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    In this project, student need to design and analyze the performance of dual-frequency AMC with ring shape. The AMC structure should achieve high bandwidth for 0.92 and 2.4 GHz frequency. Expected Outcomes To analyze the performance of ring shape AMC. To design the ring shape AMC with acceptable bandwidth for UHF and HF GHz frequency To evaluate the performance of simple RFID tag with AMC on different metal properties.

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    I need to develop a recognition service that will work inside a smart fridge with healthy food items inside. I need someone that has deep knowledge on computer vision and preferably unsupervised learning, We currently are doing the recognition via rfid tags, I want to use cameras instead. Contact me if you are have the skills to develop such system.

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    ...following image for a Raspberry pi 4b 5" lcd touch display () Need to add a NFC reader to it (guide , the reader/ writer is PN5180 NFC RFID ISO15693) I need this working on an android OS on the Raspberry This should be a relatively simple process for someone with the right competences, so dont bid on this unless you did a simulare task before. Point is we make it work on one device, then we make an image containing the things for easy install on future devices. Its quite important that you assist me with connecting everything also

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    I am looking for Embedded developer to rewrite ESP-12E programme for RFID card reader and relay trigger.

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    I'm looking to implement a mobile wallet and RFID based water vending machine payment system for more than 7 machines. I would also like a backend dashboard (cloud based) for detailed accounting and analytics that accurately display real time device data such as Consumption rates and Transaction reports. I prefer a payment system that is secure, user-friendly and cost-effective. To maximize efficiency, I would particularly like the payment system to be compatible with a local telecom API for mobile payment and cell phone based top up of RFID wallet using NFC. Above all, accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance to me.

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    ...the existing infrastructure (hardware, operating systems, databases) 2. Data Management: a. Centralized database for storing and managing lab data. b. Support for various data types (text, numeric, images, etc.). c. Ability to handle large volumes of data efficiently d. Data encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information. 3. Sample Tracking and Workflow Management: a. Barcode or RFID-based sample tracking system (where possible). b. Configurable workflows for different types of environmental tests. c. Automatic generation of sample IDs and labels. d. Real-time tracking of sample progress and status. 4. Instrument Integration: a. Ability to interface with a wide range of laboratory instruments. b. Automated data capture from instruments. c. Support for instrumen...

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    I am an existing business that needs a solution for a problem with our RFID system. The problem has both hardware and software components, and we are unsure what the best solution would be. We would like to hire a freelancer who can provide us with a complete and innovative solution for our RFID system. Our ideal freelancer is reliable, experienced, and creative, and who will take the time to understand our problem on a deeper level. We are asking for a comprehensive solution – one that takes into account our budget, the complexity of the problem, and our timeline. We need someone to make this solution a reality. Thank you for taking the time to consider our project.

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    RFID Custom App Development Specialist We are looking for an experienced app developer with expertise in RFID technology to create a custom app for our business. Applicants require experience with closed loop payments and advanced RFID technologies . Extensive knowledge required around the various card types, programming, setup and security features for each of the card technologies to be used will be required and a proven track record of having worked on previous / similar projects is absolutely essential. We have existing hardware and software systems that the RFID custom app needs to integrate with. Therefore, we require a developer who has experience in integrating RFID technology with existing systems. Skills and Experience Required - Strong k...

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    Android app to embeeded on PDA With RFID to make assets inventory and warhouse inventory and result or export csv and xls file with all products and localisation and quantity in cas of warehouse inventory. With windev mobile 23 or other languages.

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    ...2006-2007 into the current Rad Studio Delphi. Additionally, we need the Firebird sequel to be upgraded as well. Automation: Taking inputs storing those inputs under variables within the interface. Along with automatically exporting data to a website, such as automate account creation (data such as name, Date of birth, phone number) so we no longer have to manualy store these The application is a RFID bird tracking software and we want to make the system more automated. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with Delphi programming - Proficient in Rad Studio Delphi and familiar with the latest version (Delphi 10.4 Sydney, Delphi 10.3 Rio, or Delphi XE7, Delphi 2006-2007) - Experience with upgrading legacy applications and ensuring compatibility - Knowledge of Firebird se...

