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    ClientTrak Udløbet left

    ...sized client/server type application written in VB6, which utilizes SQL server with Stored Procedures. I am converting this to a ASP.NET application but I am new to ASP programming so I am not very efficient. What I am looking for is an experienced ASP.NET programmer whose code I can learn from, to provide you with screen shots of existing screens with

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    Background Daemon to updates MySQL database. Add/Update MySQL database via PHP web forms. Timed C Program background daemon queries MySQL database executes functions and updates MySQL database. MySQL will have three tables: 1. DOMAIN_TABLE (3 fields) 2. CONFIG_TABLE (2 fields) 3. DOMAIN_RESULT_TABLE (2 fields) ## Deliverables Application: Rethat

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    ...cannot find a members script to do what we want. So we have turned to you to have a custom written one. ## Deliverables Be written in the PHP programming language To be integrated with a MySQL Database To be secure from hackers. Admin Control Panel Member Groups (So that Level 1 members can see the news page for example but are denied access to any

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    ...interval(API Programming samples available from hardware vendor) - Write data into MySQL database time intervals can be done with cronjob or as a daemon. Source must be included and redistributable free without license fees. RS-232: multiple temperature sensors are connected parallel to one RS-232 port. Logger dokumentation and programming samples (for

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    MRTG Customization Udløbet left

    We desire something fairly specific that requires an in depth knowledge of the Perl programming language as used in the ActiveState ActivePerl product running on Windows 2000 server. Knowledge of Tobias Oetiker's MRTG/RRDTOOL as well as 95th percentile billing is a plus. The MRTG/RRDTOOL combination is the de facto tool of choice for this task and we

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    3 bud components. **Site color will be like this [log ind for at se URL]** ## Platform The system needs to have a robust database and backup features as well as export and import facilities. The database choice is the coders, provided it is cost effective. I would lean towards PHP and MYSQL from a cost point of view, but am open to recommendations

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    ...after checking in with a user name and password. The "client check in" button is already on the web site - it's just not functional. I'm using DreamWeaver Ultra Dev 4 for programming on my web site if that makes any difference. Need something that is easy to administer - I know the basics, but need something that is easy to use and glitch-free. Here is

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    I am new to programming and .NET. I have created Class for opening a connection to a tcp port. Everything works fine, but I just can't get over a mental block. Here it is. I have an event trigger which is fired when any data is received and I have to look at the first 3 lines of data and wait for "Password:", at which time I call my function "SendData"

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    MySQL/PHP Udløbet left

    Currently looking for a Database Designer/Programmer specializing in MySQL and PHP for work on backend of database driven website. Emphasis is on the design of the database and the ability to design a fully normalized database. A detailed sitemap listing all entities needed (thus far) has been created which you can look at. PHP experience is needed

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    Internet Project Udløbet left

    I am looking to do an internet project with database/ASP/programming backend, for a minimal fee, in exchange for being able to display the source code in a portfolio for a course.

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    €177 - €265
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    Online Catalog Udløbet left

    Update Online Catalog < [log ind for at se URL] > with 200 pages of JPEG images of clothing. This project requires NO PROGRAMMING of code. It involves mostly Editing of Graphics files and DATA INPUT into the MySQL Database. Data input is done using forms in the Online Catalog Administrator. The site is being developed using osCommerce < http://www

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    We require a database programming job based on PHP/mySQL for a company intending to offer used trucks on the internet. Something compareable to [log ind for at se URL] where you can search for different criterias. The system should work like that, that trucking companies have their own account withing the site with username/password to add/edit/

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    ...The paradigm is web based with back end database. Handheld to view data via browser. Input via desktop running browser or handheld device. Workgroup of less than 15 people. Data to be stored includes simple data elements (age, sex), and data that is more dynamic (blood pressure). Job includes setup and programming of web application and integration with

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    24 bud be able to modify some of it myself for maintenance purposes. I have no immediate preference on programming language used, although it needs to something I can edit easily myself. I will also need the site to be able to look at a serial number database for the products and issue a serial number and maybe an unlocking code for that product. For example

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    24 bud, is VERY fast and VERY reliable. Needs to keep good logs and have a good reporting system. Good if programmed in Visual Basic, but other programming language may be ok. Recommend using SQL, but another database structure might work. Logs will be VERY large, meaning access might crash. proxy server needs to run on a windows 98/NT/2000/XP computer, but

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    simple link list Udløbet left

    *Programming language: C *Simple linked list database *In-program documentation explaning functions 1) program must run from the MS-DOS prompt 2) data must be read and placed into a linked list 3) user of program should be given choices to manipulate the data (insert,delete,search,display,exit) 4) "goto" statements not allowed See attached specs.

