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    We need a coder to create an application in visual basic which allows a visual basic which allows a user to same deatils that they have typed in to an access database retreve infomation from a database and print the application from visual basic to adobe acrobat for viewing ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    ...require is a basic skeleton application which I can fiddle with later on and adjust accordingly. I just need someone to make one for me then I'll be able to understand the programming concepts involved better. I figured many of you professional programmers have this sort of stuff lying around. The requirements of the system. · Allow deletion of records

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    ...questionnaire they sign to populate the master database. The same information should automatically create a profile webpage and link describing the new customer that registered. Tools that I want customer to have = instant messaging system a database search for a query of any of the fields in the database. Registration should be able to require the persons

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    I got a database application which i need some working doing. Its an account database which i have design all the works but i need help on one small bit. In the account bit when a user pays of the bill i want a command button to click on which will update the database as payed and then where it shows the balance at the bottom of the form it then replys

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    We need a database program developing we have developed the form and some coding and we now need a coder to finish the project for us ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    ...NOW, we only need a database that integrates with our website so that the image and price of a product cant be edited thru database. I have no foresight into what can be done, i use drumbeat 2000 right now but i prefer a database and template made by the programmer so that product info, price, and image is entered in the database and then reflected on

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    ...sold. I have been told not to use a "real" database but rather to use a series of text files to store data. So, I've decided to use structured text files based on tags. I am needing someone to write a function(s) to allow my app to extract tagged information from these files. Example of a tagged record/database would be: Jane Doe Elgin Now from the above

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] Not exactly the same though ... You can log in and check it out Username: cash Password: bgbg ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done Database that will log players stats ... That will be easy for me to log on to and check .. Easy game updates .. script that resets the game automatically ## Deadline

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    ...members. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done This is an on-line WEB based solution. The site's pages should be created in English with support for creations of members account on-line and enable payment of goods bought. The site requirements:  The database should be designed to :  Handle the registration

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    I will send you a simplified part of my database to work on it. 1. If the customer pays out all the money he owes, then I will hit a command button named "Close bill" for example-so the 3 elementts on the bottom of "Customer-economics" form (named "Total charge", "Total payments" and "Total rest") will turn to 0 (Zero) and a new record will ...

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    ...development, quality control, ship tracking, EDI order receiving, accounting, payroll, statistics. The primary development platform will be KYLIX SERVER DEVELOPER The primary database will be mySQL The primary OS will be linux The program is quite complex, and we have an ALPHA version of the product development module working. The ALPHA of the product development

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    Need integration of database & transactional inventory software (Orders Plus by Business Systems of America), with (V-Technologies Starship) shipping program, with CSV export of all transaction data out of Yahoo Store into Starship & Orders Plus, and from Starship make XML email import of tracking carriers & tracking numbers into Yahoo store manager

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    ...mostly involves basic Regular Expressions and string manipulation and in the end, store all the data in a SQL database. See RTF in attached ZIP for more details and every step neccesary. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information No special deadline, the project can be completed anywhere between 2-3

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    ...efforts. The new app should do the following as a minimum... I currently have two applications that are used in my business. App #1 is a CRM tool written in VB and using the Jet Database Engine. App #2 is an off the shelf small business accounting package. I need an application that will receive a daily import of data from both of the above applications, then

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    I am developing a database sofware application in visual basic need a coder to help with so code i do the work the code send me the code i need to get it running the database is in access 2000 it might need some sql bits to ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information today

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    For a project I'm doing on randomness of an action e.g dropping a cup of rice !! I'm looking for a function that will work in an Access97 Database to determine the nearest point or points, in any direction, and its distance from a selected range of points. Each point in a source table has its own unique ID and its own x,y coordinates. Each point in

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    I need a form creating in my visual basic application which will allow the user to ...whats available when it was last updated so that the user knows when they need to updated it most of the updates will be access database and some visual basic forms. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information asap

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    ...contol to show all the results returned from the database. I need two text boxs on form 2 when they are filled in they search the database and return the results in to a datagrid1 contol for view i want you to use Adodc1 contol for doing it please ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information 1 week or

