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    I have a script that uses selenium with python that goes to a website, logs in then types in a string of text and clicks a button, what i need: - Instead of manually typing the string myself into the script read from a text file and type out the first line of text - Then delete the line that was used and save the .txt file - Repeat the process until

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    On a high level, we need a Raspberry Pi program that will: 1) Take text and boolean inputs from 2-3 Arduinos 2) Based on internal conditions that are met or not met 3) create output to other Arduinos OR play full screen video stored onboard, output to a TV via HDMI. There are four high level values that need to be easily editable via a Raspberry

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    12 bud, video) in one location where coaches and team members can share comments a create a debrief on performance. I have a background in computer science, and work with python daily, so I would like this app to be built in Django to aid in future support. I am also a big believe in TDD. Project whould have code on GitHub and deploy to PythonAnywhere

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    ...they are working with, 1st line managers, 2nd line managers as well as the ability to add custom fields later as needed) b) Add the training(s) that each employee has taken as well as the skills they have (or will gain). I anticipate 100-200 skills/competencies. Examples of skills/competencies may include Java, Python, Access, Splunk, PMP, Lean

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    looking for a Python script to be made that does the following. the script must read from a text file that contains multiple lines of .m4v media file locations. EXAMPLE: /home/USER/media/[log ind for at se URL] /home/USER/media/[log ind for at se URL] /home/USER/media/[log ind for at se URL] the script must load up the first line then execute it using ffmp...

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    4 bud me with my project. The skills required are Web Scraping in Python and familiarity with I am looking for fixed price offers for this phase of the project. It is likely that I will require changes to the project as it evolves. I expect that the price paid further down the line will be reasonably similar to what you offer today. I have technical

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    I need a Python script written (Python 3) that can compare two KiCad netlists to determine whether they are equivalent, and if they are not, to output a detailed list of differences between them. If you are an experienced Python coder, I should think you would be able to bang this out in 2 or 3 hours. One of the attached files is a netlist in KiCad

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    I'm looking for python code that will search from a text file for exact keywords(could be a long string) on another html file. E.g [log ind for at se URL] and data.html. Currently it's only matching the first word instead of exact sentence match. My keyword file will contain something like this: Hello welcome Hello welcome to this page Hello world ---up to few

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    ...the result into a MySQL database. The program should allow the user to pass the FTP folder, i.e., "/var/www/html/input_images/" from the linux command line or pull the path to the images from a text file. 2. Create a program that creates a Haar Training of facial images to facilite building a library of images used to compare against other images

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    Hi, I need a Freelancer who understands has the tools to understand data, problem solve and come up with a solution or a compilation of multiple solutions to achieve the objective. My objective is to create a profitable horse racing system. Predict/recommend/find optimal combination of parameters to choose a horse before a race. I know there

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    We need someone to create a smart article rewriter/parapharser in PHP, Java, Python or any other language that runs on Linux environment with the following feature: Core Requirements: 1. Paraphrasing by analyzing sentence structure and rewriting sentences with completely different grammar/pattern. 2. Advanced Synonyms replacement (Must know

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    I have a python script running at startup in Raspberry pi, OS is Linux without UI. The Raspberry pi is currently connected to an Arduino via Serial pins (RX,TX), and it's receiving serial data, processing it and then uploading it to a server using an Internet connection. In detail: There are some arduinos monitoring temperature, humidity, etc

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    ...someone to edit / fix this c++ program for me. I can manage python and javascript but failed compiling this script no matter what. First, you need to know this is a mule database viewer for diablo 2, It reads from the multiple text files provided and organises it all in a neat list. Each line in a log file corresponds to an individual item. On

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    Build an internal website, Django or Django CMS based. The primary purpose of this website is to set foundations and examples, so that I, as a novice Python developer, can expand and add more features. So the website doesn’t need to be fully polished. The website should contain two pages: 1. A form submission page. 2. A status view page. (status

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    I need a python program that have functions 1 - function can detect a character from a single line of text in image. Character can have multiple occurrences. 2. a function to detect all characters (uppercase A to Z and space) 3. a function that has same functionality as in part 2, that is detection of all character but this time you must store the

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    ...innovation, team work and curiosity is encouraged to create great products and services. SKILLS • Languages & Frameworks: C#, Visual Basic, C++, Pascal, Java, Java Script, Python, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra.  .NET Framework: 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, WCF, ASP.NET Web API, MS Enterprise Libraries (Blocks), ASP.NET MVC 5, Web Forms, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight,

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    ...should contain your python code for the program(s) and the screen shot(s) of your program's sample runs (with output). Make sure to put your python code correctly in this file (with correct indentation). If you have any text for the grader to read before grading, you can include it at the top of this file. You must use Python 3.x to implement these

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    ...example PDF file from where the text comes). I have also attached an example CSV that shows the columns I need and the first few rows of data. The deliverable should be a general Python script that I can use on other, similarly structured TXT files. The information I need: 1) Legislator's name. Names always follow a line break and precede either a

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    Write a non blocking python 2.7 wxpython gui that will do the following: - Launch a process with means to send text to the process and receive responses from the process until the gui is quit ---- process = telnet [log ind for at se URL] ---- note this is a surrogate application but it's the multiple line command / response type model

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