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    ...Access Control System: - I prefer RFID card entry as the type of access control system for this project. Web Interface Features: - The web interface should have remote access control capabilities, allowing me to control the system from anywhere. - It should also include user activity logs, providing me with information about who accessed the entry points and when. - Additionally, I would like to have multiple access levels, as users can be customers, employees, or managers. Number of Entry Points: - I need to control 1-3 entry points with this system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in building Raspberry Pi projects and integrating them with mobile phones. - Proficiency in web development and creating user-friendly web interfaces. - Knowledge of RFID card entr...

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    I want to build RFID door lock access control system with my android app, basically I will Generate one Card UID from my software which we will assign for card and also we will give and room number as well with due date, I want to make system like if Manager/Admin Disable any particular card from app, Then I don't want to allow that card to access the door lock, so first I want to compare current date and due date if current date crossed to due date then I will check for enable or disable status if manager/owner make that user disabled then I want to denied that access. The work flow which I want achieve: 1-> with registration of customer I will generate Card number (UUID). 2-> I have one API which is connected to my flutter app, from app manager/admin can control. ...

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    ...will work with a RFID reader. The software needs to have customized functionality to meet my specific requirements. Intended Use: The RFID reader will be placed inside a lottery machine, with the RFID tag inside lottery balls, 13.56 MHz and protocol ISO15693. We need a custom software developed that can create, store & export databases of the lottery balls loaded into the machine & the winning ball numbers that come out the machine. It will also need other functionality such as ability to start the machine draw in the software & we know it is possible but unsure the technology required to be able to convert the RFID signal into a digital output that can be shown as an overlay for filming purposes. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in C...

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    We are looking for development of full suite cloud based Inventory Management & Billing System. It will work as a web portal and App both.. should have below functionalities 1. Order Management - PO, GRN, etc. 2. Inventory In & Out - O...looking for development of full suite cloud based Inventory Management & Billing System. It will work as a web portal and App both.. should have below functionalities 1. Order Management - PO, GRN, etc. 2. Inventory In & Out - Own WH to WH 3. Returnable Asset Movement Tracking - Own facility to Customer to Own Facility 4. Invoicing based on logic defined 5. Functionality to accept/record barcode/rfid scanning 6. Master Data Configuration - Item, Vendor, Customer, Pricing, etc. 7. DMS & reports Interested teams can connect for ...

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    I a...(Bronze, Silver, Gold), Duration, Start & End Dates, Fee. • Payment Information: Integrate with Perfex CRM Subscription Method, Frequency, Due Dates, Amount Due. • Attendance: Check-in/out Times, Total Hours. • Program Enrollment: Classes, Assigned Trainer, Schedule. • Health Information: Medical History, Medications, Allergies. • Feedback & Ratings: On Classes, Trainers, Facilities. • Access Control: RFID Card Number/Barcode, Mobile App Token. (Future Development) • Notifications: Renewal, Class, and Offers Reminders. • Reporting & Analytics: Membership Growth, Revenue, Attendance, Popular Classes/Trainers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing modules with Perfex CRM - Familiarity with gym management so...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to review the design of an existing PCB with an RFID feature. The size of the PCB is 10cm x 10cm. The purpose of the RFID is for lot tracking. The RFID has specific frequency, a low frequency (134.2 kHz), Texas Instruments TIRIS standard . The freelancer should have experience in designing similar PCBs for LF RFID. The freelancer should review the existing design and make suggestions to improve the design. The BOM (bill of material) should not be changed. Its all about better layout and routing. The freelancer will need to complete the project in a timely manner.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an Event RFID Wristband Portal System for a music festival. RFID wristbands will need to be provided as we do not currently have them. The primary functionality required for the portal system is access control. We need the system to allow for online sales and have different access levels. It should all be web based. We will also need the freelancer to recommend which RFID readers and computers to use for each entry area of the event. The system should have the ability to have different access levels for each wristband type that can easily be changed or modified at any time and sync with the RFID scanning portals instantly. For instance a Standard General Admission wristband should scan green at the main ticketing...

