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    Trophy icon Design Animation Project 6 dage left

    We would like some ideas for two animations. Looking for a design of an animated rotating human, showing protection around them from germs. Company Background * Protects humans from germs. * Protects the body (sanitizer product), inside the body (vaccine) and gets data from the air (monitoring). We would like to see one of 2 options for animation/imagery: OPTION ONE: ANIMATION -A rotating hu...

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    Hi, I would like to get a TinyMCE plugin developed for dragging Div's with text and images around. The plugin should also have the functionality of rotating the element that is selected and modifying style of an element. If the selected element is an image then a dialog should popup where we can change the rotation angle of the image, or if the selected element contains text (or is text) then...

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    With the help of self-written Python scripts automated monitors were developed, which allow to access data of news (products) on websites to display them in monitors (discord). The monitoring is done by a webhook, which is then displayed by pings in a discord server. Scraper API keys and rotating proxies are used for the queries on the web pages (web-scraping) to disguise the IP for recurring que...

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    YOU MUST ANSWER TO BE HIRED: HOW MANY WORKERS DO YOU HAVE? WHAT ARE THEIR FIRST NAMES, WORK SCHEDULE AND EXPERIENCE WITH TWITTER? YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE ABOVE 2 QUESTIONS FIRST. I am looking for 24/7 support on Twitter from a company that has a Twitter expert at work at all time - someone who is at his normal shift (8 - 10 - 12 hours a day) rotating from one expert to the next. How many years Tw...

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    Bearing brackets are widely used in machinery to connect rotating parts, such as shafts, wheels, idler gears, etc., to stationary parts - an example of a ball bearing bracket is shown in Figure 1. A simplified two-dimensional (2D) schematic of a bearing bracket with dimensions is shown in Figure 2. The bracket is rigidly fixed to the base and a lo...

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    The part has a tube about the size of a roll of quarters. Each side has "legs" than adjust from 60 to 135 degrees and lock into place every 7.5 degrees. The ideal mechanism has a center screw and two counter rotating screws on either side. So when you turn the center screw, the outside screws rotate up or down (imagine a set of bird wings moving) but in this case once in the right lo...

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    To check, modify and improve on existing train gear design system for a rotating module within a confined space. Gear size range from diameter 200mm to dia 12mm. To achieve a gear ratio of 50:1 using a series of spur gear. Scope include design of mounting shaft and bracket. Drawings to be in skp, stl , pdf and dwg file. Lead time: Within 2-3 days

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    Looking for a technical consultation about scraping Google at scale and fast. Need to reduce the amount of 429 errors. Rotating proxies are already implemented but a better provider would be much appreciated.

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    For a Rotating Savings Group we need a money pool / chit fund script . If you have it ready as a demo and can be installed right away without breaking laws then please contact me. The app should be available in Android and iOS for download.

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    The animation needs to contain the 3 rotating slots with pictures/pictograms. The animation itself needs to be the classic slot-machine animation, where all slots/wheels start by rotating quickly, scrolling through all the random pictograms, and then gradually slowing down and ending up on showing a particular predefined pictogram (user-selectable for each animation run). All 3 slots need to conve...

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    Base is to be made to rotate between -60 to 60 degrees, automatically. Buttons to be given on base to switch cooler on/off, and control fan speed. Base to be detachable from cooler, connecting cooler with base through a socket. Base to connect to power socket/be battery powered, and run the fan and pump in the cooler. All connections to be made waterproof.

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    Web Scraping -- 2 Udløbet left

    I need to scrape two (For Now) web pages and download data to an excel sheet. I am not interested in just data. I need the source code to be able to run on my own. It's a small project and depending on your level I would guess it would take a day or two. I roughly need around 200 to 400 items with say 20 to 40 columns of information. Looking at the web site you quickly realize that forma...

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    Need a USA Rotating Mobile Proxy Provider that has quality mobile proxies for better pricing than “normal” (less than $30 per port)

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    I need a programmer proficient in python to create a def / class that solves fun captcha in an existing selenium instance. Fun Captcha is the rotating captcha, where you have to rotate the image in a correct way to pass the captcha. Ill pay good.

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    I have a product for sale and the Chinese manufacturers have given me the raw .stp file of the product and I need to do some promotional work with it. However, the 3D file is just the basic structure of the product and is not in my brand colours, logo or style. This would be a two part project project (and hence 2 milestones): Part 1 - is simply adding my branding and colour scheme and making the...

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    Title: A Personalized Among Us Sketchbook for Kids NO Subtitle. Written By: A. Mongoose Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches FRONT AND BACK COVERS SEPARATELY / NO SPINE FINAL FORMATS NEEDED: PDF, PNG, JPG (RGB & at least 300 DPI), and Ai/Vector + Layers/Fonts (You can zip the final files). This is a children’s sketch book. Please make the cover kid-friendly, vibrant & colorful, and make sur...

