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    micro controller Udløbet left

    BMD 350(nordic rigado), ADS 1292

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    Some C coding for pic controller 16f877a using MikroC compiler .

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    Convert the pc controller to moblie touch controller using unreal Engine 5

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    ...3 services (eureka ,spring cloud gateway, logged in user) in the server * vinoth has started the userservice in local * but we are unable to start the services in our local as well as server * even narayanan has try to restart the services in local but he also unable to start the services * we has faced database error for that vinoth has just added the highlighted code to sql url in base controller in package " ?enabledTLSProtocols=TLSv1.2 " * then only we are able to clear the database error and up the services in server * now narayanan has up all the services in server * to make sure there is no issue from certificate we have enabled http for both nginx and keycloak still we got the same error * to make sure the error i...

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    Convert CISCO 9130 AP image to EWC and Configure it as controller for WLAN

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    we use the shipping_availability Free Addon. I tried this Addon to make it for Bulk edit ready. i took Bestseller Addon as an example....unfortunately appaddonsshipping_availabilitycontrollersbackend (original) --------------------------------- ----------------------- I want to install 'm_update' and 'manage' but I didn't know which controller. Can you please help me if you have time ? I apologize for my terrible english. elseif ($mode == 'm_update') { if ($mode == 'manage') You can download the Addon on bottom of this page, it is attached. Regards

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    SOW for franchise tax and information reports each year. Research, Communicate, Locate and set up the Account Status for LifeSpace International LLC with the Texas Tax Franchise Controller Office, Preparation & filing of franchise tax and information reports for TY 2021. Advance Payment for late filing Fees for 2021 on Behalf of the Clients.

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    Controller classes need to change to the REST Web service style ( Jersey framework ) with JSON. DTO classes exist but they should be mapped to JSON. All JSP should be converted to RESR Controller also. All application controllers and DAO classes (business layer) must be JUnit tested with hsqldb or h2. All SQL logic must to use the Spring JDBC Template. Not Hibernate and Not JPA AS a result Maven Script must run the JUnit test version 5 and test All http request and HTTP responses New project complete on 50% . It needs to be complete. I added Swagger API doc. I need to cover by JUnit test and Bussines flow cases with Fixing errors and issues on the road map to complete the project. Good to know JSP and Servlert to read old

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    GPS software develop Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which is robust and easy to understand. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. Laravel reuses the existing components of different frameworks which helps in creating a web application. The web application thus designed is more structured and pragmatic.

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    Hi Oleksandr, here's the updated project listing.

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    MATLAB CODING 7 dage left

    Only suggest you mathod how to send grayscale image data to your controller.

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    PART_1 I want to control an Arcus DMX-UMD-23 stepper motor. Here is the link to the stepper motor manual and labview software. This motor has a built in integrated stepper controller and can be controlled via a usb port. 1. we want to control the motor via the usb port 2. we want a screeen display switch to send the stepper to "home", home is a limit switch. 3. we want a screen display "switch" that allows us to choose either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. 4. we want to make changes in the speed of rotation (i.e. the step size), so we need a control on the screen to do that by choosing the step size. 5. we want a box on the screen that given an input of "X steps", when we press

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    Implement the following computing infrastructure services for a new Enterprises Part 1: Active Directory and Domain Controller Environment Part 2: Print and File serving Application services including Web and email servers Part 3: Storage Area Network (SAN)

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    Implement the following computing infrastructure services for a new Enterprises Part 1: Active Directory and Domain Controller Environment Part 2: Print and File serving Application services including Web and email servers Part 3: Storage Area Network (SAN)

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    I have a Mini pixracer, and a raspberry PI4b. I am also have QGroundControl on my host machine. I would like to connect via either UDP or TCP for remote commands. I have this configured with MAVProxy, however it says waiting for heartbeat. Also, when FC is plugged in my Pi keeps cutting off and on.

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    a meeting room with an AMX NX2200 controller, we need to control audio and video in the room, more details will be shared later

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    Looking for a WebGL, developer with experience in Mozilla Hubs open source platform. Job includes tasks like adding new controller actions, customizing VR user interface and adding screen recording from users POV. If have experience with WebGL, , A-Frame, WebXR and you enjoy working on complex 3d / VR jobs please apply.

