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    Sudoku generator Udløbet left

    At this moment I already can generate a fully filled in, complete sudoku field (any square size). I want playable sudoku puzzle generated out of these fields, with different difficulty levels (at least 3 levels). The puzzles that are made should always have one and only one solution (unique). The difficulty levels should not be created by leaving out more numbers, but rather by different technique...

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    ongoing contract to design in CAD a flapping wing aircraft, needs to show wing design, how the wings are driven, frame that it sits in, etc.. needs to show the movement of the wings and we should be able to take the project and model it to determine stress points, etc.

    €179 - €269
    €179 - €269
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    Company Logo Design Udløbet left

    We're looking for a simple logo of an eagle, black & white, primarily for use on fax/documents, but would like a larger image as well so we can scale it down as needed. We've played around with some ideas and have attached what we'd like the eagle to look like (it's rough however). We need someone who is good with curves and symmetry in the logo. In the attached file is a s...

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    [log ind for at se URL] Website Brief Copy Right Blue Vision Advertising This site is meant to take the shape of a comprehensive portal which will offer an entire range or birthday, anniversary and festive services to retail customers with the primary intention of building a comprehensive corporate client list which will see the real benefit is registering as a member on the portal. The ...

    €90 - €269
    €90 - €269
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    Overview of story lines --- I am working to create a martialarm cartoon story board series based on a innovative new product and the theme surrounds this product. The product effects the lives of these fictional characters who are designed to be personable modest underdogs who learn of a martial secret with intrigue pulling the reader through the stories. I will be getting them syndicated th...

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    We are looking for project managers that quickly “get it?? and can manage programmers from around the world. It’s hard to explain but this is not your every day type of project management. You work from your place using Skype, GoToMeeting, and other web collaborative tools such as Basecamp and dotProject. You’ll be working with a software designer in Seattle, the CEO in Washingto...

    €449 - €4487
    €449 - €4487
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    A web based tracking system for "demo" sports equipment, the system will need to: Keep Inventory of the Product (max 50 products - only one or 2 prodcts types) Keep track of who the current "user" of the demo equipment is and their location Keep track of users who "request" future use of the equipment and their location... ie create a queue of who needs...

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    I need the clone of RapidMall Phase 1 only. I repeat, phase one only. Here's the link: [log ind for at se URL] Please check phase one ONLY! I need to alter a couple things. Payment method: I want to use egold and automate it. I want that after a member paid for his account, his account will instantly active and he is placed in the binary. Security: I want a high security websi...

    €90 - €269
    €90 - €269
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    I require a 'Swift' bird modelling, texturing, and rigging in 3ds Max 6 or above. 2 models will be required. 1) Low poly model for distance work 2) High poly model for close up work The bird must be rigged in Max using bones, linked to controllers, which control wing speed, head movement, and other features. The bird must look photorealistic, with transparency mapped textured...

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    Outline specification: flashcard system scoring **1001 Verbs** is an internet-based wordlist and flashcard card system designed to help people learn verbs in a foreign language *quickly and easily*. You can get an overview of the system by going [here][1] and reading the FAQs, then going [here][2] to actually use it. At present (in the alpha version), you cause the next flashcard to be displayed...

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    This is for Flash programmers ONLY. The code should work on a computer that has Flash MX 2004. The code should be 100% Flash and no third party add-in/components. What you are asked to do is create a Flash from an attach DWF file (so everything should end up as a vector line/circles in flash). The flash should enable pan (up, down, left, right), zoom and click on a specific area should popup anoth...

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    the script is concerned into generally parsing a directory and showing the contents. i have 4 folders ./powerplay/ ./acapellas/ ./bootlegs/ ./submitted/ i want identical 4 scripts with minor changes ([log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]) each script will be located in the root of the server and will parse each script one the folders...

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    webdesign and shop Udløbet left

    The website [_www.bmi-kantoor.nl_][1] is half done and needs to be completed. The style is OK but there are a few things missing. The biggest part is probably making a shop after produkten (products). The shop: There are 2 lines of products: new and used so I think, best is to create 2 shops Both shops have the following menustructure: *Stoelen -bureaustoelen -conferentiestoelen -directiest...

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    70119 Flash Intor Udløbet left

    Need a flash intro creating something that is artisitic and eye catching. look at [log ind for at se URL] we like this but it cannot be copied! Intro is for an alloy wheel manufacturer who sells/imports and makes alloys, wing mirrors etc. Examples of work to be shown beforhand.

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    I would like a logo designed for a Company called Eagle Vision Press. Eagle Vision Press is a publishing company so the logo will be used on the spine of books, front or back of books, letterhead, and on website(s). Will need the logo presented in 2 color formats noted below. Attached Zip File I've attached a zip file with several logos. The following notes relate to the files in the z...

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    OK first off the text book is entitled Fundamentals of C++ and Data Structures 2nd edition by Lambert and Naps. it's tannish yellow with light bulbs on it. I need the following projects completed and delivered no later than Monday the 21st of July! This is the first 3 of 6 programs that I need. *REVISED* Project 1-6 Consider a list of records for students at a university. The list includes fi...

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    We are developing a software package to create insurance estimates for a construction company. We are in need of some Icons to be developed for our applications toolbar as well as a few others for our tree views and window icons. Below is the information about the icons that are required. We need 23 Toolbar Icons and 2 Interface Icons. Toolbar icons will be used at 24x24 pixels. Interface Icons (U...

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    I am looking for an application either in PHP or CGI to do the following: Every year on our website we have a “Live Release?? contest for people to “register?? Atlantic salmon that they have caught and release on salmon rivers around the world. People registering their “catch?? fill in the following information in an form: 1. Name 2. Address 3. City and State 4. Country 5. Postal...

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    Parse Links Udløbet left

    I need to parse [log ind for at se URL] links into a Microsoft Excel Example: [log ind for at se URL] -Industry/Commercial (Excel workbook) -Information Technologies Sheet -Professional Services Sheet -Sales/Distribution Sheet etc.. Now in the -Information Technologies Sheet we build the columns as: Airport - ATC - Engineering/Modelling/Design etc... after we fill the data in each column as follow...

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    I will require a website where people can log on and setup a pool (hockey, baseball, football) for the office and setup different criterias. 2 ways it will be done 1 will be just a normal win/ lose /tie pool with or without a spread. The other will be for hockey which will have the option of selecting soo many players from a list a players (with salary) till it reaches a amount. Exampl...

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    I need to write a program that takes shoe sales info. from one file (specified by the user) and based on the type of sale and the salesperson, prints formatted info. to multiline textboxes and files. Input File: Eac lne of the user specfied input file will hold the following info: inventory number-a 4 digit number desciption-up to 25 characters in length category-"M" is men's, "...

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    In need of Application that will connect several users to a chat type application using ip address/host and able to connect/ start users game. Game used Jane's Fighters Anthology. Customized with Graphics provided by Buyer, I have a similiar program to show what i am looking for , as example. You Can Download The program at the following link, I need the same thing as this program, but with m...

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