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    hi i would like a reverse proxy on a vps server

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    DESIGN and 1:4 SCALE WORKING PROTOTYPE. theoretical musings of engineers must be married with actual working contraption. cellar entry door, placed horizontally in the floor. Moving part automatically lowers and turns to open. It really requires someone who is familiar with automation and movement more complex than a sliding door in a grocery store. I am mostly concerned about the restricted...

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    Verton has an unprecedented reputation for safety and efficiency by eliminating taglines on suspended crane loads. With the world’s first remote-control load orientation system. Find out more at: [log ind for at se URL] We are getting ready to launch our new product the SpinPod 7.5, which can be attached to any existing crane spreader beam to give our clients more flexibility. In order to ...

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    Geosapiens offer products and services related to flood risk. In order to have more accurate data, we need to manually correct the building footprints that was generated with AI. We will be provinding building footprint shapefiles (.shp) and we would need it to be corrected so that the building footprint match the ESRI imagery basemap as show on the attached images (orange building is what we will...

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    Trophy icon GREEN EARTH Udløbet left

    I need a logo of a rotating green earth with a small plant growing out of the top with the words "Go Herbs" under it or rotating around it. Also replace the "O" in GO with your creation and GO should be above HERBS. HERBS should have a background green filter of herbal products. Show me what you got!

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    I'm in need of someone with experience in creating mechanical drawings for U.S. Patent applications. Especially helpful is someone with mechanical engineering background who is familiar with iris-valves that restrict and permit the flow of rotating high speed ambient air. This work requires signature of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Specific work requires drawings of an approximately 2...

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    Trophy icon 3D animator and Video Editor Udløbet left

    I need a 3d model of the earth rotating in space, turned into a 2d flat map. Highlight the country of South Africa, then turn the 2d map into a rotating globe again.

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    Patil Electric Works (Pvt) Ltd., has positioned itself as a well known brand in the electrical rotating machine segment as one of the leading supplier and manufacturers in India since1991. It is IATF16949:2016 certified. We manufacture electric motors, alternators, armatures, wiring harnesses and other varied products We are into manufacturing of 3 Phase electrical motor for last 25+ year.. Now...

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    ROTATING cylinder in middle , print head and optical sensor on the perrifery activated with another optical/other sensor. rotating speed is constant so printer speed to be adjusted.

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    i have a ready script for a 2 mins video, the paragraphs in the script needs to have explanations next to it to show how the video graphic designer can make each scene. the explanation should be linked to the script. what you suggest will then be made into a video. for example , : the voice over = " Our company grows its own active ingredients across the globe" the suggestions to graphi...

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    I need a 3D model where I can make a rotating model of the beverage can from a 2d design.

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    We want to build automation for downloading photos with Laravel Dusk. From a designated URL. This is the way the bot would work: 1)Go to the following url [log ind for at se URL]$&sv=1 2) Simulate mouse click to stop the movie from rotating. 3)Save the png file as diamond 1 in the folder diamond_photos in our Laravel public library. 4)Go to URL [log ind for at se URL]$&sv=4 5) simulate ...

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    I am need of a skilled developer, as this is a very complicated project. Every shopify product has different variants for each option available, and I would like to build a program that scrapes shopify sites, searching through it's variants Shopify variants are 11 digits long (38531744963). This program must be able to scrape through millions of results, displaying the product name and if po...

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    My Website: •Built using Webflow •All pages are black, with mainly white, grey and golden text The Project: I would like to add / develop a page into my website / landing page that will be: •Black •Mystery look and feel •Has an interactive rotating dark earth appearing slowly from the black dark background (webgl, threejsm CSS etc) •The earth will be slowly rotating &...

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    Kinematics_02 Udløbet left

    The body-fixed coordinates (b1, b2, b3) of a spacecraft (B) are obtained after a successive 3-1- 3 Euler angle rotation (?, ?, ?ሻ from the inertial reference frame (N) with fixed coordinates (n1, n2, n3). Inside the spacecraft is a tube, and a mass slides inside the tube as shown below. a) (11 pts) Calculate the velocity of the sliding mass in the body-fixed coordinates (b1, b2, b3) as well as in...

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    Kinematics_ Udløbet left

    The body-fixed coordinates (b1, b2, b3) of a spacecraft (B) are obtained after a successive 3-1- 3 Euler angle rotation (?, ?, ?ሻ from the inertial reference frame (N) with fixed coordinates (n1, n2, n3). Inside the spacecraft is a tube, and a mass slides inside the tube as shown below. a) (11 pts) Calculate the velocity of the sliding mass in the body-fixed coordinates (b1, b2, b3) as well as in...