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    Job Search Database Udløbet left

    ...example websites. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] I am looking for a similar job search database with the below features. I already have people doing the graphical design but they have no database experience. 1. Advanced job search box, where you can sort database of jobs by criteria: date jobs added; keywords; job category; state; country etc.) 2. Join

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    ...Basic 6.0 for an Intro. to OOP class. It is to serve as a front end to a payroll time tracking system for non-exempt hourly employees. Requirements: -Does not save data to a database. -Is well labeled. -Is documented (use Visio). -Has an input field for the date, which is automatically filled but can be overwritten. -Has an input field for a social security

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    ...completion, and price. The link is [log ind for at se URL] The project should be completed as simply as possible, no complex programming skills. The records for the new customers should be stored in a vector. When the program is ran, the input new customer dialog should come up automatically. The first two

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    ...a profile (their own personal webpage on the site), a rating poll (similar to the basic one on [log ind for at se URL]), etc. I welcome any and all suggestions for the type of database/programming language to be used in this project. Also, if this project is done to my specifications and in the allotted time (the sooner the better), I will definitely hire you

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    ...interacting with a web database like a the Newest Open Bids on RAC as an example that would also be great. If you have any demos of previous work, please send away and i'll take alook and decide based on how that demo functions. ----------------------------------------------------- Coders must use the professional programming style. For example follow

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    ...into the project requirements, please review the following project requirements. This particular project is very important to our business, and we simply cannot hire a programming student or hobbyist. The person we select to work with us must be very experienced, very professional and very willing to be a team player. We need programmer who is: -able

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    ...the default media player, in the background. This should be constructed in such a way that administration can be done easily, and quickly, without changing the actual page programming. The page code should look into a Data Directory/Folder and find a series of subdirectories, each representing a Voice Talent. The name of the subdirectory is the name of

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    I'm looking for someone to do some ASP programming to help me sort out/track my clients and product database. I'm a very experienced ASP coder and run my own coding company but we just don't have the time to do this project. The resulting app. will be run on on our own Intranet. I need a complete client/project/accounts/invoicing application I can

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    Messaging system Udløbet left

    Internet Programming ??" 2002/3 Coursework Option A You have been commissioned to produce a small prototype web based messaging system for your client. This system is to be used as a universal announcements board throughout the clients company and is to be implemented using a mysql database accessed through php web pages. Existing users should have

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    Website 1 Udløbet left

    ...record and very strong reputation/contacts/knowledge (specialist in hi tech, “old” economy sector) is seeking established web specialist(s). MUST HAVE very strong design, DATABASE PROGRAMMING and online publishing skills. Prefer London-based, with demonstrated e-commerce experience and skills. The opportunity will only suit adventurous and really BRILLIANT

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    €177 - €265
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    ...fairly simple project, that could grow into something very special. I have already purchased a script solution, that contains three ".cgi" scripts and a simple text file database. The script needs to be modified to provide a bit of extra functionality ... The script that requires modification is an affiliate system, that operates through a main

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    Community Website Udløbet left

    Site: Online community site with resources, news articles and information. Please note programming & functionality skills more important than design. Please review [log ind for at se URL] before bidding. Don't need 50% or more of these features. Need ability to set up this kind of layout. Most imp part of project. Have current host. Suggestions welcome

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    .../ sales, RMA's, Wish Lists, Gift Registries, tiered access levels (for admin, data entry, order processors). Our shopping cart system is designed to allow users with no programming or html knowledge to start and manage a robust full-featured e-commerce storefront. A zip of the completed sections of the shopping cart will be made available to interested

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    Lettings agency Udløbet left

    ...client is a short-term lettings agency with around 30 apartments which are let on a weekly or daily basis. They need an application which can do the following: 1. store a database of the apartments. 2. show the apartments, with photographs, on a website (the website is designed already but you would need to integrate with it). 3. allow people to

    €177 - €265
    €177 - €265
    0 bud company and need a piece of software that will process emails from paypal, pick out the person's name, address, phone number, email, etc and add it to our Access database. This should also email these people a welcome letter requesting more information from them...Should be quite simple. Can run on *nix (*bsd)/dos, windows, or other os's if

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    ..."flower + submit + site". The word combinations would vary but, hopefully, you get the idea of what I&'m doing, or trying to do, with Arelis. Not knowing much about programming limitations for this type of project might mean that I am over-estimating what is possible to accomplish (as described below) or, conversely, I may be grossly underestimating

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    ASP.NET help needed Udløbet left communicating via MSN. I will not ask you to write the entire program out (i am working on a forum for fun), only for assitance while programming some qns i might ask: 1.) How to get Data out of a SQL database? And display it out. 2.) Modify..delete..etc... 3.) Why is it that some program has it's custom tag, for example a forum script can have a