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    ...integrated with a payment processor to allow users to pay for their tickets using credit or debit cards. On-site ticket sales should be integrated with a point-of-sale system to allow users to pay for their tickets using cash or credit cards. * Ticket validation: The system should be able to validate tickets and grant access to the venue. This can be done by scanning QR codes on tickets or by using RFID tags. * Visitor tracking: The system should be able to track visitor movements and generate reports. This information can be used to improve crowd management and security. 3. Electronic Access Control System (EAS) The EAS should meet the following business requirements: * Access control: The EAS should be able to control access to the venue by granting and denying access based on ...

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    I need somebody with experience in ladle tracker rfid and antenna with expeience in manudfacturing, electrical or steel industry. I need to understand some terminoloiges if somebody can help

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    I need a Hotel management system that will be built using the Frappe framework and React or Vue.js which has the following features and requirements: First phase (2-3 months): 1. User Authentication and Authorization: - User registration and login (guests, staff, admin). - Role-based access control (admin, manager, st...Device Integration: - API and protocols for seamless integration with IoT devices. - Power Consumption Monitoring - Utilize motion sensors or occupancy detectors to track room occupancy. 3. Smart Door Lock Integration: - Interface with smart door lock systems for room access control. - Remote lock/unlock capabilities for staff. 4. Keyless Entry for Guests: - Enable guests to use mobile devices or RFID cards for keyless entry. - Provide guests with temporary digit...

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    Hi Martin, I want to introduce RFID tags in a business that sells one type of a product only. The basic idea is very simple. Let me explain. The product is sold via a counter where it passes through, the RFID antenna and tags which will be placed on the counter and clear bags respectively and will be used to detect when the product has left the counter. What we want at the end of the day is to count the number of tags registered on the system and tally it with the physical cash and ensure it matches. So we wanted a user interface that can allow us to easily - Record the Counted tags that have passed - If a customer makes a return it will pass through the same counter and it must deduct it from the count. - An interface that is simple to use for anyone without any backg...

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    SEE the Video explanation of the project on LOOM (REVIEW THIS VIDEO AND PROVIDE A FLAT PRICE + TIME WITH A DEADLINE TO DO THE JOB) Written explanation ----------------------------------- We have an existing Windows C-sharp app called "POS" The purpose of this app, is to allow a retailer to read product inventory RFID (radio frequency identification) labels to mark them as sold in our cloud software. When the app starts, it reads its so it has its settings. And it displayed two buttons (sale and return) When either button is pressed the app connects to a network service IP and it does a pull request to get the item numbers, so they can be marked as sold. for example, it can run, and read 10 items, which it displays on

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    I am looking for a freelancer to install the Honeywell elevator access control system card. I already have the access control system installed and I need someone to install the card and configure it. The desired timeline for the card installation is immediate, within 1-2 da...install the Honeywell elevator access control system card. I already have the access control system installed and I need someone to install the card and configure it. The desired timeline for the card installation is immediate, within 1-2 days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with installing access control systems - Knowledge of Honeywell elevator access control systems - Familiarity with RFID, magnetic stripe, and proximity cards - Ability to configure the access control system card efficiently and ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to write some code for an Arduino project I'm working on. Specifically, I am looking for the code to integrate specific sensors, motor control, and communication with other devices. The sensors I am looking to integrate include access control via WiFi, Bluetooth, keypad, various sensors, RFID, and fingerprint scanning. I have all the components and sensors for this project already, I just need the appropriate code to bring it all together. Any queries or updates about this project will be communicated through WhatsApp as my preferred choice of communication.