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    I wo...come up with a database of all details recorded, put the details of individual records into a word doc (for example), allow staff to browse and search for specific records, alarm staff several days in advance of upcoming functions, print out reports, and be very user-friendly. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    ...executives, etc.) could be obtained by using information extraction software that has been trained to find and extract these specific facts and then store them in a relational database. Or, the same software could be trained to find and extract specific employment and educational information (say, employers and dates employed, universities, degrees, and

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    Shopping cart Udløbet left cc processing from at least 2 main online companies including PAYPAL. It needs to have a simple database that can store orders and an OPTIONAL online inventory maintenance. Ideally the cart functions like Cart32. We are open to any programming technology but the following must be present: 1. Easy cookie cutter setup. Must be able to copy a directory

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    8 bud 5)addressbook details [log ind for at se URL] out a user addressbook. 6)Logout page Phase 2-Java Programming implementing all the above processes including password verification against an informix database and only allowing certain users to access certain rows in the database for addressbook and outbox. All complete with validation. All Web pages to carry the

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    Need template form input. Source code included. ## Deliverables VB interface, Access and SQL database interface, single form input, master-detail form input, professional user interface, object oriented programming, using SSOLeDbGrid from Sheridan or vsFlexGrid from Videosoft, every form include new, edit, delete, flexible search function, data validation

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    ...## Deliverables VB Interface, bBack end Database: Ms Access, grid using VSFlexGid (VideoSoft) or SSOLEDBGrid (Sheridan), Setup Reference/Master, Item Balance Cut Off, Item In, Item Out, Item Adjustment, Item Returned, 5 Report using Crystal Report, Professional user interface, Prefer object oriented programming using class module ## Deadline information

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    ...other Windows desktop app) for a help desk app. The app will be downloaded from a link on their web site. It will then run on the user's PC and talk with a remote SQl Server database using TCP/IP to determine if the user has met the minimum requirements for one of several apps. The list of system paramaters are listed below in 'deliverables'. Call me ASAP

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    ...reservation system to be written in Visual Basic 6 and MS SQL Server 7. Bidders are to bid only on construction of the VB user interface. All database elements will be provided. Details including sample database elements are included in the attached zip file. This project is being resubmitted. My original posting was cancelled by the Rent-A-Coder administrator

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    Tamagochi program Udløbet left

    Ever heard of a virtual pet(tamargochi)? I am a student trying to learn more about messy. so I wanna see how VB expert programmers would code like this. You have to use OOP and database for saving stuff. If you are interested in, give me an email about how you going to do it. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    10 bud a menu driven interface for create,delete,natural join,drop table and resettin a database at run time in c,c++ or Java or any other platform or vb access ,mysql See the attachment for complete description. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done I need the source code for submission ## Deadline information I need it

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    Looking for Windows application to upload files to our static IP. Application should have option to INSTEAD allow p2p transfer and use of database on our server. Database is SQL. Program operates by having user complete form, select audio file, posting form and/or audio to our servers, and leaving audit-trail for problem solving. If possible, program

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    We are looking for a web based database application to do the following [log ind for at se URL] all records in a given Database table 2. Allow users to do batch updates from single screen. [log ind for at se URL] users to select a checkbox field if the current record is correct. 4. If changes have been submitted , we require some notification in a field in the given table of when

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    i have a freeware database program for win32 called apprentice. it manages a list of game cards (and does other things like shuffle them) it references a .dat file for card names and card text. i want to add new cards to the .dat file, but can't. i'd prefer a program that would let me input new card titles & info & just have it saved to the .dat, but

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    ...and child nodes from A database. Then If I click on an item in the tree structure, it will put all data from that record into a Text Box. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done and the form created in visual basic 6.0. The database name is Exercises. The different field categories in the database are : ExerciseLogID, MainCategory

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    A matlab program that can perform character recognition from a database of about 1000 individual chinese characters. Each character has 160 samples. The use of neural networks(SOM) is required to implement the code. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done. simple explanations of code needed. ## Deadline information negotiable

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    ...individual handwritten chinese characters from an available database consisting of about 1000 different characters. Each character has about 160 samples. Use of neural networks (SOM or self-organised mapping) is required to implement the code. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done program must run for sure! simple explanations

