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    209 python wxwidgets jobs fundet, i prisklassen EUR code. The only developers who need apply already have experience with the required skills and this type of programming. Required Skills: -C++ -OpenGL -Linear algebra -wxWidgets Milestones: 1)Get the existing unchanged code to compile on your computer and document specifics ($100) 2)Open model in 'Paint' mode and UV paint the model as per the spec

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    I need a C++ coder Udløbet left

    We are a display design house that would like to port one of our MFC applications written in C++ to a cross-platform SDK like Qt or WxWidgets in order to create a macOS version and possibly mobile versions in the future.

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    Membuat tugas kuliah programming wxWidgets based c++ dengan tema tamagochi. konten lengkap dapat dilihat di proposal yang di upload. trimakasih

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    make a wxwidgets based mini project. named Tamagochi V2. for fully what are contains, look the word file.

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    Introduction: Spek is an acoustic spectrum analyser written in C and C++. It uses FFmpeg libraries for audio decoding and wxWidgets for the GUI. What i want to achieve: I want to open audio files in the same instance of Spek (same window/instance). At this moment it will open in another window every time i want to open a file. The only way is to

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    Tools: - MS Visual Studio 2017 - C++ - OpenGL 4.6 - wxWidgets Following features are to be implemented: Step 1: - A robot model has to be created (manually). CAD data is available in .obj or .vrml files; kinematics must be defined by means of Denavit-Hartenberg notation using homogenous matrices or quaternions; kinematics data must be

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    You get from us a MS Visual C++ 2017 project with wxWidgets OpenGL canvas integrated. Your task is to implement a robot simulation tool like [log ind for at se URL] but with real robot model like [log ind for at se URL] (.stp can

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    ...regulatory compliance and business needs. Qualifications: 4+ years of experience in writing code in C++ Strong cross-platform development (Win, Mac, Linux) Proficient with wxWidgets Used to Defensive programming Networking expert, TCP, FTP(S), SFTP, HTTP(S), S3, TLS are your bread and butter Experience in the application of cryptographic algorithms

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    28 bud that exiting the modal dialog created by wxWidgets also exit AE native modal dialog. The available solutions are either to retrieve a WindowRef and modify wxWidgets to accept it, or to create our own modal event loop and simulate on our own wxWidgets behavior. The developer will have to compile wxWidgets on its machine (instructions are given), and

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    A freelancer software programmer is needed to design a replacement software gui. This GUI is for a piece of open source softwa...This GUI is for a piece of open source software operating on Linux. I will consider proposals for any toolkit and either C or C++ for language. Examples are QT, GTK or WxWidgets. Please see attachment for details.

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    Write some Software Udløbet left

    ...First-Person Camera Controller Third-Person Camera Controller Script Controller Kinematic Character Controller (via Physics) Editor: Cross-platform wxWidgets-based GUI Plugin-based functionality Full Undo/Redo support Easy placement of entities with manipulators Load scenes in engine with a single call Thanks

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    Programmer Udløbet left

    ...skills (MFC, Qt, wxWidgets) - Familiar with source control tools (SVN, Git, Mercurial) - Basic math skills - Machine learning knowledge is an advantage - Excellent problem solving abilities and strong programming skills - Good understanding of software development standards and methodologies - previous experience with C#, Python would be a plus

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    We are looking for a freelancer to help improve our desktop app in C++, wxWidgets for Timecamp. You should have MacOS and Windows development environments. Example task: implement our REST API to our C++ desktop app, fix crashing, track Microsoft Edge urls.

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    I have tool bar buttons and I need to add images to it. It is a 5 min job you should use Team Viewer Come to my system and fix it for me. It says Typ-15 image handler not defined.

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    Looking for a wxWidgets developer who will help us develop and improve our TimeCamp Desktop Application (time tracker).

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    Looking for a wxWidgets developer who will help us develop and improve our TimeCamp Desktop Application (time tracker).

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    1 bud is easy to wrap native C++ with wxWidgets, you need to code on Team Viewer I have almost all the stuffs needed for create the UI Dialogblocks,wxFormBuilder, Visual Studio 2015 you name it.... Brief Explanation of the project: The project has no GUI no threads so need GUI, it is for windows I know wxwidgets is crossplatformed but the stuffs

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    ...(better if you use C/C++ or Delphi --- do you use Linux ok: you can do the project on Linux, but it must compile on Windows too), free to choose the GUI framework (FLTK, GTK, wxWidgets, VCL, Firemonkey... you can choose what you want for this project). The main required skills are: - Strong GUI knowledge to draw the timelines and do the interface with

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    This is a simple project that uses Code::Blocks, C++, mingw (32 bit), wxWidgets (32 bit) libraries to produce a UI application that does pretty much nothing. It is a skeleton project. BOOST may be used if required. We know this project can be done easily in using MS based solutions. But this project strictly requires the above technologies. As

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    ...restores being pushed from the server. The server needs to be able to store and manage the files using Amazon S3 with full version control. A cross platform client using c++ & wxWidgets or JavaFX would be a plus. The server must run on Linux. Data transmissions between the client and server should use HTTPS or another type of encrypted protocol. The project

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