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    Abstract Emotion recognition or affect detection from speech is an old and challenging problem in the field of artificial [log ind for at se URL] significant research works have been done on emotion Recognition by using different approaches as it. can be useful in the field of medical science , robotics engineering, call center application etc. Human can easily recognize emotion of speaker but th...

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    Trophy icon Create a Vinyl Service Sticker 6 dage left

    Service Sticker Project We are a garage door company (Rampart Garage Doors) that are looking to have an eye-catching vinyl service sticker designed for us that will be placed in our customer’s garage (likely on the back of their garage door). Size is up to creator, but it needs to be relatively large. Originally thinking of an 8.5” x 11” size in landscape format. Layout, colo...

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    Need to be done in 3 days. We are a government department in Western Australia. Looking for a graphic designer who could produce a short video (no longer than 20 seconds) for the Department's job advertising on LinkedIn. Job advertising is for an ICT Manager, hence the graphic will have to be related IT/ICT and corporate environment. Here is the sample advert (not for graphic representation b...

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    Text Representation with Binary Trees in C language.

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    I’ve been working in fitness industry for over 10 years and for the last years I’ve been running the gym that I own. In my first years I would organise outdoor fitness classes, starting my own brand: “Train for life - Outdoor fitness classes” with the logo you’ll find attached in this e-mail. For the last 5 years I’ve moved my brand in a gym which was more lik...

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    I need this task to get done: Tasks: (1) create a grouped frequency distribution by identifying classes of width 10 starting with class 1-10 and create a histogram to represent the grouped frequency distribution. (2) Calculate a five-number summary for this data set; (3) Use the Excel Analysis-ToolPak to calculate a set descriptive statistics; (4) Also using the information gained answering the...

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    Design wall of plants 6 dage left

    Design of a wall of plants, the style of a 3d render or some graphic representation that you consider correct. Focus on the best cost benefit option. In the proposal, detail with which tool it is carried out, what is the result (video and/or image), development times and cost. This is only 1 job but i will need 15-20 per month.

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    We want to modify a plugin which is already built and available in Wordpress Plugin repository. It is based on search keyword based plugin. Plugin here: .[log ind for at se URL] The following modification will be required : 1. Record all the search queries made using the standard WordPress search form. This functionality is working make sure it is compatible with other search widget/search form ...

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    Sundown Gauge 5 dage left

    Retired mathematician has developed graphic representation of a year's sundown compass heading. I need professional looking graph, with accurate index marks (degrees)

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    This project requires you build a component from scratch primarily in HTML5 and TypeScript. ** Review the attached image ** This component allows for the creation and display of a simple text “note” in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use manner. This component must have minimal third-party dependencies. A conceptual visual representation is shown in the attached image. You w...

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    I need help with three (3) things. 1. Speech manual. I need a speech manus of 3 minutes (approx 390 words). You will make the speech from my essay. I will attach a file. (Ignore the comments in the essay) Do NOT copy and paste information from the essay but make it your own words. ALL of the most important aspects have to be there. A nice overview of the topic, differences, and findings. 2. Po...

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    We have an entrance to our community we would like to re-design. We are looking for an illustrator that can create an illustration of what the new entrance would look like. This would include a daylight and night time representation. We will provide the existing monument photos that can be used as a starting point. We are also looking to edit the font and lettering of the community name and add ge...

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    it is data sturcutures proejct the tree must be used and there a couple problems that have to be solved. All information in the doc. there is also input file

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    Watch the film : [log ind for at se URL] 1. I want you to understand the dynamic m-b-k (mass-spring-damper) system itself. So, you must draw the physical System and make sure that the equations of motion do represent the State Vector and the System and Input Matrices. [log ind for at se URL] state-space representation (Show all calculations) 3. Draw the Block Diagram 4. Obtain continuous tim...

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    The existing drawings (views and top floor plan) of a small MFH in DWG files must be changed with regard to the subsequent project. Floor area of ​​the attic 160 sqm. (Base about 12 x 12 m) The currently upright gable roof (rafter roof) in west / east direction is to be removed and replaced by a bent pent roof in south / north direction. For this purpose, the fire wall that is currently standin...

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    I need a logo design for a small online shop that sells handmade jewelry! The name of the company is called “Teaspoon of Kolor”. I’m looking for a simple yet modern design that puts an emphasis on the color scheme and has an actual tablespoon for the “p” in Teaspoon. I also want a hint of flowers or some symbolic representation of nature!