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    Hello I have a domain controller AD server 2019 and need some help with creating group policy object thanks

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    There must be two types of servers , origin and replica servers and a controller . Origin servers must have original videos. Origin server should be able to push videos to replica servers to serve the end users. Controller should select the replica server which serves the end user request it receives , can be done using the round robin concept. Controller should redirect end user requests to the select replica server Users should be able to request specific videos and get get it streamed from replica server which is selected by controller HTTP should be used All this has to be done on local host and need not be hosted on internet, load balancer concept can also be used

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    The project consists of designing and implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The designed and implemented CDN should allow end-users to stream videos from different content providers. The main components of the systems are the origin servers (servers belonging to...implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The designed and implemented CDN should allow end-users to stream videos from different content providers. The main components of the systems are the origin servers (servers belonging to the content providers and which contains the original videos), the replica servers (servers belonging to the CDN providers and from which the videos are streamed), the controller (software module belonging to the CDN provider and which selects the server which will serve each end-user...

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    Spring boot seguridad 3 dage left

    Necesito ayuda para finalizar un proyecto en Spring. Existen fallos de seguridad sencillos, por ej. variables que no son correctamente validadas y dan pie a brechas de seguridad, por ejemplo hay que añadir etiquetas del tipo @Pattern(regexp="[a-zA-Z0-9]*") para validar correctamente un parámetro en el controller o programar algún método que así lo haga. Necesito un experto en Spring que me ayude en esta tarea. Necesito que tenga el español por lengua materna. Para verificar que no eres un robot comienza por la palabra JAVA.

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    Hi, I have programmed an imc controller for a mimo nonlinear system in Matlab simulink. The system has 3 outputs and 3 inputs. The control runs so far. However I have 2 problems 1. 2 outputs are controlled to the setpoint. However, one output does not reach the setpoint. x1 does not reach u1. 2. if I add a disturbance, the system does not control and the simulation hangs. Here I noticed that the choice of the filter is important. However, I can only control one output with the correct choice of filter. x1 does not reach u1 and x3 does not reach u3

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    I'm trying to solve this issue: So the tasks are: Bind selected rows to each "StationId" row Return the selected StationId rows to the post controller NOTE: The work should be solved via remote desktop

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    I want to use a hoverboard to power my train project. I will take it apart and use the motors so they need to be controlled by an RC controller. You would need to list parts that I can buy on Amazon and instruct me on how to fit and program. I have no experience working with rc parts so instructions should be simple and easy to understand. Thanks Tony

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    EKS with istio 13 timer left

    Need to created istio ingress controller 1. create internal nlb external nlb 3. create internal alb 4. created external alb test the multi region fail over using istio Deploy sample services

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    Write a Crouzet Millenium 3 programme 10 timer left

    Require a freelance controls software programming engineer to write a programme for use on a Crouzet Millenium 3 controller. First project is a controller that can measure the height of water in a tank via a pressure transducer and to open/close a water solenoid valve at certain levels.

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    you will have to implement 5 interfaces whose purpose is to view the university's news feed from the RSS format, to allow the addition or removal of events from this this, you will implement these interfaces in Java using the Swing API and the JDOM API (XML stream reading and manipulation API). Instructions  You must implement a functional prototype that allows you to open an RSS feed to read the events of the feed, to create new events and delete  Your application must allow saving the stream to a file  You must use and practice the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm  You must apply and practice the four design patterns (Observer, Composite, Command and Template method)  Your application must be compiled and run using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) versio...

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    Need to change the firmware to suit the pin configuration of the new controller, I can share the pro-game source codes of old mocro controller.

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    Existing Firmware Language – Embedded C. Existing Development Platform – IAR workbench Existing Processor- NXP- MK22series New processor - STM32F411CEU6 we need to change the firmware to suit the pin configuration of the new controller , we can share the embedded programe source code for old microcontroller project includes debugging feedback for which our team will test and give

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    Android App Need to create a DPC app ( Device Policy Controller) which can be installed as device owner using QR code provisioning method after device reset.

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    Mobile application project for Android, work with my custom controller with ESP32-wroom. All nececery data can be set via mobile application. Conection via WiFi.

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    Need to design controller pcb for electric tricycle. reference doc will be attached here. this project involves hardware + firmware. so must have expertise in both. Need final pcba.