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    Hi, I have no problem connecting to my database and stuff. But I have a lot of problems selecting the relevent rows. I did database programming normally using SQL codes, but this is my first time doing it integrating with other programming languages. the question is: How do I select individual rows for a column of values when i don't

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    simple website design wif access database running at back end a small scale on-line buying website functions include login; report printing( sale report);(reorder report);(user particulars report);( able to insert & delete new stock ) via the website interface * different login will allow users to access different functions of the website * 2

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    I need a 2x20 Forced Matrix script written in ASP OR SQL. The database backend is SQL Server 2000. I also have some experience in ASP programming so I will be able to help out with this project. Including with this 2x20 forced matrix script, must be an admin interface so I can move and or remove members from the system with ease and update

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    Basic Gaming Ladder Udløbet left

    We need the basics of a gaming ladder, either made in PHP/MySQL or ASP/Access (note that database types doesn't matter). The list below shows some of the stuff we need: * Signup System (Teams and Players) * Join/Leave a spec. ladder * Join/Leave Rooster * Report loss (loosing team) * Ranking System (Teams and Players) * Monthly

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    ...Flash with CF pulling the appropriate dynamic content into the Flash interface. The Flash programming and design is already done. The database (Informix) exists and the information served by this application is already in place. The end customer is using the database with ColdFusion MX. The Kiosk will include 7 primary sections. 5 of these will house dynamic

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    4 bud It is a large archive of electrocardiograms. I an attempt to cut down on my workload I am in need of code that will interface with an electrocardiogram database. This database will include a number of variables that must be imported into a web-page template when a web-site visitor clicks on a specific EKG link. These variables include ECG

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    ...Delphi program and to be available for doing future upgrades to this program. The program is a stand alone database program developed which we call the Therapeutic Shoe Marketing and Management Program. It is essentially a simple database that outputs to mailing labels, mail merge letters and emails. The programmer did a great job on it, but he has

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    ...and easy to understand should i hire another programmer to edit/change anything. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. conditions of sale: - Excellent programming skills a must - 100% PLACED IN ESCROW - NOTHING PAID UNTIL COMPLETLEY FINISHED - I must see a functional model of all pieces no later than 20 days after commencement

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    ADO/ACCESS 2000 Udløbet left

    VB6 BEGINNER, Hi, I need help i am new to programming and have just completed my first database with the aid of a book but am having problems connecting ADO to ACCESS 2000 using the connection and recordset object i get an error message ARGUMENT NOT OPTIONAL when i call my dataopen function from my first form below is the code for connectstring()

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    simple website design wif access database running at back end a small scale on-line buying website functions include login; report printing( sale report);(reorder report);(user particulars report);( insert new stock & delete) via the website interface * different login will allow users to access different functions of the website * 2 types

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    ...need code for the functionality of the site. This is a Phase one project. The database willbe Access 2000 and the site must be built in ASP. The functions I will need are: 1. User Login 2. User profile 3. Ability for customers to post new projects. I need to post non programming projects as well. such as market mailings and web site promotions. 4. Members

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    ...need code for the functionality of the site. This is a Phase one project. The database willbe Access 2000 and the site must be built in ASP. The functions I will need are: 1. User Login 2. User profile 3. Ability for customers to post new projects. I need to post non programming projects as well. such as market mailings and web site promotions. 4. Members

    €27 - €44
    €27 - €44
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    ...general business rules guide. No fancy or flashy programming here. I just need "work-horse" scripts to create and run an initial portal site with approx 1700 categories. The scripts need to scale to a network of portals without issue. Code must be clean and modular and adhere to accepted programming standards for easy upgrading and scalability. No proprietary

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    I need sourcecode written in vb5 for the following: I have an msaccess database of the King James Version Bible. databased as follows: Book ID Book Chapter Verse I can use the data control and textboxes to display my data in sequence, but I want to be able to search out a specific verse from a specific chapter. example: controlbox1 being Book of ? listbox1

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    Website maintenance Udløbet left

    ...expertise: Main skills: - Database manipulation and development: - MS Access (needed) - MySQL (needed) - Other (will help for future, I might consider to move on from MS Access and who knows, from MySQL) - Migration from a database system to a different one (see line above) - ASP - Perl - PHP - HTML - JavaScript - Web programming experience for above, but

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    ...time to be intuitive and easy to do... so good programming style and comments are in order! I'm looking for someone who can provide me with a set of website templates that will allow my users to fill out their information (standard, home, about us, contact, etc) and the information will be stored in a database, such that if they want to change their "template"

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