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    RSR5 Scheme Language 13 timer left

    ;; Towards a Scheme Interpreter for the Lambda Calculus -- Part 1: Syntax ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; All programming is to be carried out using the pure functional sublanguage of R5RS Scheme. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; You might want to have a look at [...

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    Our product has a concept of Folders, which are organized hierarchical, similarly to a Desktop computer Folder structure. In the back end however, Folders are just a flat list of objects, with the hierarchical representation in the front end being derived from a “parent” Folder _id value and reference contained within each Folder object entry. Resources can be added to Folders, just ...

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    Hi, We need a branding person to assist with the following: Pitch Presentation - Creating a visual presentation for Investors that reflects our idea visually without having a full brand yet. Brand Design 
 - Create a design system that is unique, professional and easy to implement further. Brand Implementation - Brand story, physical representation and consistent application of brand ide...

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    Part 1: Design App promo images, representing our app to be used on our [log ind for at se URL] 13 images. This will involve looking at our app and creating an excellent representation of it in different angles, high res, to be used on our website. Part 2: You will be given 3 ten steps how-to document. You will need to create images with these steps to be posted on our social media sites. Instag...

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    Part 1: Design App promo images, representing our app to be used on our [log ind for at se URL] 13 images. This will involve looking at our app and creating an excellent representation of it in different angles, high res, to be used on our website. Part 2: You will be given 3 ten steps how-to document. You will need to create images with these steps to be posted on our social media sites. Insta...

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    Coding Project *********************** Diaspora is a paper-and-pencil science fiction role playing game. It has rules for generating clusters of star systems connected by jump points. The process for cluster creation can be found at [log ind for at se URL] Design and implement a web service for creating clusters using any language you like. The absolute minimum-viable submission should take the n...

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    Word Count: 1500 - 2500 words Deadline: 14th December 2020 Just aim for an average grade for a pass Choose 1 question below to work on 1. Consider the genres of tragedy and romance and how they overlap and diverge in Shakespeare’s drama. Make an argument about what the two genres allow Shakespeare to do differently in King Lear and The Winter’s Tale. 2. In both King Lear and The...

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    Hi, Kseniya. I would like to hire you to do an animated representation for the Recruit-Mode green leather riding suit.

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    Signals and Systems Udløbet left

    Signals and systems Signal representation

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    In order to simplify building a WordPress PRODUCT REPRESENTATION ( NOT a e-commerce !) website,copy structure of the existed website as below, change banner and category images. Put other product images and product specification pages , update service pages. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    Build an App Udløbet left

    The idea is to create an android + ios app that helps people to report sexual assaults and crimes, that may not be reported through the official channels. I want to create an app where you can search for a persons name, and: A) create a 'report', B) 'tag' the offender's social media profile, C) upload images, etc., D) upload everything to a database that is searchable by n...

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    German: Ich benötige eine Erweiterung einer bestehenden Abbildung bzw. Diagramm, die eine Ersparnis der Reisezeit aufzeigt (Fluggesellschaft, Business Jet, eigenes Fluggerät und PKW) für eine Geschäftsreise. Bild oder Rendering des eigenen Fluggerätes kann bereitgestellt werden. Eigene Abbildungen erwünscht. Abbildung (ein Beispiel kann ich schicken) soll mit Sy...

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    TicksBuster I'm looking for partners in the US and Canada market by developing TicksBister tick trap, which I patented. My suggestion would be for the agent to be licensed for the TicksBuster operating system. He would process the orders received in the online store in the system, print the shipment information, attach the print to the finished packaging and deliver the shipment to the sele...

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    Hi Leo, we want to order some brand materials for our team, but first we'd like to give them a visual representation of what a kit would look like. Could you put together a visual of something like that? We want to include notebook, notepad, pen, travel mug, pen, presentation folders, letterheads, and envelopes all in one picture. I will have pictures and source materials to send to you.

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    I am needing assistance in preparing my resume to get the best representation of my skills and talents

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    Trophy icon Make me a logo 6 dage left

    We are starting a new buisness in Social welfare, and our clients are disabled people living by independing living. We want our logo to represent: trust, loalty and care aswell as being timeless and minimalistic. Our company name is NPA Setur Suðurlands, slogan: Ykkar velferð - okkar mál. We want are looking for graphical representation of company name and slogan. Require source ...