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    Trophy icon T-Shirt Design Udløbet left

    ...lines and shapes, and a bold typeface. The design should contain black and white colors that evoke a slightly vintage vibe while also remaining timeless. Creative ideas and clever solutions are welcome. Please include your portfolio when you submit your proposal. General Theme- We offer a unique and different customer experience than a traditional bar setting. Upon entering, customers are given an RFID card that they use to pour their own beer. We encourage creativity and originality! Whether you opt for a minimalist or maximalist approach, the design should resonate with our concept. There's no place like Oz.! File Format: High-resolution JPEG, PNG, and vector file. Submission Deadline: 10-19-2023 Style: - Clean lines and simple yet impactful designs. Color Scheme: -...

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced developer who can create a mechanical diagram for my IoT device. The purpose of the device is asset tracking. Specific Features and Functionalities: - I have specific requirements for the device, and I would like the developer to incorporate them into the design. The device will be using a mechanical switch, Passive RFID . Level of Detail: - I would like the mechanical diagram to be detailed with parts, assembly, and material specifications. I will explain the specific requirements to the developer who is selected for the project.

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    I am looking for a developer who is experienced in RFID UHF technology to work with me on a large project. The purpose of the project is for personal use and the program needs to be developed from scratch. My primary objective for this program is to use RFID UHF technology for identification and tracking purposes. I'm looking for someone who has expertise in managing and programming RFID UHF technology in order to help me develop my project. I'm excited about this opportunity to work with someone who can provide their experience and expertise in this field in order to create something unique and special.

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    I'm looking for a Windows application that can read, write and erase RFID tags. This app is for personal use, but I have a rough idea of the layout and specific functionalities in mind. The application should be able to read, write and erase RFID tags efficiently. The app should also provide an intuitive and reliable user interface with a clean design. I would like it to work in the following way. -In an Excel sheet, in column A there would be the name of the article and in column B the plot of the tag which identifies the article. Once we run the app, we will select a box in column A (example box a6) and the app will tell us what to tag the antenna. This will record the plot of the box in column b (in example b6) and will ask us to remove the chip. It will automatical...

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    ...database to be connected ( I mean if our customer wants this application needs to be connected with their database only), A.2- Api to connect our application to the customer database directly. B. Bulk Attendance IN/Out for Employee/Student by face recognition of more than one person at a time and its data should be saved in database on real-time. C. Single Attendance in/out using Biometric cum RFID Reader - should also be allowed to save its data directly into the database on real-time. D. Attendance punching related analytical reports. E. Punching Data needs to be synced in MS SQL Server Database (IP Address host setting should be in admin panel). F. Mobile App with Sing-In/ Sign Up and Dashboard (Like Whats app application where registered user can see his/her p...

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    ...looking for a reliable and skilled C# programmer to implement a tracking system for RFID tags using multiple UHF readers. This system will be used for real-time location tracking and must have a range of 10-50 feet. The system should be able to track the RFID tags in a fixed pattern. The code should be well-written and optimized for speed. I expect the programmer to test the system for accuracy and speed. I would like them to also suggest possible improvements. I am open to any proposed solutions and advice as long as the system meets my needs and performs well. We have purchased 11 readers which will cover the stations in our facility where we want to track the RFID tags. I have attached the manual for our RFID readers and the manufacturer's C# SDK. T...

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    ...Compatibility: Windows Primary Function: Automated Processes Specific Features: We need a windows based software to control nescafe vending machine 8/60. the machine has an MDB port and uses the MDB protocol. we have a device that connects to the vending machine's MDB Port and to PC through a USB (). Further a RFID simple reader would be connected to the PC. We want the software to do the following: 1. when an unknown RFID card is connected, than it should deny the card and give option to enter the password of admin to add the card. 2. when a known card is tapped, then the user would be shown his balance and the screen would ask the user to select the Tea/Cofee from the vending machine. 3. Upon the selection from the machine, the software would show the remainin...

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    ...skilled programmer who can make changes to the programming of my RFID Reader. The ideal candidate should have experience in C or C++ programming language and should be proficient in making modifications to existing code. I have used RFID RC522 reader module and NodeMCU (ESP8266) for this project. Specifically, I need the following changes to be made: - Modify the RFID Reader to send the RFID data to a specific URL of my website instead of sending it to the database. - The programmer should also be able to debug and fix any errors that may arise during the modification process. - Additionally, I am looking for improvements in the performance of the RFID Reader. It is essential that the programmer has access to the source code of the RFID Reade...