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    ...And then for Sellers, through a multi-step screen scrapping process of [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL], the specific book will be selected, information stored in an Access 2000 database and an Auction started. As for the Buyer, a listing of matching textbooks will be presented. Possibly also, users will be represented with a listing of prices and shipping

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    ...track the components of individual tours. It is written in Visual Basic 6.0 with an MS/SQL Server 7.0 database. It supports login with two levels of users. Administrator users with full access and General users with more limited access. All database work will be provided including stored procedures. Bidders will write the VB user interface. Please bid

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    ...those incoming emails from [log ind for at se URL] and others if you have over 60 Projects running. The idea is a client/server type of application. In the server part an MSSQL or mdb database with a thin web server (can also be based on others like IIS5, preferred is a thin Web server) with a coder or programmer management part. name, address, email, evaluation

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    Access database to keep documented test results. 11 fields required to input data Will provide example Needed completed by before Monday ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    Basically i need help managing my auctions. I wrote a database program, to keep track of all my auctions, but i need this program to do a better job. Basically what i want it to do, is go check on all the items im selling on ebay, and when it finds completed items, organize all the bidders. First i will need to put them all into a treeview. There will

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    I have the basic structure already. This is to be a simple program (no database). I will send the structure I have and other details to the selected coder. Background: Main Street Pet Kennel boards both dogs and cats. The kennel has six pet boarding areas; three for dogs and three for cats. The cost for boarding an animal is $10.00, for dogs and $8

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    Need consultants who can provide network infrasructure, web development, database integration, technology consulting and more. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information Only accept bids from San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Multiple daily projects in all three areas.

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    IT IS GERMAN NOT ENGLISH IT IS GERMAN NOT ENGLISH IT IS GERMAN NOT ENGLISH I have...completed. The site is [log ind for at se URL] ASP code is completely there and also MSSql Database. the new design example is on: [log ind for at se URL] can you help? ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    ...2000 services Online 2. Expose Microsoft Outlook 2000 3. Update a Database with information about a construction project 4.- Update Pictures in a Database MS sql server 2000 5.-Information analysis Module of the information registred ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information a Prototype Must be finished

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    ...develop a training database (s) for PeopleSoft's version 8 software. The project has two parts. Part 1: Masking employee data from a randomly selected population for approximately 20 data fields. Masked data is required to create a training database which hides confidential information. Part 2: Will require a copy or clone database of the masked data

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    This program should hold a database on my bank accounts, credit card acconts, cheque accounts. I would like to be able to tarnsfer funds from these various accounts. I should also be able toi set the rate of interest on each account. Br able to create a new account. There should be a search facility to bring up specific details on cheques i have written

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    ...following: 1- send serial email 2- read data ( name, address, email, etc..) from any external file like excel, access, text, ascii, dbf and can make an odbc connection to database. 3- Insert name , address ,etc.. within the Text body -- something like >> Hallo [name], bla bla bla,? 4- Email format should be text or html etc.. 5- Drag and drop of images

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    We need a Processor speed, memory, OS, modem present etc) and 2. take that information compare and then post it to a SQL 7 database. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done including HTML plus initial SQL 7 database table. Must provide complete functioning version. ## Deadline information This is needed ASAP

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    ...must be able to allow the user to add, edit and remove items from the table and output the pages in html. Ideally we would like a CGI based system which doesn't require a database but which makes changes to the pages directly. In the past we have used software from [log ind for at se URL] (Page Publisher), which we particularly liked because it was based

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    ...or modifications in an access97 database. i.e. if certain rows are updated on the database I want this code to know which rows are affected. An equivalent would be an update trigger in an oracle database. The solution needs to be scalable. The code should be able to notify a java object (java bean) that the database has been updated and that certain

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    10 bud VB apps through the use of FSCommands, and loading string resources based on XML persisted recordset(ado)/ms Access. Each node will be dynamically created based on a database (MS Access) for the purpose of loading/saving node data, and nodes in close proximity to the one selected. FSCommands should be added to all actions within Flash to allow

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