the ceiling and around arch windows. I would like to see chandeliers (again in somewhat classic modern stile) and I think it will be great if it is combined with recessed lighting. Radiators will be placed under every windows (under window sills made of naturel stone). Please see attached elevation drawing. Here are items that must be incorporated in to the design: 1. Refrigerator(please see floor plan, we have 2 versions of placement of fridge , if there will be not enough space in the kitchenette area it should stay there also creating a space that can be used from other side as for shelve, bookcase, or...

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    69 bud