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    13 bud feed at any time without need for buzzer activation > Can link to building fire alarm system and notify building wide accounts simultaneously (not community wide, though that is OK if it can't be building wide only) > Admin messages can be sent building wide (not community wide, though that is OK if it can't be building wide only) (maintenance, reminders, news) > Local keypad or access card/RFID (forgotten phone, mail delivery, dog walker, building maintenance). > > > Temp and permanent visitor access (mail delivery, infrequent contractors, Amazon, etc) > Motion sensor to trigger lights > Audio/Video recording capability NO TO: > Individual video screens in each residence. These will use mobile devices....

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    I am looking for a developer to create a basic pedigree tracking and RFID Management System app for a goat farm. The main purpose of the app is to track the lineage of the goats and manage their health and vaccinations. Additionally, I would like the app to monitor goat milk production. Key Features: - Pedigree tracking: The app should allow me to enter and track the lineage of each goat, including their parents and offspring. - Health and vaccination management: I need the app to provide a system for managing the health records and vaccinations of each goat, including reminders for upcoming vaccinations. - Milk production monitoring: The app should have a feature to track and monitor the milk production of each goat. Platform: The app should be developed for the Android platform....

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    I am looking for a skilled professional who can help me develop a complete RFID system for inventory management. Intended Use: - The main purpose of this system is to efficiently manage inventory. RFID Hardware: - I do not have any RFID hardware and will need assistance in acquiring the all the necessary equipment, theerefore I will need links to high quality equipment to buy from their shop. RFID Software - The software need to support both languages Arabic and English. - The application needs to be in both plateforms IOS and Android. - The complete software needs to be submitted with complete documentation on how to use it. - The coding should follow software engineering best practices and should be scalable. Inventory Scale: - The scale of my inventor...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an RFID system for my business that features both hardware and software. The purpose of the system is to track my inventory, so it needs to operate on high frequency (HF) technology. Additionally, I need both the hardware and the software to fully support the system. This project requires someone who specializes in RFID system development to ensure the best quality output.

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    29 bud a dual frequency ring patch AMC for an RFID system for car detection. The desired frequency range for the system should be able to achieve high bandwidth for both 0.9 and 2.4 GHz frequencies. The specific application of the RFID system is for car detection. However, the required read range for the system is not specified. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing dual frequency ring patch AMC for RFID systems - Knowledge of high bandwidth design for 0.9 and 2.4 GHz frequencies - Understanding of car detection applications with RFID systems Objectives: 1. To analyze the performance of ring shape AMC. 2. To design the ring shape AMC with acceptable bandwidth for UHF and HF GHz frequency. evaluate the performance of simple RFID tag wit...

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    Objective: Design a retro-styled logo for a device called ARTEI (pronounced “arty”). The design should embody the distinct style of the video game “Cuphead.” Any submission with only text and no character will be rejected Design Requirements: 1. Main Character: The character should resemble an RFID reader. Imagine it having arms, legs, and a rectangular screen for a face. The face within the screen should be expressive. 2. Color Palette: Limit your design to 3-4 colors to maintain a clean, retro appearance. 3. Typography: The word “ARTEI” should be incorporated into the design, ideally somewhere on the body of the main character. 4. Aesthetics: Think 1930s animation – clear lines, simplistic designs, and bold colors. The overall feel...

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    ...original module was written in Python rather than the Studio. Plus, there is a project creation page, and we want you to add the date to the project name that will be created. 5- Enter their 2023 budgets ... we will show you how to do it. It should not take more than 2 hours. 6- The inventory module shall show the images on the items in a larger size ... this can be done via Odoo Studio 7- RFID reader setup, plus the client will need to print the tags from Odoo (NOT to use as POS) *** Just Inventory *** 8- Attendance system ... all what we need is to make Odoo read the attendance from an XLS sheet 9- Do you know how to do custom Financial Reports? the client want some custom financial reports. (We will provide you the exact details of the reports) 10- Debug why we canno...