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    Hello, I want to convert a pine script strategy (with Stoploss, Takeprofit, entry and exit conditions for both short and long positions) into a study with alerts for each of the mentioned events and a visual representation of these on the chart.

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    Bangalore , India Bases multi function office that Business Representation in India . Our services are but not limited to: Business Services Centers Export and Import services Hardware & Software Services Networking & Computer Skills Training Company Representatives

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    I am an experienced surveyor who is involved heavily in drone surveying. IDEA: I am looking to make an online representation of the drone images I have captured and overlay GPS Co-Ordinates on the image. Based on the GPS co-ordinates this can create a grid across the image (in 1mm increments) allowing the user to click any 2 points and measure the distance between them from the digital image. US...

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    We are looking forrward to rebuild our company's realestate management website that is basically a CRM to provide our customers the below: 1. The ability for its users (landlords, brockers, and tenants/buyers) to login with thier previously created accounts or using thier social media accounts (like facebook, instagram, gmail). 2. a dashboard for the website admins that should include so...

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    Build me a website Udløbet left

    A new venture requires an online representation.

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    Trophy icon design a model template Udløbet left

    The business is 'The 7 Elements' life planning model. The 7 elements are: the Future - what you want your life to be. To achieve that, you need to work on the other 6 elements of the model (they will create your future). They are (in order) Fitness - your physical, psychological and spiritual fitness; Family - self explanatory; Friends - self explanatory; Finance - your personal financia...

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    Project for Wael H. Udløbet left

    Hi i write you for knowledge representation algorithm,please accept

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    App Features in Details: ============================ 1. There are Total 3 Pages: Main Page, List of Name Page and Insight Page. 2. Main Page, List of Name Page and Insight Page are dynamically loaded from XLSX File. But after one time loading, data will be saved in side the App it self. Each time XLSX file shouldn't be required to load. 3. The XLSX file can have more sheets. 4. Main Page...

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    Vision is to have an engineering enterprise that connects the digital and physical worlds across a system’s lifecycle. The end-to-end digital enterprise will incorporate a model-based approach in a digitally connected environment enabled by advanced technologies to conduct full lifecycle activities from concept to disposal. In the earlier phases of the lifecycle, the focus is on evaluating c...

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    Vision is to have an engineering enterprise that connects the digital and physical worlds across a system’s lifecycle. The end-to-end digital enterprise will incorporate a model-based approach in a digitally connected environment enabled by advanced technologies to conduct full lifecycle activities from concept to disposal. In the earlier phases of the lifecycle, the focus is on evaluating c...

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    Concept Artist Udløbet left

    The concept artist • creates a visual representation of an idea for use in the TOVP Exhibits, movies, or animation before it is added into the final product. • able to draw or paint characters, graphics, environments, weapons, vehicles, or anything that is called for on a given project. • The quality of the illustration style can vary from quick and rough to detailed and refined. C...

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    LOGIC, Propositional Equivalences, Bit operations and Zero-one matrices, Boolean Algebra, SETS AND RELATIONS, Set Operations, Computer Representation of Sets, Relations and Equivalence Relations, Equivalence Classes , Combining Relations, Representing Relations Using Matrices and Digraph, Prime Numbers , The Division Algorithm, Congruent Modulo , Euclidean Algorithm

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    Hello , we are into digital marketing business in US/Europe market,we are operating from India but company is registred in USA. We are looking for sales /marketing professional who can support us /represent us in the con calls. Following are the requirements : >>Should have American accent. >>Capability to understand the product and talk accordingly. >>Good call canvasing ski...

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    Looking for a designer that can develope a electric / mechanical drive device for smaler boats. We need: # Technical 3D design # Simplified schematic representation of the drive concept for a website #Prototype construction #Feasibility calculations Full support in realizing the drive and expect loyalty and dedication wanted. Standard NDA required. We look forward to you!

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    Hello Everyone I am using spatial data to query geographical locations I used a library to build an R-tree from the dataset [log ind for at se URL] what I need to do now is to implement my search algorithm using functions defined in the library --------------------- if I need to search for a particular location then I would send a range query representing a rectangle of two coordinate ...

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    research paper -- 2 Udløbet left

    representation of postpartum depression in the story "the yellow wallpaper"

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    research paper Udløbet left

    representation of postpartum depression in the story "The Yellow wallpaper"

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