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    Hello. I already have the existing python script for scrapping. But there are some of problems . The website blocks the scrapping using google captcha. I used chromedriver and rotating proxy. I am not sure what is the solution. Please let me know who can help me urgently. Thanks.

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    Purpose: Using the I/O ports Instructions: You will be using the Port D switches to rotate a given pattern. One switch shifts it to the right and the other switch shifts it to the left. The bits must wrap around as shown: Note: If you only have access to the red board, you may continue using port F switch. Notes: If you want to rotate the bit pattern right (eg: 00001111), and you have a 1 in the...

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    Need to get the Attached logo animated. The gear should appear as if its rotating

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    A relatively simple project. A fruit rotating in space.

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    First want a large coin rotating not sure what way so design both Please each flip change letter This is some competition of ours this is a representation of a piece of digital art from them [log ind for at se URL] I hope we can do something like this with our OTEN logo digital art

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    I'm looking for someone who can 3d design parts in the best format to have them fabricated. That means some familiarity with the best manufacture methods for each of the pieces. The point is to create a product that both humidifies a room by releasing steam and spins an axial fan to move hot air from around the stove to the rest of the room. The completed device needs to be able to snugly sl...

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    We require a developer who has good attention to detail to make revisions and improvements to our website. Underlying content and flow is complete (with some changes to be provided by our designer when you begin). Some tasks will include: - Changes to align with original designs provided by our designer (such as font sizes, small layout changes etc) - Help improve general CSS - Add banners and sp...

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    Hi, we coded an Page-Scarper in python to get datas from an second-hand platform like ebay with https requests. We are collecting posted cars and want make statistics with them. The Server block but the IP's after 20-30mins of scarping. We running an Ubuntu server on google cloud console and want to find an way with the google tools to have an instance machine, where while running he changed...

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    I want to simulate cube with 4 accelerometers attached to it(they could be placed anywhere inside the cube to measure linear accelerations at different position, then by defining a certain trajectory for the cube (for example going in straight line and rotating slowly) or (straight line) or (rotating in same place),which means we insert its linear acceleration and angular velocity, then we record...

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    Need an animated gif. A rotating cube that spells out "entigraph". Want it to look technical for a tech startup. Each corner of the cube has a soft dot effect. 1. e 2. Cube spins 3. n 4. Cube spins 5. t Etc Repeat

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    Looking for a way to add targeted and specific members to my group/channel as well as post rotating, scheduled messages to those who have been brought over. Also need to ensure that I receive no channel or group ban as well as adding bots or non-active participants to enhance the reputation of my group/channel

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    I need a mechanical design engineer to carry out a shear key / shear pin calculation(s). I have a rotating machine (DC motor, Gearbox, shaft>coupling>shaft, bearing, and slow rotating load) that uses a shear pin to protect against over load. I need to know what is the maximum stress the shear pin can withstand before breakage, and what is the normal operating stress place upon it during no...

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    What I will need made for my website is 4 banners made but within similar styles to keep clean basic and to the point. 1st Banner Will be for Water Pumps 2nd Banner Will be for Generators 3rd Banner Will be for Pressure Washers 4th Banner will be for Air Compressors These are considered Outdoor Power Equipment for commercial or Residential

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    I'd like to have the attached image rotate continuously in the background of my app. It should be visible rotating in the background of all screens and even during transitions. Since it's running constantly, it needs to be light on processing power. It should be sized to fill the entire screen vertically (since it is a square image, there will be overflow horizontally). Base code at [lo...

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    Hello... all freelancers Experience and Skills we are looking for you! what we looking for someone who can do a custom made a website that features are to do a link redirection with link rotation that integrated with GOOGLE SAFE BROWSING API. it's like 1 link can load multiple links inside of the link its keep rotating if the link is flagged by the API the link rotate to next one and if al...

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    I want to simulate cube with 4 accelerometers attached to it, then by defining a certain trajectory for the cube (for example going in straight line and rotating slowly) which means we insert its linear acceleration and angular velocity, then we record outputs of each accelerometer that are placed somewhere in the cube.

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    Our company requires market analysis to determine current and future trends in well completion in oil and gas markets in various countries (priority USA). This analysis should contain an in-depth analysis of technical data for completion equipment (such as liner hanger, Packers, centralizers, etc.). Market analysis should contain: 1) Technical part 2) Commercial part 3) Customer research 4) Possi...

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    I have a Shopify site and want the collection on the homepage to rotate the items displayed automatically. Is this possible?

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