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    I'm looking for an experienced RFID device designer to create a custom 125khz Hitag s LF device, based on my specifications. The intended form factor should be a Racing Pigeon foot tag. I also need the reading range to be 30mm anticolision and the communication interface to be USB. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of creating these types of RFID devices, with the ability to work within a tight timeline. If you have the skills and experience to design and develop a high-performing, reliable RFID device that meets my exact needs, please bid on this project.

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    I need a program written for a raspberry pi zero, that will be plugged into a TV via HDMI output. I want the Pi to output a picture to the TV, in JPEG or PNG format, then when the PI receives a signal, it dissolves the image to show a new i...about 5 seconds it changes back to the original picture. The signal the PI will be watching for is a drop in voltage, from 12 volts to 0 volts momentarily across 2 wires that I can input into the PI. I would like the ability to change the static picture out, but the logo picture will remain the same. This is for a Samsung Frame TV that is on a door displaying art. When the door is opened with a RFID card, it releases the door lock (this is the drop in voltage from 12 to 0) and I want the logo picture to display on the TV for 5 seconds. Is this...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to integrate EMV and NFC technology into my project.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a warehouse inventory management software and provide consultation on the necess...Reporting and analytics: The software should be able to generate reports and provide analytics on inventory levels, sales, and other relevant data. Integration with RFID systems: - The software should integrate with RFID systems for efficient inventory tracking and management. Standard functionalities: - The client does not require any custom functionalities or workflows in the software. Standard functionalities will suffice for their needs. Overall, the project requires expertise in inventory management software development, specifically in inventory tracking, order management, and reporting and analytics. Knowledge of RFID systems integ...

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    attendance system Udløbet left

    As my business grows, I'm looking for an attendance system that can keep track of employee attendance. I don't have any specific requirements in mind, but I am open to sugges...looking for an attendance system that can keep track of employee attendance. I don't have any specific requirements in mind, but I am open to suggestions. The most important feature I want is real-time monitoring, so I know when my employees come in and out. I would also like the system to be accessible on multiple devices, allowing me to check attendance data from anywhere. I'm considering biometric, RFID, and manual routes for tracking attendance; however, I'm open to any other technologies that may be better suited to my needs. No matter which technology I choose, I want it to be s...

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    for this sheet if you can figure how to style it better that would be good if not I'm ok with he current style. The real project is making the back side of the 2 sided PDF.

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    we are planning to make automatic fuel filling system using rfid card so basically the system works on arduino mega and first of all customer scan the rfid and enter password with the help of 4*3 matrix keypad and then set the price that they want to fill fuel in their car then simply pick nozzle and fill the fuel . System components Arduino Mega 2560 RC522 RFID module LCD 16x2 4x3 Matrix Keypad 12V Relay Buzzer 12V DC Power Supply 12V DC Water Pump jt-750 12V DC Solenoid Valve ½” Flow Sensor YF-S201

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    Project Description: I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my Bamboo RFID Business Card product. The ideal candidate should have experience in logo design and be able to create a visually appealing and unique logo that represents the essence of my product. Requirements: - Ability to create a logo that can be used on business cards and other marketing materials - Understanding of the eco-friendly and sustainable nature of bamboo - Openness to creative interpretation and ability to come up with innovative design concepts - Proficiency in using earth tones such as browns and greens to create a natural and organic look - Attention to detail and ability to create a clean and professional design Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing previous logo desig...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project to design and create an electronic enclosure. The electronic device (DECAS) features: - 7inch Touch Screen - QRcode Scanner - RFID Reader - Customized PCB which has a LAN Port, 2.1mm DC Connector, RS232 Port, and USB Type B Connector. - Raspberry Pi Zero 2 w Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and creating plastic enclosures - Knowledge of small-sized electronic enclosures Please provide examples of previous work related to plastic enclosures.

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