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    Script for gta 5 /fivem server 13 timer left

    Hello everyone I want a script when someone send in the chat with the hack menu the got ban I made one for kick but i couldnt make for ban if someone can help with for making new script or update my current one

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    Hello everyone I want a script when someone send in the chat with the hack menu the got ban I made one for kick but i couldnt make for ban if someone can help with for making new script or update my current one

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    Hello! I want a livescore script (or parser) that pulling football and other sports livescores from all countries. I'll translate language to spanish and russian css can be editable

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    need a proxy protocol connected to a twitch channel which will boost the user up in live viewers , i will provide the proxies and everything etc but it has to be very stable for hours , more than 24 hours , it must support http/s , socks4 or sock5 and if so need or provide , i can provide by all means the proxies , but i must authourise your ip in order for you to use , also i will providing the n...

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    For a mixed content scan i have a scripts that works OK but must be adopted to work with DB [log ind for at se URL] you must enter a https url like [log ind for at se URL] It works now with a single URL input BUT it must be running with a cron jon from a DB select like "SELECT urlid, url FROM `urlforcheck` WHERE `active` = '1'"; If mixed content pages are found it must be s...

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    I want php script for typing institute which should cover following features Simple php script or website with login ststem.(I want to provide activation code for each user which will be expire after 3 months) I want two sections one for typing and one section for that text from where user will see the text to be type. When user will complete typing error should be shown. I want to provide time o...

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    I have a script written with php using codeigniter framework, I want to edit that script and make some changes on it, mostly changing the sms gateway and some minor edits.

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    PHP Laravel API 6 timer left

    Design and develop REST APIs Frond end App os IOS app Integrate this App with backend PHP laravel framework App should be able to store and fetch data from Backend

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    I have a websocket node.js chat room script on my server that needs installing to the "chat" folder. The documentation is here: [log ind for at se URL] Please take a look at the documentation and if you're confident you can install this then please place a bid. You will be provided with ssh access. Lowest bid will quite likely recieve the project. Thank you for looking.

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    build website using readymade betting website script like skyexchange only those already work on betting site prefer

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    I have a python script, which help me for gameserver seeding with infinitely repeated authorization to the gameserver, thereby winding up the displayed number of players on the server. Recently, it began to work very poorly, as the developers apparently made some restrictions on the site and ORIGIN client.

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    We're currently renting HTTP proxies from multiple websites, but they do not have a 99% uptime. I need someone to set-up a VPS for me for the use of multiple HTTP proxies. I will buy a (dedicated) server, and the needed IP-address. You need to do the set-up and tell me how to maintain everything. I am experienced in Linux, and have set-up multiple VPS for different purposes but never for the...

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    I have questions from "Funnel Script" Software, need to detailed answers to 58 questions(WILL SEND YOU) analyze the target audience and insert the answers where there are spaces, then I will drop it into the ''Funnel Script'' and I'll get the story that I need. Or maybe someone have this software than you can edit there and send me what you will get. P.S I will h...

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    I want some of my files to be converted to c+++ Can Any one do it??? Message me I will provide all that you needed in the message box

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    Hello, I need this outdated linux shell script to be updated in order to work again. It works as a plugin for plowshare application. The purpose of this script is to download files from 1Fichier from the command line, it must maintain compatibility with plowshare. Source code of it available here: [log ind for at se URL]

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    excel script Slutter left

    1. I need a script that imports data from all excel tabs (just 1 column) and combines it to one column with a count on how many times the selection appears total. 2. Then exports it to .txt file. 3. It needs to update it every "nr of minutes" and overwrite the .txt file.

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    I have created a RHEL docker image to build some RPMs and upload them to a repo. I would like to have created a dockerfile to automate the generation of this image based on the bash commands I used. I will provide further details to the selected coder

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    currently have a number of vendor appliances, these systems host a web ui for management of the system, i am trying to build a single navigatable page to these instances, iframes is not what im looking for, i need to be able to essentially proxy all the information in and out to the end device while retaining a side nav bar, open to alternate ideas here.

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    I need a script that downloads 20 seconds of video and audio from a live streaming site. I need to be able to run the script from a linux command line. The input should be a URL, the output should be a 20 seconds long video file.

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    Need help to adjust my Python Script renaming Files

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    Write a bash script to subdivide an given subnet into a pre-defined number of smaller subnets. After division IP addresses shouldn't be wasted, i.e. accumulation of your subdivisions should make up the divided subnet. Every subnet has 3 IP addresses reserved and not usable by hosts: network, broadcast, gateway. Show network/broadcast address, number of hosts and assign gateway. Gateway ...

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    I need someone who is really good with google apps script. I need someone to write 20-30 lines of code.

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    Hello. thank you for having interest in this topic. *Please read description first thoroughly, if you're copy-pasting meaningless words I will instantly dump the proposal. Thank you * If you have experience in scraping/cralwing work, You know there's a capacity which one scraper one thread can be running. And in order to compensate this problem , we often adopt multi-threaded system...

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    I need a backend developper/anyone techsavy enough in the programming language Python to add proxy (HTTP/S and SOCKS) support to the open-source asynchronous requests-like httplib "asks" ([log ind for at se URL]) Some additional info: - The proxy support must not change the library's behaviour towards non-proxy related requests and queries. As such, once the proxy support implemen...