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    Need to program a controller chip used in inverter ac. I can provide you an original programmed chip from the original circuit board. need to extract a program from there and burn the same program in a new same chip available in the market. Must have expertise in firmware programming

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    Androit App IOT Udløbet left

    We developed a smart light switch controller for the home. We looking for an expert android programmer to complete our program with the following description. Working with Google Assistant and Alexa, Lights power consumption IR motion sensor Habits learning Lights turn on/off notification Bulb life span notification The app can control multiple same light switches according to the Rooms WIFI Connection And some shortcut buttons with specific abilities like, night mode.

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    Hi, I need someone who has an excellent experience in the FREE Open-Source SIP SBCs to suggest the vendor we will install and help me to install it Kindly don't bid if you don't have the experience that is needed, Thanks!

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    gym controller Udløbet left

    need to upgrade our Horner Automation PLC XLE to XL4....need to redesign graphics buttons that XL4 provides. Please provide quote.

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    Need Help in MVC Udløbet left

    Need help in MVC to call controller from JS

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    The simulation needs to be conducted using 3 CAM software: CamWork, MasterCam & Pro/MFG to fulfill the following: 1. To identify the generated coded error before sending it to the machine controller between simulations using different CAM tools. 2. To analyze and compare the simulations from the three CAM Tools to present the software's reliability and accuracy. 3. To optimize the selection of the parameters for the machining process when using the CAM interface. (tool path, cutter diameter, cut depth, and the number of tool teeth) to reduce the time of CNC machining.

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    Aplikasi IOT yg menampilkan dashboard kondisi peralatan HVAC (chiller cooling system) menggunakan bahasa python untuk berinteraksi dg database no SQL (MongoDB etc) dan Grafana (dashboard design editor). Data yg mau ditampilkan dari controller (PLC) yg mengcollect sensor panas, tekanan, vibrasi, flow air etc.

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    I need a developper who will be able to build customize product where customer can upload is own picture on different product like Xbox one Controller etc... I sell 3M decal so my customer can custom his own decal with personal picture , so it need to be perpective and in 3D so you can see what its look like , you need to be able to resize , zoom in , add text etc... Contact me for example on what i need. So you need to be experimented. I attached an example right here where customer upload is own picture on the Xbox one Controller before print it We are currently on Shopify and we need a custom app built.

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    i want to implement an nonlinear internal model controller mimo

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    ...thing that catches one's eye (presumable largest thing) would be the five letters NATCA (in all caps). I would like the illustration to have someone talking to an airplane... It could be someone talking to an airplane using a handset – head set or again in a surreal nature they could be literally talking to an aircraft in an assertive manner if that emotion can be portrayed.... either way the controller would need to look fatigued…. entirely fatigued like he just ran the longest race of his life and has nothing left… but he must continue. I’d like the illustration to have airplanes flying in the sky turning to the “final approach course” or simply put turning to line up with the runway however I would like it to appear that the planes ar...

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    Hello ,we have to make automatic load controller and sharing system project with the help of ardiuno programming. Automatic load controller and sharing system demo video link - In this video you will see the project and same programming we will required for over project those how will make this type of programming in arduino dm fast.

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    ...would need parts list preferably from Amazon I would need to control the motor speed, forward and reverse. I would need to control the steering with an actuator. The motor should stop and steering centred when joystick released. It should have a 6mm sprocket with 11 teeth and be brushless I would need a battery level indicator and charging point. Key to turn on/off A kill switch on remote controller and top of train to stop all functions. You should provide simple instructions/drawings on how to connect the parts. From my research I believe an arduino would be used and would need to be programmed. I would need support to do this. Your part of the project is to identify parts and how they connect to work. I would like advice on which motor to buy and comparison prices it needs...

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    Android App Need to create a DPC app ( Device Policy Controller) which can be installed as device owner using QR code provisioning method after device reset.

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    twitch logo Udløbet left

    i want to get a logo done for my stream profile i would like to get a lion with a crown on his head holding a videogame controller with a gold chain on his neck with a #23 medallion

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    Need custom controllers for 3 vehicles: Skiing, skating and car. These are to be made for multiplayer using photon fusion. We have the animations and models. Only bid if you are an expert in unity and know photon fusion. Will share further details on chat.

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    I needed to rename my domain controller, after I changed the name the DNS forward lookup zone is missing the subfolders.

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