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    Написать script timetable air ticket Direct flights and flights with 1 transfer separately. support required rgba

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    We need someone who can help program some calculations and a logic. Best of programming skills required. if we find the skills match correct, we will hand over a big project.

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    PHP Laravel Framework icin E-ticaret siteleri uzerine deneyimli bir Yazilim uzmani ariyorum.

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    I need help in implementing the AWS lambda function to capture the CloudWatch metrics like CPUUtilization for AWS/EC2, HealthyHostCount for AWS/ELB. The function should be able to pick up the metrics automatically whenever any changes to the resources occur.

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    I need you to develop some network monitoring software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python.

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    Developers for make server followers social media and management I want developers known : -make data followers account instagram - management server and proxy and where can found proxy for this project - want developers know what need this project requirement Because I don’t know requirements this project and what need .. The developers well work monthly with me

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    Excel script Udløbet left

    1. I need a script that imports data from all excel tabs (just 1 column) and combines it to one column with a count on how many times the selection appears total. 2. Then exports it to .txt file. 3. It needs to update it every "nr of minutes" and overwrite the .txt file.

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    I have an addon under GPL license that creates a shader that hides or reveals objects in Blender. The script was created for Blender 2.7x and it does not work with 2.8. The addon information is here: [log ind for at se URL] It is a small addon, but becasue of all the changes to the layers and collections in Blender 2.8, the script needs to be updated. If you don't know what Blender 2.8 is,...

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    I need a php script for my web site project who can make this

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    I am looking to have a lead generation script made just like [log ind for at se URL] Another company is using one similar at [log ind for at se URL] I believe they purchased theirs as I have found several other sites using the same script with the exact same wording. But cannot find the script for sale.

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    We need a guy how can help us in creating a Cab Management Application in PHP and Javasript

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    I need someone to build a python script for scraping an information from a site. The site has 'infinite scroll' feature and I need script to get all the information, not just what appears when page is opened the first time. There are only 3-5 bits of information that I need per each of the entries on the site. No authentication/authorization is required to be built into the script. ...

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    Need a shell script which should run on Linux The command step I should run is All the values mentioned below are totally and example base [ ./[log ind for at se URL] dev-acs-test-blue 26.1.0+2019-06-10-232918 ] First is the environment and second is version number (this is just an example input to the shell values will be different each time) Here the shell script in linux should p...

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    I need help with updating this script [log ind for at se URL] I need it to have pre loaded image (example c:/[log ind for at se URL]) once I open the script, so I don't need to click Choose Picture button. So the point is to have c:/[log ind for at se URL] loaded and hex values showed once you open the script, without clicking or doing anything. Additionally first three hex code values ne...

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    Hi, I am looking for an experienced developer and scripter in PHP and Python as well as MySQL. I have a music video sharing (VOD) website which has been created using the Clipbucket framework. So knowledge or experience with Clipbucket would be preferable but not a necessity. I need 2 scripts for the site. The first script: - Grab all links from selected YouTube channels - Remote upload / Dow...

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    Make a script RTL Udløbet left


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    im looking for someone who has ready freelancer service website script and will install it right away I have an example of the website im looking for please bid correct number and I will show you the website e

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    I'm looking for a PHP project to be built that will allow management of an image manipulation, api management, form submission and email processing. - In an admin interface I will be able to supply a first/last name & account name The system will then: - Connect with cpanel api to autogenerate an email mailbox and record the information (user/pass) in a Mysql database - A form submissio...

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    Need to implement varnish cache on magento2 production site. Running on Centos 7 / Plesk Onyx i need varnish to speed things up like described in this blog for example: [log ind for at se URL] site is running nginx / apache. I've read https traffix should be handled by termination proxy on nginx. This needs to be done through teamviewer with as little downtime as possible.

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    I have a form which works with ajax and populates the next select for previous selects, I need it to fill the form as text input boxes instead of selects from db results as it does now. There will be 2 selects at the top of the page for user and vehicle registration number, the rest need to fill from the query. working fine as it is just needs modifying for the text inputs. I will supply the php ...

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    Atention! You need generate a SSL Certificate for HTTPS as part of project, the proxy must work with sites http and https. You need add comments in the lines of code of Dockerfile. You need filme a small video with test of results. (informal video no problem)

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    We are looking for Excel Data Processing Expert. You can use the Python, Excel Script... It is long term position if you are going well.

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    Se necesita experto programador en PHP para trabajos esporádicos y mantenimiento de varios proyectos. No se puede trabajar a distancia, abstenerse personas que no sean de la provincia de Barcelona.

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    create a script for browsing using proxies (elite:socks5) programming language : python or javascript script work with all popular browser mozilla chrome ie etc thank you

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    urgent project. only Do use ThinkOrSwim.

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    I have multiple hypervisors that replicate to a single hyperv host. When a physical hypervisors server fails I need to be able to run a script that first stops all replication on the backup/replica server then starts a list of VMs. My plan is that for every hypervisor host that is replicating I will have a different script with the names of all the VMs. Assuming I have server1, server2, and server...

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